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12:20 AM
The worst of it isn't even the tooth. I''m still without a car. Dealing with this is going to major pain. I don't think the VA will cover doing anything to save the tooth, and I have no other coverage, so it's probably going to be pulled. Friggin wasabi peas.
1 hour later…
1:32 AM
On the question just above (10 messages above here) I tell of an experiment. I realize that it's a miniscule difference, but does anyone know if "proof" is measured by volume or weight?
I'd rather experiment by weight as I happen to have exceedingly accurate scales. That would mean that sugar and salt would be weighed too.
6 hours later…
7:50 AM
morning all
still no saj I see
most odd
8:06 AM
Howdy @ElendilTheTall. I'm sad to report I have not yet made yorkshires. BUT I am hording fat like a soapmaker. Soooon.
Regarding SAJ, yeah. I thought the worry premature at first, but now not so much.
8:25 AM
@PrestonFitzgerald you disappoint me
too late
I'm beginning to shake my head in resignation
I'm up late, bored. I'm choosing to spend what should be precious hours of sleep working on tag wikis. That's gotta be worthy of your all-important judgement.
@PrestonFitzgerald you overestimate entirely how much I care about the site
But we are all supposed to be good little stewards of somebody else's commercial success. Didn't you know?
8:41 AM
I don't play by their rules man
even when they send me t-shirts and pens and stuff
9:00 AM
@ElendilTheTall swoon You rebel, you.
<drags on cigarette, stares into middle distance with eyes of granite>
9:19 AM
@ElendilTheTall Hi Tall. Yes, worried about SAJ, but I have been since day 2.
@Jolenealaska it is odd that he hasn't even been on the site
let alone chat
It's bugging me. @Cerberus and I spoke of things that may have annoyed him to the point of taking off, but nothing stands out as being that extreme.
Not after as long as he's been here as active as he has been.
he doesn't strike me as the kind to do it anyway, he's far too apathetic of other people's opinions
9:25 AM
Yep. I take things to heart, he doesn't seem to.
He's also internet savvy enough to know that he can't just take off without causing people to worry.
but, as we have established, he is also apathetic enough to not care if he does cause people to worry :)
he is also loath to share what he refers to as 'drama' on here
Yes, that too.
He was "seen" on SO a couple of days ago, but I'm beginning to think that was just a cat.
Nothing was typed
well, there's little we can do anyway
he will come back when he is willing and/or able
9:41 AM
Tru 'nuff that.
and boy will we give him a talking to!
Where have you been young man, our house our rules, etc etc
@Jolenealaska hmmm, I didn't star that comment about the cat
he's here
in this very room
He could be you! He could be me! He could even be...
Whassisface over there. Yeah, him.
@Metool hello
gonna need to see your license and registration...
9:49 AM
[presents passport]
ok, looks like we have a basic reading issue here...
1K+ on the RPG board. Even SAJ isn't that anal.
@Jolenealaska that's just what he wants you to think
@Metool ok buddy, I'm going to grant you a temporary visa to enter the Frying Pan, but any funny business and it's straight back to Dungeons & Dragons
Thanks, then... Nice place here.
I made a sock account once on IMDb. I spent two weeks making him believable before I used him.
He was from Maryland!
9:55 AM
@Metool No problem. Now if you can just answer these questions three:
1. Do you like seafood?
2. What is your opinion of organised religion?
3. How do you pronounce schedule?
/me runs
Perfectly good letters and you refuse to use them. Sigh.
@PrestonFitzgerald don't make me put you on The List
Yet they add vowels quite randomly.
I usually pronounce "colour" as "co-lure" just to spite them.
@PrestonFitzgerald you just used S where you used Z in 'organize'
10:00 AM
Select varieties are alright.
Mostly fair, but I don't think I've found any I can be involved with.
Schedule? "SKED-jule," thought I sometimes slip up with scheduled and say "shedjulled" instead.
@PrestonFitzgerald at least we're consistent
I uzzually pronounce colour az co-lure just to zpite them.
zpite is obviously incorrect
Why do we even need more than one letter?
