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1:32 AM
Q: Question regarding one of the scenes after the sinking of the Naomi in TWWS

José Hdz. Stgo.As many of you may recall, the yatch sinks somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea as they are trying to reach Monaco. On the next scene, having been rescued by those Italian folks, Naomi (M. Robbie) appears dancing to U. Tozzi's Gloria theme... The question is this: Who was the girl she was dancing ...

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2:48 AM
Q: In Manhunter, was Dr. Lecktor a cannibal?

WmbuchIn Manhunter, Brian Cox plays Dr. Hannibal Lecter (spelled Lecktor in the film) – Lecter's first on screen portrayal. Hannibal Lecter is famously a cannibalistic serial killer, but I cannot recall if Manhunter dropped the cannibal part of his character or not. I recall a scene in which Will Grah...

3:04 AM
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle: Refreshing, intersting and mature take on Jungle book
Niw wil check disney version soon to compare
1 hour later…
4:21 AM
Q: Lighter in "a shock to the system"

amphibientI've just seen "a shock to the system" and the significance of the lighter as murder evidence escapes me. Where did he lose it and why would it be evidence for the 2nd murder he committed?

4:45 AM
got my Gold Class tickets to see Mortal Engines this coming weekend
after that will be Captain Marvel, unless works wants to spring after hours support on me. they got lucky this time that release week there was no Gold Class screenings for Mortal Engines but i get the feeling it wont be like that for either Captain Marvel or Avengers: Endgame
Q: How Could Superman Lift the Oceanliner Out of the Water While He Was Surrounded by Kryptonite?

elbrantIn Superman Returns (2006), Lex Luthor creates a chain reaction where crystals take on the biological makeup of Kryptonite (under the ocean) which quickly reaches waterlevel and destoys the Oceanliner. Superman comes to the rescue, but the Kryptonite Crystals don't seem to bother him until a bit ...

5:07 AM
Q: Background music style of funny cop movies

Quentin BeuveletDon't really know how to describe it, but I'm looking for the name of style/type of background music used in "funny" cop movies/series. I need the name of it so I can do research and look at different songs for a video-editing project. Let's say, like the one used in the beginning of this video ...

5:22 AM
Q: Why didn't Loki use the Tesseract?

Asif IqubalAt the starting of Avengers Infinity War we see that Loki is in possession of the Teseract. So why didn't he use it to transport everyone on that ship to earth. If he wanted to keep that a secret, he could have transported everyone when Thanos attacked the ship.

1 hour later…
6:41 AM
@Memor-X not aquaman ?
@AnkitSharma naaa. will get that one on BluRay for my mum since Aquaman is played by the same guy who played Ronon and my mum likes him
7:02 AM
@MovieReel because with great power comes great responsibility
7:39 AM
Q: Could "Wreck-It Ralph" exist as a movie within the canon of Ralph Breaks the Internet?

Mike QRalph Breaks the Internet gets very meta. Within the movie's own lore, Disney exists, as do the characters from Disney movies and Pixar movies. Moana is featured and recognized as a Disney character, which means Ralph Breaks the Internet takes place sometime after 2016. Could that mean Wreck-I...

Yes it's crap now
Nobody need it
cancel it
8:40 AM
Q: Why didn't the Tesseract got transported with Red Skull?

Asif IqubalAt the end of Captain America The First Avenger Red skull disappears which was later discovered that he was transported by the Tesseract. In other circumstances like Thor took Loki to Asgard at the end of Avengers, the Tesseract went with them. But in case of Red Skull he transported but the Tess...

@AnkitSharma unless you're Loki, in which case *looks at Bifrost destroying planets, the Teseract being in invading alien army, the Staff messing with people's minds*
@Memor-X cough cough understand the sarcasm cough cough
@AnkitSharma Nice!
I waat it to make records
I hope it will cross 1 Billion mark.
8:56 AM
yes yea
@AnkitSharma Heh, PK was a blockbuster in China. XP
I wanted Wonder woman to do that but it didn't. But I am more hopefull to Aquaman now
2 hours later…
11:25 AM
@NapoleonWilson is it just me or they changed header a bit already?
Q: Which Live action The Jungle Book movie is more faithful to Kipling's novel?

Ankit SharmaWhich Live action The Jungle Book movie adaptation is more faithful to Kipling's novel? I always heard the claims that Disney animated film was not a faithful adaptation and made more into kid friendly movie then novel was ever been. But what about the live action version, The Jungle Book (2016)...

11:47 AM
Q: How can this question be made clearer?

