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3:49 PM
So, in theory the robot is back.
Guess that means I should worry about the lack of blog posts in her absence starting about now.
Either that, or skip town.
4:17 PM
@derobert didn't you notice that I lurked both the site and the blog while I was away?
I was aware of the lack of blog posts all the time.
@rumtscho Yes, but being away you couldn't do anything about it.
Also, I am not sure which direction of skipping town will take you significally farther away from me than you already are. Probably Australia.
@rumtscho Moon base, obviously. All evil overlord-mushrooms have one.
@derobert So, what can I do now which I couldn't do then?
@rumtscho Have entire hours, undistracted (bloody spellcheck) by family members, to plot.
@rumtscho Anyway, to get the blog back on track, I think we have @Mien's post sitting in the inbox. That should probably go live this week...
4:24 PM
@derobert how do you know that my processing power is not high enough to plot while making small talk with relatives? It doesn't require much ressources, it boils down to "yes, I like my job. No, I can't explain it to you, at least until you become aware that there is a difference between hardware and software. Yes, I spend my whole workday in front of a computer. I know that this is not that healthy, but I can't do this job in any other way, so your advice doesn't matter."
@derobert Ah yes, good idea.
Is it long? Not sure if I can do it this evening, still trying to fight all the stuff piled on me while I was away.
I think it was fairly short. I don't have time today either (have 100+ pages of stuff to review for a HOA meeting tonight...)
But hopefully I'll have time tomorrow.
Yes, it is 350 words. But I don't remember where she sent the pictures to, you have told her that we have them, but they are attached to the message thread.
I'll take care of the post, it is my turn anyway.
y'all want a draft of mine by end of today right?
Also, I will be making a post soon, and I would prefer you to be the one to put it online, four-eyes-principle and so on.
@waxeagle it'd be nice, but we're running behind at the moment, so you have extra time
4:29 PM
@derobert spiffy
@waxeagle Hmm, not sure, the schedule slipped a bit. Of course, earlier is better, then we can have a post ready against further slippage.
@rumtscho sure. I'll try to get it finished and polished. I started writing it the night I was cooking but it was fairly conversational/stream of conciousness and probably has a ton of garbage.
@waxeagle I know how this feels, have written enough quick garbage myself. Luckily, it is easily repaired once you have the base text.
@rumtscho yeah that's sort of how I was taught to write. My college comp professor was a huge fan of SOC first passes. Basically just close your eyes and write.
@derobert I pasted the text into Wordpress, will do the images now too, and then we have it.
5:07 PM
@Cerberus g'day
I see there is going to be a new blog post?
You chefs are really good at blog discipline!
5:39 PM
@derobert the new post is scheduled
@mien thank you for submitting your baklava experiment! We scheduled it for Wednesday. I did almost no editing to the text, but changed the pictures a bit. I hope you like it. The link above is good for another six hours, ping me if you don't see it in that time.
@mien I will ask the SE people how to give you an account now that the old login policy is changed, then I will change the autorship to your account.
5:52 PM
@Mien you have to log in to the blog with your SE credential once.
A: Has the new blogoverflow login changed the way we create blog accounts?

Grace NoteUser creation is actually done by the user, actually, not the job of the blog admins. In fact, outside of adding permissions to a contributor, the admin doesn't even have to step in. This was originally added to the announcement post near the end, but I guess it was tucked enough, so I've moved ...

@rumtscho Ohh baklava!
I've been wanting to make that!
@cerberus too sweet for my taste. Sticky.
nom nom nom
Do you make something like baklava in traditional Bulgarian cuisine?
@rumtscho can i have your piece?
5:58 PM
@rumtscho I generally don't have a big sweet tooth, but baklava, oh la la!
@waxeagle Mine!!
@waxeagle I didn't get any. Why do all blog readers assume that we admins get anything out of it except for a reason to curse Wordpress?
I like it!
The effort/result calculation is indeed important.
@rumtscho lol :P I assume free samples was why were here
@waxeagle I have been asked to provide cookies for the whole Teacher's Lounge at least twice. I am slightly envious of your position; I am sure nobody asked you to deliver a sermon.
@rumtscho lol, definitely not :).
