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12:00 AM
right ya i'm off for a shooter fest
@AviD It started.
I hate when they post an answer without reading the whole question, and less than 5 seconds after they post it they get upvotes.
So they get blind upvotes on blind answers.
This is the No Action Needed all over again
@TildalWave DIE HARD 5????? OH YESS!!!
hysterical review, that.
12:16 AM
Damn it! You can't set your gender on StackExchange
Thanks a lot for the information. I was just reading the man page for grub and apparently if you edit /etc/default/grub file and activate line RUB_DISABLE_RECOVERY="true", the recovery mode wont show up in boot. I did it and pressed ESC and left Shift keys, recovery mode is gone now. — eli 1 min ago
is my answer that difficult to understand for a n00b? or is he just stupid?
@Gilles Pretty understandable to me
12:35 AM
@JeffAtwood John the Ripper is a pretty standard password cracking tool and finds Tr0ub4dor&3 after a few cents of EC2. Do you have data to support your assertion that attackers don't use such tools in practice?Gilles 19 secs ago
1:22 AM
I seem to recall that after the LinkedIn hack there was a forum where the hacking was asking for, and getting help from others to brute force the hashes.. oth.I haven't been able to find it again (yet) but I'm still looking.
And "hacking" should be "hacker" of course.
Not hard numbers of course, but certainly evidence that it is happening, and apparently common enough for there to be a forum dedicated to it.
A: Pointers for john the ripper rulesets

TildalWaveDISCLAIMER: I'm neither JtR user nor Perl programmer. This answer that follows is a product of years of training in Google-Fu alone, combining a few answers from newsgroups and some JtR documentation. John the Ripper (JtR) rules do not support multiple input words. The only exception is with ...

@Gilles As I said there I don't use JtR, but the conclusions I've drawn from other sources are clear - JtR isn't suitable for bruteforcing Correct Horse Battery Staple type passwords
At the same time, it would be a perfect match for brute-forcing "Tr0ub4dor&3"
And I completely agree with your point about EC2 and other cloud-based HPC. Hack, even a couple of CUDA or DC capable cards are incredibly fast for such tasks nowadays
OK, back to the movie :)
2:14 AM
@AntonyVennard Certainly. It is rather indicative of a bigger problem, I don't disagree.
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5:03 AM
Q: Fuzz a client with sulley

KartochI want sulley to bind to an interface, wait for a connection and fuzz the reply to the client. How can I act as a server with sulley to fuzz a client ?

This should be moved to SO IMHO.
5:58 AM
Anyone on here good with sql injections? could use a hand with the ctf!
@TerryChia what DB?
4 hours later…
9:36 AM
Thanks to everybody for the PGP mail feedback. Looks like current solutions aren't feasible (cost money, lots of setup, or require Thunderbird), but S/MIME sounds like an interesting alternative.
10:11 AM
Yo @LucasKauffman good morning :) Tell me, is it just me or does SE main site seem completely 'disjoint' from other sub-sites today? If I look at my (or yours for the matter) profile on SE, I have only Area51 in the associated accounts list, and you for example none. I've tried creating a new account on some sub-sites I wasn't a member before, and it doesn't even carry my SE data to it... Was this announced?
@TildalWave Hmm looks like it. Might be a bug.
@TerryChia Cheers for checking. Seems like databases aren't connecting with each other, at least the symptoms are similar. Like if JSON wouldn't parse :O
@TildalWave I dontknow what you're talking about. Works fine from over here.
Try a hard refresh?
I only see Area51 for you also in the associated accounts
10:26 AM
oh sorry, I misread that - I thought we were talking about the sec.se site. You're right, se.com is disjointed.
same here
10:43 AM
for your enjoyment.
11:24 AM
Thaankfully my account has been restored to normal functioning but my reputation point are still one (1) how would this get fixed?
@asadz post a report with a "bug" tag in meta.security.stackexchange.com. One of the staff has to look at that.
12:07 PM
I think this is cute.
Q: Usb driver development in raspberry pi

xkrpzI want to connect some 3d printers in a raspberry pi. The printers doesn't have Linux drivers and support, so i want to write my own drivers. Does anyone knows good tutorials or software that can make my life easier?

