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2:37 AM
Kinder?, Gentler?, or perhaps just being way too nice?
Welcome to Stack Exchange, Eduardo. Wow, what a "wall of code" you've posted - it would be really great if you could format that a little nicer - take a look at dba.stackexchange.com/help/formatting for details on how to do that. Thanks! — Max Vernon 5 mins ago
1 hour later…
3:50 AM
@MaxVernon way too nice :).
btw, congrats on your nomination
3 hours later…
6:46 AM
i see @PaulWhite submitted a couple of minutes ago
6:57 AM
and also Kin has submitted
we've got brilliant candidates, yey! And from all over the world. Which makes it more fun :).
There's nothing that speaks more about the quality of our chat room than the fact that we provided 2 heavy weight mod candidates!
7:16 AM
and a SO mod + current SE employee, didn't forget about you @bluefeet :)
7:28 AM
@TomV Yes I had to think about it for a couple of days.
@ypercube You should run as well.
7:53 AM
Q: Intentionally corrupting an index in PostgreSQL

Vipul ShuklaI need to know if there is any method for intentionally corrupting an index in PostgreSQL. I have been searching for it for a long time but never seen anyone mentioning such an act.

funny circular references in the answers
@TomV whoa, 40/40
8:07 AM
BTW, if you were wondering about your possible candidate score:
8:46 AM
ha, I was wondering about that
thanks @dezso
so.. shall we place bets? :)
1 hour later…
9:53 AM
@Marian I plan to first reach 20k (in the coming 4 years)
@dezso umm, not bad, I'm joining your quest
in case you need a road companion
@Marian Congrats on reaching 10K (if I didn't already say so at the time).
@PaulWhite thanks alot.
How's your marketing skills? :) Didn't see you investing in beers and stuff.. for the elections
Ha. No.
10:18 AM
@dezso I get the same score as Max (and way below Paul!) :)
I miss the Convention tag.
@JackDouglas still much higher than mine
Not much participation in meta
@ypercube I happen to have it after about two posts
10:47 AM
hm, someone serially upvoted some of my posts
11:34 AM
Q: How to populate values in drop down list in php postgresql

haiderI am getting error while populating the values in drop down list using php postgresql. Error means no output in drop down list. Below is my code. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <form name="form1" id="form1" action="" method="post"> <select name="selectid" Id="select"> <option value="">--- ...

@dezso How very strange :)
11:49 AM
QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv.
12:05 PM
What do I have to do in order for SQL server - stop rounding ? SELECT cast (1.0000009 AS NUMERIC(18,6)) // it's 1.000001
I want it to be 1.000000
I know that it is rounding. But I don't want to mess with strings
@RoyiNamir why should it be 1.000000 ?
and not 1.000001 ?
Because of the 6 in NUMERIC(18,6)
You can use cast( round(1.0000009, 6, 1) as numeric(18,6))
@ypercube When a value other than 0 is specified, numeric_expression is truncated ... Yes. nice one. tnx
Never understood this round thing. Did I ask to round something ? No. you are providing me a container of 6 decimal digits , so use 6 digits.
Ignore >6 digits for container of 6.
Oh well....
@ypercube Would SELECT round(1.0000009, 6, 1) be enough?
The round or truncate behaviour is described in CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL). Numeric to numeric rounds. If you want truncation, you have to ask for it.
12:22 PM
@RoyiNamir If you converted 0.9 to numeric(10,0) would you prefer 0 as a result?
Or 1?
@RoyiNamir It gives the answer you want, though the returned type is numeric(8,7). If it's important to have a numeric(18,6), make it explicit.
@ypercube 0
@RoyiNamir But others may want 1. The SQL-Server developers had to make a decision.
@PaulWhite Oh Ok so it treats it as the rounded value type
Nice interview question I must say
I mean - Which type is the result of SELECT round(1.0000009, 6, 1)
@ypercube Just the SQL Server developers? I wouldn't be surprised if the SQL standard says something about the semantics of this.
12:28 PM
@Colin'tHart That, too.
@RoyiNamir No, numeric(8,7) is the implicit type of 1.0000009, which ROUND does not change. The answer in this case would fit in numeric(7,6).
@ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells this is what is in the profile of a coworker
it doesn't state explicitly a QA
@PaulWhite Sorry but I think i'm confused : Are you saying that the implicit type of 1.0000009 is numeric(8,7)? {which I understand} , and the implicit type of SELECT round(1.0000009, 6, 1) is numeric(7,6)?
@RoyiNamir ROUND does not change the type. numeric(8,7) in, numeric(8,7) out.
@PaulWhite If so , I don't understand this statement : . The answer in this case would fit in numeric(7,6) which you wrote in your last comment
12:36 PM
The answer you want would fit in a numeric(7,6), as an observation.
I only mentioned it because your original statement had numeric(18,6).
@PaulWhite Nice to see you throw your hat in the election. I almost bugged you on twitter last night to see if you were going to submit. ;)
Election for moderate ?
12:41 PM
Can I vote there ? (I don't see any button)
DBA has a really good pool of candiates
@bluefeet Thanks. I 'decided' both ways over the course of a couple of days. Tough call.
@RoyiNamir This is just the nomination phase. No voting yet.
Just sharing my thought , wouldn't it be better to nominee in SO ? since SO holds huge amount of SQL server questions ? Obviously it's because SO was created first.
I mean , there area lot of SQL questions which should be moved to DBA. and they aren't.
@RoyiNamir that's for masochists like @bluefeet
I don't care about SO.
12:50 PM
is there any way to fix the code block formatting if you have a string that ends on \'
the code runs fine, but the color coding is messed up on dba.se
@PaulWhite - great to see you threw your hat into the moderator election! I'd vote for you!
@TomV Is there an example on the site somewhere?
Q: Follow up to: SQL Server 2008 R2: Problems after computer name change

