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1:27 AM
Q: Is one more likely to write a good story if one shares the character's physiology/internal conflict?

Alexandro ChenI'm not very sure what to write here. I think the title says it all. Has anyone here thought about this before? I would like to hear some experiences.

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3:23 AM
@MonicaCellio Feel free to leave a comment there, maybe OP can edit this into a better question.
(But, ya know, sometimes ya just gotta pic a close reason, even if a couple apply.)
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1:35 PM
@Neil I have an idea for an article I'd like to write at some point.
If you're interested.
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3:25 PM
Q: Would you help me with introduction of a term paper?

nimamy professor has told me that you should put the followings into your introduction after write the hook part of your introduction.Are you agree, if so, would you clear that for me? major and minor support sentences ............................ In addition would you give me some patterns like t...

3:41 PM
back l8r 4 chat
3:54 PM
Yay chat!
4:12 PM
gitn fud brb
4:37 PM
oi, what's today's topic?
5:02 PM
Q: How can one avoid spoiler effects in critique questions?

Paul A. ClaytonWhen asking about whether an example text has a particular desired effect, it seems like it would be helpful to present the text before specifying the effect to allow an unbiased first reading. However, avoiding such spoilers in the question title might risk excessively general titles. Does my p...

cleans whiskers
What are we discussing today?
A seer. A female seer. :)
Sorry, catching up on a wee bit of work while waiting to see if we have a topic :)
5:13 PM
How did you—oh. Oh, I see.
Today is Limerick Day, if you want to do those :D
It's Limerick Day!
Every day is limerick day for Matt
Matt writes a limerick every day.
There was an old man from Nantucket
Who carried his clams in a bucket
His daughter Nan said
"Those are my clams instead!"
And as for the bucket, Nan took it.

He'd raked them up from the sea bed
Which left his hands all chapped and red.
"But I love shellfish!
Don't be so selfish!
I'll grill them and share them with bread!"