1 hour later…
1:31 PM
@avid haha interesting, thanks man. I just want to learn to penetrate systems and alter them really
2:19 PM
Afternoon all
well, so that was an interesting start to the day
was bitching about bad soldering irons on Twitter yesterday, so some guy I've never even met decided to just buy me a decent Weller soldering iron and ship it to me, for free.
what a legend! :)
haha awesome what are you soldering
I've got a couple of projects at the moment.
cool, like what?
2:24 PM
main one is a door lock system using a maglock and a few other bits of gear
also working on an IR remote control receiver that controls VLC
well, not just VLC, it should work on anything if you set it up right
and that's part of a project to build a media centre in the casing of an old broken DVD player
so I reverse engineered the front panel so I can work out how the display and buttons are interfaced
@Polynomial Weren't you about to start a new job? How the hell do you find time for these side projects? :P
and inside will be a Raspberry Pi running raspbmc, hooked up to a DD-WRT router and some circuitry for power and front-panel interfacing
@TerryChia I start tomorrow. I work on projects in my evening / weekend spare time.
that's beyond my knowledge Polynomial lol sounds very cool though
2:27 PM
@Polynomial How's that book coming along? :)
@TerryChia I've got ~100 pages of notes and some rough draft sections.
it's iterative work. I write out drafts, write more notes, work on other things, have new ideas / explanations, make more notes, edit drafts, etc...
eventually I'll have it all collated into one actual book. but not yet ;)
@Polynomial Looking forward to reading it sometime this decade. ;)
@TerryChia Good luck with that.
hmm, I thought the cost of chrome came down in price. still expensive haha
as in, the metal?
2:39 PM
chrome plating
2:53 PM
Q: Hiding emails from Google

ThomasFrom what I understand Google reads/scans all my emails so that they cab "provide" targeted ads and maybe for other reasons. If a have a group of people who want to hide their emails from Google, how can they best do that in a simple way? Maybe the group has a topic that they are discussing that...

I sense a rep train...
Get your answers in early!
@Twinborn Chrome will almost always be expensive due to high-energy research requiring ultra-pure chrome for particle reflectors
right now one of the most expensive "common" metals is lead, though.
primarily because we used it all in the last century building cheap electronics
and then we realised that it's kinda bad for the environment, so we put RoHS legislation out there that says new products can only have a tiny little bit of lead in them.
same goes for cadmium and mercury.
copper is expensive too. try finding a ≤5°C/W pure copper heatsink with a footprint bigger than 40mm² and you'll find your wallet surprisingly empty afterwards.
yeah sell bins full of copper for good change
but this motor I am thinking of chroming will cost around 2grand
copper prices are the primary reason most CPU coolers have solid copper heatpipes and a small copper block for the target surface, but use a different alloy (often primarily aluminium) for the main section of the heatsink and blades.
building pure-copper sink is just flat out too expensive.
3:15 PM
@TerryChia weird requiments
@CodesInChaos Yeah. He wants to keep using gmail. He doesn't want to use strong encryption. He wants to keep his data secure from Google's automated parsers.
Heh, I guess @AviD isn't in a good mood today. He just closed the question.
good job @AviD
@TerryChia yes, yes I did.
Not a good/bad mood, its just a ridiculous question.
"I am not interested in strong encryption"
Not really a question, as I mentioned in my comment.
3:18 PM
so just weak crypto then
yeah, it was pretty ridiculous
he just doesnt want to see ads. He doesnt care if a Google employee manually reads it.
== in other words: not a security question.
@Polynomial Ironically, it would probably be easier to use a "strong" crypto scheme like PGP compared to rolling your own "weak" crypto scheme.
not a sensible question at all, really.
it's like saying "I want to get from Egypt to England without any record of my travels. Oh and I don't want to do anything illegal in the process."
@TerryChia exactly.
Unless he just base64 his whole message. I doubt Google's automated tools parse base64.
3:21 PM
@Polynomial and dont really have any reason to travel, just dont want those damn French getting me."
@TerryChia but why in hell should he care? they serve ads. that's it. Anything else is either clueless or FUD.
Or clueless FUD.
@AviD This. Most likely.
Plus I think I'd actually hate ads more if they weren't targeted.
I block the ads anyway with AdBlock Plus
@Polynomial Yeah, except on some sites which I prefer to support with ads.
Like StackExchange for example.
That would be ironic, if he blocked the ads that he nominated.
SE is whitelisted on ABP :P
3:29 PM
@Polynomial by default, or just yours?
@AviD mine
2 hours later…
5:25 PM
I only blacklist advertisers whose ads annoyed me
(and facebook, because I don't like them)
6:06 PM
@TerryChia et al - I must be distracted, I don't seem to be able to explain myself well to him. anyone else want to give it a shot?
Q: Question about closing

