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12:03 AM
I'm not sure. Of the two I definitely like the idea of taking second one. I don't know that there isn't something that it would be a dupe of, but I would be surprised.
The sniffing one fits into the category that I'm still not sure about topicality. In theory it is all stuff a security person might do as part of their job, but there also seems to be a feeling amongst the community that tool use questions like that should generally be someplace else.
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1:46 AM
good morning!
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3:59 AM
Where's my favorite Rory? Oi, @RoryAlsop lookit, your countrymen are basically the best ever: jezebel.com/5949754/…
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7:09 AM
@Aarthi - morning! That'll have been a late night for you then: ) I haven't actually seen those anywhere yet, but I like the intent. About time!
MMorning @Terry
@Aarthi - morning! That'll have been a late night for you then: ) I haven't actually seen those anywhere yet, but I like the intent. About time!
@Gilles that first one could be migrated through I reckon. Will see if there is an obvious one for the second one to point to.
Crap. Must be bedtime.
8:07 AM
Q: How to get this to buffer overflow?

nubelaI'm trying to understand buffer overflow, and am working with a simple piece of code, as below. #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int bof(char *str) { char buffer[12]; strcpy(buffer,str); return 1; } int main(int argc, char **argv) { c...

I wonder why this got downvoted.
8:29 AM
Probably because specific techincal question. I gave it a +1 to balance
Hi to @all :)
first time here for me!
8:51 AM
> There is a limit on Stack Exchange answer length
Wow somebody actually ran into the answer length limit
@CodesInChaos Didn't Thomas encounter that with his SSL post? Wasn't that why he split his answer into 2?
Q: Add review queue for recent migrations

nhinkleIt's pretty well established that crappy migrations (mostly originating from Stack Overflow) are a recurring problem here on Stack Exchange. Some have suggested eliminating migrations completely, while others have suggested banning repeat-crap-migrators from voting to migrate in the future. For ...

I like this idea.
Q: What products are MAEC (Malware Attribute Enumeration and Characterization) ready?

boosMalware Attribute Enumeration and Characterization (MAEC) is a standardized language for encoding and communicating high-fidelity information about malware based upon attributes such as behaviors, artifacts, and attack patterns. What products in it security are ready to produce/consume it ?

Voted to close as it is essentially a product listing question.
bad question ? sorry ppl
@boos We generally don't encourage shopping list questions as they tend to get out of date very fast.
it's also a question to see how the Internet reply to the development of maec standard, in malware related software and analysis I think maec as CVE for vulnerability is a good language, anyway sorry for the not good question.
9:07 AM
yeah, but it's a list question
which is pretty much forbidden across all of StackExchange
I understand, i don't know very well the platform, can I delete the question ?
@Polynomial 1 more to a badge right?
@TerryChia Pretty sure. One of those favourites is mine (so I have quick reference) so it might be 2 more.
Hi @boos - as Terry and Poly said, these types of question, while potentially interesting, don't fit in the se model. I'll close and can delete.
@boos Yes. There's a delete button next to it.
9:09 AM
ok, I delete it.
The review page is pretty neat. It shows how many reviews you have done and how many more you need for a badge.
I need to read se policy before post another question, sorry ppl.
@boos security.stackexchange.com/faq Have a read through this.
@boos I also highly recommend reading through the Community FAQ, which has a huge amount of information on how StackExchange works.
@Polynomial Btw, the reversing book is a great read! I have just finished the first few introductory chapters. Looking forward to starting on the real deal soon.
9:17 AM
@TerryChia Yeah, it is a damn good book.
a lot of it is focused on compiler artefacts too, which is something rarely covered in RE books.
i.e. identifying the compiler, then identifying what type of control flow structure was used based on certain hints in the produced assembly.
@TerryChia, @Polynomial thank you
9:44 AM
@TerryChia just got the gold badge :)
10:01 AM
@Polynomial Congrats! I think you are #2 in Sec.SE in terms of gold badge count, under the bear and tied with Karrax!
10:12 AM
I get my fanatic badge two weeks on Monday, too.
And there was me happy I got my reviewer silver. I have such low aspirations:)
I have Sec.SE aspirations ;)
Maybe I should call them asspirations.
10:46 AM
Q: Running linux kernel in Virtualbox

Coder404I just built a linux kernel on ubuntu and now I want to make it run on virtualbox. I wanted it to be in an img format. I created a hard drive image by doing the commands $ qemu-img create disk.img 512M $ mkfs.ext2 -F disk.img What should I do next? Thanks.

