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2:02 PM
Hey, I want to run for US Senate because Feinstein and Boxer. Give me your monies. :P
Stupid rep train.
@ThomasPornin Which question?
The ATM one
Third day in a row that Bear #2 hits the rep cap on this answer alone.
@ThomasPornin I almost answered that q. Wish I did now!
@ThomasPornin Heh reminds me of that pic @Iszi posted on Sec.SE design announcement (or was it 404 page ideas?) on meta, that should do as an answer, i.e. because they usually don't come like this?
2:08 PM
@ThomasPornin Oh the humanity! You must be feeling so bad! :D
@JeffFerland Asadz was giving us 10m or something like that yesterday, you missed it.
That "stealing an ATM with a bulldozer" news (somewhere in UK) was funny, too. But that Breaking Bad ATM Scene was a bit grotesque... still, would serve the purpose of mentioning it in a "what makes a safe safe" type of a question
@Adnan Man, I wish I were more on my game when I saw that yesterday. That's the answer! I'd buy a senator.
@TildalWave There was an even funnier a few years ago; I don't remember where it actually happened (Canada or USA, probably). Two thieves tied an outdoor ATM to the rear bumper of their truck with a heavy chain; then they accelerated -- resulting in tearing their bumper off. They flew, leaving the bumper on the premises with the truck license plate.
@ThomasPornin lovely
2:23 PM
@ThomasPornin Yeah well... can't buy reason. That's actually nearly identical to the one in Sussex, UK I was thinking of. Half of the building torn off and then their truck refused to start :)
Any word on how much ATMs would usually carry? I need ~ $100k ...
@TildalWave I have once heard that it was around $30k on average.
Right now, in Cyprus, this is closer to $0k.
@ThomasPornin About 10 years ago in California
@ThomasPornin LOL
I remember reading about it a couple of years ago
@ThomasPornin That's actually one of the mitigations, holding a relatively small amount of cash (relative to what would be available if the crooks actually broke into the bank, or the vault). Some banks also reduce the amount before closing for the night, or before weekends and holidays (though then they need processes in place to have someone come check it doesnt run out, if its more than a day or two... )
@RoryAlsop re your latest comment on LinkedIn: Is this what you had in mind? ;-)
2:39 PM
Q: LUG war games — suggested strategies?

JoshMy LUG on campus once in awhile holds a mock wargames on a VM. I'm trying to figure a way to get root access and make everyone else not be able to have root (king of he hill). I have a few ideas, but people on these sites always seem to have ideas far better than mine.

@AviD ah hahahahahaha
@JeffFerland success! where can i rent a forklift? :)))
@ThomasPornin I really want to hear his ideas
@TildalWave Rent? Are you going to ask for your deposit back afterwards too?
2:44 PM
@ThomasPornin excellent use of mild snark. Closing.
@JeffFerland that was the butt of the joke yup ;)
Wow. Ingress has 100 questions on Arqade. Shame it's not available on WP8.
I wonder if there's a site dedicated to AR games/apps for phones?
@Adnan wouldn't that be a perfect case for use of that hardware keylogger you were posting links to not too long ago?
@Iszi Are you watching Arrow? I find it amusing how prominent the product placements are, especially W8 and WP8 (specifically, Lumia for all the rich people).
@TildalWave I posted links to hardware keylogger? ha! I don't remember anything like that
2:54 PM
@Adnan dunno could be it was someone else or you were in a conversation about it
@TildalWave Or it could've been me, and afterwards I might have said something to embarrass myself so to save itself from the trauma, my brain erased many events of that day.
@Adnan that's what she said!
@TildalWave That's what they all say to me :(
@Adnan that would imply they actually remember it, you cheeky geezer!
@TildalWave shouldnt that be "geeky cheezer"?
2:59 PM
@TildalWave Apparently, it was that bad.
}} |honorific-prefix = Chairman |image = Mao.jpg |caption = Official 1960–1966 portrait of Mao Zedong |nationality = Chinese |order = 1st Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China |1blankname = |1namedata = Liu ShaoqiLin BiaoZhou EnlaiHua Guofeng |term = June 19, 1945 – September 9, 1976 |predecessor= Himself (as Central Politburo Chairman) |successor = Hua Guofeng |order1 = 1st Chairman of the Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China |term1 = March 20, 1943 – April 24, 1969 |predecessor1= Zhang Wentian(as Central Committee General Secretary...
so, just like, a meaningless associative suffix?