ThomasMy question here Hiding emails from Google was closed as not constructive. I am not sure that I understand why the question isn't constructive. I was trying to ask of the best simple way to hide emails specifically on Gmail from the automated scanners. I don't understand why this question "is n...

good point @Polynomial - I kinda mentioned that, but I dont think I was clear.
skipped my nap today. Makes it hard to focus in the evening shift. dammit.
AviD: I accepted you answer. I am sorry if I cased any problems. I am used to the way things work on math.SE.
So I didn't know the requirement for background for questions here.
*cased = caused
@Thomas Hi @Thomas. It's not always a requirement, but often if someone is doing something "non standard", there is usually a non-obvious reason. Often, in security, this reason is "wrong", and a lot of times people try solving the wrong problem.
That is why we often ask: "What are you trying to achieve?"
I can see the desire to want to provide good answers makes people want to know what the larger goal is.
6:21 PM
@Thomas no problem at all. I think we might be able to help you here, but as @Polynomial said you should step back and figure out how to take the advice of the professionals here.
@Thomas right. as I said, in this case, lacking the larger goal makes the question seem either off topic, or not a real question, but coming back to the (apparent) purpose it seems mostly not constructive.
yeah, it's so easy to get caught up chasing a solution to the wrong problem. sometimes you have to take a step back and look at the original issue again.
That is, the problem you are trying to solve is not a problem worth solving.
Ok, I will do. The reason for not wanting to say more about the background is that I probably can't explain it and I just wanted a quick answer to my question. The background was that I read the article by Bruce Schneider (spelling?) on CNN yesterday about Goolge and Facebook knowing everything about you
@Thomas oh sure, but so what?
you need to define "know everything about you".
6:23 PM
I just thought that maybe hiding a bit of my emails from the Gmail scanners would help a bit. (I know that there isn't really a good way to truely solve the problem.
@AviD Now that's irksome; writing "@Thomas" pings me.
and Schneier is somewhat of a privacy nut. he's not a big fan of Google and Facebook.
@ThomasPornin does @bear ping you?
yes, sometimes you can get scarily targeted ads - like that story about Target Inc notifying the parents before they knew they were pregnant.
Exactly, I would have to examplain a lot to make my question good and so I woldn't be able to ask any question. I thought that I would just start with something simple that I do understand.
@ThomasPornin hahaa
6:24 PM
@Polynomial No and that's scandalous, thanks for recalling it.
Sorry for the misspelling
@Thomas On the contrary. More detail is almost always better on StackExchange.
@Thomas that's not really the problem worth solving, though it can be done pretty trivially via PGP/GPG, as others have said.
@Polynomial so who is here?
6:25 PM
@AviD I like Google. I don't like Facebook all that much, but they make HUMINT easy ;)
@Polynomial: maybe more detail isn't always the way to go. I didn't want to op[en a can of worms. I wanted to think about this on my own and just wanted to start with a simple question getting at these Gmail scanners.
@Polynomial heh, sure, but I meant as a user, not an abuser.
Another problem that I thought that someone might raise is that the whole requires everyone to use encryption.
@Thomas would you feel more comfortable if these scanners ran on the client?
@AviD: I don't understand
6:27 PM
@AviD still, I like Google. they're not perfect, but who is? look at how much ridiculously innovative stuff they give us for "free".
@AviD and the actual price is just having your personal data and preferences aggregated into some anonymous statistic.
@Thomas I mean, if the ads were displayed purely on client-side, not on Googles servers (hypothetically). Would you feel more comfortable then?
I don't like that Google "knows a lot" about me. But I don't know if I trust Yahoo or Microsoft any better.
they only know a lot about you because you told them.
@Polynomial oh absolutely. And they drive the software economy to (free) services, which is good for all.
the only reason gmail and Google are free is that you're providing them with valuable statistics that can be sold for marketing purposes.
6:29 PM
@AviD or is it. Problem with free services is that they have to monetize somewhow which leads to selling customer data. If they charged, they might not need to :) (not to say they wouldn't of course)
@AviD: I don't know.... that also sounds. To be honest, my greatest concern isn't the ads. It is more what Google actually knows about you. Of course I don't think that they use the information for something "evil", but ...
@Thomas here's a tip: Neither Google, nor Yahoo, nor Microsoft, give one whit about your details. They simply don't care about you.
@Thomas The funny thing is that they don't really know that much. "Know" is the wrong word. You contribute to a set of statistics.
@AviD: But isn't it a "problem" if they have collected a lot of personal information on you? Just the thought that someone has a profile about you that you can't control.
@RoryMcCune well, good for all that gets them free services. As @Polynomial said, of course there is a price. But the technology advances that have been made possible by the availability of such services, is fantastic.
6:30 PM
it's like the difference between giving someone a file and giving them the MD5 hash of a file.
I am probably just FUD (I looked that one up)
@AviD true, but I think there could be more of a market for paid-for service with better privacy protections...
@Thomas I don't think you're quite using that one right ;)
"I'm fear, uncertainty and doubt" doesn't quite read right
@Polynomial would it be FUD'ed?
Ok ,I probably just have FUD
6:31 PM
"have FUD" makes more sense
Just a tad of FUD never hurt anyone :)
well, it is on CNN.
I mean, it's better than Fox...
