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12:36 AM
@bluefeet whenever you have a moment - stackoverflow.com/questions/31625660/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/31584616/… are dupes in my mind
12:49 AM
pop goes the acl
8 hours later…
8:30 AM
Am I the only one here?
8:42 AM
The only one speaking, yes
good morning
9:31 AM
@billinkc 500 GiB is 5E5 MiB and slightly less MB, I think
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
This should be on SU or SF?
Q: Having problem with adding more than one DIT

Beatles1692I have an openldap server up and running on ubuntu 14.10 and I have managed to successfully add a DIT into it using following ldif : dn: olcDatabase=hdb,cn=config objectClass: olcDatabaseConfig objectClass: olcHdbConfig olcDatabase: hdb olcDbDirectory: /var/lib/ldap olcSuffix: dc=example,dc=com ...

I guess to SF (2351 questions about openldap at SF, 120 at SU)
Funnily enough - another issue with LDAP - should we be accepting straight copies of wiki entries as tag edits - for example here.
11:31 AM
@Vérace I don't see an issue with the wiki entry. But the tag seems irrelevant to dba.se
11:44 AM
@JamesLupolt This I hadn't heard before: omfif.org/media/1067578/…
@ypercube It's a new tag then? I saw no indication of that - did I miss something?
@Vérace I don't think it's new.
It probably did not have an entry before.
@ypercube Since I'm fairly liberal when it comes to accepting posts/edits that aren't actually detrimental and/or wrong, I'll vote to accept so.
12:10 PM
@Vérace There's a specific wiki rejection reason for copied content. I usually search for the submitted text but didn't on this occasion - I would have voted to reject if I had.
12:23 PM
@PaulWhite OK Paul, thanks for that - I'll reject in future. I did think that it was rather facile just to copy and paste. It felt a bit like "cogging your eccer" (Dublin slang for copying homework :-) ).
It stated explicitly that it was from Wikipedia. Did it still qualify for rejection?
1:05 PM
I could dw and comment on the need to test before providing an answer. But .... weather is nice and I am in a good mood so ...
I tried this and got Invalid use of a side-effecting operator 'UPDATE' within a function.. What am I missing? — Mikael Eriksson 9 mins ago
@billinkc done
1:22 PM
A: Reg: Default Privileges on PostgreSQL Schemas

dezsoThe documentation about ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES tells you a possible reason - it is not that clearly described, though. Let's see, what is said: You can change default privileges only for objects that will be created by yourself or by roles that you are a member of. This means that the ...

