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3:27 AM
Q: What was China's claim line in the Aksai Chin before the 1962 war?

user2277550The original mutually agreeable boundary seems to have been the McCartney-MacDonald. Once in the 1920s China seems to have accepted, even the Johnson line, by publishing maps that showed the Johnson line as its boundary. However, even after they changed that position after 1950 they still seeming...

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5:08 AM
Q: How much damage did Farragut do to confederate supplies in spring/summer 1863?

dwsteinIn March 1863 Farragut ran the batteries at Port Hudson and began disrupting Confederate operations in between Vicksburg and port Hudson. Shelby Foote seems to suggest that it was this operation that really cut off western food supplies. And that grants eventual capture of Vicksburg is what op...

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5:27 PM
Q: How strongly defended was Baku in 1942?

Tom AuBaku was the single largest source of oil in the Soviet Union in World War II. The Germans captured Maikop and seemed on the verge of capturing Grozny. But Baku was much larger than either of the other two and was much better defended. For instance, while the Germans launched air strikes against ...

6:27 PM
Q: What is a "staved" town

Molly ShannonI'm researching Staverton, Northampton(shire), England. In the Domesday Book of 1086 it is called Stavertone. According to wikipedia, the meaning of the town name is 'staved" town. I've looked up the definition of stave and can't seem to make it apply to a town. Thanks.

6:47 PM
Q: What was the economy of Rome during the first century CE?

user2744010What is an appropriate way to describe the economic system that Jesus lived in? I would assume it's vaguely capitalistic, in that people would produce their own goods and services (farming, ranching, trades), which they would sell to other people. But capitalism is a modern concept- is it inappro...


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