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12:14 AM
Q: show where a man can slow down his memories to see every detail

user66898I'm trying to remember a tv show or movie where a man has a photographic memory and can recall them and remember every detail. He does this by 'walking through' the chosen memory again and can slow it down to see every detail. I believe there is a river scene that he visits to see one of his memo...

2 hours later…
2:38 AM
Japan must be am awesome place in the Potterverse
England: we try to hide magic from muggles while living with them
Voldemort England: we will rule over muggles
US: we stay away from Muggles as much as possible
Japan: we give muggles living pillows of their favorite anime characters
2:58 AM
@iandotkelly as much as i would love to, i don't think i'm going to be able to dedicate the time to it
@DForck42 ohhh but I hope you will be aroudn at-least
@AnkitSharma i'm trying to. previously i was on during work, but this job keeps me hopping a lot more
I want a moderator who will be around in chat like Napoleon
that should have been a question
"how would you make yourself contactable by users of the site"
@DForck42 I can understand and personal life surely weight more
Got 2 nomination
3:03 AM
@Memor-X Yeah but I think I know the answer they post, "I will be active on chat. You can ping me.".
So who is buying my vote?
@AnkitSharma aj is
@steelersquirrel fyi the wife and i have officially started trying for kids ;-)
I got a shiny badge for elections already
oh, and our one year anniversary is less than a month away
Glad to see you back @DForck42 , How are you?
3:11 AM
@NogShine been good, how about you?
@AnkitSharma hang on i got this *clears throat*
> We are here live at Movie and TV.SE for the 2018 Moderation Election! brought to you by the Stack Exchange Global Moderators, SEx Gods, yes i am still pushing that acronym.

it's been roughly 7 hours into the first phase nomination and currently we already have 2 potential candidates. MattD, a veteran of 5 years with a Candidate Score of 30/40 and AJ, with a score of 39/40 and previous mod experience being a mod for Interpersonal Skills.SE

only time will tell if we get more nominations and we still have roughly 7 days to go. this is Memor-X, i'm off to get some Ice and Coke and to remind
@DForck42 Not bad. Thanks.
@DForck42 Do you have any plans?
any surprises?
@DForck42 nice, good luck
@DForck42 ohh yeah
What is that one participation badge @AJ is missing?
@Memor-X hehehheheh nice
3:20 AM
@AnkitSharma What do you expect?
@NogShine money, souls, chocolates ?
I will consider bribing you and your socks ;)
@NogShine constituent badge. I wasn't there during 2015 election.
@Memor-X they are all gifs
3:30 AM
@AJ intractable gifs
@DForck42 great!
@Memor-X nice!! Do you also do the commentary while playing on Xbox and PS?
@AJ not always, when i'm alone and it's a game that would be appropriate for it
though i do get inspiration from Outlaw Vollyball on the XBox
> (for the Urban Roof field) and remember, peeing off the roof is strictly encouraged!
there's this like pretty boy jock guy and one of his intro lines is "Guess where i have put my socks" and because action is the same and he strikes a pose where he points to the sky you look at his hand and he goes "if you are looking at my hand then your are incredibly stupid"
3:47 AM
I"M BACK! from another short hiatus...
@NikhilEshvar and just in time for the mod elections
Congrats @AJ for the election! :D
Well.. I was lurking the site then and there... Job was slightly hectic these past few weeks
@NikhilEshvar someone's jumping the gun, we're only at the nomination states
Belated wishes @steelersquirrel. Last time we chatted, you were a shark ;)
@Memor-X Oh boy... what year are we in? The month? THE DAY?!? Tell me... TELL ME!!!
@NikhilEshvar it is the 16/34/2016
4:01 AM
@Memor-X I'm asking in earth time...
@NikhilEshvar that is earth time
eternal 2016
Alright you win! Congrats @AJ and @MattD for your nomination! May the best man win!
And every other nominations that might come along the way! Congrats!
4:27 AM
@NikhilEshvar welcome back
@NikhilEshvar you shoudl wish luck for now
@NikhilEshvar that's once in a year transformation
@NikhilEshvar you should nominate yourself mate
4:51 AM
@Memor-X lol
@Vishwa Being a Mod is a serious job... I go on many hiatus'... Might as well cheer for the deserving ones! :D
5:39 AM
@NikhilEshvar That's what I thought, I had the idea for nominate myself first, then I thought it won't do any good I get myself humiliated here, just like every other place eh? ;) so I choose supporting the ones I know will do good.. anyway, sad to see Ankit gone
@Memor-X what's Padme?
@Vishwa Queen Amidala's name. Padmé Amidala Naberrie
A typo from @Memor-X's question got in the question list. ;P
@AJ lol, really?
it should be part, not apart.
I have edited it.
6:10 AM
@AJ @AJ has started his election campaign :P
6:49 AM
@Memor-X are you going to participate?
Q: What happen to other symbiotes in Venom?

