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5:23 AM
Wait, how did this end up being a SO chat room, I was going for writers.
6:19 AM
@mootinator, ping me if you need help with the room association. can do it for you, but better for you to do it. (:
room topic changed to The Overlook Hotel: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
o: what'd you change? I thought that was the topic.
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2:04 PM
@rchern Twere the association.
2 hours later…
4:01 PM
@sjohnston Hi
4:42 PM
@mootinator Hi!
So, writing, hmm?
<--- Notoriously bad at chat rooms.
well, hopefully we can drag a few more people in here to get it going
I tried to get my mother interested, lol.
No luck?
@sjohnston I don't know whether Q&A is really engaging enough for her.
4:47 PM
Ah. Well, I wouldn't have told anyone that it's engaging for me, either, but these days I spend a rather ridiculous amount of time on the SE sites.
By the way, we should get a feed going here of the new questions from the main site.
Is the room name too...something?
Q: What is the key reference documentation and how should I cite BASH?

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Q: When is a prologue useful?

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ah, nice
I like the name alright. It has some character.
I guess we could ask for names on meta.
I mostly hang out on the Gaming.SE chat, and their main room is called "The Bridge

of the StackExchange™ HeartGaming AskQuestion™ mothership, charging its lazers for tzenes' 20k reputation mark. If you see daggers come out of nowhere, it's our super assassin ninja mod idol sorta thing."
so The Overlook Hotel is pretty tame compared to that
4:56 PM
Yeah, I was thinking either this or "The Writers' Retreat", settled on this thinking it had some character.
And it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission
Or however that expression goes O_o.
I r good writer, yop.
We can always change it later
if we really need to
Anyhow, my mother often laments the passing into disuse of her favorite writing site.
I'm going to wonder aloud if something along the lines of the SSIW there might somehow fit in here, despite, not being strictly speaking Q&A.
5:17 PM
No, that probably wouldn't work on the site proper.
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room topic changed to The Overlook Hotel: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. (Writers.SE General)

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