I think the only thing I missed is 'Give it a try!!!'
First time for everything. Just got a call from "windows technical department in Austin Texas" that wanted to help me with some problems I have with my computer. After 10 minutes of fun conversation they hang up without even saying goodbye.
How rude ...
@dezso Don't forget to put the datetime/timezone in huge bold when you make an eidt
@MikaelEriksson and you couldn't even tell them your password?
@ypercube Thanks, I'll listen once I'm out of this class later today. It sounds like he also posted something that sounds like a denial on his blog today, but it isn't really clear what he's denying.
@ypercube I'll be careful to do that
1:27 PM
@dezso They did not come to that before giving up ;). We got stuck where they should explain why my computer sent information about issues to their company.
@JamesLupolt He denies that the plans involved hacking the citizens' accounts in the tax system - as the greek newspaper claims.
2:05 PM
@MikaelEriksson I wonder how often that ruse works
2:43 PM
Just drove back in from a beer festival in Duluth and boy are my kineys tired.
Sounds fun tho
Yes it was fantastic.
I was helpin my friends who are local brewers so all expenses were paid.
oh even better
Ok, I just checked out this date dimension table built by someone else and it has a primary key on a datekey that is yyyymmdd and a fillfactor of 90%. I don't understand why someone would do that. Thoughts?
some leap days might jump in after planning?
2:45 PM
@mmarie probably some sort of default they always use without thinking
@JNK My mother gets these calls frequently - they say that "your computer may have a virus" My mother replies "That's strange, I don't have a computer!"... I've told her to refer them to my mobile number in future - if enough people did that, they'd give up as a waste of money.
Back when the Nigerian bank account thing was big, I wrote a standard letter saying that I was interested ("my father spent many happy years in Africa... yadda, yadda") and could they ring me. When they did, I'd say "hang on a second", put the phone aside and do nothing. They'd eventually hang up. Hopefully I contributed to the demise (or at least quiescence) of this scam.
@mmarie weird
@mmarie When the Illuminati take over the globe and institute a new calendar, the last thing you want to be worrying about are page splits in your date dimension table in the warehouse
oh, my bad, the fillfactor doesn't help with that
the days might change their dates then
@mmarie also are they actually clustering on the PK?
it's a default but not always done
2:50 PM
@JNK Yes
@mmarie then it sounds like Illuminati protection to me
@mmarie not sure I follow. Is it a character string instead of a date?\
@Zane No. it's an integer
but they have the clustered primary key set with a fill factor of 90%
and I don't get why someone would do that on a table that basically never changes
@mmarie most likely a default as @JNK said
k, thanks
2:55 PM
I think the system default is 80%
screw the system, man
These people did weird stuff, but occasionally they do something interesting. It made me question what they were doing and if there was any logic behind it.
You can set a default at the instance level
im guessing it just used the default b/c they didn't specify one
@mmarie oh yeah. Default value ftw.
Or force of habbit maybe
2:59 PM
These people were super interesting. This client has no technical resources. A good chunk of their applications are SAAS. They don't have a huge budget for tech, but they will spend as necessary.
So the previous consultants told them they needed SharePoint 2013, built a DW with Clustered Columnstore Index and put a Tabular model on top
which caused the client to have to purchase SQL Server Enterprise instead of BI
no one queries the DW. They interact with the data through the tabular model only.
AND last week I figured out that they made their SharePoint site externally accessible and didn't use an SSL certificate so all the usernames and passwords and data is coming through unencrypted, I think.
This is why you can't blindly trust consultants, even if they are MS partners.
It's funny how much people do blindly trust consultants.
They many times completely give them the keys to the kingdom.
3:22 PM
@mmarie yikes. And all this stuff is not something obvious to a non-technical client.
We dealt with a BI consultant (who apparently is a bigish name) before I started
He steered the folks here away from using SSAS because "It can't handle Medians well"
despite all my rage ...
@JNK lol
Had a bad experience once. Yup it can't handle that well.
I was flabbergasted
I mean it may have been one of those "back in version 1.0 things"
I deal with The DBA™ on crap like that pretty often
from dbo.TableWith100BillionRows
"Oh actually, that's not been true since SQL Server 2000" or something
3:26 PM
^^^SQL Sever can't do SUMS very well.
@Zane "It always overflows an int!"
3:57 PM
So did nobody mention this yet?
moderator positions available: 1
did anyone quit or we're just increasing the team?
Traffic is increasing
The tide is rising
@jcolebrand It will be posted in the sidebar on the site when it goes live
@bluefeet so are you removing my chat messages :p
4:04 PM
nope, you guys can announce it if you want
I figure give folks a heads up if they are this regular ;-)
no worries
I nominate @swasheck. Maybe also @billinkc just to mess with him
I'm glad that folks have to self-nominate then :p
awww, that's no fun at all
4:17 PM
my right leg's torn acl nominates my left leg's mcl
@jcolebrand I'd like to nominate anyone but me.
Yeah. I agree @swasheck would be a solid addition there.
Possible SQL Sentry question for @AaronBertrand
4:52 PM
@swasheck Egads. I saw the previous post on pop goes the ACL and was hoping it was something access control related and not the knee version
5:17 PM
@billinkc heh. yep. knee.
fortunately i have another leg
"hopalong washeck" they call me
@Zane we did our first pass through the submitted sessions and you passed rd 1 ;)
@swasheck You know you guys can leave me out of Saturday if you want to make room for folks.
@MikeFal wolfffffffffffff passed that info along. you're very kind. this was just rd. 1 so we were just painting in broad strokes
@swasheck I'm pulling a Steve Jones. Most of the locals have seen me speak at this point.
i'm sad that our treasurer may not be up for re-election. they make me look like less of a slacker
also ... tyvm Rie Irish
Yeah, it's going to be a fun election phase in Denver, replacing treasurer and prez
5:25 PM
and probably events ;)
adoption is really taking it out of me ... i had no idea how my life would change when i volunteered in jan
@swasheck who is the treasurer?
ok, jerk. I don't think about those things being online because my user group doesn't have a board and our website is horribly out of date.
and now i'm waiting on a lmgtfy link :-)
@mmarie sorry - i'm in a horrible mood right now. anyway, i'm not all about calling people out by name. however, not sure that what i did was much better
Why is she your treasurer? She has her own dumb sql group to run.
5:29 PM
that's part of the prollem
@swasheck also, if your tore your acl, didn't they give you good drugs? If so, shouldn't you be in a great mood?
@mmarie not currently taking drugs. i dont like how they make me feel. plus, they get in the way of the ability to drink scotch.