@AviD that's what she said!
3:01 PM
that makes no sense.
@AviD that's what she said!
heh, there ya go!
@AviD That's what she never said
"your face" and "yo momma" are also acceptable substitutes.
What the hell?! Star attack!!
3:07 PM
Where's @LucasKauffman gone? I'll be drinking La Chouffe tonight :)
Didn't get the small bottles but the place I ordered at managed to get me 0.75l ones instead
@AviD I'm behind on it. I know what you're talking about. Like Cisco & Sprint on 24.
Is "that's what she said" our new automatic star trigger, now?
@TildalWave As for me, I'll be drinking Le Coq
They shouldn't name beers like that
@TildalWave Reminds me of another app I'm waiting for on WP8: Untappd. Good thing I'm not transitioning from another smartphone platform (or another smartphone, for that matter) or I'm sure I'd really feel like I'm missing out on this stuff.
@Adnan I thought that's a name for all French people? Dunno but @ThomasPornin can shed some light on that. :)
@AviD although the Lumia is good hardware, I specifically detest the interface. Currently I'm on Galaxy S3 as it makes me most comfortable
3:15 PM
@TildalWave There's an old confusion between "gallus" for "Gaul" (i.e. geographical France, Belgians notwithstanding) and "gallus" as the biological genus for chickens (or roosters). It dates back to Middle Age.
@ThomasPornin Yup I was just teasing... actually, if you translate my family name into French, I'd also be "gallus" but the meaning of it is somewhat lost... it could as well be I have French ancestry as there isn't any real explanation for the other interpretation except that I've been called "le Coq" many times before (in English). :))
An amusing illustration is when Gallium was discovered by French chemist Emile Lecoq, he called it after himself, but other people thought it was a nationalist jab; so when German chemist Clemens Winkler found another element 12 years later, he called it Germanium.
@TildalWave It's actually an Estonian beer, I don't know where the name came from
@Adnan which one? le coq? i can think of a few versions why Estonians would name a beer like that
@TildalWave Yes, the full name is A. Le Coq
3:24 PM
@ThomasPornin One of my grand grand grand .... ancestors was Jacobus Gallus and I always used that Gallium example when I was teased for the meaning of it, along with the guys name as a proof. Never really worked cuz the only thing bullies are after is you being offended and if you feel the need to explain yourself, they've kinda already won.
The learning of English in primary school didn't help either with my name being translated to it as it can be. I've been correcting them that's it's actually meant as a rooster, not a cock, but most preferred remaining ignorant :))
Good that I'm a tall guy so if there wasn't any other way to persuade them, I'd unleash the rooster in me on them :)
@TildalWave So, if the bullies didn't back down you'd show them your cock?
@Iszi hehe good one, i like where this is going lol
This looks like an appropriate article for this room: cracked.com/quick-fixes/…
@TerryChia Loving the snark, there.
> However, throughout the years the Catholic church has made some bizarre exceptions to this rule to allow its followers to skip the whole "personal sacrifice" thing (which is the entire point of Lent) and eat the meat of certain animals guilt-free, leaving them plenty of room to feel guilty about everything else (which is the entire point of Catholicism).
heh - alligators: Locals are therefore free to delight in the deep-frying of a formerly endangered species because a man with no scientific background reclassified alligators in an email he sent one afternoon.
3:40 PM
Anyone else not surprised that #1 on The 4 Worst Things People Are Making With 3D Printers is dicks?
@Iszi Nope not at all.
4:04 PM
@Iszi hate to be anal, but that last one out of four is technically not a dildo
@TildalWave Funny you should use the word "anal" in that particular sentence, considering what that "last one out of four" actually is.
@Iszi And you thought I talk random bollocks!?! :P
@TildalWave I don't think this necessarily disproves that.
@Iszi you do realize what the word analyzing begins with?
@TerryChia Yummy! I once ate an alligator
4:26 PM
@TildalWave Same four letters as analogy?
