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4:02 AM
A certain server is exposing its log files. A single file is huge and later events are at the bottom. Is there a good was to just download the bottom part of the files or do I have to download whole files to check the logs?
try the HTTP Range header
you can try downloading from 500M, then from 1G, them from 2G, until you receive 0 bytes and know that the file is not 10G... go reducing the range until you get something usable
curl -r is your friend
7 hours later…
11:27 AM
I have appeared
12:19 PM
morning meeting...
The best kind
"So if you look...at this...*yaaaawn*...excuse me"
I had 5h sleep this night, like the previous 3...
I wake up 20 minutes before the meeting, and let the computer all set the night before
good thing I don't need to be on camera
I hate meetings where I have to be on camera
Like, who the fuck would want to look at my ugly face? Plus, I like walking around the room on meetings
my workaround: sit with the back to a bright window
webcam will try to compensate the exposure and you will be so dark you cannot be seem
nobody will bother looking at you
or in night meetings, shutdown every single light. your face will be like a giant light bulb
12:40 PM
Luckily nobody asks me to
or I just say my webcam isn't working
They won't make me put on pants
1:01 PM
@ThoriumBR Yeah I know how very little sleep feels.
I ended up falling asleep after a roughly 76 hour insomnia episode.
It was really, really awesome.
Oh dear
A: Is it impossible to have a PDF file execute a command without abusing any exploits?

SibwaraAdobe Reader allows javascript in PDF to be interpreted (initially to allow features like form validation). You can manually edit your PDF in notepad++ to add scripts in javascript. One time I made a phishing campaign exercise based on this usecase. The script asked for a login password in a form...

"Yeah sure, here is a PDF if you want to know more"
Yeah it was horrific.
1:18 PM
you can do that with a text file with this contents:
"forward this text to every contact, then go to My Documents, delete everything, reboot"
@ThoriumBR like the guy who went to /g/ and said he had a tech problem and a guy told him to delete several registry keys and then reboot
Of course, his computer would not boot anmore
And he flipped his shit
some people are evil
I consider it practical advice
I saw a guy ask for help because his php code wasn't connecting to the database, and pasted the connection string....
"Don't do random stuff on your computer just because a stranger told you so"
1:20 PM
people dropped his database in 2 minutes
Wait it was public too!??!?!ß
yes, it was public... but it was 10 years ago...
I recall when people would include [img src="C:\Users\..."] in forum posts
And then say "Well it displays for me"
he got a server with public ip, no firewall, and mysql on port 3306
I think the only way to really educate people in some regards is to demonstrate what happens if they dont listen
1:22 PM
I usually edit questions on the forum when people put the entire domain, usernames and things like that...
you know what's funny? There are legit IPv4 addresses reserved to be used in technical documentation and
Sometimes I wonder if the IETF was smoking crack
"Ayy, let's make some real fake IP addresses you can use in documentation, so people will know they're fake"
"Oh, so like or such?"
"nah mate, it, let's make it 256 addresses."
"Isn't that a bit much?"
"Yeah, you're right. Let's make it 768 addresses"
"...I don't---"
"And 16 million addresses refer to localhost now"
1:39 PM
yes, an entire /8 for localhost is a little overkill
nightmarish user experience... I am required to rate my knowledge on 300+ skills, and the page I need to navigate is 20 pages long... to rate every skill it navigates to another page using javascript, so no way to open in new tab. when I rate my knowledge and save, it gets back to THE TOP of the page and I have to remember where I was and return there...
just list all 300 skills on the same page with radio buttons to me to choose!
it takes me more time to find the next skill than to filling the form
2:01 PM
I hate such forms
I should fill out one as well
and some skills are SO basic that, man... I literally had one asking if I know how to write!
there are a skill for "cloning guest"... man, that's ONE command! you either never heard of it, and it's a zero, or you know the basics of the hipervisor and it's a 5... there's no "I kinda know the command to clone a guest" or "I know how to clone one, but need help to clone 4"
@ThoriumBR The best form fail I have ever seen is an application form where you had to enter your race, and if you selected "Caucasian", it replied "Incorrect answer"
I saw a form with Gender: Female or Adult
Don't get me wrong, I'm 99% sure it was just a misconfiguration (probably code copied from some sort of exam example), but damn is it bad optics
@ThoriumBR I had that with Gender: Male, Female, Other, Asian.
I see those all the time on 9gag and reddit
300+ skills, it takes me 30 seconds to get in, select, click back, and find the next...
I am spending 2.5 HOURS on this! my manager will have to promote me...
2:10 PM
I have to do a similar thing, but the problem is that they did not split it by department
I guess my "filling forms" skills will be "master level"
So I have to answer everything in regards to sales, marketing, HR, etc....
like here... I have "Advise on Network Security" and "Build trust" and "Perform executive interviews"...
I have to interview the next VP of marketing, later I need to fix the vlan mess, and cook the cake for the break on the meeting where I explain why it's advisable to trust your colleagues...
it's all here... marketing, HR, technical on every branch (network, security, infra, database, coding), "soft skills"... and I need to fill each one
put a 1 on each one at least (1- I believe I heard something about it) or your skills meter will be at 100 and your colleagues are at 350...
2:17 PM
How pointless
@MechMK1 What's the localhost subnet?
I've apparently never heard of this before...
Are you talking about 10.0.0/8?
No joke, btw
So it does not matter whether or not you connect to, or it all connects to localhost
Q: Track code from Github public repos