@PrestonFitzgerald historical treaties
10:02 AM
Let's just go all "Z"
But we can't even agree on what Z is called
Courze. We can't even decide what that letter is called. But that's a
you say Zee, I say Zed
You azz
@PrestonFitzgerald that sounds like something justin bieber would tweet
"Just about to get my jinz on!"
10:03 AM
Since becoming a total Scrabble nerd, I have found amazing, hitherto unknown uses for the Z. Q too.
I am waiting for the day I can use 'preantepenultimate' in scrabble
It's possible
someone plays mate, then someone adds ulti, then pen, then ante then I triumphantly add pre and drop the mic, bitches
Every time you drop a mic, a sound engineer loses his wings.
or his hearing
My fantasy is Quixotic over 2 triple word scores. My best ever play was Tzarinas over two TWS.
10:07 AM
as for @Metool, that is possibly the best example of fence-sitting I've seen for a while
@PrestonFitzgerald shit
Fences are nice. High ground.
bit sore on the perianal regions though
I can deal.
FWIW, My answers are 1. Foul 2. Ridiculous 3. Shed-uled, obviously
Is the RPG SE strictly 'real life' based
ie non-computer?
It's meant for the games that don't require a CPU to run, but it naturally covers computer and web tools that assist play.
10:15 AM
I just earned a badge in chat. 10 messages starred by 10 different users. Silver. "Outspoken"
does Skyrim count as a tool that assists play? :)
@Jolenealaska or 'gobby' as we say across the pond ;)
Is it still silver? :)
To that, I say that there's actually a flag-as-off-topic option that suggests Arqade, as well as one that suggests Game Development SE.
We are at 9,900 total questions on SA. When we reach 10K, do we get steak knives?
@Jolenealaska yes, across the throat. Then they bring in a fresh batch of victims. SE is owned by Aztecs
little known fact there for ya
10:20 AM
@Jolenealaska another scrabble word?
(yes, it was a typo, seemed appropriate to leave it)
"Yes Wendell, it is a word. I used it just the other day. Now write down that 942 and let's play"
"Serenity" just ended. :( I finished all of the Firefly series (all 14 episodes, dammit) before watching it. But thanks to you guys, I need to pick up the movie again from the middle:) YAY!
@Jolenealaska sor ry
I'm sure you will admit that we are infinitely more entertaining than some Hollywood schlock though
'Look, it's a Western in space! No one's done that before!' <cough> Star Wars <cough>
10:27 AM
Mal has nothing in common with Han Solo.
Except the entire character.
except that
outwardly gruff but with a heart of gold, check
dilapidated but somehow galaxy-beating ship, check
probably several other things...
The love for a pretty girl that he can't quite articulate.
And the wardrobe.
10:32 AM
Smuggler on the run from an oppressive Empire
Uncanny luck
Oh yeah
@PrestonFitzgerald actually Han Solo was on the run from Jabba the Hutt, but I'll give you it
Haha. I mean. When you're in the illegal drug trade... you dont have much love for the cops.
I kept expecting Mal to tell a crew member, "Laugh it up, Fuzzball", but no one was hairy enough.
10:36 AM
@PrestonFitzgerald well I wouldn't know about that - though you seem to...
haha, you made an elementary spelling error
what a foolish, foolish fool
oh, the foolishness
"Look at that fool," we shall all say
10:37 AM
quick, quick, before the edit grace period expires!
I couldn't even fix it fast enough!
Mal did wear rouge upon occasion.
Or at least pretty hats
Why has Kenji done this to me? I've been reading about breakfast food for about half an hour. Now I'm ready to eat everything
Kenji is evil that way.
@PrestonFitzgerald good job you're in America, where that is not only possible, but also constitutionally guaranteed
10:47 AM
America: We've got massive pancakes
That's the latest American Tourism Association campaign IIRC
Yeah, they used to be twin towers. Sorry, brain just went there for some reason.
My bad
Carry on...
I could go a breakfast burrito about now
even though it's nearly lunch time
heck, any burrito will do
where's that kid with my damn burrito...
Do you have Taco Bell there?
a few
but not within a luncheable radius
they are all in London, I believe
It's awful, but supremely doctorable.
Man o man, mine opens in 3-4 hours.