DawnTreaderThe Original question can be found here: SQL Server 2008 R2: Problems after computer name change I need to know if there is a way to modify the script found in the original question to allow for all instances on a computer. I have a situation where I have used an image to duplicate computers a...

$serverinstance = ".\" + $instance runs fine in powershell
@MaxVernon Thanks.
@RoyiNamir They are completely separate communities - while there is some overlap in the two, being a SO mod doesn't mean you automatically move SQL questions to DBA
12:54 PM
putting in \\ would fix the formatting but break the script
@PaulWhite oh and harsh. :)
Q: Slight issue with single quotes in code editor

Aaron BertrandThis is quite similar to SEDE Sql Highlighter is borked for aliases with single quotes which was apparently fixed in 2010. Mine is slightly different. If you look at my answer to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9507404/sql-server-2005-database-dropped-how-to-find-out-who-did-it-when-it-happene...

^^^ @TomV
End of line --' (in-line comment plus single quote)
@bluefeet Yes, perhaps I should say I don't care as much/enough about SO.
I care a little bit about SO, just don't go around telling anyone.
@PaulWhite better but not quite it :)
Yes it's not perfect, but I haven't found anything better yet.
Q: How do you type a single backslash, code-formatted, in a comment?

minitechIs there a way to type something in a comment that renders like this? You'll need to escape it with a backslash - that is, the \ character. I've tried various combinations, but a single backslash formatted as code seems to be impossible. Can this be fixed, or can I be enlightened please? A...

