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4:45 AM
@PaulWhite I haven't seen them much. Dors that option still exist?
5:05 AM
@Johnakahot2use Yes. This search query will find them dba.stackexchange.com/…
Q: What is a "merged" question?

gerritQuestions can be merged into other questions. What is a merged question? When should questions be merged? Who can merge questions? How do I request it? What happens to merged posts? Anything else I should know about merged questions? Return to FAQ index

5:51 AM
3 years for a fix.
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6:59 AM
Morning all - Dia dhaoibh go léir!
541 voted so far vs 414 in the 2015 elections
7:11 AM
Another technical question to start the day - keeping us all on our toes :-). I recently purchased a machine in one of those shops that calls itself an "entertainment/exchange" store (name is "Cex", so I'm guessing the the median age of clients is ~ 16). Anyway, the machine was going for a song - I don't think whoever priced it knew what they were doing - but anyway, all to the good for me! Now, I'm not a great hardware man.
I'm good for upgrading RAM and HDD's to SSD's. I now want to put an SSD into this machine but I have one slight worry! Is there a limit as to how big I can make the SSD for a given machine (I'm talking both generally/theoretically in this case and for the particular machine which I have purchased).
I upgraded RAM and had done my research - it was limited to 8GB so that's what I got - but I can't seem to find out if there's any limit on the disk size (HDD or SSD). Don't have machine with me, but would just like to know how to figure this out - I did find this, but it specifically mentions "Modern SATA and NVMe standards", but this machine is at least 10 years old!
@ypercubeᵀᴹ "541 voted so far vs 414 in the 2015 elections" - where is the link to this stuff?
hidden in a badge ;)
7:38 AM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Elementary, my dear Watson! :-)
7:58 AM
I found it
How often is the Stack Exchange Data Explorer updated?
The data is updated early every Sunday morning around 3:00 UTC. The last update was Oct 18 at 10:33.
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9:35 AM
Q: What is "special" about PostgreSQL update vs delete+insert

Paul DraperMy understanding is that an update locks a tuple, marks it as deleted, and then adds a new tuple. Essentially, a delete + insert. But that's not true. There seems something fundamentally different in the MVCC about update than delete + insert. Setup: CREATE TABLE example (a int PRIMARY KEY, b in...