fair enough
@ypercube Yes, it sounds he's saying the 'hack' was obtaining a copy of the source code of a Greek government website controlled by some EU officials. Am I understanding correctly?
5:45 PM
That really preiviews at the perfect time.
I need to photoshop a taco in there if I get the time.
Does no one get the taco reference or am I the only person who spends my mornings on Reddit.
I approve of the eating of tacos but never got into reddit
I'm not racist enough for reddit
also I hate the UI
I notice you didn't address the taco question. Tacist
Get outta my kitchen, tacos! Burritos for evah!
It's like I don't even know you any more
Or any less
5:49 PM
Essentially you just make a gif of a taco flying into his mouth and it will be surprisingly funny.
can you have "Deal with it" glasses drop at the same time?
@JNK What?! Burritos don't have a quarter of the comedy power of a Taco.
Input! Moar taco input
@Zane I'm thinking about actually eating them
@JNK I can say that I will but it's unlikely that I will have the time.
5:50 PM
for humor I agree tacos are much funnier
@swasheck I knew a surprising amount of those people
The theme for today seems to be don't test your shit and keep it out of SVN.
But at least they kept SVN poopfree
@billinkc SVN: Poop Free for 37 hours
That's one hell of an enema
@swasheck will be excited to get out there and try a more traditional presentation.
6:04 PM
I have no tacos. I wasn't hungry thirty minutes ago but now I'm gnawing on the table. I blame Zane. And JNK with his heretical burrito stance. And Lamak because, Laxmook
@JamesLupolt Yes, something like that. I think his point was that that website/org should be controlled by the government. I thought it was to be honest.
But there is no point in saying that they would gain sensitive info of all cictizens, like their tax numbers. The governemnt already has that.
Just got sent a link from a manager to a "pretty cool site"
It's a SharePoint site that's hosting some excel files......
Truly breathtaking.
@swasheck Louis CK?
6:12 PM
today was great
everybody's on holiday
@mmarie erm. i like him but ... i forgot
client needed someone "who's good at queries"
come in, multiple management and business architects , projector, "the guru is going to teach us"
fucking powerquery, never used it before
client showed some excel files, expecting me to give them training on how to fix them
@TomV Ok, I actually think Power Query is pretty cool
6:14 PM
they had more experience than me
Like that is easily the best thing to come out of the Power BI craze
@mmarie could be, just never used it and wasn't prepared to run into a meeting room full of people expecting me to demo
@mmarie there's a large part of me that's just like Louis CK
@mmarie watching now
"i needed my whole body to hate this person"
6:18 PM
@swasheck love that ice cube tune
really laid back
Ok, opinion please....
I am speaking at IT/Dev Connections and part of my presentation is a BBQ restaurant dashboard. I was thinking about bring some little 2 oz bottles of KC BBQ sauce to hand out to people who ask good questions/share good comments. If you were in the audience would you think that was cool or dumb?
depends on if i liked kc bbq sauce
Also, are any of you vegetarians? I was thinking about getting some pale ale mustard made by a local brewery as a vegetarian alternative.
i'd prefer the meat rather than the sauce :)
Also, people who are not Americans obsessed with meat. Is this weird? If so, good weird or weird weird?
6:23 PM
also depends on the size of the audience, handing out stuff can be awkward if they are 5 minutes away in the crowd
i love bbq, but the pale ale mustard sounds more buenoer
i hate "brown" mustard so i have no opinion on it. I've never tried it.
@TomV yeah, i don't think the crowd will be that big.
And I can always decide not to hand it out during the presentation if that is the case.
I say go for it.
You're coming from KC it makes sense and most people like that sort of thing.
I agree
Seems more interesting that the standard fanfare of candy.
6:27 PM
and even if someone doesn't like it at least he'll remember and maybe talk about it
God why is migrating SSRS to SharePoint so effing complicated?! Oh right. The SharePoint part.
tbh: I only remember few presentations, and half of them are because of gimmicks
just dont let it distract from your content. you're smart, @mmarie and people need to hear YOU and not fondle their bottles
I remember a ton of them.
not because the prez was bad
but years later laughs are remembered too
6:28 PM
Mostly Joe Sack's because it blew my little mind.
I would rank kim tripp as one of the top, because I was really young then and amazed at sql's capabilitys
2005 at the time
@swasheck damn you got me clicking the sidebar related videos now, i'll end up in youtube darkside again :)
I was pleasantly surprised by Kevin Feasel's presentation sqlsaturday.com/404/sessions/details.aspx?sid=14210 He was amusing and the tips he offered were very practical and able to be immediately implemented.
unfortunately sqlsat isn't in my region very often
@AaronBertrand is coming to dutchland in a few months, but that isn't really even close, that would require an overnight stay even though i'm considering it
6:56 PM
One of our DBA's is really good but gives terrible explainations. Web Server is timing out. "Server was busy" Packages running late "Activity is high". Come on man.
@Zane that's a learned behavior. explanations are generally lost on developers and end-users
@swasheck I agree, if you give a tech explanation they'll go "the dba is being arrogant again, using words we don't know"
I try to ask whether they want the technical details or high level hand waving
and pray they want the high level
@swasheck Yeah but you can't just pump out that sort of explaination and not do anything. The users as a result are trying to make reporting to try detect issues using methods that are suspect at best.
@Zane it's a process. you don't swallow the whole thing at once
7:07 PM
@swasheck Indeed it is. But telling the fellow DB tem members that your theory is high activity is not very helpful. We have to be able to communicate the issues to our end users in a way that can understand. We can't just give a that's how ti is answer.
@Zane do you propose a solution or just critique the message
if the communication is to the db team rather than end users that's a different story
if it's to the dev team: "activity is high because your queries suck. here're some suggestions."
@swasheck I'm digging in to try to find a solution.
Not saying well another slow day. Thems the bricks I guess.
7:24 PM
it's because of the warm weather you know, the copper cables get longer so it takes time for the packets to move over the network
8:05 PM
nobody has nominated yet??? blasphemy!!!
I nominate @PaulWhite
5 whole minutes of nothingness
@JNK I hear he's an asshole and would make a shitty moderator
plus, he would probably demand a gun and bananas, and frequently get the two confused
@jcolebrand I've also heard that rumor
That's uncalled for
you guys are so mean to kiwis
lololololol well played sir
8:06 PM
I nominate @billinkc
inb4 history purged
@Lamak self nominations only
obviolsly photoshopped
Q: 2015 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2015 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page a...

