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12:06 AM
I updated the error if anyone can help me understand what am I doing wrong https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/301374/oracle-forms-installation-error-inst-07545
Thanks in advance
A question about SQL optimization:

Does anyone have any intermediate-level books/resources they can recommend about SQL optimization?

I've read the book in the link below (SQL Optimization Explained by Markus Winand). But it was pretty advanced and a few chapters were over my head/very detailed. I would benefit from having more concise guidelines about Oracle SQL performance best practices and clear instructions about how to use Oracle explain plans. I don't think explain plans and performance troubleshooting need to be as complicated as a lot of resources make them out to be.
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2:24 AM
Everything you need to know about the contents of this book, I guess
SQL is like a squirrel, you just hold it above the greenfield project for a bit, and it will perform
2:40 AM
@User1973 Learning "SQL optimisation" from books is a bit like learning motorcycle riding or woodworking from books: you can get a basic idea of what you need to do, but the rest is practice. For Oracle Database I can suggest Tom Kyte's books -- and then practice.
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12:01 PM
Morning all.
I've just read the transcript, now I'm wondering how poutine goes with Middleton.
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2:18 PM
Good morning to everyone except our cloud infrastructure team
@mustaccio @User1973 I'd add it's important to understand the difference between index organized tables and heaps and how the effects estimation and the amount of data that has to be read. Strangely enough, sometimes it helps to think about things in very simple terms, i.e. "If this was data on pages of paper and it was organized like it was in the database, how would I find what I need" - that's helped me understand why the optimizer makes certain choices.
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3:47 PM
@MichaelGreen poutine goes with everything
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4:58 PM
Q: Looking for this app or website

Harrison WoodleyI wanna use this platform and all I have is a screenshot of it, I don't know if it's a website or an app. It's used for sports betting.

@HannahVernon ^^^^
5:21 PM
This hangry little birb is probably in Paul's backyard right now twitter.com/ifawAU/status/1450950821680615427
5:38 PM
@billinkc looks like a furry version of the space worm from star wars
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7:05 PM
Thanks @mustaccio and @bbaird.
Morning to everyone except CSV files
7:26 PM
@McNets cheers - I deleted the question
Morning to everyone except the PDF iFilter for Full Text Indexes
also, Morning to everyone except Not Being Able to Change the Default Browser because of an exceptionally annoying corporate policy.

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