Nan said "Look, old man, here is the dish:
These littleneck clams are delish.
I won't give 'em up
So if you would sup
on something else, say what you wish."
5:18 PM
We could do limericks today. I need a break from fictional prose.
The gauntlet below has been thrown,
So come up with one of your own,
Whether naughty or nice,
Five lines will suffice,
The more puns the better to groan.
An old mediocre Limerick:
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who put all his fish in one bucket,
When lunch rolled around
He suddenly found
Some fool had decided to chuck it.
There once was a man from Venus
Who was learning how to shell peanuts
It doesn't much rhyme
But I don't have the time
Because all I can think of is "penis".
Nothing wrong with that :)
We can also take turns: Each person writes a line, and someone else chimes in
I once had a long bit of string
Tied to a bird on the wing
It flew round and round
Crashed into the ground
And lay there just slowly dying
5:22 PM
that was sadder than expected
I once had a kitten named Max
Who liked to get down to brass tacks
He'd cut to the chase
And get in my face
Saying "Hey lady, here are the facts."
Rhyming dictionary: rhymezone.com
that's a good one
I don't like wikirhymer much
rhymer.com is good too
My little pet hamster named Tangle
Liked climing his cage, where he'd dangle
He'd fall to the floor
Then climb up once more,
He never could find the right angle.
5:27 PM
A really weak (but new) example:
The nature of silence is golden
If one is to anger beholden,
But speech can provide
A gentle aside,
For restful peace in your old den.
There once was a captain named Kirk
Who sometimes could be a big berk
But with Spock and McCoy
He was 'Fleet's golden boy
And boffing green chicks was a perk.
I liked to play concertinas
And drink some cold oranginas
But not anymore
As I told you before
I'm still just thinking of penis.
@LaurenIpsum Cute!
Damn, I keep hitting enter too fast.
5:30 PM
I once wrote some beautiful code
Twas for my compiler, an ode
to simplicty
and it was bug free
"Hello World" was all that it told.
@KitFox write it in a text doc and then paste
Ah, a WordPress limerick
Pretty sure all limericks need to have "penis" in them.
In chat, I was in a fight
with some wanker who thought he was right
about some thing or other
It was such a bother
we argued on into the night.
There once was a limerick with "penis"
Stuck on the end. But the meanes'
Editor around
Sent the poem to ground
And said "Come up with one that's the cleanes'."
I once knew an old man named Holden
Whose words were designed to embolden
They'd make you feel strong
But something went wrong
My penis became green and swollen
5:37 PM
Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective,
Thought courtesy was an elective.
His dear doctor John
Helped him get his game on
For the clients who were just prospective.
I'm not sure they all do need penis in...
Yeah, then it's kind of like "Hodor," only with penises.
The fear of the crowd has beset me
But still I will speak if they let me
So critique my rhyme
For just one more time
Before all my fears come to get me.
good one!
5:41 PM
I keep getting calls from some spammer
who promises wealth in some manner
of working at home
I hang up the phone
but not after swearing and slander
^ true story, just now
Do you have DoNotCall where you are?
@LaurenIpsum we do but their phone number appears to be from the US (I'm in Canada) so they're not beholden to our laws. Next time they call I'm going to drag the call out as long as I can and waste their time, THEN insult them.
Hand the phone to a two-year-old. walk away.
Or put the phone next to talk radio.
Please, just say no firmly and hang up.
Or better yet, don't answer.
5:44 PM
A couple were riding a tandem
At speed and with reckless abandon
The police slowed them down
With quite a hard frown
And 'cos they were naked they banned 'em
heh heh heh
@KitFox While I agree that being rude is inappropriate, wasting the caller's time might not be hurtful to the employee but discourage telephone spam.
@PaulA.Clayton It is hurtful to the employee.
And they are probably only working the job because they couldn't find anything else.
@MattЭллен Nice
And they needed rent money desperately.
And it's not like they want to be calling people.
5:46 PM
As long as they're polite, I"m polite
And they have to stay on the phone until the person says "no" and why do people think it is helpful at all to just talk and talk and talk?
It's when they insist and get nasty (which has happened, after I have said no) that I respond in kind
Like they're teaching me a lesson? They aren't. It's not teaching me a lesson. Want to help? Please offer me a real job instead.
@KitFox I did not think the people handling the calls were penalized for long unproductive calls (or are they incentivized for number of calls?). I would generally just answer questions truthfully which tends to end the call fairly quickly.
@PaulA.Clayton You do get incentives for the number of calls.
5:47 PM
@KitFox helpful? the person answering the phone a) doesn't want to answer and b) has been interrupted. Sure they could ignore the phone, but maybe it's important. They can get a sense of satisfaction from annoying the company back.
@KitFox OK. I did not know that.
But you're not annoying the company. You're annoying one person who works at the company.
@KitFox Sure, what on?
Who is probably already despairing about how shitty their job is, but it's this or prostitution, so what are you going to do really?