It seems the point of the article is that (1) there isn't any provacy on the internet and (2) Why aren't we fighting back?
and the answer to that is (1) no shit, and (2) we are.
6:34 PM
How are we?
But using ROT 13 on all our emails :)
But = By
EFF, Cryptoparty, the Anonymous movement, etc.
PirateParty too
It just seems like there isn't much we can do
sure there is
well theres plenty you can do, but there is always a price for that.
Start by not using Google's free Gmail service.
Like having to encrypt everything using PGP ?
If not using Google, then what should one use?
6:37 PM
Or, accept that you are, and dont include the really sensitive stuff there.
Or PGP, yeah....
I already don't write sensitive stuff in my emails.
call out bad practices, publicly shame those who don't take privacy seriously, vote with your wallet, stop using services that you feel don't have a good stance on privacy.
the top 4.
@Thomas If you really want to privacize your email, start by hosting your own server.
or don't use email at all.
and dont email anyone on gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc...
6:38 PM
But If I use PGP, that requires the receiver to use it as well, and no one in my circle of friends or family has interest in this (I have tried talking about it)
it's not like email is particularly secure.
Would it help just to buy a domain with an email service?
then there would be nothing you could do, since your emails would apparently be exposed on their ends anyway.
@Thomas If the person you're talking to doesn't care about the security of the conversation then you're only ever going to get as much security as they provide.
which will be none.
security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.
@Polynomial That's why in the movies they always ask "is your line secure?"
6:40 PM
@Polynomial: That is frustrating though.
@AviD That's usually because Michael Bay is the director.
@Thomas Security is frustrating.
@Polynomial heh, well it does go back long before him.
So what about buying a domain and getting an email service with another company?
@Thomas It's all about finding the balance.
That way I would assume that there isn't any scanners
6:41 PM
In truth, for most of us, the tradeoff in using Gmail is worth it.
@Thomas Or assume that there are.
@AviD: yeah...
The point is that you can't ever be 100% secure. You just have to accept that. Security is about finding a balance between cost, i.e. the time, money and effort required to gain security, and the level of security. Part of that means prioritising security for the most important aspects of your life / work.
if you use a hosted email service, they will always be able to access it.
@Polynomial Or accepting the lack thereof - in some cases this is acceptable. But it is a tradeoff.
@AviD: Yes, but do you think that I would decrese the amount of information that is "out there' about me?
*decrease ...
@AviD Exactly. Risk register and such.
6:43 PM
@Thomas in this day and age, you would have to work damn hard to do this. And it would negatively affect your daily life, I imagine.
So much FUD :)
gtg, bbl. @Thomas I leave you in @Polynomial's capable and delicate hands.
ok, thank you for you help
@Thomas The only information that's "out there" is the information you put out there. The important question is not about quantity, but availability. Sure, you might give Google a lot of info about you, but does that really matter? Are they gonna screw you over with it? Unlikely.
The biggest issue is public information, which anyone can use.
I use Gmail because they have a good track record of not being pwned by 3rd parties, it's had 100% uptime for the many years I've used it, it's integrated into a bunch of other Google stuff I use (Drive, Reader, etc.) and has a reasonable stance of protection of privacy.
and primarily because it's ridiculously convenient to have instant access to my emails on any device anywhere in the world, as long as I have an internet connection.
@Polynomial: But (to return) to my original question. Do you think that using ROT 13 for things would help decrease the amount of information that Google has on you?
6:45 PM
Not by much.
I agree that I like Gmail for variou reasons.
you've got to look at scenarios
the primary scenario is "what is Google doing with the data I give them on a day-to-day basis?"
the answer is "an algorithm looks for keywords in my emails and provides targeted ads based on that"
Maybe I just see myself as trying to fight my own little battle. Kinda like saying: haha Google, this email you will not be reading. They still win, but I will that one email.
at the end of the day, the thing you should really be worried about is the actual risk.
6:47 PM
which for day-to-day email, is tiny.
you should worry more about someone else compromising your account and using it for spam / stealing your other accounts
Yes, and bank account information and stuff like that...
it's also about context. Would I give the same level of trust to Facebook as to Google? No. Facebook have a worse track record on privacy, and their default for privacy is "anyone can see what's on my Facebook page", which isn't the same deal as with email.
Which is why I got off Facebook :)
when you say "privacy" you can't expect that to include the person you're literally handing these details off to. the most you can ask for is for them not to give it to 3rd parties.
Anyway, thanks for the chat. I will probably keep my small fights alive even thought it doesn't do much.
6:51 PM
and that's the real trust relationship. Facebook have nothing to gain really by giving out your timeline posts and pictures to random people. Their money comes from targeted ads and statistics about what people from different countries and backgrounds are talking about.
you trust that they won't be dicks, basically.
I should really go turn the heating on. It's so cold in here that I'm struggling to type.
Alright, I am going to go for now. Thanks again.
7:49 PM
damn TPMs are complicated.
and poorly spec'ed. almost nothing is actually defined in the TCG spec.
they don't even provide a high-level overview of each process, e.g. taking ownership
Q: Is it safe to sync private keys between iOS devices using iCloud?