10:54 AM
I have a cup noodle thing that will no doubt be just as good as an enormous burrito. :|
actually what I could really use is a chicken gyro
No doubt
fresh pitta, savoury, moist chicken, fresh lettuce, some crispy, tasty fries, tangy tzatziki and a fiery hit of chilli sauce
Gyro! now that's an idea that rocks
It's 3am, I must go back to sleep now. G' night!
11:00 AM
@Jolenealaska cya
these lightweights eh?
Oh for chrissake. Hi Cerby!
@Cerberus howdy
@Jolenealaska you do it to yourself
Yes I do
I really should sleep since I've got this broken tooth to deal with, but the VA is unlikely to jump to this morning anyway.
11:18 AM
go on, shoo
@Cerberus are you hiding SAJ, Anne Frank-like, in your attic?
I wanna say HI to Cerby!
There was a performance of Anne Frank that was so bad that the Nazis were applauded at the end.
take her, PLEASE!
@Jolenealaska go to your room!
Make me!
@Jolenealaska Haha, what??
@Jolenealaska don't make me make you!
11:27 AM
You haven't slept yet? You are as bad as I am!
@ElendilTheTall Noo those are just the hams.
Don't make me make you make me!
Oooh that would be scary.
I think.
I am considering getting lasagne from my neighbour for dinner.
He's making it, and it costs € 4,25.
As soon as I get this stupid tooth taken care of, I'm starting that here. It's a good thing, I think.
selling food to neighbours?
Yup neighbourhood cooking, kind of.
11:35 AM
here there would be health and safety implications
you'd have to get your kitchen inspected and get food safety certificates if you were making food for others on a regular basis
@Jolenealaska It could be really cool! But you'd have to get enough people's attention who may want to pay you. Even if it's really cheap, they still need to be made aware...
@ElendilTheTall Naaaahhh!
Holland is as over-regulated as Englahd, if not more so!
You're just cooking your own meal, but you've made more food than you can use yourself, so you share it with neighbours for a token price.
and then one of them gets food poisoning and sues your ass
and then the court finds you have no qualifications or safety certification
Because it is "non-profit" and small, even here I wouldn't expect alliance complications.
@ElendilTheTall You can't normally sue a friend for food poisoning! It's all in the game.
shareyourmeal.co.uk Looks like our English sister site is down.
The web site does make it clear that issues like that are totally borne on the shoulders of the cook.
11:39 AM
@Cerberus I'll bet you can
you can sue anyone for anything
But not succeed.
you'd be surprised
you gave me food, I ate it in good faith, I got food poisoning and lost 3 week's pay
it's your fault I lost that money, pay me back
This site does not make you any more likely to sue and win a case against neighbours for stuff.
Should I sue the makers of the Wasabi Pea that broke my tooth?
(P.S. It is my opinion that the justice system is encroaching on normal people's lives too far these days: it should take a few steps back.)
11:42 AM
@Jolenealaska that's different - there is an expectation that wasabi peas may be hard
but there is an expectation that the cook ensures the food is safe to eat
There is also an expectation that you may get food poisoning from any food you eat anywhere.
You cannot ensure that someone will not get it.
But hard enough to break a tooth?
That is weird indeed.
11:43 AM
@Cerberus No, but you can take reasonable steps
Those pease are normally not super hard here.
@ElendilTheTall Sure, as always.
So if you let your meat rot on purpose, then sold it to neighbours, you deserve to get sued. But that is nigh impossible to prove, and any lawsuit will go nowhere, right?
Besides, you wouldn't do that, so there is nothing to prove.
This bundle were all hard. I continued to eat them. That's where I would lose my case.
That's right...
I still have the uneaten 3/4 pack.
And the piece of tooth.
Hmm Juan Carlos is abdicating.
The King of Spain.
I suppose it is for the best.
11:48 AM
@Jolenealaska Share it with your neighbours!
WOW I mean
@Cerberus world-shattering news eh?
BTW, don't ever buy these. They're brutal.
11:56 AM
@Jolenealaska another law suit waiting to happen
@ElendilTheTall He used to be extremely popular, even among republicans. He basically reformed the fascist state into a constitutional democracy...
@Jolenealaska Noted! Evil beans, I will kill ye with fire!
"Meanwhile, in the time it has taken you to read this, 300 children have died in the Third World"
@ElendilTheTall Only 300??
