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6:39 AM
7:25 AM
What do ya'll think of the new avatar?
Does it look like the same beautiful face you're used to? Or, is culture shock and too much?
7:45 AM
Growing up!
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
@jcolebrand Got it, thanks
9:35 AM
Q: Why does User -1 love sharepoint?

Peter VandivierThere is an official list of responsibilities for User -1. However, it seems that the bot also has a demonstrated interest in sharepoint. You can seen in its public network profile that it has bookmarked almost 30 questions on sharepoint.stackexchange.com. No other networks appear to get such aff...

@PeterVandivier Skynet loves sharepoint
@McNets it does seem to
insta-closed as dupe
Q: What can cause the Community user to have favorite questions?

Shadow Wizard is VaccinatingOn most sites including the main Stack Overflow site, Community user has no favorites. So far so good. However today I noticed that on the SharePoint site it got 26 questions marked as favorite. If favorites owned by users who get deleted are "transferred" to the Community user we should have s...

Q: Why does the community user have favorites (stars)?

JALI noticed on the Network User page that the Community User has starred a question on the Skeptics site. So why does the community user have a starred post? Does the community user own stars from deleted users? What criteria must be met for the community user to own a star on a post? This is not...

10:08 AM
Dia dhaoibh a chairde - morning all!
3 hours later…
1:00 PM
Good morning
I'm up before the sun because 1. this far north, not hard to do 2. trying to get started earlier so I can take a break mid day
1:23 PM
jfc JSON is terrible and Mongo is terrible and I just want to light it all on fire
2:04 PM
@bbaird just don't light all on fire today dude
you're not gonna have a great time
2:28 PM
2:38 PM
@bbaird I'm just saying that it can wait till tomorrow
3:33 PM
4:00 PM
@bbaird try MangoDB
4:15 PM
@MaxVernon Is that the one that only writes to dev/null?
@bbaird it is. 😎
it's amazingly quick
2 hours later…
6:05 PM
Which one of you deleted my messages. I want to know who to think lower of.
@MaxVernon isn't quite yet at 0. I hope it was him!
Paul probably also has at least a few karma points to lose.
@EvanCarroll unfortunately it wasn't I
I assume the rest don't care, they can't see light anymore.
what messages are you speaking of?
I had this new avatar commissioned. I was just trying to get some input on it.
So I was thinking, what group of people are uniquely capable of commenting on something based on look and feel, aside from technical merit.
So I came here and sought out SQL Server administrators.
Oh Evan.
6:10 PM
We all know Brent Ozar, the avatar art studio.
@EvanCarroll Please, noup! :'(
Original ^
is that from 1972?
Oh! Where is your grandma?
6:21 PM
I got that one done too.
Who what done?
@EvanCarroll This message is still here.
@JohnK.N. I uploaded the pictures yesterday too
Ah. Missed that.
user image
That's the one with the grandma.
7:17 PM
@EvanCarroll - you are the real Sheldon Cooper - I claim my $100! :-)
Ears are a bit pointy mind you - are you sure that there's no Spock blood in there? That would account for a lot!
7:27 PM
@EvanCarroll Nice!
2 hours later…
9:15 PM
@Vérace Super human strength. Check. Abnormally high intellect? Check. What does canon say about Spock's other assets. I've been told it's unnatural to be able to palm a bowling ball, but that anything less wouldn't be proportional.
9:33 PM
Proportional with what, exactly?

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