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2:47 AM
@FoxElemental A question that requires an answer that long should have been closed as too broad (imo)
3:01 AM
hey there @Aify
3:28 AM
Sup @Shalvenay
not a whole lot, as for you?
4 hours later…
7:52 AM
@FoxElemental you must've never heard of his full title
5 hours later…
1:03 PM
@dot_Sp0T oh, I know it. But still . . .
1:27 PM
Hi @Green
1:39 PM
Well, see yall
1:59 PM
@dot_Sp0T What is this full title?
@Gryphon James, Steward of WB, Crusher of Dreams, Lord of The Factory Floor, First of his name, snorter of beverages [snorter of beverages is technically optional, to my knowledge]
@Mithrandir24601 Isn't there supposed to be something to do with Monkey Lords in there?
Also "High Priest of Glarnak"
"Monkey Lord of Fire and Hammers, Icosahedrons and Sarcasm. Prophet of Glarnak and benevolent dictator for life. First of his name." Is his title on the monkeylords site.
2:15 PM
There are different versions I'd assume; some that he has been awarded, some that he chose for himself (that are less popular)
2:28 PM
@dot_Sp0T us lesser ones have to settle for titles like 'Mithrandir the Blue, steward-in-training of WB, 24601st of his name'
Hmm, I wonder if I ran a relex through the entire chat, looking for anything capitalized after James' name...
How many titles could I find?
Q: Are questions about real-world religions allowed on this site?

A. KvåleI'm wondering, would it be okay for me to ask about real-world religion on this site? I'm not asking about how it was made, but rather its functions in the real world. I can see that this might depend a little on the question itself, so I'll show my question. In my story, there is murdering t...

@Gryphon probably none, unless relex is a valid spelling of regex
2:44 PM
@dot_Sp0T Gah, stupid fingers. The "g" and the "l" aren't even close to eachother.
@Gryphon you could always write it re[\w]ex
3:00 PM
@FoxElemental Salutations.
@Bellerophon Formal today, are we?
One can be formal if one wants to.
One thinks, however, that the chat is not a place for one to be so stiff or uptight. But one keep's one's own opinions to one's self.
One is compensating for one's digression from one's normal standards of attire by attempting the use of a wider and more varied selection of vocabulary in one's conversations.
One sees. One understands. One thinks, therefore one is.
It does not behoove one to criticize in such a way
also: 'sup @Bellerophon
3:07 PM
That's very classy^
But who is one to judge?
Anything interesting lately?
I'm reading up on the Traveller system, it's a very interesting RP system I must say
@FoxElemental Hi!
It just occurred to me that this user might make a great mod, because he's a mod on PoliticsSE, and if you can moderate there, you can moderate anywhere.
@Green Hi!
@FoxElemental anything new and exciting?
Not really. Posted Metal Macaw Part 2.
Added another suggestion to the Mod Q&A list.
3:20 PM
Idk, I generally don't think users with less than 10 questions are useful mods on the site; but that's me
to me writing questions on WB, especially some that are well received, show that you are well-versed with the subject matter - answer on the other hand (although they give more experience) are less impressive to me
that is for WB though, it doesn't apply to many (if any) other sites
Yeah, you need to know what it's like. I like writing questions way more than answers. Even though answers give more rep
And even then, I'm a perfectionist (we've talked about that, @Green) and I use the Sandbox.
it's way too easy to write plenty of answers and get barrows of rep for them on WB; especially when just spamming answers instead of scrutinizing a question first
@Green you recently pinged me about factorio, are you up for any gaming somewhen?
@dot_Sp0T Sure.
I know. Questions, though, are put through the runner. The get half the rep, and double the scrutiny. Plus close votes. And more flags. And edits. And bad answers :)
@dot_Sp0T I don't have much time for extended gaming sessions at the moment.
3:25 PM
These two statements don't necessarily preclude each other
@FoxElemental I tend to downvote answers on flimsy questions, but it doesn't do much help
Especially answers on questions that are duplicates
Sadly. And I mean, I'm new here. 2 months only. So I still have problems asking/answering.
One shouldn't get punished for scrutinizing a question and trying to improve it over bashing out quick cheap answers
@dot_Sp0T But downvotes on duplicates themselves is redundant: they are supposed to be closed as a guide to pointing to the original.
@Mithrandir24601 We don't know the names of the blue wizards, do we?
@FoxElemental oh I'm not downvoting the question, I am downvoting the answer of the person that rather bashed out a quick few lines instead of voting as a duplicate - especially when they have a few thousand rep already and thus should be able to recognize questions that might've been asked already
3:28 PM
Got it
but then again, I am very unhappy about the fact that this situ even arises...
Not that I think there's anything in the current system that can be done against it
(back to reading more about Traveller)
Who thinks that this is just WAY POB?
@FoxElemental StephenG, apparently.
@AmiralPatate The main issue with Midichlorians is that the explanation was so lacklustre that not knowing was a better alternative.I usually go by the rule of narrative potential. If there is more narrative potential in leaving something a mystery, leave it a mystery. If there is more narrative potential in the explanation you've devised, roll with the explanation. If they'd actually done something interesting with Midichlorians (like explored why they appear to give contradictory messages to Sith and Jedi, causing a perpetual cycle of war and genocide). — Ynneadwraith 35 mins ago
Interesting concept.
Now I'm seeing the midichlorians as having agency (I think that's the term) and knows that it gets renewed when living things die. So it deliberately causes the perpetual wars and genocides.
3:36 PM
On another note, the ConlangSE ad I designed has gotten 25 clicks! And I just saw it on main. Yay
That means more WBers on Conlang and possibly vice versa
3:47 PM
Gotta go
See yall
@Hosch250 why should it be?
@dot_Sp0T Because it lacks basic research.
Of course a waterwheel can be constructed with just wood.
As can a cart.
It won't last nearly as long, but it can be done.
And it will likely last several years with proper maintenance.
3:51 PM
The issue with the question is that the asker is wording it wrongly
Unless you are in mineral-rich water, in which case you might get a fossilized waterwheel in a few years.
Of course, if you can keep the fossilized one turning (unlikely), it might last even longer :)
GTG, big meeting where the company devs plan to take over the world.
if you look at the issues they raise in the question you will see that they are most likely not concerned about the immediate if, but about the viability of such an approach on an industrial scale. Looking at their rep I, wildly, assume that when writing industrial they are referring to a mid-1900s society with factories, etc.
And after that a company lunch.
so, the question is not 'terrible' in my opinion - but certainly is bad
@dot_Sp0T Mid 1900s is when we developed the atomic bomb and started the ground work for computers. Either they have metal, or they don't get past the 1200s (wild, uncited estimate) (if they even get there).
Either way, I still think it lacks basic research, but I'll let you guys handle it.
3:57 PM
@Hosch250 please feel free to VTC or Flag! These tools are there for a reason. I am but one voice, and I already interacted with the question based on you bringing the topic up in the chat - I would assume that a mod would do similarly when reacting to a proper flag or such
Noon to you all
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

