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9:09 AM
Q: Are requests for assistance with world building related research on-topic?

Joe BloggsThere are many things in the world that I am not an expert in, but at least have a vague idea where to start looking for resources/examples. There are also many subjects where getting the information I need is eminently doable and probably just a quick google search for appropriate keywords, but ...

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10:37 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

BBeastHow easily can a medieval granary explode? reality-check medieval agriculture fire explosions The villainous gremlins are attempting to cause as much damage to the lands of the Empire as possible with as little effort as practical. They have numerous plans to this end. One such plan is to blow ...

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12:30 PM
@Feeds Huh, just like the Covid-19 model... criminally inaccurate.
I'm having a memory lapse. What's that website that lets you look up and compare all kinds of data. Something alpha I think
Never mind, I remember. wolframalpha.com

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