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Have at it!
hey again @HDE226868
@Shalvenay Hey there.
how're things going?
Pretty good here. I'm on break for a week. How about you?
@HDE226868 alright here, sort of circling back to "how to worldbuild a legal system from constitution on up"
1:28 AM
Oh, that's interesting.
yeah -- it's a big job, and I'm not 100% sure how to break it down into its component parts, or ask about it on WB.SE even
What do you have so far?
really, I have the notion that a written constitution exists, and that it was developed as some sort of constitutional monarchy with a power-holding (vs figurehead) monarch and a degree of judicial independence/review
history wise, there is the fact it was developed in the wake of the overthrow of a tyrannical, expansionist/imperialist government
that, and the fact that taxes are based on land, not income or sales/excise
Was the previous government a monarchy (out of curiosity)?
1:46 AM
@HDE226868 yes it was -- it was a basically-absolute monarchy
@Shalvenay ① kill all the lawyers.
@JDługosz :P
Somehow (a novel idea here becomes the key to the story) ensure that they don’t become parasites on the system itself.
@JDługosz part of that problem is the sprawling and unforgiving nature of modern regulatory bureaucracy
Did you look up the how and why written constitutions are a thing?
1:55 AM
@FerretCivilization my understanding is that much of it is to limit the power of gov't, no?
Probably I have a poor understanding myself, jstor.org/stable/2139444?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents But internet things like this help, ha.
yeah doing some research -- basically it's two functions: 1) codify the structure and form of gov't and 2) limit the power of gov't agents and bodies
oh one other thing: there is at least some notion of a bureaucracy present
Pretty much maybe, who knows the real reason probably got lost in the national library system so...
Something something bureaucracy, something something Mr Gorbachev cut up this red tape.
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Q: Why is Writers stack exchange much more useful than worldbuilding?

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@MonicaCellio I copied some of the (in my opinion) important ones (highly upvoted and useful questions about clarifying the question) into the chat.
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@Bellerophon doom indeed my friend

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