I don't have the figures to hand
That would be a huge improvement!
But I have to run.
11:58 AM
I get pissed at charitable organizations that propose to stop hunger in America. I'm sorry, hunger in America doesn't exist.
@Jolenealaska indeed
note to America: if you have a car, a microwave, and a roof over your head, you're not poor
Take the car out of the equation and it's still correct.
As a matter of fact, the roof is the only piece that matters.
I haven't used a microwave in over 10 years
i'm totally hardcore
Well, that's by choice. I only use mine to reheat or to boil water as convenient.
12:08 PM
you should be very careful boiling water in a microwave
especially in a new container
I have experienced that.
if the container is smooth, the lack of nucleation points for bubbles can cause the water to superheat
introduce some nucleation points - a teabag, or just some turbulence by moving it and boom
say goodbye to the skin on your face
here endeth the lesson
I might have paid more attention during my few church visits if more lessons concluded with statements like 'say goodbye to the skin on your face'
Alton Brown gave that lesson too. I dismissed it. 2 days later I got a nasty burn.
The discussion of a lawsuit against the company that makes the Wasabi Peas has me thinking. What if I just contact them and ask for them to pay to save my tooth? I will promise not to sue if they do that (<$1000).
might be worth a try
though as they say on Reddit, IANAL
I think it might.
12:49 PM
I just sent them an email.
the worst they can do is say no I suppose
It's Roland, a huge, HUGE company.
with a huge, HUGE legal department that will all have a good laugh no doubt :)
That's the point. A huge legal department doesn't want me to sue (it will cost them, and I could win) to ask them to pay an Anchorage dentist is an easier solution.
or, they might just check their law books, find that they are not liable, and begin the chucklefest
1:00 PM
Bah, the chick that sued McDonalds for serving hot coffee won.
Yes, because the manager removed the safety device in the coffee machine that kept it at a reasonable temperature, and she subsequently had 2nd degree burns on her legs and genitals
you have broken a tooth on a reasonably hard foodstuff, found in a bag of reasonably hard foodstuffs
have you kept the offending pea?
can you prove it was that pea that broke your tooth?
I won't sue for 10s of thousands of terrible pain and suffering. I only ask that you pay my dental bill.
can you prove your tooth wasn't already weak prior to eating the pea?
Yes, I think I can
did you keep the pea?
I think if you have any chance at all you have to be able to prove that the pea was harder than expected
1:05 PM
No, I didn't keep THE pea, but I have the rest.
i think you'll be very lucky to get anything
unless you played the veteran card, in which case they might do it as a good will gesture
Any card is good in love or war.
well, we shall see
I will wait with bated breath for the outcome
incidentally, good job on the sleep front, you nailed that :D
So we shall. I just checked my email. No answer yet.
they're probably forwarding around the office
'Fwd: fwd: fwd: fwd: fwd: Get a load of this putz!'
1:15 PM
All I ask is ONE to say, "Just pay the damn bill, she'll be a pain in our ass otherwise."
And you know what? I've got nothing better to do.
well, I wish you luck
and thank the Socialist government of 1950s Britain that started the NHS
which means I will never have to pay more than about £160 for any dental treatment
That's a wrong thing in this country. I don't know if Obama has made it better, but it is wrong that in a powerfully rich country a medical issue can bring a family to ruin.
Had I not done my military time, I'd be dead or my family would be bankrupt.
1:31 PM
yet people fight nationalised health tooth and nail
all because they don't want to 'pay for moochers'
I've got mine, fuck y'all
Yes, there are people who abuse the NHS' free at the point of use healthcare, but they are vastly outnumbered by the people who genuinely need it and who pay for it with their taxes
If the system in the US was fair, competently run and affordable, I wouldn't be so amazed, but it by all accounts is not
There was a time that you lot started wars over taxes, now you pay $300 for a toothbrush without batting an eyelid
Funny you should say that. There was a time that I spent $300 for a Sonicare toothbrush. There were heads for my husband, me, and our dogs. Now, here I am, wondering how to care for a broken tooth.
here, you would phone the emergency dentist and would be seen within a few hours, 24/7/365
Something has to give.