Nathan G.My iOS app has to handle storing private keys for the user. Normally I would just use Keychain Services for this as I would a password, but it would be great if I could sync the keys between the user's devices. Apple's iCloud documentation says not to use iCloud for passwords, but is it safe to ...

Anyone had a particularly good day and feels like answering this without a use of a hammer?
@TildalWave It's not a bad question. Syncing private keys would be a nice feature, but storing them on iCloud is bad voodoo.
@Polynomial Well yes and when I was reading it I couldn't find polite enough words to express my feelings about it, that's why I ask. ;) Nothing wrong with the question but I fear there would be plenty wrong with my answer, I just didn't wake up on the right side of the bed tonight.
(read: had to deal with hacking attempts as soon as I got up)
8:06 PM
dropped an answer on there
8:23 PM
@Thomas epic.org/privacy/gmail/faq.html#22 There's some digest of how gmail is reading your mails, I thought you might wanna have a look at it. I've also tested with a simple zip attachments and password for it in plain text an it didn't have a clue how to open it, I also suspect they couldn't excuse that with their TOS either.
1 hour later…
9:52 PM
Q: Intermittent receive failure using mvc webgrid on server only

AdamI am using the System.Web.Helpers.WebGrid extensively throughout our application, and for the most part it is fine and in fact running locally it is always fine or with a self SSL on the server it is also fine. So I don't know if the problem could actually be with IIS or a firewall, or the actual...