AegonThis question was closed as "Unclear what you are asking". The question itself seems pretty clear to me. The OP wants to know why did Eddard have to take Arya with him to King's Landing. Sansa's case is clear, she was betrothed to the Crown Prince and it would have helped her to know him better i...

12:00 PM
Winterbash is coming son, wohooooooooo remember to get back on time @steelersfan
@AnkitSharma It's...just you?
@NapoleonWilson header looking little better to me, more nearer to what you suggested
@AnkitSharma But...it hasn't changed.
What exactly do you think they changed?
leave it
I think it was my zoom in/out
It's same if I zoom out more then 100
12:09 PM
Ignore :D
@NapoleonWilson so checked Mowgli?
Like watched? No. I actually didn't know it was released yet. I assume it's the other Jungle Book film they were making?
@NapoleonWilson it got small scale release in theater but already out in Netflix now as WB sold it to Netflix
Ah, I see.
It's good but not your typical Disney Mowgli
Wasn't it supposed to be filmed by Andy Serkis with Christian Bale?
12:14 PM
@NapoleonWilson yes yes
@AnkitSharma That was actually on TV last night. But...I watched football instead.
They just renamed it again before release
@NapoleonWilson wow it's out on TV too :O I think it's Netflix exclusive only or are you talking about 2016's Disney version?
@AnkitSharma No, the Disney live action film from a few years ago.
@NapoleonWilson I haven't checked it yet as I wanted to see WB's version first
Now I will check that one too
2 hours later…
2:14 PM
Wow I got HNQ
But it might not stay long
If it's HNQ, chances are it will stay long. ;-)
Usually, once it ctaches fire, it will burn for a while. That's how the HNQ is designed afterall.
1 hour later…
3:30 PM
@NapoleonWilson but it depends on answer votes too I guess accoridng too I guess and this oen not getting much
And I should have kept HNQ potentials for Winterbash
How bashful!
3:59 PM
Time for Young Sheldon
@NapoleonWilson why sad
4:41 PM
Gargoyles season 3 is not as bad as internet wanted me to believe
It's ok ok
I can see difference of direction and bad intro sequence but it's still worth watching till now
Q: Did Barry affected timeline during episode "What's Past Is Prologue"?

Jeel VankhedeSo, i watched episode of The Flash season 5 episode 8 (What's Past Is Prologue), and one thing got me confused about : 'When Barry went back to time where his speed had been taken by Hunter Zolomon (a.k.a Zoom)' & after successfully finding device, while he was returning from that time with his ...