@Iszi I thought it might not be obvious to analphabets! :P
Since we were talking about VMWare Workstation the other day...If anybody's looking to buy or update, I just got an email that it's 15% off today, until 11:59 PM Pacific time tonight.
5:03 PM
@David Morning!
@Adnan morning
and also UGH, its apparently staff photo day
kill me now
@David Best day :D
@David (wear a mask!)
5:20 PM
@David But you know, it's a day where you can freeze your creativity.
NIST is killing TLS. Everybody PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
@CodesInChaos DAFUQ?
This is a little long (7 lines) so I posted it to pastebin to keep things uncluttered here. I was extremely impressed and I had to share it with you guys (IT security-related) pastebin.com/Ay8iQgnw
I don't know how practically possible it is, but it sounds pretty plausible to me.
I was impressed mainly because it was in a TV series
You guys know this page drivemeinsane.com ?
5:42 PM
Q: Is NIST pulling the rug from under TLS?

Drew LexAny idea why NIST Special Publication 800-52 Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) Implementations was retired without superceeding it with an appropiate document? What was so egregious in this document that required its demise? Is NIST getting ready to pull the r...

Finally got my Ingress code
@ScottPack I've had one forever, but waiting on iOS app
@David Jerkface
@ScottPack Google is the jerkface for not having an iOS app still/yet
I'm more cranky about Reader.
5:50 PM
I don't use Reader at all
never have
Not my problem you have poor taste.
@ScottPack what do you actually use it for?
It's an RSS reader.
I use iGoogle (also going away) as my homepage: i.imgur.com/jfuFiWj.jpg
@ScottPack I thought it's a RSS aggregator?
5:54 PM
@TildalWave If I can read the feeds within the application does it matteR?
@ScottPack probably does to tons of websites that would much rather see you on their pages than to have Google adverts in place of theirs on their content.
@TildalWave Some sites put the ads within their feed, so they still show up. Others just provide a link and maybe an article summary.
Can read the iGoogle stuff too, but I just skim the titles, then click through to the site if I want to read
@ScottPack Well, I would like to be asked first if it was my contents. Otherwise I could make up any bloody thing I wanted to and make Google be responsible for it too. But of course, they wouldn't want to hear of that... It's just one giant proxy, that's what they are, and I don't always agree it's to our benefit. I like choice, call me crazy LOL
@TildalWave That's true. It's also your choice to use it, which means if you don't like it then you're not out anything.
Putting in a requirement that the content providers approve use in Google Reader is pretty silly, though. The content providers are the ones publishing the RSS feed. They have the ability to define how their content is viewed.
If they want to require that users visit their sites directly, no problem. Publish the story as a title and link.
6:02 PM
@ScottPack Yup, but in an admin role, I was never asked by Google if it's OK with me that they effectively enable content theft via their service. I don't really have any contents I would personally mind they find their way elsewhere, but if I did, I would like to be asked first. It is actually also against my TOS (which is short, and pretty generic) but Google still runs its Reader on my site.
I'm not sure I understand how they run their service on your site
I also use Reader, as none of the other RSS aggregators come close.
@ScottPack Because they don't just use RSS feeds. If you use data type meta tags on your HTML so Google knows what it is, they'll collect that too. I've seen it in my logs many times. Not sure who would benefit from that considering I barely have any contents, but they most certainly are there sniffing around
I use iGoogle, but for my RSS feeds I use a Reader widget
whats the diff between the two
6:05 PM
@TildalWave They do respect robots files.
they both allow you to RSS and read the RSS
@David Presentation mostly.
@David iGoogle won't really scale up that well to the 123 feeds that I have.
@ScottPack That's only partially true actually. I didn't have Reader specifically in it, and it was still crawling even though I had all not explicitly allowed as not allowed.
it has a sidebar
if you want it to
6:08 PM
@TildalWave Sounds like any other web crawler to me, in which case it's no different than Bing or Ask.
@TildalWave They're not going to be scraping, stealing, and redistributing your information. What it's probably doing is indexing it as a subscribable feed for end users to subscribe to (or not).