Q: 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's how it'll work: During the nominati...

@jcolebrand I know I know....
8:09 PM
@Lamak are you going to nominate yourself?
@Lamak Once bitten, twice shy
Oh boy, we already have a nomination
I think @billinkc would be a good fit for a mod just because I know it will be a PITA for him
@ypercube I don't think there's a need for a placeholder?
@ypercube he is awesome
8:13 PM
@Lamak To have unspeakable, fabulous powers and access to the Teachers Lounge would be a PITA? I'd have my diamond and then that's it, right? It's not like any work has to be done
@billinkc well, I would like to say that that's not the case, but there is precedence
we all know we have a mod that fits that pattern
right, @JNK?
I could even put a diamond on my business card
The free lunch bowls will be overflowing!
I got a promotion and now have a direct report to worry about
@billinkc you could do that without being a mod
oh my
does Evan have a bot or something?
8:19 PM
Oh goodness, I just caucused
@JNK he is just desperate to get modded
I don't think he has a diamond anywhere yet
@billinkc i thought i smelled something
@swasheck Guess I better go home and get a clean set of trousers
once upon a time e was a helluva troll
Okay tell me if I'm out of line.
8:20 PM
you're out of line
@Lamak I resemble that remark!
(but it's a CSS issue in the chat)
> I will write my nomination shortly. Lorem Ipsum sut whatever Latin. Lorem Ipsum sut whatever Latin. Lorem Ipsum sut whatever Latin. Lorem Ipsum sut whatever Latin.
shoot. if it's going to be that kinda party, imma stick ... nvm
@swasheck can you flag it?
not as far as i can tell
8:23 PM
I cannot upvote comments. I haz a sad
mee too
We were getting these timeouts from the web app. So I look at wait stats for that instance and see we aren't really having any major waits which leads me to beleive that the problem is network related. So I suggest we look into the network stats. Which I don't have access too atm.
The response I get is "It's not a clear cut item".... Do you see why this is frustrating me?
@jcolebrand you could use something more creative, like slipsum.com
I decided against bacon ipsum
@Zane we tried to fail over from an ancient server two Sundays in a row, the network setup is still disabling the wannabe master from being accessed by the application
it took more than a month to get to this state, so we cannot say it's not improving
8:30 PM
My nomination text:
> I want to be just like @AaronBertrand in all that I do.
does this mean that two Aarons is better than one?
no. and i was joking
I wasn't
(to me, at least) you don't have to explain when you are joking
8:46 PM
this election looks like a great opportunity for mod-trolling
@dezso you mean trolling of mods or trolling by mods?
good answer
@dezso mods and SE employees trolling Evan, hmmm, I wonder how that will end
last time I engaged Evan I lost
8:53 PM
@JackDouglas a nomination from Evan pops up in most elections across the network
the biggest trolling would be to elect him
(not that I would find that a good idea)
I think he'd be difficult to work with - it's hard to be sure
@bluefeet does he ever engage in chat?
@TheEvanCarroll definitely trivia, at best, but I don't think it's terribly off topic for DBA. We have SO questions about the C# mascot, fex
@JackDouglas I'm not sure. I won't poke him to join :)
thanks :)
@bluefeet we can't see deleted comments on nominations?
@JackDouglas nope they are completely hidden
8:57 PM
trust me they were garbage
@jcolebrand my feature suggestion was real :)
i'm a real boy
there should be an algorithm identifying terribad posts, which then allows a comment saying ???
Woot, Max has submitted. We can take down the signs. Election's over
9:43 PM
@swasheck i missed the boat

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