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8:14 PM
Howdy everyone! Glad to see this thing finally get off of the ground!
Howdy folks
lovin this site! ;)
8:51 PM
Anyone still around in here?
Hi History people. Pretty excited that this site exists :) Got my fingers crossed it will be a success.
@RedBlueThing ;D me too
9:25 PM
Evening all. Just wondering, does anyone know if this site has a twitter account as of yet?
@canadiancreed didn't know ANY site had a twitter account...
ya some of the larger ones like programmers and SO have one. Figured it might not be yet due to it's newness
@canadiancreed Likely not as this chat didn't exist until the site had been open an hour or so
@DForck42 Yeah man, even RPG.SE has one, which should be of particular interest to you(us)
1 hour later…
10:44 PM
Regarding… I'm wondering if we need to be consistent, or if it doesn't really matter. Any ideas?
@HarleyHolcombe interesting question. When it comes to Nazi Germany, with Hitler being the dictator, he was directly responsible for most of the political (especially war) decisions. He was the one that was speaking for the whole nation, so I think, the wording "Hitler declared war" is appropiate (and widely used). But after all is it about a whole nation going to war after that...
@HarleyHolcombe That really isn't a question for the meta, the meta is to talk about the site. You could ask that on the main site.
@Jacob I know philosophically the question could be asked on the main site, I'm mainly wondering for wording in general. See also…

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