Am I the only one finding this funny? He is able to write a kernel but can't figure out how to run it?
@TerryChia in Linuxland, "built" != "wrote".
as in, he downloaded the source, and compiled his kernel (probably using pre-prepared batch scripts).
Linux is not for everybody.
@AviD Ahh that makes more sense than my original interpretation.
@Aarthi I bet @RoryMcCune or one of the other many @Rorys may take offense at that.
@Aarthi can I be your second favoritist Rory?
@TerryChia it's still a bit WTF, and duh. Like I said, Linux is not for everybody - if you dont know how to make it run, not sure you should be using it.
@AviD His profile description is pretty amusing. I make operating systems, websites, and mobile apps (iOS, Android, Nokia). I also do desktop apps (windows and mac).
@RoryAlsop That ad is in Scotland, right? Of course he wont take advantage of a drunk girl, that's what the sheep is for.
heh. He probably has a loose definition of "make", "operating systems", and "do".
10:57 AM
@TerryChia Yes, that's the post I was referring to.
Curious also what he means by "mobile apps (... Nokia)". Is he referring to symbian? WinPhone? Specifically the model that he has?
@ThomasPornin Do DHE_DSS and DHE_RSA get used more than ECDHE_RSA?
I would have guessed that RSA and ECDHE_RSA were the most important suites.
@CodesInChaos I believe so. The ECDHE* cipher suites are pretty recent. Elliptic curve support tends not to be widespread.
I thought that traditionally pretty much everyone used RSA suites.
Pity that most browsers don't display what suite they chose.
@CodesInChaos Oh yes they do... but DHE_RSA is probably the second most used cipher suite.
11:11 AM
Then I'm positively surprised
@CodesInChaos Some do. There's a question+answer somewhere on sec.SE which lists the browsers who do (I wrote the answer).
figuring out what the browsers support isn't hard. But figuring out which suite they chose is annoying. For example firefox and opera print something, but I don't think they tell you if they chose a (EC)DHE suite
oh opera prints that it uses DHE, it just doesn't support ECDHE, so google using a weak suite
Would have guessed that most server admins would have shied away from the increased handshake cost of DHE_RSA suites
12:17 PM
@AviD - sheep don't take advantage of drunk girls... Do they?
@RoryAlsop I thought you would be the one in here to know the most about sheep?
@RoryAlsop hehe, nice turnaround.
I grew up in cattle country @Iszi
Are cow fetishes considered deviant in Scotland?
Not sure. Maybe I'll ask my cow-orkers
12:20 PM
that should be cow-irkers. You work for a big corporate.
it's Wales for sheep.
12:42 PM
Q: Varient of MD5 and SHA

Grijesh ChauhanI need a new mechanism to create Random Number Generate(RNG). In which repetition should be very rare too. RN would be use as hash. What I planed to changes the MD5 or SHA because both are good hash functions and collision is very rare in real scenario. Also both produce quit a different MD5 val...

dupe, again (same question as before)
Q: Generating random numbers with repeated hashing, but without using a standard hash function

user1705796I have also asked it here : I need a new mechanism to create random number generate. In which repetition should be very rare too. What i planed to changes the MD5 or SHA because both are good hash functions and collision is very rare in real scenario. Also both produce quit a different MD5 value...