A. KvåleSo, in my book a hitman uses a very deadly venom/poison. But I'm not a toxicologist, so I do not know about a lot of venoms/poisons. I'll list the traits of my venom/poison, and you can tell me if this exists. -It is very deadly. Even the smallest dosage will kill -It takes a long time to take ...

4:24 PM
NVM, I do.
@Hosch250 good person
Also, I think that it's an OK question with the clarification, although it seems to miss the obvious "just more maintenance" answer. I'll leave it.
@Hosch250 I think two important answers will be the 'more maintenance' and the 'more stresses on the material' answers
4:40 PM
Yeah. Having worked with wood myself, this has a million answers.
Depending on the wood, how it was cured, how well the wheel was designed (wood swells when wet, so the joints will bind if not developed correctly), etc.
Some wood will rot quite quickly when wet (can be affected by the water).
Also an interesting effect to examine is that metal wheels likely use tension to support the load, while wood will use compression.
Some wood just doesn't rot at all (Cedar)
your first statement offers miriads of fun ingerpretations
@FreezePhoenix Cedar rots.
Just more slowly because of the higher pitch content.
Takes a while ^ you beat me to it
However, cedar is also a weak-ish wood, and will just plain disintegrate.
4:44 PM
@Hosch250 but thats not interesting for the question; just assume best wood and best techniques
Oak and beech are pretty good for outdoor purposes, as is ironwood (what the settlers preferred to make their ox yokes out of).
@dot_Sp0T In that case, I'd be surprised if the wheel couldn't last 25-75 years with yearly maintenance.
Longer if they periodically replace rotten boards.
The limitations here would be A) either the factory would shut down before the wheel needed to be replaced, or B) the factory would need more power than a single wheel could provide, so they'd need to install more.
And once you have more than one, you have (some) redundancy to replace wheels as needed.
Have you read Mill, by David (I think) Macaulay (sp?)?
He discusses the waterwheels used to run the mills in fair depth.
He also has interesting books about modern and ancient cities and ships and stuff.
I think his most famous is The Way Things Work.
5:35 PM
A: Firing an AK-47 while anchored to the ISS

TrishLet me analyse this for you: You anchor yourself to the station. So your weight is now in the ballpark of $m_1=420\times 10^3\text{kg}$. The shot bullets are about $m_2=8\times 10^{-3}\text{kg}$ each and travel at $v_2=710 \frac {\text m} {\text s}$. Insert these into these: $F_1=5\times F_2=m...