5:04 PM
@Memor-X jake paul made a docu series about his ownself ::facepalm::
5:28 PM
6:11 PM
@AJ ending is fun
There is another gag Channel Maximbady who reacted on similar video of Sanjay Dutt.
@NogShine I have seen worse in bollywood too
He uses a lot of F words... only for comic purposes
6:14 PM
Ohhh him I love him
he is awesome
This I love the most:
in The Awkward Silence, 9 hours ago, by Nog Shine
Dec 1 at 18:37, by Nog Shine
E ≠ mc it is Emmm Seee cc @AJ XD
Em C is name of an IPS mod and she didn't get it.
Every time I see her name, I will be reminded of this video.
share video to the user
6:25 PM
I am sure Nithyananda apply cocaine to his forhead to get high
He shoudl be jailed by now
His english is even too weird for my standards
@AnkitSharma This is a philosophy but he didn't explain it well.
His attire was different back then. Now it changed totally.
@NogShine his explanations make me laugh for hours
7:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell hey o/
Hello! How are you? :)
I am pretty good
What about you
Bit stressed and starting to wear out, but it's almost christmas holidays and then everything is going to be okay ;)
I am relaxed after a long so enjoying it
And also thinking which pic for winterbash :D
Hahaha not going to keep the batman?
I think the parrot will do, for me :)
7:07 PM
@Tinkeringbell Are you saying christmas holidays are less stressful? o_O
@NapoleonWilson For me? Yes. After the current co-worker I feel I can handle christmas and family!
(Still living with my parents, so christmas is easy-peasy ;) )
Ah, I see. The same dude who keeps correcting your stuff?
@Tinkeringbell Well, you're also a girl, so I guess buying presents means fun rather than stress for you. ;-)
Did this to me last week, after that I called in the managers. Spent much of last week in meetings, but it seems it's going to be okay ;)
7:10 PM
@NapoleonWilson We don't do presents for christmas. Just food. We used to celebrate Sinterklaas with presents, but we skipped that too this year, so now we're going out for dinner an extra time ;)
Oh. Christmas without presents? O_O
@NapoleonWilson Yes? :P
(Not that I need them either. That actually sounds relaxing.)
It's a pretty common thing too, over here. People are really more focused on celebrating the birth of Jesus instead of visits from Santa Claus ;)
@NapoleonWilson If you count going to church as relaxing, be my guest :P
7:12 PM
Heh, my family's too secular for that!
Christmas is basically the festival of eating and drinking.
I think I'm going to the nine lessons and carols service in the Catholic church this year. I did that a few years ago with my youngest brother and I really liked the service. As an added benefit that'll get mom and dad out of my hair on the 'go with us to our church' part ;)
@NapoleonWilson Sounds good too ;) I've skipped church a few years, but I can tell mom and dad aren't happy about it... It sort of ruins the vibe at family dinner :/
What do you typically eat for christmas?
My aunt and uncle and their family still go to chuch on christmas, too. But really only as a christmas ritual rather than out of some kind of religious conviction, they're not even in church let alone religious. But my parents and me never did that.
@Tinkeringbell In general, we're supposed to eat goose in Germany, but in my family we usually eat rabbit, and sometimes venison/deer. At home at least, when we go out, it depends, but often we do eat goose then.
@Tinkeringbell no, confused between picking my own picture or not
@NapoleonWilson Nice! We usually eat some kind of pork meat, with different sorts of potato (fried bits, from the oven) and cooked pears/string beans as veggies on the first day of christmas. On the second day, we do 'gourmetten' which means there's a lot of meat, also venison (not often rabbit or goose though)
For me, Christmas is organizing an office event :D
7:24 PM
@AnkitSharma Those can be fun too!
I should get some feelers out, see how many colleagues would like to go for a real drink ;)
I got tricked to be part of fun commiette
And Christmas is the only festival where we do the most in office. As in real very less people celebrate it here
Last year we did flashmob but not as mcuh surprise as we planned and make a wish/secret sanat etc blah blah
> Water's wet, the sky is blue...and old Satan Claus is out there, just getting stronger. What do we do about that? Be prepared, son. That's my motto. Be prepared.
@AnkitSharma Secret Santa's are kinda fun. I did the Imgur one last year and the year before that.
@AnkitSharma Tricked? How?
@Tinkeringbell HR is friend and she informed rather then asking :D
@NapoleonWilson That sounds like you're talking about Satan Claus getting stronger in spring/summer instead of winter :P
7:30 PM
@Tinkeringbell I did reddit but they don't work due to international corrier blunders and now I am doen with it. ONly office secret sanata I do now
@Tinkeringbell The difference is hard to tell in Los Angeles. ;-)
@AnkitSharma Nice friend :P
@AnkitSharma Which can be fun too ;)
But this year no flash mob so no practice pain
Specially when I am bad dancer
@AnkitSharma A Christmas Sonata would be a nice present, provided you have the musical capabilities. ;-)
I miss unlimited editing power in chat :'(
7:34 PM
@AnkitSharma I think I remember that :P
This year I guess tressure hunt and small games
And secret santa ofcourse
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I think I remember the cubicles :P That was one of the first time I saw real cubicles :P
@AnkitSharma Sounds fun enough to me :)
@Tinkeringbell hmm but I prefer participation more then organising but stuck
@Tinkeringbell lol, it's not fully cubical, maybe semi
@AnkitSharma Well, next year you can opt out and have someone else do it? And aren't organizers allowed to take part as well?
@AnkitSharma Still... more cubicle than the open office plans I'm used too ;)
But...they know where all the treasures are buried!
7:37 PM
@Tinkeringbell depends. Tressure hunt is hard as I will know the answers