There's a nice bounty attached to it. The last paragraph "and this problem seems to go away if an SSL certificate is installed on the server, and doesn't happen at all locally." seems to suggest .NET deflate issue, but I don't use it that often to be sure.
10:06 PM
@TildalWave So I guess it's a really bad idea then :)
This answer is a good idea, though. Probably the route I'll go if I do add sync.
@NathanGreenstein haha well yes, I didn't want to imply there's anything wrong with the question tho.
@NathanGreenstein Yup I knew there's peeps here that would answer it with ease, that's why I posted my request ;)
Glad it was okay. I wasn't sure if it was best here or on SO, but it got good answers here.
so that was a weird evening.
@NathanGreenstein This is the place for security questions, for sure.
I had a constructive and well-mannered discussion on the intricacies of sexism / gender issues, and the tarnishing of feminism, over Twitter. And no trolls or extremists got involved.
And both other participants were female.
Am I in some kind of backwards world today?
10:11 PM
@Polynomial It is St. Patrick's Day, so the world is a kinder, gentler place for the day.
@Xander ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^ Cheers!
@Polynomial Unless you have a better explaination.
@Xander oh, because all the obnoxious people are drunk? Teetotalers ftw
@Xander Or a drunker place, at least.
@TildalWave Cheers! :-) I forgot to mention that the world is a more inebriated place, for the entire weekend.
10:13 PM
speaking of which
*grabs a bud*
@Polynomial Shame on you.
@Polynomial There's no excuse for passing up a perfectly good excuse to drink.
ok, this is hell.
@Xander I think he's referring to the Budweiser.
@Polynomial Bud as in Budweiser? Do you have that on that sinde of the pond?
10:15 PM
@Polynomial now I think YOU are referring to the Budweiser.
@AviD I was referring to the fact that he hadn't yet drunk today.
I am.
@Xander Even after the Budweiser.
except Budweiser isn't as weak and flavourless this side of the pond.
Budweiser is nice, unless what you want is a beer.
10:16 PM
@Polynomial I'm skeptical.
It's beersoda.
I've had that verified by a whole group of Americans.
Or beerpop, for @ScottPack.
they were completely surprised at how different it is.
@Polynomial do they mix it with Boddingtons?
10:17 PM
for a start the ABV is about 0.4 percentage points higher.
@AviD Boddingtons is like milk with a drop of ethanol.
@Polynomial Interesting. I had no idea.
but anyway
@Polynomial true that it's licensed and different breweries combined with different water... makes a difference
this is hell
I have beer....
in bottles.
but no bottle opener.
@Polynomial ha!
10:17 PM
hammer time
never use a door jamb for that?
I do have heavy duty pliers though.
I'm off to go create a mess!
I opened a beer once with my teeth, in high school. It's possible, but I wouldnt do that again.
@Polynomial I have a bottle opener on my keychain. And on my pocketknife. And in my office. Just in case.
@Polynomial dont be a pussy. Sharp edged desk will do nicely.
10:18 PM
@AviD Ouch!
hit the bottle neck sharply. You get shards of glasses all over the place that you can lick the beer from
w00t, got it open
@AviD the only desks here aren't mine. so I don't want to fuck them up.
@Polynomial u can use a lighter or the blunt part of the knife
@Polynomial and the door jamb?
@Polynomial That's another different. In the U.S., you don't need a bottle opener for Bud. They're twist-off.
10:19 PM
I used to know a guy that could open them with his eye socket.
@AviD I don't even know what that is.