Strange that this has received a close vote. Would be a shame if it was closed. Maybe a mod can reject the close vote altogether?
@Vérace Would help us if you could us brand and model, preferably a definitive model number or part number if the manufacturer has used the same brand/model combo for several years.
10:16 AM
@Colin'tHart The question is out of the Review queue now, meaning that the matter of closing now draws less attention. Only people directly coming across the post might still decide to VtC, but you could try discouraging those votes by adding a comment letting potential voters know that the question has value.
I personally don't think it would be necessary, and in the event the question does get closed, there's always the option of re-opening it.
@Colin'tHart I ended the close review. The close vote will age away soon.
Yes please don't add a comment.
The original post was indeed a little unclear, and received a close vote.
The author subsequently made a fairly substantial edit that addressed those concerns.
10:40 AM
@Colin'tHart Thanks for replying Colin - I do want to know the answer for my particular machine - I'm in my fiancée's place at the moment - I'm going up to Dublin next Sat. to help care for my mother so I'll be able to get to the machine then - we're at level 5 restrictions here in Ireland at the moment - no journeys > 5K without justification. But, as I mentioned, I'm interested in "learning to fish" so to speak and not just being "given a fish"! :-)
11:16 AM
The answer to the "What is “special” about PostgreSQL update vs delete+insert" question was mighty - it deserves to be given a +1 - I did!
OMG - this h/ware stuf is trickier than I thought! This may seem like an obvious question (and I've pretty much answered it for myself anyway), but if the CPU is 2.5GHz, then there's absolutely no point in buying 3.6GHz RAM to go with it? I do not want to overclock or anything like that!
11:33 AM
I had a friend who overclocked his washing machine ;)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ I hope the therapy is going well for them? :-)
when he bought it, he noticed the "Super" and more expensive model offered 600/800/1000 rpm modes among other thngs.
He bought the cheap model and did a hack on the board that selects modes of operations. It turned out both models, cheap and expensive were almost identical and only the board had limitations in the cheap model.
Just a hack anyway. Not that he would use the fast 1000 rpm mode. Too costly on energy bills it would be ;)
12:22 PM
That works with cars as well
Some options you need to pay for separately, but the hardware/module is included as soon as you buy one option
then you can just pop in an OBDII adapter and activate the rest in the firmware settings
Can I use that to upgrade my Corolla to a Tesla
That will probably require a bit of soldering and not just some firmware hack
12:55 PM
Some hammering and filing might need to be applied as well
might have to get a bloke in
bit beyond my abilities
1:54 PM
You'll have to buy a couple of old mobile phones too.
Looked exciting to me until I read the comments
Oh I hadn't noticed. That's disappointing
2:24 PM
@Vérace Unless it's something "weird", you should be able to put the largest storage system on there that you're willing to pay for
2:55 PM
@billinkc - thanks for your input - yes, people are talking about xxxx EB with 64 bit machines - I just want a 1TB SSD - so I should be grand! I assume that I'm correct about the RAM GHz must be as big as the CPU but no bigger, otherwise the extra GHz's are just wasted?
Yeah, no idea on that aspect, a chara. But, if you go to the Crucial site crucial.com/catalog/memory?cm_re=homepage--hero--slider-shop-dram-btn they have a pretty good tool for figuring out what ram you need. And then you can find same configuration in a different brand if you don't want to pay for Crucial brand premium
@Vérace look at motherboard specifications, some memory SIMs are not allowed
@McNets: I ran: C:\Users\Administrator>"wmic memphysical get maxcapacity" and the result was: MaxCapacity 67108864 Now, this seems to mean that the machine's maximum RAM capacity is 64GB? But, other sites say that the MB max is 32GB - can I trust the Windows command?
@Vérace I'd rather believe what motherboard manufacturer says
3:18 PM
@Vérace my motherboard in my laptop supports a maximum of 64GB, because the BIOS purposely limits it to that much. The motherboard can "see" at least 128GB, but it won't allow Windows to actually use anything above 64GB. In short, what @McNets said about believing the manufacturer is the best advice.
@McNets @MaxVernon - thanks guys! I'm quite happy with my 32GB machine anyway - doing database work, it's normally the disk that's the limiting factor anyway - I'll leave it the way it is! :-)
@Vérace I was lucky enough to be able to upgrade my laptop to a 2TB NVMe SSD for storing my Virtual Machines. Wow does that thing scream. Yesterday, I created a columnstore index on a large table and saw SQL Server consuming 2.5GB per second of disk bandwidth.
that sucker flies.
Heh, I always wondered why my VMs sucked so bad ( only had like 2-3 running) and then moved them from a single drive to different ones and WOULD YOU BELIEVE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS ABOUNDED?
I mean, I knew enough to not have them on C but didn't realize how badly they were swamping the IO channel/bandwidth
3:38 PM
What virtualization software are you using? VMWare?
@MaxVernon - I'm planning on a real blowout purchase in the New Year - hopefully prices will have dropped - a hefty 64GB of RAM and an NVMe PCI SSD - I'll even be able to run Oracle and SQL Developer and NetBeans on the same machine without it grinding to a shuddering halt! :-)
@McNets HyperV on Win10
on my laptop
HyperV on Windows Server 2019 on my lab servers.
@MaxVernon I've used VMWare for a long time, now I have HyperV on my prod servers with StarWind
And by now, nothing in my laptop
@McNets I've never had the opportunity to use StarWind but it sounds pretty great
@MaxVernon Easy administration & HA. But you can't configure the storage specifically for db servers.
All happens inside the box
1 hour later…
5:15 PM
hyperconvergence on the title reminded me of this:
I guess not really related
@ypercubeᵀᴹ all my hardware is StarWind certified, just in case
2 hours later…
7:32 PM
I'm skeptical, but perhaps this is possible?
Thanks Max for the reply. Surprisingly i was able to fail back to my SQL2016 (using force failover back to SQL2016) from SQL2019 but ofcourse the data was not synchronizing. I was thinking it will not even allow me to failback to SQL2016 from AG wizard. any comments on that please? — kevin 1 hour ago
as far as I know you can't failover a database from 2019 to 2016, unless it's not getting upgrade automatically for some reason perhaps?

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