@NapoleonWilson yup
@Tinkeringbell ohhh
@AnkitSharma Yeah okay, that's true. But you can still do the secret santa and small games?
I want full cubical with privacy
@Tinkeringbell ofcourse I will
secret sanat is for everyone but few misers will always be there :D
@AnkitSharma I'd love that too! With a door and a lock :P
@Tinkeringbell lol
@AnkitSharma Yeah, you'll always have a few that don't enjoy it, and a few that'll go over the top with too expensive gifts if you're not careful ;)
7:41 PM
We don't restrict and not seen too much expeinsive gifts either in past years
Before I was part of it, gifting alcohal becoem ittle controversial with old HR but now we don't restrict that either
I prefer prank gifts :D
@AnkitSharma Glad there's still alcohol ;) Our office only does alcohol free parties. So I'll be skipping them :P
Prank gifts are cool, if done right ;)
@Tinkeringbell I did long back more properly but ast year I got teh wish of iPhone and Audi so ahve to do a lame prank too
Alcohol often makes for good and easy presents, since it's something you can always use anyway. ;-)
But I always keep non prank gift as surprise later
@AnkitSharma Yeah okay, with those kinds of lists you have to get creative ;)
@AnkitSharma So you did give someone an iphone/audi? Will you be my secret santa this year?
7:45 PM
@NapoleonWilson previosu HR had issues as per policy alcohal is not allowed but nobody was drinking so......
@Tinkeringbell I gave a good sketch of them on a kid's creatie slate
Sounds about right ;)
My redit 2017 secret santa msg me few days back if I got teh gift yet and my answer was still no :D
How can you even expect something can reach after a year
Aww. That kinda sucks. My first Imgur Secret Santa didn't go much better: Never heard from the guy I sent my gifts too, and never got anything either. Last year I got a really pretty set of handmade fountain pens!
And American christmas candy :D
@Tinkeringbell nice
Whoa, from random internet people? Awesome!
7:50 PM
Yeah, this was really, really awesome ;)
I've used them way too little the past year though shame on me
I sent pop head as the guy was fan of such stuff but his address was some US military address and took so much time that I got irritated
@Tinkeringbell Way better than the gifts I've gotten from my immediate family all this year ;P
@AnkitSharma Which is why I decided last year to send a gift through Amazon (those will usually arrive quickly) and some small stuff through snail-mail.
He did get it but with every participation, I lost interest and last few time I didn't sent either and now my account is in the negative score and can't work
@AnkitSharma Ouch! You need to send though, it's kinda mean not to! :(
7:52 PM
@Tinkeringbell I did that too, even I used Amazon US but it took so much time due to some military address shenanigans
;) Well, people will likely be aware it will, so they won't get mad at you?
@AnkitSharma Well, at least you're from India and not Pakistan. ;-)
@AnkitSharma That's to be expected on their end, though.
@Tinkeringbell yeah I planned too and even scheduled for one but it got lost in transition and second oNE I got lost with stuff so forgot and now my score is -1 :D but on fare basis I didn;t got anything either :D
@Mithrandir I always got weird addresses and weird sender
From my immediate family this year, for Chanukah I got a can of spray paint, some sandpaper, and an outlet splitter. For my birthday, a dustpan and an empty cardboard box. ;)
7:56 PM
One of the senders made fun of Indian masala and then disappeared. not sending anything was more than enough then some not so spicy joke
@Mithrandir O.o
@Mithrandir Biking materials? :P
Only the spray paint, that's for fixing the ruined paint job.
We do gifts exchange in Diwali but I don't participate much so get nothing :D
It's more of family traditions and I live alone
Sometimes I go to my sister but now she hate me as I am not straight enough :D
Really? That's not very nice.
@Tinkeringbell now you can understand my IPS question more but this guy (my brother in law) turn out to be more supportive
8:02 PM
I got a parrot key chain and a chocolate letter for Sinterklaas this year. For my birthday I got money, so I could buy the pattern and cotton for another crochet blanket.
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I was thinking about that... didn't realize it was about you at first :)
@Tinkeringbell lol
You're a parrot person, eh?
I got nothing good on my birthday this time :D but atleast my birthday breakdown ended early so that was a win
Don't let 'em take over your body, though. That can turn out problematic. ;-)
@Mithrandir ?_?
8:05 PM
@NapoleonWilson Actually, the key chain was a joke. My brothers know I'm running around pretending to be a parrot here ;)
@NapoleonWilson Heh
@AnkitSharma breakdown? That doesn't sound good. Great it ended early :P
@NapoleonWilson "You're a parrot person, eh?" vs "You're a parrot, eh?"
@Tinkeringbell it happen when you expect too much too early in a relation with some internal struggles
Ah, I see. I'm not that good at grep syntax, or regex, or whatever that is.
8:07 PM
@Mithrandir maybe everyone is lizard people
> Crab people, Crab people, Crab people!
Uh oh, we've got a conspiracy theorist here!
Nah Lizard people are best and they can beat evil illuminate
@Mithrandir I love them
Hmm, I seem to recall a story in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction about lizard people, but I can't remember what it's called.
8:14 PM
Anyway, time to drive home and see if Vin finds back to her appreciation of awesome ball dresses.
4 hours later…
11:47 PM
Q: Was the mirror Erised „broken“ in Fantastic Beasts?

Torsten LinkWhen Dumbledore looks in the mirror Erised he sees his deepest desire: But before that the mirror shows the past when In the Harry Potter books and movies the mirror is never shown to show the past. Is this a plot device as they had to show that important information somehow or is it a movi...


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