2 hours later…
7:58 PM
@rumtscho I took a quick look at the scheduled post, looks good to me
@derobert Glad to hear it. This is almost unedited, but I think that the text is good to go as-is.
I had to manually tweak lots of white balances and add some keystone stretching. Didn't have good reference for them. Do the pictures look natural to you?
One looked a little weird, let me look again
@rumtscho that one looks a little weird to me.
@derobert lol, that is one I didn't correct except for a crop
What is which looked odd here? The geometry? The strange "bent" effect of the holder is produced by the flash light, I think.
is that supposed to be butter?
Yes, melted.
Not clarified, from the looks of it.
8:09 PM
that is some very yellow butter. Almost egg yolk.
My butter gets this yellow when melted, too.
Ok, I guess butter color does depend on what the cow is fed, etc. Also there is the flash blowing out part of the image, not much that can be done about that. Maybe its a little too sharp? Surface almost looks like plastic to me.
Once I realised it was melted butter, it looked normal to me.
Just like my own melted butter.
Wow. Just wow.
Q: skypesexfinder- will they sue me?

LukeFocusing on a language side of the problem: I own two domain names with the word 'skype' in them. They are mine but I don't do anything with them. The same domain name but its '.com' version is owned by Microsoft who recently acquired Skype. Now, the question is... I would like to refer to the wo...

8:29 PM
Do you sympathise with us now?
@rumtscho Wonder how OP thought EL&U was the right place to post that.
@derobert obviously, his legal argument depends on a lexical point of view.
He doesn't even say which jurisdiction his site falls under.
Its clear that Apple would be the ones doing the suing, anyway. MacOS file manager is still called Finder, I think.
Besides, ICANN is generally fine with your using the name of some company as part of your own domain, as long as customers won't be confused.
@derobert Hahaha of course!
8:32 PM
@Cerberus ICANN isn't a problem here. This is a trademark infringement, so Microsoft's lawyers are the ones who can start a civil suit.
Well, and the real answer is if they plan to sue, you'll find out in the form of a nastygram first. So much cheaper to send a letter than to actually sue.
Yes, sure. But I can understand people who prefer not to go through the process of 1) investing in a business, 2) Microsoft getting aware of their business, 3) getting a nastygram, 4) having to shut down. Also, the OP could be naive enough to go to suit believing in a watertight case if some linguist told him that "skype" is considered a common verb today.
@rumtscho It is both an issue for ICANN and potentially an issue for lawyers in whatever country has control of the domain.
@rumtscho If, say, China controls your domain, you may have little to fear from Microsoft.
And if you have nothing to do with the USA as a business.
So it is impossible to say.
Yes, sure, it depends on your intended market as visible from the web site content and your main region of operations. But I don't doubt that Microsoft's lawyers could find a way to make his life unpleasant, if they wanted to, no matter what the OED says about neologisms.
If your website is .nl, and you don't violate Dutch law, there is little M$ could do.
8:41 PM
Microsoft does use the Skype brand in the Netherlands.
Nevertheless, I don't believe this would violate Dutch law.
And defendants are better protected here against silly lawsuits.
I could create a site called rumtschosucks.nl, and nothing you could do about it.
I think it would be legal in America too, except there it's easier for lawyers to badger you.
@Cerberus well, she is a robot. So she might be able to hack your site.
Oh, dear.
I would want to secretly host it in her nose.
@Cerberus her nose? Why there?
I am a robot, not a web server. Also, don't you fear your site being expelled into a kleenex (I mean tempo) and landing in my non-recyclable trash, packaged in a lump of boogers just like jurassic park's mosquitoes trapped in their amber?
8:48 PM
@derobert I don't know, close to the frontal antennae?
Now you are confusing me with an insect. I am not the shape-shifter here.
@rumtscho Okay, okay, over to plan B.
@Cerberus rumtscho has antennas? I don't recall seeing those in the picture. Maybe she used GIMP to remove them?
They are built in, as in your phone.
If you open it up, you will see some wires that are your GSM and wifi antennae, I believe.
Hmmm. I would have guessed those would go above the ears.
8:50 PM
Too much interference from the strong currents in the brain.
Unless they gave me a fake plan...
@Cerberus Ah! Typical communist design. Lacks adequate EMI shielding.