What do we do about people who VTC and Answer the question again?
Eh, forget it, they made it community wiki.
They voted to close the question and answered the question again?!?
Yeah, that's really not what community wiki is for. . .
And it doesn't solve the problem that the behavior is problematic no matter whether they gain rep or not.
It's like they made it community wiki so it couldn't be downvoted
@Hosch250 looks to me like you've almost written a useful answer by now!!
@dot_Sp0T Almost.
I'll consider doing more research on it and expanding/posting it.
5:57 PM
now imagine every user would take time to analyze a new question and seeing if it's not really about that simplest of possible interpretations - thats what I'd be campaigning for as a diamond
@dot_Sp0T I'd be campaigning for the following:
(Hold on lemme have a minute to write it up)
^^ That's not my speech BTW
Hi, I'm @FreezePhoenix, and I'd like to be elected for moderation. Some of you may know me as @TheOneWhoMade, or as @Pheo.
I feel the following reasons support my election:
  - I've been around for quite a while now
  - I've been on the receiving end of moderation. I know roughly what a mod can do, and how it affects the community.
  - I try to be more open and accepting, and do not hold grudges in the way others do.
6:13 PM
@Green Do it.
You know what I mean.
@FreezePhoenix I made it community wiki so you quit ***** about a faux of mine.
@Trish please use appropriate language. Then we'll talk.
@FreezePhoenix what do you mean "again"? This is the first time I've seen this user do it.
41 mins ago, by Aify
What do we do about people who VTC and Answer the question again?
6:17 PM
@FreezePhoenix I said "again" because I've seen other users do it
I made a meta post about it a while back
@HDE226868 Report updated ^
@FreezePhoenix Is the idea here that the current mods hold grudges? Or is this in reference to other users. Just asking for clarification because if that is a view some hold of current moderators we'd like to remedy that.
@James [Some] Other users.
@dot_Sp0T There are some things in life that are easier with a diamond and others that aren't - how would having a diamond help you achieve this?
Rodger. Just curious
6:21 PM
@James Mods hold grudges for other reasons, and never socially. The grudges a mod holds are simply X chances remaining grudges.
@Hosch250 Nope. It's referencing that there are 2 Miths on SE that are 'blue'
In this case, I'm not referring to those grudges. I'm referring to mixing those grudges with social ones. IE, I wouldn't stop talking to a person I'd just suspended. I'd definitely give a stern warning, but conversation would probably continue apart from that.
@FreezePhoenix It would be quite rare for a mod to just kick someone - normally it would be a short chat suspension
(or at least, that's my experience)
Kicks are optimally used first. They're short, don't leave records, and can sting less for minor offenses.
Chat suspensions often happen automatically, though. If a message is flagged.
I don't recall ever having to kick or suspend someone from WB chat...
6:25 PM
@HDE226868 Interesting - I've never seen a mod kick someone - r/a flags automatically chat suspend and anything more serious usually ends with a chat-suspension anyway
@HDE226868 For future reference, is there anything you want us to do about people VTCing and answering the same question?
@Mithrandir24601 Huh. Must be an SO thing.
@Aify Sounds like a good meta question.
@FreezePhoenix I mean, it's very possible for a mod to kick someone, I've just never seen it happen
6:26 PM
@Hosch250 LOL @Aify already did that
It doesn't actually tell us what to do about the question/answer tho
@Aify I often exercise my right to downvote in situations like that.
@James I do too. But I'm wondering if there's something we can do to stop or otherwise discourage the behavior
@Aify In theory, there's no policy against it. I think a lot of folks (myself included) find it a bit ethically grey under most circumstances.
It doesn't feel right to use a downvote to "punish" someone for making an answer
6:27 PM
When a question is clearly off-topic I will downvote answers and comment that they should help fix the question before answering. Generally motivates people, especially if its one of the first votes they get.
Why I have been summoned here
@AnkitSharma Witty banter?
@Aify After experiencing the hassle of trying to fix/edit someone's question after someone else answered it, I view this kind of thing differently :P
@Mithrandir24601 I'm lacking context
6:29 PM
@FreezePhoenix ohhh I am too drunk and tired for serious discussion
@AnkitSharma Well... I guess thats fine :)
Updated speech (For those who weren't with @AnkitSharma):
Hi, I'm @FreezePhoenix, and I'd like to be elected for moderation. Some of you may know me as @TheOneWhoMade, or as @Pheo.
I feel the following reasons support my election:
  - I've been around for quite a while now
  - I've been on the receiving end of moderation. I know roughly what a mod can do, and how it affects the community.