@Xander Very rare to see that in the UK.
@Polynomial that is disgusting.
@Polynomial I've seen that on YouTube.
@Polynomial i thought that's only possible with a screw on tops
10:19 PM
@Polynomial the hole in the door frame that the thingie from the door clicks into, to stay closed.
@Polynomial Yeah, it's not good for the beer. Not as good a seal.
@TildalWave This guy was from Manchester. 'nuff said.
@Polynomial yar
@AviD ah. they're only tiny here - those little roller-style ones.
@Polynomial ohh, yeah that wont do.
10:21 PM
but if we're talking ridiculous and freaky shit that people can do with their eyes, the old pub landlord at a place I used to work had the best one
he could put his entire little finger down the side of his eyeball, where his tear-duct is
inside his eye socket cavity.
pop it in the freezer, few hours later the bottle will just crack neatly. 'Course you'll have to scoop up the alcoholic snow like stuff, but it works nice.
@Polynomial That's not right.
stop talking now.
@Xander Agreed.
also never do that freezer trick with cans
they explode and make a mess :P
I left a guinness can in the freezer overnight once. bad move.
brown freezer!
@Polynomial Yeah, I've done that too. It's not fun to clean.
10:24 PM
@Xander clearly, you didnt try cleaning it up with a straw.
@AviD No, but I did try scraping it into a glass, to see if it was salvageable. It wasn't.
Something happens to beer that's been frozen and re-thawed. Something not good. Something that wouldn't win awards at beer judging competitions.
if you're talking lager, it loses its carbonation.
cmon! Beer slushies?? Beer slushies FTW!
better than wine slushies.
I had spiced rum jelly a while back at a party... it was disgusting.
tasted like someone had mixed floor cleaner with cinnamon and nutmeg.
@AviD LOL! Ok, I did have a cider slushie recently that was reasonable. But as a rule, I prefer my beer liquid.
10:34 PM
@Xander yeah, not something I would do all the time, but it was fun just the once.
talk about a frosty beer.
@AviD And if it's all you've got, it's certainly better than nothing. :-)
I don't enjoy cider. Doesn't taste great, makes me feel really thirsty / hyper (too much sugar), and gives me a terrible headache in the morning.
10:35 PM
@Polynomial I'm pterry picky about cider. I hate cider that's too sweet, but I love good complex cider.
@Xander perry picky? hehe
@Polynomial I have no idea why I keep doing that. I have a serious problem properly @'ing people in here for some reason.
@Xander you mean like (-1)^0.5?
@Polynomial Ha. And "pretty" or "fairly" picky.
helps if I get the markup right.
10:40 PM
@Polynomial LOL! Well, I admit that I have an emotional attachment to cider, as it's the drink that fortified the founders of my nation as they prepared to give your lot the old what for and break away, but I contend that there is indeed good quality cider to be had if you look carefully for it.
@TildalWave Too much trouble. One of these days I'll figure it out. @AviD has pointed it out as well. It requires using a mouse. That's a lot of work.
@Xander @ + 1st letter + TAB works also
Q: SE Chat Modifications -- Keyboard navigation and commands for chat

Tim Stone Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack Overflow chatter who despised using their mouse above all things. In an effort to keep t...

yey... I feel so stupid now :)
Ctrl+Up, then Up to navigate to the post you want to reply to, and r to reply
10:54 PM
@Gilles Yay! Keyboard shortcuts! That's more my speed. :-)
really? doesn't work for me.
Ctrl+up edits my last.
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