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Q: Hanging up my spurs now that the horse is dead - an open letter to SE about why their model is wrong

Tim B   IIThis is a really hard post to write. It's been coming for a while and I'll admit I'm of mixed feelings about it but I'm making the right decision here even if it hurts a little. A big part of me wants to just walk away quietly and not be noticed in my absence, but that would not solve the underly...

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1:01 PM
@WorldbuildingMeta SE's lost another good one. You'd think they'd have learned something by now.
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4:02 PM
Q: Is the distinction between closure reasons too small?

Frostfyre As a long-time user of the site, I know the current "Needs more focus" closure reason used to be called "Too broad" and have been applying it that way. However, it occurred to me when reading and comparing the descriptions for the "Needs details or clarity" and "Needs more focus" closure reason...

4:15 PM
@Gryphon I don't know if it's a problem with vision, pride, or ideology. The stuff around the GME was 90% ideology, but with that example it kind of seems to be a problem with vision, at least from that users perspective
4:35 PM
And I think I disagree with them.
I don't think that comments are really a problem, at least in my experience, and we have an off topic forum... the chat forum, which has been pretty off topic.
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Hey @CaptainMan, hows it going?

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