  - I try to be more open and accepting, and do not hold grudges in the way others do.
  - Despite being more open and accepting, I prefer to draw a line. (Hey, Boolean logic is what I grew up with)
@Aify New user comes in, asks question. Question has a couple of different interpretations. A more experienced user comes in and answers the question with one interpretation, which turned out not to be the interpretation the asker was looking for. Asker ended up getting an answer in chat anyway, so we edited the question to fit what the answer said, which wasn't what the asker was looking for. The whole process took a few days :/
@FreezePhoenix Are you considering running for moderator here, or elsewhere?
6:32 PM
@FreezePhoenix Do you draw lines in shifting sands?
Whereas if the more experienced user hadn't done that, we could have sorted it out in what, 15 minutes?
@HDE226868 Nah, just a natural response to this: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/45366207#45366207
wow how many mith we have
For some reason I'm taking it seriously now
@Hosch250 Yes;
@FreezePhoenix but you have to set target site
6:34 PM
@HDE226868 Can't run here anyhow :P
@AnkitSharma The joke answer is that I'm the 24601st and no-one knows how many died in the fight to get to the unicorns. The actual answer is 'probably two'
I could only run on CodeReview or AI.SE
+Someone else called Gandalf or somesuch
@Mithrandir24601 The "more experienced" user should have VTC'd as unclear or TB instead of answering. I place the blame on both the high rep user and the original asker (the former for not using his voting rights properly and answering a off topic question, and the latter for asking an unclear question).
@AnkitSharma @Mithrandir and @Mithrandir24601 are both mods on IPS
@FreezePhoenix I don't thnk so
No, neither are.
@FreezePhoenix Not quite - I'm a mod on quantum computing
HDE however, is :P
But they're nice to have hanging around the site. :-)
6:37 PM
Darn it. I missed both of them.
How are you all doing?
@HDE226868 Thanks :) Haven't done much answering in a few months though
@FoxElemental Well, I'm moving flat in a couple of days, so lots of packing to do :/
@FreezePhoenix Only common thing I can see is @Mithrandir24601 and mith bot have Movies & TV account ;)
Ah. I just got Invisalign. Rather uncomfortable
@AnkitSharma Also sci-fi and quantum computing :)
6:39 PM
Jeez. Scroll down the active page: "Ender Look" has been modifying/answering everything.
Ooh, there are a few sites in common but it's probably not worth the effort of looking them up
@Mithrandir24601 I can't advertise the site who didn't picked me as mod :p
@FoxElemental Ender Look?
@FreezePhoenix yes
@AnkitSharma Ahh, you're a mod on movies & TV! Nice!
6:40 PM
@Mithrandir24601 hehehehhe, Yes
Ender Look should be "Look at Ender"
@Mithrandir24601 i don't know yet
shows up 9 times on active page
no, 10
6:42 PM
@dot_Sp0T That's fair
Is there any way to bump my posts back up the active tab if they aren't getting enough attention, besides posting a bounty or making trivial edits?
@FoxElemental Please don't make trivial edits to bump posts.
@FoxElemental Put a comment... saying something truly important.
That's why I said without. I don't like making trivial edits, as much as I don't like posting bounties
And why don't you like posting bounties?
One of the main purposes of bounties is literally to attract attention
6:48 PM
@Aify I know. Which I've done in 2 cases: once here (when I was really new) and once over on Writing when I needed a canoncal answer
@Aify ahem medium rep users don't like to ahem
@FreezePhoenix They can get rep back from people upvoting their question
@Aify But... what if they don't
And, rep is just a number. Post high quality content and they'll eventually get more of it
6:49 PM
Then that would be definitive proof that the question is a bad question
@Aify Oh. Ok. Places a bounty on a question
E.G., my hyper-coffee question. Meh question. Meh answers that didn't really answer the structure part of the question, just gave ideas.
The great thing about being a mod is that even if you lose rep, you don't lose any privileges. So I could bounty away 50,000 rep points, and in turns of being able to do stuff site-wide, I'd be fine. Once you get above 25k, it honestly stops mattering.
Which I still have a while to get to
6:54 PM
I found an interesting way to project how long it'll take till someone reaches a certain rep level based on the quality of their posts
@Aify how much do you ask for in return? JK
The formula is as follows:

Number of posts left to make = Target rep / ((Current rep / number of posts made (question + answers) - number of posts made (question + answers))
@FreezePhoenix I don't get the joke
@Aify Fortune teller
6:59 PM
@FreezePhoenix 50 or 100 should be sufficient. Not sure you can do much more than that as SE has a rep limit before you can bounty.
So for you, fox, based on your average rep gain per post (1104/33), a target rep of say, 10k would take 265 more posts.
Oh my god
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