doesn't seem to be working in a code block
oh well I'm sure he'll figure it out
1:10 PM
user image
They most certainly did not
BSOD reboot loops for a good chunk of people
i had to restore back to 8.1. Gonna have to wait for them to fix all the bugs
I'm still with 8.1. I'm not MS's QA.
Just when I was getting OK with Windows 8.1 with ClassicShell
^ 8.1+classic shell = winning
hahahaha, I fired it up on my backup dev machine just to see and im thankful I didnt do it on my main laptop
1:15 PM
I'm on Windows 10, using Edge. Upgraded in-place from Windows 7.
It seems the people with the BSOD reboot loop issue came from 8.1. I think everyone i know who came from 7 didnt have a single hiccup
@KrisGruttemeyer if that's true, that seriously borken.
The whole point of an upgrade is to get to the same end situation regardless of the start.
Absolutely, it's unfortunate, my experience with the tech preview was really good and I'm definitely excited about it. Such is life if you want something on day zero though. Glad Dell system recovery works, haha
Seems to be across manufacturers, too. Dell, HP, Acer, MSI, you name it
I'm mostly worried about some of my old hardware not working anymore. I finally managed to find a webcam driver that worked.
there seem to be some issues with vpn clients too, as always
1:22 PM
@TomV That was a big reason why I didnt just upgrade on my main laptop. I can't afford to have their VPN adapter (albeit 5 versions old) just stop working for my clients
@KrisGruttemeyer i've resorted to hyperv machines for remote connections
much less hassle
especially if you have different clients with different vpn software
you always end up installing 1 too many vpn drivers and boom hours lost in fixing that crap
I think I wanted to do that originally but I was using a Surface Pro 3 at the time and for some reason all the HyperV network adapters didnt play well with their VPN appliance. At random times, all the network adapters would fail and I'
I'd have to do a system restore back
2:20 PM
the editor has a magic ball
He kept the link in the body of the post, but the reference is not used. So the answer ends up being a copy of a blog post without attribution.
But anyway it's too radical, right?
at least, I would leave it to the author to pick the important parts
Hm, there's no such a rejection reason any more, apparently...
Yes, "conflicts with the author's intent" should do.
@AndriyM The idea is good, just needs a little improvement in the execution.
2:26 PM
I've added a comment on it 'not sure if the author wanted to copy the whole post'
I don't really see how embedding the link conflicts with the author's intent?
I mean, it's reasonable to assume the author didn't intend to copy the entire blog post.
Hence an improvement is possible, right?
Not verbatim, I mean
@PaulWhite Yes, I just didn't think of it
One Approve and two Rejects.
I did see that earlier. Skipped it because I don't know the topic well enough to perform the right edit.
2:30 PM
I think this is the rare case when only the poster can decide if it is good or not
Seems like a bit of a cop out to me, but OK.
@PaulWhite I approved it because the edit-comment indicated the editor was attempting to ensure the info was retained in the post, which I take as being in line with what we typically tell people when posting link-only answers.
@MaxVernon Yes and I can see why you would. Personally, though, I thought there were issues with the suggested edit that could be improved (and hence automatically approved).
What I should have thought about at the time is the fact that the editor made some effort to format the contents nicely, rather than just blindly copying it. And I was wrong, the reference was preserved.
Perhaps it would work as a big quote block
I gave it a shot.
2:44 PM
off for holiday
Have fun!
@PaulWhite looks good. What would look even better would be a diamond next to your name!
Oh now you try to be the sportsman
@MaxVernon I was tempted to try adding a diamond to my display name
or something similar that is confusing enough
2:57 PM
@MaxVernon I'm still a bit in two minds. Moderating would require a lighter touch than I often have, and it's true I would miss some of that visible engagement. BTW I'm not trying to play the role consciously, so if I'm doing that it's my evil subconscious. I guess it's only natural when there's nominations and stuff going on.
@PaulWhite judging as an outsider, I would guess your evil subconscious is only very slightly eviler that that of some other mods here :)
The truth is I just wanna grow up to be like Aaron :)
This Hector guy is making lots of edits that I'm rejecting. dba.stackexchange.com/users/69390/hector
@dezso Have you seen what Paul's subconscious does to him? It's a full on Fight Club