@ScottPack OK but that then makes robots.txt pretty much obsolete, and at the same time you have a parser for it in Webmaster Tools that clearly shows they're supposed to care about what's there. Nothing about Reader though, just Mobile, Mediapartners, Ads, and Image bots
I understand all the words you used, I just don't have enough background in those regions to comprehend what they mean.
That they seem to respect robots.txt for some of their crawlers, and not for the others
I blame the developers
@CodesInChaos The question is crap, but IMO you could write an answer from what you put in the comments as it's most reasonable to expect it is indeed just a retraction to be replaced by an updated paper. Anyway, they're required to move from TLS1.0 to TLS1.1 or TLS1.2 and that was announced in August 2012.
@CodesInChaos Yeah, PANIC!!!!!!! LOL (OMG the TLS requirement paper was retracted, bring on the end of the world banners) :)))
6:27 PM
but then only HOT
does anyone know about a working exploit for server 2003 rdp?
@AdamMcKissock MS12-020?
@ScottPack As from what I can see 12_020 just DOS's the machine, I need something with a remote payload
6:37 PM
that's March 2012 and is patched support.microsoft.com/kb/2671387
@TildalWave He didn't say it needed to currently be unpatched.
Assuming patches are applied to the target.
Which is a pretty unsafe assumption.
true true
and true
If patched vulnerabilities were patched we would all have an easier (or harder) job.
Its vulnerable to 12_020
i'm in the former bucket but to each their own ;)
6:38 PM
so definatelly not patched
@TildalWave As a defender and vulnerability management kind of guy then yes, it would make my job easier. People like Rory[1] might be less than excited, though.
@AdamMcKissock 12_020 is DoS only, if you see something promising RCE watch out as there are some bad pieces of code out their that claim they're RCE exploits but actually trash your system
Off the top of my head I'm not aware of any Remote code execution exploits for RDP
@RoryMcCune Yeah, running in a VM but still. The only other things I can find that are open on the machine are 110 (MSPOP3) and 80(IIS 6.0 - just a default page)
@AdamMcKissock well you could DirBuster/Nikto the port 80 in the hope that there's something there but hidden
only other options that spring to mind would be brute forcing the RDP
Anyone like sushi (rolls) in here?
6:51 PM
@David Deja vu
@David /me loves sushi
Any idea what "inari" is, inside of a roll?
@David fried tofu
it says "(Spicy Tuna, cream cheese) then deep fried, avo, inari, sp. mayo, teri sauce, masago, green onion"
7:13 PM
it seems to be running frontpage
@TerryChia I am outraged. Alligators are not dinosaurs. They are archosaurs, which is a superset of dinsoaurs. (On the other hand, the puffin is a dinosaur.)
7:46 PM
@David You have rice cooker?
@TildalWave yes
but not making my own sushi
nice :) good that I just ate hehe
@ThomasPornin Odd. Never thought we literally had any "living dinosaurs" anymore. Except @RoryAlsop of course.
@TildalWave im still hungry =(
sushi is too expensive to be filling
inari is pretty simple and you can make all kinds of combinations for their filling
fast made also
8:18 PM
@Iszi It's part of cladistics. We now group species in clades, where a clade is "one animal and all its descendants". As opposed to older (18th century) terminology which was descriptive only (based on how the animal looks like, not on its ancestry).
Since birds come from a dinosaur ancestor (a theropod from early Jurassic), they are all dinosaurs
but crocodilians (alligators & co) are not dinosaurs.
8:38 PM
crocosaurus :)
one of the worst rated movies on IMDB, go figure
It's so bad it doesn't even fall into the "so bad it's good" category.
jeebus almighty of the planet piss
1 hour later…
9:57 PM
@AviD @RoryAlsop @JeffFerland Would one of y'allz mind bumping this to SU?
Q: Data recovery on FDE with information

MaxSanA colleague of mine has a HDD which has been "corrupted" or more specifically "the truecrypt configuration" has been corrupted. The key pass for truecrypt is still known. What would be the best process for data recovery from such a device? Please migrate if you think this question is out of s...

1 hour later…
11:12 PM
Disabling the lock screen on Samsung phones. Makes me glad (temporarily) that I have an HTC. :-)
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