AlauddinAfter Drake died with Riot, the symbiotes were still in Drake's lab. So what happen to them? Are they disposed or sent back to space?

3 hours later…
10:01 AM
Tag/synonym/fix rampage finished for now
@AnkitSharma one is left :P
I know I know
There are two not one
10:17 AM
Going to ask DCEU question, stay tuned
prepares edit hammer
@AJ hmmm
Q: What is the relationship between Steppenwolf and Darkseid in DC Extended Universe?

Ankit SharmaIn DC comics, Steppenwolf is uncle of Darkseid but their relation was not made clear in Justice League (2017) film. I read many CBR and other sources which contradicted about it, few claimed that their relation is same as comics and few claim that it's just opposite. Did they ever clear their rel...

1 hour later…
11:43 AM
@iandotkelly GN's joke for you. ;P
Q: How does 'The Barkeep(Agent Doe)' turns Fizzle Bomber in Predestination?

Mr ASquareIn the movie Predestination, one of the pre climax scene shows that The barkeep(Agent Doe) turns as Fizzle Bomber by killing the future him. Please find the Wiki link below: 1975-Mar-06 Agent Doe kills the Fizzle Bomber, his future self, thus becoming the Fizzle Bomber. But Agent Doe is the ...

12:28 PM
@AJ ahahahah. I probably deserve that.
@iandotkelly TIL that a missing "h" can change the whole sentence. ;)
1:29 PM
Q: The comment field under election candidates is too large

TylerHThe comment textarea element for a new comment (<textarea class="s-textarea [...]">) under each candidate's nomination is overflowing its parent div on the right, and is conflicting with the div to the right that contains the help link and submit button (<div class="d-flex fd-column [...]">): ...

3 hours later…
4:07 PM
hello CDE, please respond to movies SE questions.
4:35 PM
@NogShine i'm going to PASS in november for work, so we'll both be out of town for our anniversary. essentially we're counting the trip as our 1 year celebration
@MetaReel i don't think talkign about an individual user's usage pattern outside of breakign the rules is really an approppriate use of meta
4:57 PM
@DForck42 wow
@DForck42 Very nice.
As the profile picture is very tiny, I thought @DDD 's profile picture is a cookie with chocolate chips on it. :D
When I viewed it by zooming, they are sunflowers.
@NogShine Really? I saw it as sunflowers even when the pic is tiny.
@AJ I like cookies. That's why.
It's not today though. Some days ago when they changed their picture.
5:13 PM
Most talked about thing in Indian TV now, Hina's look for new Kamolika
5:38 PM
Q: How does the clone trooper recognize Darth Sidious to execute oreder 66?

beltri142During the film Star Wars: Revenge the Sith we see Darth Sidious talkinh with the Commander Cody for the execution of the order 66. But how the Commander now that "the dude" with the hoodie was Palpatine or he all ready knew Darth Sidious?

2 hours later…
7:35 PM
Yeah Shane in clout house, time to spill some tea
Shane and Logan Paul again??? runs away
Clout house is a group made my Paul enemy and Jake's ex gf
How the hell this youtubers are so rich
All Team 10 current and ex member are rich
How can I apply? Should I sell my soul to lizard people?
WTF I don't even done the interior in my house and they have a private club
cc @Memor-X
1 hour later…
9:00 PM
Somebody told me that if you stay after the credits of First Man, they show a shot of the astronauts on the moon, and then it pans out to reveal that it's actually a NASA soundstage.
I know that they were just pulling my leg, but that would have been absolutely hilarious! :-P
1 hour later…
10:10 PM
@Thunderforge did you double check though?
@AnkitSharma not sure. could be good for experience for if i become a mod on Anime and Manga
@AnkitSharma no, you just need to act like a douche bag, record yourself and post it on youtube
Q: What is the first example of warning messages about special effects being shown to audiences before a film?

sanpacoI have seen two instances of a message of caution or warning being shown before a film to explain to the audience that a particular moment in the film with a special effect is meant to be part of the movie and to not be alarmed. One example was Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) there was a message...

10:55 PM
Q: Why did Brian *stand* in front of the subway train the first time he took NZT?

Dan DascalescuIn the Limitless pilot, when evading the police in the subway, Brian jumps on the tracks, calculates that there's an 80%-90% chance the train will stop on time if the driver sees him, and... stands there. Once the train stops, he ducks under and crawls to an abandoned line. Why would he not lie ...

11:26 PM
Q: Anyone know this movie / tv-episode?

At UkanaI remember watching an episode on tv in I think the 80's where a man murders his wife by putting her in a soundbooth or in a recording studio or someting and then playing a sound so low so loud it literally breaks her heart. It was something of a tv-series like Tales of the Unexpected or similar...


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