3:04 PM
Hopefully the repeated rejections will sink in. Dodgy code-formatting-only suggested edits are generally unwelcome noise.
me not but would
But it seems others are accepting edits that I would reject as being "No improvement".
there are some acceptors around
@billinkc Oh for goodness' sake! LOL!
3:05 PM
Yes: I tend to accept most trivial edits.
I accepted one where they corrected the spelling of developers
@PaulWhite <3
@billinkc is the evil subconscious in that small black case? or why does he look that suspiciously at it?
We need a caption contest to turn that into @PaulWhite's campaign poster.
@Colin'tHart Sadly we only get one equal vote each.
My default is actually to accept an edit unless I really think it's not making an improvement. Hector seems to just be formatting keywords...
3:06 PM
well, if there is nothing else to fix and it adds value
@dezso When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss of Paul's evil subconsciousness gazes back
My Australian side :)
@PaulWhite Mine too :-)
@Colin'tHart I rejected an edit of his a few minutes ago. Then the OP accepted it ...
3:09 PM
• Hector had 28 edit suggestions approved, and 8 edit suggestions rejected
I confess I sometimes look for something - anything - to improve so I can Reject & Edit.
I think the suggester (suggestor?) gets a message that way and can look to see what (s)he should have done instead.
Australia 76-3. Today is looking up.
@PaulWhite ??
Code comments http://t.co/bNIy6IjpSb
@ypercube Blocked!
@PaulWhite Except we need to get to about 500 to have any real chance in this game.
3:13 PM
@Zane it's a match. Not sure which sport. Probably one of these obscure sports they have here.
76-3 sounds pretty good.
And now it's 4 for 76 :-S
Effectively 4 for minus 69.
Judging from what I am seeing on this website it's comptetative hugging.
@Zane Hugging is a huge part of the game!
3:14 PM
sounds like a cricket score
Yikes. Went into the other room and missed a wicket!
@PaulWhite It's been one of those games.
@Zane Sorry it's The Ashes (Cricket) England vs Australia.
@Colin'tHart Been an interesting series so far though - better than I was expecting for variety and competitiveness.
3:19 PM
@PaulWhite It's been too see-saw for me. England dominated the first game, Australia the second. Seems like England's dominating this game too.
@Colin'tHart Well as a (somewhat) impartial observer, I prefer that over the long boring draws of old. 2-2 heading into the fifth match would be perfect for me. No doubt you'd prefer 4-1 Aus?
I do enjoy watching Australia bowl, but some of their batsmen are tough to like.
I suddenly envision Paul Hogan as The Batman
@PaulWhite 2-2 heading into the fifth match would be great from the position we are in now.
True :)
Wait who do you want to win this hugging match?
3:26 PM
@billinkc Your mind works in a mysterious way.
It's a mystery whether it actually works
@Zane The English, at a push. They don't win much these days, so I sort of feel a little sorry for them.
And they need the hugging practice.
@PaulWhite I never feel sorry for England.
@Colin'tHart Spoken like a true Dutch/Swedish/Strayan :)
At least your surname always makes me think you have Dutch ancestry in there somewhere. Hope I'm remembering that right.
@PaulWhite Exactly right. :-)
3:37 PM
@billinkc you call that a cave?
@PaulWhite there's only two things i hate in this world. people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the dutch.
5 for 92.
The big question is: will this game make it in to day 3?
There's still a minimum of 34.4 overs remaining today...
Maybe not. Still 53 runs short of making the Poms bat again.
While time-wise stumps should be in 1:15, they're going to need an hour more than that.
i have no idea what you are saying. it's like i'm eavesdropping on a first date in a coffee shop
3:49 PM
Is this what it feels like when we are talking hockey?
@swasheck Yeah except you are in montreal so half of the time it's french.
4:17 PM
@Zane it might make it slightly easier for swasheck
6 for 112 with all the recognised batsmen back in the shed.
I really hate it when my batsmen get out of the shed.
@dezso i am a cunning linguist
@Colin'tHart sounds like they're being taken out behind the woodshed, if you ask me
Yeah, it's a pretty piss poor effort.
@swasheck that one slays in middle school :)
4:35 PM
They found a chunk of that plan. I know what the CNN TV in the breakroom will be talking about for the next 78 hours.
Ocean currents, 3D plane simulations, and hilariously inaccurate maps of the world?
at least they aren't talking about Donald Trump for 5 seconds.
@Zane query plans are floating in the ocean now?
@swasheck no, they were washed ashore
