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1:49 AM
Q: Who actually paid for the American State Visit Brooch?

Pieter GeerkensHeadlines this week in major media outlets this week are musing if Queen Elizabeth might have been 'trolling' President Trump by wearing the American State Visit Brooch gifted to her on a visit by President and First Lady Obama some years back. My question is: Was this actually a personal gift f...

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7:08 AM
Q: How and when was the modern company ownership structure invented?

dajohMore specifically I mean the very common structure with the following roles: Shareholders Board members CEO When was this structure invented, and how? It would also be very interesting to get any hints into why this structure has become the norm for large international companies globally.

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1:16 PM
Q: What date does a 1738 British author intend by "soon after the revolution"?

DavePhDIn the February 1738 The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume XIII at page 80: It is stated: A manuscript writen by a great Uncle of mine, who dy'd soon after the Revolution came lately into my hands. What does "soon after the Revolution" mean? The Wikipedia page for English Revolution make...

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9:01 PM
I'm continually surprised by which questions from this site make it onto the HNQ list.
HNQ seems to really like clickbaity titles. That means stuff we consider bad questions are quite likely to end up there.
The Glorious Revolution one you answered shouldn't surprise anyone though, because the author said in the comments he was intending to use it as backup on a Skeptics question, and Skeptics is a super-heavy traffic site.
Ah! That comment was added after I answered the question, so I hadn't seen the link. I just saw the question come up on another site.

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