^ original
BOOM! goes the modhammer.
why does website authentication still suck so bad?
okay, let me ask a shopping question here:
12:58 PM
@CodesInChaos Handshake cost is not that big. A simple PC can do several hundreds per second with a single core. You run out of other resources before that.
looking for a product/service/whatever to, in short, do IdM (identity management) for a small business's users to access a variety of public cloud apps.
Ideally, it would also include some "access management" (purposefully generic and ambiguous, since each service runs it differently), though that is more optimistic, and is not an absolute requirement.
So, something like Ping's PingOne cloud IdM; except that only supports SAML and I think OpenId/OAuth.
sadly, so many of these "core" services that so many companies use, are still bound to only password silos.
so, anyone have any suggestions?
or should I go for another startup.... ;-)
1:26 PM
Good Morning/Afternoon, Everyone.
I'm about to choose an answer for : security.stackexchange.com/questions/21305/… But i'd like some opinions on the best answer. I was looking for 3 points for this answer.
-What is a fuzzer
-Describe its functionality with an example
-Its application during a pentest.
IMO, QuasarDonkey is closest to that ^
if you're not happy with the answers so far, and want more attention, you might wanna put a bounty on it
No im happy with the answers. I just want to choose the one that best deserves it. i think there are 3 decent answers.
Just looking for third party thoughts.
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2:54 PM
Time travel!
Great scot!
@Polynomial Nothing actually happened here right?
Not in this continuum, at least.
3:17 PM
A: Show all of my question/answers to me even if they are deleted

Jeff AtwoodGenerally when things get deleted, it's for a good reason, and we don't want users to be undeleting them -- there's a reason we require 10k rep to "see" deleted items at all, and only moderators can see deletions in a user's profile.

Love the downvotes on this one.
@Polynomial Pretty ridiculous response imo.
@AviD you can be my favoritest Avi, does that work? :D
Are there any reasonably priced fingerprint scanners that work with W7?
3:29 PM
I got one for £20
What difference is there between the tags client and client-side? You could make a distinction between "client" as an application and "client-side" as more theoretical "seen from the client's perspective", but I think it's better to alias client to client-side. There are only 3 questions tagged client anyway (and 30 client-side).
@TerryChia Ah the answer
3:57 PM
@TerryChia I find it almost more amusing that it has >20 up-votes.
4:20 PM
@Polynomial Yes dear?
hey guys, do we have any questions dealing on storing connection strings safely? I'm on a horrible slow connection and google is super slow :(
@TerryChia I've used a Upek that works like a champ.
@LucasKauffman what do you mean by connection strings?
@TerryChia I assume something like connectionString="Initial Catalog=MyDb;Data Source=MyServer;Integrated Security=SSPI;"
So something defining the properties of the database connection, to be passed to a function which connects to the database.
4:23 PM
Q: What is the right way of storing database connection strings from the security point of view?

remWhat are recommendations, best practices and have-to-dos regarding handling connection strings in web applications? What things one should never, ever do?

Besides leaving, there is no way to indicate you are away?
Alright then
1 hour later…
5:51 PM
A couple votes here are for NaRQ, but mine's for off-topic. (Suggested migration to Server Fault or Stack Overflow if it's not really just crap.)
Q: Silent (no user interaction) utility to clear windows cached credential

Indranil GhoshIs there any DLL available which can clear cached credentials without the following; 1.Prompting a window to clear credentials or 2.having administrator access to the machine 3.Tampering with registry Thanks in advance... Indranil