@NeilFein How fortune telling helps character development.
@KitFox it's all the same to the person being phoned
5:50 PM
So when you do that kind of thing to a telemarketer, just remember that you are as good as putting penises in their mouths.
no it's not. not for the person being annoyed, anyway
Do you really want that on your conscience?
Pity the poor telemarketer
Listening to your malarketer
These folks just need rent
So please, don't get bent
Out of shape when they call your phone narketer.
were trying to reassert control of a situation as enjoyable as getting a blow job, I would do it more often.
@LaurenIpsum nice :D
Why do they call it a "blow" job?
Nobody's blowing on your knob.
They ought to be sucking
(en route to the fucking)
But better to blow than a "no" job.
5:53 PM
Now that's a limerick.
And anyway, why waste your time? It's faster to not answer or hang up.
@KitFox What's the context of this? Where do you want to write the article?
(Confused Neil is confused.)
We had three attempts before we were allowed to cross a number off a list.
So the long ramble? Didn't count. Still call you back.
@NeilFein For the Nose. I'll write it when I have a moment, and you'll understand.
5:55 PM
Poor Neil Fein is all a-befuddle
He came in the midst of a muddle
Kit's defending phone callers
And telco long-haulers
While MattЭллен's frothing a puddle.
@KitFox Oh, that'd be great! Thanks.
@KitFox sure but you don't know not to answer and hanging up doesn't assuage anger.
So MattЭллен is two syllables?
Got me; it worked for the limerick :)
I don't read Cyrillic
@NeilFein yes
5:56 PM
ooh, lucky guess
Matt Ellen
that's three
I can't count
if you smoosh it it's two
there, fixed
I'm not defending telemarketers. I'm saying you are being jerks to past Kit, and I can't change that.
@KitFox No, you're actually right. The poor sods on the phone don't control the script.
I'm not saying I'm a jerk to telemarketers. I just hang up
5:58 PM
I always give people a chance to terminate politely.
but there are reasons why people are jerks to telemarketers
And we had to stay on until you said no. And we had to call back if you didn't say no.
Why the call back, though? old rules?
@KitFox this is one of the reasons
@LaurenIpsum Three tries.
5:58 PM
@MattЭллен But causation is not the same as excuse.
@PaulA.Clayton you could say that about the telemarketers.
I needed the money!
@KitFox No, I mean, I thought the current U.S. laws re telemarketing were such that if the person said "no," you weren't allowed to call back. Is that only "if the person says 'take me off your calling list'"?
@LaurenIpsum I think you have to specifically request being removed from their list.
@LaurenIpsum No, you're right. But if they didn't say "no", but put their kid on the phone or said "hang on a sec" and set the phone down for thirty minutes, we'd still call back.
6:00 PM
@KitFox Gotcha. The "leave the phone going thirty minutes" is only for telemarketers who would not TAKE "no" for an answer.
If I say no and they say "okay, thanks, bye" then we're done.
Yes. I always seized the opportunity immediately.
Carpe Getoffem?
Yep. I hated that job.
We've been 10 minutes without a rhyme
And now I am just out of time
But this has been fun
So I'll leave you with one
More big "PENIS!" to end out the line.
<— waves
6:06 PM
Failed to rhyme the last line:
The work of a poet is endless
And sometimes it almost seems friendless
But when words align
In rhythms divine
The payoff can be quite tremendous!
@LaurenIpsum Yes, this has been fun. I have not seriously tried writing complete verse works (not even such short ones) for years.
6:22 PM
@KitFox The company that's calling me is being fraudulent in its practices. They refuse to admit how they even got my phone number (it's unlisted and they know my name), and the keep calling again and again. The first time I told them never to call back. The subsequent times they can take their crimes and shove them up their asses.
This is not some regular telemarketing where they are simply trying to sell me some legit product or service. I'm polite to those people.
This is a bullshit scam that crosses international borders.
Oh. Well. In that case, I'm down with OPP
Or Interpol, or whatever.
no it's cool, we've got the OPP here.
The Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) () is the Provincial Police service for the province of Ontario, Canada. Overview The OPP is the largest deployed police force in Ontario, and the second largest in Canada. The service is responsible for providing policing services throughout the province in areas lacking local police forces. It also provides specialized support to smaller municipal police forces, investigates province-wide and cross-jurisdictional crimes, patrols provincial highways (including Ontario's 400-Series Highways) and is responsible for law enforcement on many of the w...
Yeah. I was so confused the first time I heard that song.
Because OPP was the po-po.
6:26 PM
I never really heard the song until a few years ago, and then I finally got it.
what song?
Down with OPP
Wow! Big change coming through the pipes in SE.
Well, not big, but interesting.
Users with gold badges in tags will be able to unilaterally mark duplicates in those tags.
6:31 PM
7:07 PM
What's a good topic for a limerick?
Or peonies.
Or M&Ms
I will pick one of those
or all of them
or none of them
or two of them
7:26 PM
I chose penes
so long as by penes you meant penises
2 hours later…
9:30 PM
Was it limerick day?

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