"strong currents in the brain"? The compliments won't help you, I am already mad at you for 1) calling me a web server, 2) confusing me with an insect, 3) discussing my anatomy in public.
I didn't know you were sensitive about the last item.
Groups of men tend to do this.
Especially in bars.
@rumtscho it could be worse. We could be discussing cooking you in public.
8:52 PM
I knew there is a reason why I avoid bars.
@derobert you are robotophagous? You, a mushroom?
@rumtscho No, I'm just saying, people routinely discuss cooking me in public. So, comparatively, you've got it pretty good.
Oh, I see. looks sheepish
Uhh guys...
We're all in the same boat.
We're all being fried in a frying pan, that is.
@Cerberus but some of us are built from a super-special alloy based on titanium, while others are made from squishy organic bits.
True, true.
But...do you have no plastic parts?
No ornamental paint?
8:59 PM
Nothing as vulgar as common plastic. And my heat-sensitive parts are replaceable.
I see.
@rumtscho But smell tasty when heated, if I recall correctly.
@derobert yes I do, and I am proud of it.
@Cerberus No one has paid the gas bill in ages. So, no frying, currently.
9:05 PM
I have popped in and out of this room tonight (thanks for the greetings btw), and the conversation has got weirder and weirder
Do y'all cook on gas over there?
We do.
@ElendilTheTall Hai.
it started off with melted butter, and now we're on @rumtscho's heat-sensitive parts
@Cerberus Gas and electric, depends on what the house has installed
boo to electric hobs, boo to gas ovens
@ElendilTheTall And that no one has paid #TheFryingPan's gas bill
9:06 PM
gas hob + electric oven ftw
@derobert don't worry about it, we took a feed off of rfusca's line months ago.
with his pay rise he can afford it
besides, we generate a lot of our own hot gas in here anyway
But his line will soon not be his any more, after the move
@ElendilTheTall ah, well, that explains the burner being off. With him moving, I bet he had it turned off.
he's taking it with him
@derobert So this gas come from a central location? Or does each house have its own gas bottles or tanks or whatever?
he was buying 500 miles of surplus hosing yesterday
9:08 PM
@ElendilTheTall did we serve beans for lunch again?
@Cerberus you don't have gas in Holland?
@Cerberus both. Some places have gas pipelines, some have tanks
@ElendilTheTall We do, lots. The great majority have gas.
@derobert Ah OK. Any idea of what percentage would have gas pipes?
@Cerberus No idea.
9:10 PM
I have been looking forward to iOS 6 for ages now, because A) they were going to introduce turn by turn navigation and B) allow Facetime over 3G
but now it turns out that those features will be limited to the iPhone 4S and 5
How about if you just use Skype?
Or any of the Skype alternatives?
@ElendilTheTall wait, iPhones don't have turn-by-turn navigation‽ Wow, that's been standard on Android for years...
9:11 PM
people are saying 'it's good business', but it's not, because I'll be getting an Android phone next time
tries VERY hard not to descend into Apple-bashing again
@derobert yeah, along with shoddy interfaces and viruses
@ElendilTheTall Yay!!
A saved soul!
@ElendilTheTall Wha?
@ElendilTheTall but at least you won't be supporting a known patent aggressor!
9:12 PM
I still like Apple devices, their business practices just suck sometimes
@derobert That's not for certain
I've had an Android phone before and it sucked balls
Yeah. Apple devices are like rhino horns: overly expensive, and unethical to buy.
@ElendilTheTall I don't know how long ago, but modern Android phones blow everything else out of the water.
And everything else lands on its derrière on a cactus.
9:13 PM
I've used recent android phones, I prefer iOS
@rumtscho AFAIK, Apple started the nuclear war. Samsung and Moto have counter-attacked. Who else is starting patent wars?
@derobert Yeah, true.
because of the attention to detail and the fact it doesn't look like it was designed by a 37 year old virgin in his mom's basement
besides, it's not like Google is a paragon of virtue anyway
@derobert At the moment, trying to find out who started is like staying in a sandbox full of bawling toddlers and listening to the "but he hit me first" - "he took my teddy" - "he called me poo-face" wails.
