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5:58 AM
3 hours later…
8:37 AM
A chairde - Morning all!
8:47 AM
Finally friday
9:30 AM
9:47 AM
Warning This is an unsupported operation. There have been reports of unrecoverable log corruption when using this. — Paul White ♦ Jun 27 at 11:11
Opinions on whether that answer is so dangerous it should be deleted?
And of course it exists on Stack Overflow as well
A: Can we remove Memory Optimized file group from database

Ahmad Raeiji1- Delete memory optimized tables 2- Detach Database 3- Create new database with same files without memory optimized filegroup 4- Modify database files and change it to detached database (mdf,ldf,ndf) files alter database test1 modify file (name='test1' , filename='C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL ...

10:14 AM
I don't know why people are so eager to remove it? I see this question on slack every couple of weeks
10:32 AM
A: In Memory Database Remove File and FileGroup

Ahmad RaeijiBefore doing anything take backup then Delete memory optimized tables Detach Database Create new database with same files without memory optimized filegroup Modify database files and change it to detached database (mdf,ldf,ndf) files alter database test1 modify file ( name='test1' , ...

That's our copy
Dude's a charmer
3 hours later…
1:39 PM
oh well he told them to take a backup so whatever
TIL DBCC prevents corruption
I have provided my downvote and delete vote. There's really no need for that info to be floating around.
Which flag is the most appropriate? In need of moderator intervention?
1:55 PM
@Zikato Well we're already aware of it so a flag adds no value really.
People with delete votes may use them as always.
I might cast one myself at some stage, but wanted feedback first, since mod deletion is pretty permanent.
One should also backup before setting fire to the server, but that's not a good idea either. DBCC doesn't promise to detect or fix all possible corruption. You're ignoring the possibility for corrupted internal state to affect later log records, making the database irrecoverable. A backup (that restores correctly!) will only take you back to when your method was used, it will not help recover work after a log corruption. One could have no confidence in the database after following your answer. It will also be technically unsupported by Microsoft. Just a bad idea all round. — Paul White ♦ 2 mins ago
It's a shame the answer was too old for a Low Quality flag, otherwise I would have put it in that queue for community review.
burn the witch
> Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?
you've done been told
Memory optimized table is a bad idea for large database that may need DBCC check after you add memory optimized table you will never can do DBCC check this workaround that i wrote work like a charm for corrupt database contains memory optimized table that you can fix with DBCC check after getting corruption in my database i had to do this method — Ahmad Raeiji 1 min ago
2:02 PM
@ErikDarling this seems appropriate: i.imgur.com/JbDBSUE.gif
I will never not laugh at that
do you have that bookmarked
no, but I remember where to find it
I suppose that's a sort of bookmark
that's an odd choice
is it?
it is
til you can't use a bit type as a substitution parameter with raiserror
2:18 PM
is it a bit annoying?
on the bright side at least i can assign a bit to a tinyint variable without error
what was that catchphrase you had on your blog for a while involving 'bit'?
or maybe it was youtube
Ah, bit obscene
i still own that domain
maybe someday i'll do something with it
world doesn't need another podcast though
2:57 PM
> Cannot process statement SQL handle. Try querying the sys.query_store_query_text view instead.
What a helpful error message
oh i've seen that before
were you using fn_stmt_sql_handle_from_sql_stmt or something
or not using
depending on perspective
simple/forced param
testing a thing with QS query hints
well groovy
glad that you're interested in sql server finally
i look forward to witnessing your learning journey from afar
I have this ongoing debate about query hints working for server-side param
with whom?
3:05 PM
Feature PM
what is the debate?
whether it should work the same as plan guides or not
or indeed, at times, whether there is a difference at all
it's not a 'today' debate, it's been rolling for a while
sounds complicated
3:28 PM
@ErikDarling I don't think it is really. For example:
FROM dbo.Users AS U
WHERE U.Reputation = 1;
That gives a parallel execution plan on SO 2010 when CtfP = 5
If you create a SQL plan guide for that with a MAXDOP 1 hint , the query is serial
Doesn't work with QS hints because they don't work with simple parameteriztion
4:26 PM
i recently wrote a round up post of all the things i hoped to see in vnext
only two were hits
at least so far
maybe ctp sp1 will add something interesting
4:43 PM
there will be more things, not sure if interesting
i had a list at some point
from an undisclosed source
4 hours later…
8:24 PM
Was there anything interesting?
8:42 PM
depends on what you're into
Deleting in-memory filegroups.
1 hour later…
9:50 PM
@JoshDarnell I hear that's almost as hard as exiting vi.
10:27 PM
stop showing off
this is all broken
11:14 PM
Multiple ways
11:41 PM
this video is taking forever to render
waste of a fridee night
still vaguely exciting to find a new query plan operator even if it was the cause of an hour long headache

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