2:06 PM
...aw crud, that reminds me, I have to go chase down my insurance company about them not sending me an invoice again
It's the most ridiculous thing ever: They make it impossible to pay the monthly bill (a fixed amount!) without an invoice number, but then never ever mail me an invoice on time. I'd sign up for auto-pay if I could.
that's another thing
here, I pay every bill I have by what we call Direct Debit.
I get a bill, and the amount is automatically paid from my account on the same day each month
also, I get my wages paid in via internet banking
Our bank has a system to allow any bill to be paid automatically, but it sucks. Most banks have them, but I can never figure out how to get them set up
I haven't used a cheque in years
Most bill companies also have autodraft capabilities, so I've got almost all my bills set up that way
And my paycheck is direct deposited into my account, that's fairly common among larger employers
when you sign up with a provider, you give them your account number and sort code, and that's it - you don't need to do any setting up
2:09 PM
Yeah, that sounds like what I have set up. Not all providers offer it here
why the hell not, is my point
One company insists that I fax/mail them a consent form instead of agreeing online and then it keeps getting lost
and this health insurance company is run by f**wits and can never get their s**t together
I understand that applies to most insurance companies
but my power, cable, internet, gas, et cetera bills all auto-pay
This one is worse than the last one. When I'm feeling charitable I remember they were apparently totally overwhelmed by the number of new signups through the Exchange and thus no longer have the capacity to meet demand...
but when I'm not I remember it's their goddamn job to estimate demand and capacity and hire more f**ing people, we're in a goddamn recession FFS, it's not like it's hard to find people
in any case, why isn't your invoice number automatically sent to you by a computer?
is there some schmuck sat there manually typing out e-mails?
2:13 PM
Sorry, I was in a much better mood before I remembered about this bill :)
oh, it's alright, it's monday
I have no f**ing clue. It's mailed to me, via snail mail.
holy shit
The first several invoices went to the wrong address
Are you sure the mailman doesn't arrive on a pony?
or do they use pigeons?
2:14 PM
after the first one got forwarded by the postal service, we called and updated it. Then the next one got sent to the wrong address and we called again and had to update in a second location. Then the third one got sent wrong and my husband raised enough hell that they actually fixed it
It takes a lot to get my husband upset >.>
a second location? have they not heard of the internet?
Nope. They're probably running legacy systems that don't talk to each other and have to enter everything manually 3-4 times in 3-4 different systems
it's not like they're not making money hand over fist, it's just that no company ever wants to spend money for any reason ever.
well quite
I have written to the train company I use several times, regarding lateness and overcrowding
they made 36 million last year, they can't afford a few more carriages?
I miss trains :(
Dammit! I have tried a gazillion times to do this right. @Yamikuronue, this made me think of you.
2:17 PM
It wants me to sign in with a microsoft account
Get this: there are posters in every station boasting of their 98% punctuality and so forth
I don't have one, despite Windows 8.1 insisting I get one so often and so hard that I started to sound like the Mac Rant guy about 20 minutes after installing it
Dammit dammit dammit!
then you read the small print and there's a line that says "figures shown are for trains arriving within ten minutes of the advertised time" (emphasis mine)
2:17 PM
Hold on
where I come from, ten minutes after the advertised time is ten minutes fucking late
Ten minutes late is friggan amazing for the bus system where I grew up :)
the only time a bus would be punctual is if the subway I took to reach it was late
Got it!
@Yamikuronue you should try Switzerland
it is unbelievable
you can set your watch by the trains
and I'm not being hyperbolic
2:22 PM
I was happy with the UK, where I could walk to a train station and there were train stations within walking distance of pubs and unis even for my abbreviated ability to walk
@Jolenealaska Nice!
I immediately thought of you :)
@Yamikuronue train stations yes, but good luck getting a damn train in one when they're supposed to be there
I never knew when they were meant to be there, I just brought a book and waited ~5 minutes :) but that was for a local train, of course.
Similarly, I'm sure the subways I used to ride were terribly late, but they were scheduled only 10mins or so apart so it was hard to tell until they pulled into my stop and I could see out the window the bus I wanted pulling away
@Yamikuronue If you make that your new avatar, I'll buy it for you for Christmas.
I should do it for SQA.SE, bless their hearts
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