@ElendilTheTall Hmm and do you feel the same way about Jelly Bean, the latest Android version (4.1)?
9:15 PM
I haven't used it
@ElendilTheTall True, but not in a way that hurts the advancement of technology and of the economy.
@rumtscho Except, you can verify who filed patent suits first—its a public record, after all.
@Cerberus no, just in a way that makes you worry about your civil liberties and privacy
@ElendilTheTall I expect 37 year old virgins living in basements to be thoroughly dedicated to their work (having nothing else to be dedicated to)
@rumtscho yeah, but they have no class
9:16 PM
@ElendilTheTall True, absolutely.
just like Android
@rumtscho Well, what if they have a 'Net connection?
(Apple stuff looks like kid's toys to me...)
@ElendilTheTall I am buying the product, not the creator or his lifestyle. Even if Apple customers think otherwise.
@Cerberus that's because you're a crotchety old geezer
@rumtscho right. and the product is crap
in my opinion :)
9:18 PM
@ElendilTheTall If you ever want a fairly objective line-up of features on Android that Iphones lack, let me know, because I know this great video comparing the two.
@ElendilTheTall I am an adult, that is true.
anyway, I'm off to bed. My daughter has a cold and is waking up every 30-45 minutes. yay.
I hope she gets well soon.
17 more years to a full night's sleep
Hehe. Naaaah.
In a year or two all will be different.
@ElendilTheTall You won't let her sleep over at parties before she turns 18? You are overly strict.
9:19 PM
yeah, then she'll be able to get out of bed and jump on ours
You just lock the door.
@rumtscho I might, but then I'll be awake worrying about her
You were em busy anyway, remember?
nn all
Hey, do electricity companies call you up when you switch to a different company, to try and make you reconsider?
Mine just did.
9:23 PM
I've never switched an electricity company, but my old bank did it.
Never switched electric companies either.
Hmm OK.
Why haven't you?
It saves me almost half of my bill if I switch yearly.
As a single household, the € 200 or so cash-back I get makes a huge difference.
And so far I have only switched between the big companies.
And they only do the billing anyway: the network itself is owned by the state.
Isn't real electricity competition around here.
So no risk of low quality.
@derobert Who owns the network(s)?
Regulated electric utility
9:27 PM
So a state-owned company?
Can you even switch to a different company?
No, not state-owned. Just regulated.
I doubt that they will give me such huge bonuses here. Electricity is pretty expensive, and there isn't much choice. Also, I don't know about electricity companies, but mobile phone providers have a common database of continuous-switchers, and have some way of dealing with them (maybe they deny them the cash-back after too much switching).
You can switch to a different generation company. But the transmission is still done by the utility
That's normal about the transmission, nobody can afford a second line of wires.
@derobert Ah OK. But you can't save much money by switching?
9:29 PM
But the generation companies differ in price and ecologically cleanness.
@Cerberus Haven't checked for sure, but its my impression that you can't really.
@rumtscho Really, they have such a register? Mobile providers may have such a thing here, but I believe power companies absolutely have to accept anybody.
@derobert Hmm OK.
@Cerberus I think they will accept it, just not give you the same price deductions as to a first-time switcher.
@Cerberus Quickly looking it up, apparently they got rid of that. dom.com/business/electric-suppliers/index.jsp ... so now you can only pick if you buy more than 5MW
@rumtscho But those deductions are fixed when you click the button on line.
@derobert Oh, wow.
5MW is a bit...much.
That's like an entire power plant.
9:34 PM
@Cerberus That'd be a pretty small power plant.
I don't know how much power a normal small plant generates...
This page lists examples of the power in watts produced by various sources of energy. They are grouped by orders of magnitude, and each section covers three orders of magnitude, or a factor of one thousand. Below 1 watt yoctowatt (10−24 watt) zeptowatt (10−21 watt) * ~10 zW – tech: approximate power of Galileo space probe's radio signal (when at Jupiter) as received on earth by a 70-meter DSN antenna. attowatt (10−18 watt) * 1 aW – phys: approximate power scale at which operation of nanoelectromechanical systems are overwhelmed by thermal fluctuations. * 100 aW – tech: the GPS signal...
Googling tells me that the average US coal power plant is 667MW
Anyway, time to go home.
OK later!

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