today i learned you can import a powershell module from another computer
4:50 PM
@swasheck At least that seems more useful than what I learned about CSS today...
CSS has to be the most brittle technology currently in widespread use.
@Colin'tHart CSS is for people who want to distract you from their lack of content :)
kidding, of course
1 hour later…
5:55 PM
Just saw the roadmap for our parent and it all leads toward teradata :(
That's some worsadata to hear
Ahhh crap I don't have visio anymore and I need to mock up a prototype by tomorrow afternoon.
Been a few years since I've mucked about with them but it worked just fine for basic diagrams
6:11 PM
Nope asks for a signup.
Just have to wait for Visio to install......
@billinkc bro. do you even humor?
@swasheck I can answer that. Nope
Sorry, on the phone
@Lamak ... confirmed
6:38 PM
@bluefeet I derped on the VtC duplicate. For stackoverflow.com/questions/31518743/… I had mean to point it at stackoverflow.com/questions/8831060/… as the poster suggested
@billinkc fixed
@billinkc geez man. Get it togather.
@billinkc Wouldn't you be able to re-open and close it single-handedly yourself? You have a gold [ssis] badge
Oh, I see, you'd voted before
I could have reopened it but could not refile... yup
good thing @billinkc isn't running for mod ... that'd disqualify him
6:45 PM
Yeah, because everyone would be paying attention to what he was doing at SO while running for a mod at DBA.SE :)
c'mon, @AndriyM ... just let me have a little (more) fun at the guy's expense
I know, because I'm ruining it for myself as well. Sorry
@swasheck "good thing @billinkc isn't running for mod" FTFY
Shhhh, I'm trying to find The Rock doing Shake it off gif
It would be fun if we all run for mods.
Lamak, billinkc, Andriy, dezso, swasheck, bluefeet, Zane
Did I miss someone? Marian, Concerned, Martin, Mark, ...
6:54 PM
@ypercube I think my mod score would be 0
@Lamak Nope. It isn't.
@Lamak @ypercube mine would need to be followed by an i
@ypercube i'm off work from now until end next week, are you coming to .be this weekend?
@Lamak 3. @swascheck 14.
@TomV No, sorry, I forgot to tell you.
I'l lskip this trip.
7:07 PM
no worries, just thought I'd ask
@ypercube damn I need to get into the habit of clicking reply, this isn't IRC
@PaulWhite is running? i'm out
I know, the quality of the candidates reflects the decline of the site
@billinkc oh, you are nominating, too?
I see evilcube is back
it was a low hanging fruit, couldn't resist
7:14 PM
I laughed
@ypercube a perfect center waiting to be kicked in the goal
i mean if you can't laugh at yourself ... you can always laugh at @billinkc
@TomV unless you're harry kane. dude struggled to finish on the doorstep last night
@ypercube that's not really better
@Lamak infinitely better than 0·
you should run for mod, though
7:19 PM
@Lamak even lags oNare :)
badge hunting pays
but I agree @ypercube should be running
they should add a sarcasm rating as well, that'd bump my score substantially
and comments on The Heap should be added too
I'm sure @PaulWhite was hunting badges no matter what for years in support of his nomination
how else can you get 40/40
@TomV SarcasmScore++;
@TomV bribery
7:27 PM
@Lamak bribery would involve beer2buds.com
Or exchanged them for the hats he got this past winter (or "summer" in NZ slang)
2 hours later…
9:21 PM
This happens a lot: someone posts a question, others post answers, the guy never responds – clearly, they've abandoned their question. Now guess what? Someone has accepted my answer on SO one year and two months after it was posted.
There's more. I actually answered it one year and a half after the question.
@swasheck yeah, if I was a betting man, I'd be betting on @PaulWhite to win. However, I'm not a betting man, so I'll just wait for election day.
@AndriyM unicorn points for the OP.
@MaxVernon just dont apologize for letting him beat you
@swasheck oh, I don't intend to. I'm going to give him a run for his money. Even if it is just New Zealand Dollars.
Oh, I made a mistake, it was actually just half a year after the question. But that's beyond the point, which is, "Never give up the hope" :)
is it beer:30 yet?
@swasheck I'm hoping people don't Google my name and confuse me with this guy:
@TomV I was super happy when I went from being 30/40 to 31/40. Then Paul nominated and I was like, oh carp.
9:39 PM
@MaxVernon I already had an unplanned nap with my son and now having a beer
@MaxVernon too late
is there a way to turn off notifications from other rooms about flagged posts?
I've seen one, went there to check, and figured out that I have no clue
that room looked like IRC for the ten-year-old or something

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