6:38 PM
@Iszi Not worth migrating, so I added the final vote
1 hour later…
7:52 PM
Hey, yo, I need me a Windows bloke stat.
@ScottPack Wat?
(on earth does that mean)?
@AviD Pish-posh. My mother runs Linux, and she's not remotely a geek.
@Ninefingers Someone who knows a bunch about Windows.
Most people who run $OS have no idea how to make it run other than pressing the power on button on their computer. This goes for Linux as well as Windows.
@ScottPack @AviD or @Polynomial then
I've got a Windows machine that I'm doing an analysis on and I was hoping, though filesystem methods, determine what user a service was running as. Otherwise I have to import it over into a hypervisor and launch it up.
@Gilles They were my best first guesses, but I'm not picky :)
8:01 PM
@Iszi I disagree that it's off-topic. It's about privacy. Could use some editing, maybe
whoami works on windows too
but you'd have to make the service run and output that command or so I guess, hmm
If I boot up the system I can look it up in the services snapin or whatever no problem.
What I'm trying to avoid is exporting it, copying it over to a hypervisor, and launching it that way.
I'm suspecting that my google-fu is weak in this school.
create a user on another windows machine, set up a service run by that user, grep for the username
Well I don't think it's possible to find in the filesystem if you're not in for parsing the registry files
only works if the service is started through the normal method, not if it's trying to be surreptitious
8:09 PM
@Luc Meh, I can live with that. It's easy enough to copy out the registry file and dump keys.
I love come-from-behind answers.
Then I guess it should be possible to find somewhere, but I can't tell by heart ;)
EnCase doesn't do such a great job of reading registry files directly, but I've already been reading out keys for this investigation.
@Luc DAMN YOU!!!
Looking here support.microsoft.com/kb/250448 the service information is stored in sub-keys of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services
so with a forensic registry viewer you may be able to see that info.
@RoryMcCune Thank you dearly. Care to share your search terms?
8:12 PM
Looking in my registry the key name is ObjectName for the account the system is running as.
sure Windows registry key with services information first hit in google :)
@RoryMcCune Do you have a recommended viewer? I've been using regtool. It'll carve out the keys, but it's kind of ugly.
TBH never tried it :) looks like a decent range of them here tho' forensicswiki.org/wiki/Windows_Registry
I'm glad to be doing this one, since it is forcing me to learn the Windows side, but it's definitely a little out of my zone :)
weirdly I've been wandering the windows world today, looking for Powershell commands to help with build reviews
have a customer who doesn't want scanners run on a server, so manual build review it is..
Wandering or meandering?
8:16 PM
@RoryAlsop edited and voted to reopen
@Gilles Can't say I agree with the edit, since the OP has yet to clarify his reasons for avoiding the Registry.
In other news, I think I have a new favorite "Infosec Reaction". This one's titled "Evading IDS":
@ScottPack has been a bit of a meander I will admit, easily distracted :)
@Gilles okay - quick question though...I can W?
@Iszi - beautiful, although it's a Mitsubishi rather than a Scoob I still approve
@RoryMcCune I understand completely.
@RoryAlsop rite a small utility around it.
no idea what happened here
8:21 PM
@RoryAlsop "Scoob"? Is that some Scottish euphemism or something?
Scooby == Subaru (think it came from the Aussies)
@Iszi Isn't everything a Scott? says a euphemism?
Kevin Montrose on October 09, 2012

We all know everyone loves pretty pictures, chock full of graph-y goodness.

You probably also know that about two months ago we started the Stack Overflow Machine Learning Contest, and that it’s now winding down.  All models have been (or will shortly be) committed, and we’re starting to gather data for the final judgement.

What you may not have known about was the subsidiary Visualization Contest, which is looking to find an interesting and informative way of making sense of the mountains of interesting data in our data sets.  You’re free to pull in any additional publicly ava …

I'm just entranced by the beauty of that slide
8:22 PM
@ScottPack I think they only use one "t".
over and over and over again
@ScottPack But yes, often it seems everything you say is a euphemism.
@Iszi Oh, it's pcre. The character immediately preceding the '?' is optional. So both Scott and Scot matches.
@RoryMcCune LocalSystem FTW!
@RoryAlsop How is it that you picked the exact time I decided to check today's "What If", to post it here?
Seriously, I'd just gotten done reading it, then came back to chat and saw you posted the link.
@Gilles I'm not sure it's really about privacy. If he's really that worried about it, he might just as well disable cached credentials entirely. The original question wasn't about privacy at all, though. It was about "how do I do this"? A privacy question fit for our site would be "what are the ramifications of doing/not doing this"?
8:40 PM
@ScottPack cool :)
9:22 PM
@Iszi call it synchronicity, call it deja vu
9:36 PM
Is it okay to ask about Security Awareness Programs here?
It's a noisy search, I'd like to find something hosted for a small business (20ppl), that is SCORM-compliant,etc.
SANS pricing seems out of whack for small biz, Symantec doesn't seem to have a hosted-option (have to download a free moodle LMS), Trustwave isn't very responsive...
What other vendors with reputation are out there? I also looked at terranova and a few others but prefer a vendor with some brand behind them
10:02 PM
@HTTP500 Product recommendations and/or shopping questions are considered off topic for every SEI site. Sorry. :(
@HTTP500 on the site, no, but in chat, yes, if someone competent (not me) is around
10:52 PM
@HTTP500 Bring them all to DEFCON. That should scare 'em.

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