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7:15 AM
7:26 AM
Q: "Scripting the Future of Stack" blog post discussion on MSO

Juan MOur CEO just posted a blog post to kick off 2020 and reflect on his first 90 days. You can see his blog post here and his MSO post here. Please follow the second link to engage with him and the team about his post on MSO. If you don't have a Stack Overflow account or enough reputation to post ...

8:07 AM
@TomV-trytopanswers.xyz A meta discussion of a meta discussion? That's... very meta
The CEO posted on meta.so, then a moderator figured they should probably inform the rest of the network as well
8:24 AM
@AndriyM Uber-Meta
@AndriyM @TomV-trytopanswers.xyz
Hi Joan,

Apologies for this oversight, we had some issues when we migrated to the new look site and there has been a few scripts that we didn’t catch in the fix.

I’ve fixed it manually now but if you notice anything else like this please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will rectify it asap.

Kind Regards


SQL Server Central Team
8:47 AM
So Andriy was close with his analysis of a script/restore going wrong
@TomV-trytopanswers.xyz yes
9:10 AM
@McNets Nice to see it resolved so well!
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1:59 PM
Q: Merging technical sites with Stack Overflow

Resistance Is FutileListening to the recent podcast A chat with our CEO about the future of our company and community it seems that merging other SE technical sites with Stack Overflow is imminent. That was also vaguely hinted in most recent Survey What does “Should we add technical Q&A sites like Server Fault, Sup...

speculation of course, but…
from a strictly technical perspective, i'm honestly curious what @Taryn would think about a potential huge merger like that. I'm sort of assuming that all the non-SO DBs get migrated into the one master DB, linked user accounts get merged, lots of post body content getting automatically updated etc, etc
log files for dayyyyzzzz
I'm not involved with any of the discussions and anything is very early on, but I'll just point to this comment
"Merge" was probably a poor word choice there. From my understanding, it's not a dump of all these scopes into Stack Overflow. It was meant to be something like showing other sites related to the topic in the sidebar similar to Teams, still independent with their own scopes, but much easier to navigate between and search content from one place. — animuson ♦ 22 hours ago
fair enough :p
If it takes the place of those 'trending answers' from idiotic forums like politics and philosophy, then I'm all for it.
less compelling from an "oh lawd it's fire" perspective, but probably a load off the ol' IO subsystem
2:24 PM
@Taryn I hope that's right — I guess we don't have long to wait before we find out" "By the end of this quarter, all of these initiatives will be shared publicly with you, our users"
3:00 PM
I think we can all trust SO Inc not to do anything stupid or unexpected
@Jacksaystrytopanswers.xyz I read that as relating to the moderator/meta/... part of the changes
3:16 PM
@TomV-trytopanswers.xyz you are right
though I still won't be surprised if we find out soon — there must be something urgent driving the pace of change
I always cringe when I see McKinsey listed as a reference somewhere
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4:56 PM
Q: SSRS Query Timeout settings: rsreportserver.config verses RDL Query.Timeout

Cade RouxI'm trying to understand the interaction between the SSRS DatabaseQueryTimeout (set at the server level, defaults to 120) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/reporting-services/report-server/rsreportserver-config-configuration-file?view=sql-server-ver15 and the RDL Query.Timeout setting (set i...


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