MACYI just started working in a small IT company and I work as a web developer. Now, I am still getting familiar with old projects and just found out that my previous developer has created all Github repos as public repos. So, everything he did for the company, during the company time, was in public ...

What would you do in this situation? I mean, likely seems like a breach of contract
2:34 PM
I was just looking for you, @MechMK1 :P
@Derpy Oh, why so?
Since I know you like gatcha mechanics a lot...
"like", yeah :D
I wanted to share you a link from a currently ongoing talk in another room.
Sure thing
2:36 PM
in Not a bar, but plays one on TV, 19 hours ago, by Derpy
How to make Animal Crossing Pocket Camp less cozy with an update that on the surface seems to make the game more cozy
Start here and have fun....
When did psychological manipulation become so prevalent in games?
I say while paying way too much money to have Minamoto-no-Raikou in FGO
Just a warning. That room is one of the most "cozy" rooms on the network, by this I mean that it is not the case to be too much explicit there. Consider that room PEGI 7
Oh I won't write there
The DMZ is basically the only room I go to
The Tavern is....god I hate that place
@MechMK1 well, I realized you probably would love the story as soon as I mentioned "free loot boxes but you have to pay for the key"
I think you told me that story in the first place.
Games love guilt-tripping non-premium players, don't they?
2:41 PM
I used to lurk on Comms Room years ago... now I only have time to DMZ
I'm in the DMZ because I can say the N-word without getting 30
@ThoriumBR I had no idea that 127 reserved an 8. I have always just used
I honestly think the DMZ is the most politically incorrect room in the network
@ConorMancone There are other uses for the other localhosts
For example, if you have two applications that bind to the same port
so you can bind to for example
@MechMK1 Sneaky! I never would have thought of that... MUWAHAHA
@MechMK1 I'm not very familiar with other rooms in the network, but I'm glad this one plays fast and loose with the rules
@ConorMancone I needed that for burp once, because some application would bind to localhost
2:45 PM
so you can have around 1,048,560,000,000 open ports!
On a controversial note, everyone in my city got an emergency alert on our phones at 8:15 telling us that we had a 9pm curfew and to "go home now"
And burp WOULD NOT ALLOW ME to intercept to localhost
But, I could bind it to
Silly burp....
@ConorMancone Reply with "yes dad"
and that not counting the 169.254 subnet...
2:46 PM
This is unfortunately local news...
@MechMK1 I'm this close to switching to a linux phone instead of Android/iOS
@ConorMancone Oh dear
Did you see the video of the white guys shouting "FUCK YOU, BLACK LIVES MATTER" at that black guy in his car who was trying to get to work?
here we don't need the govnt to tell you to go home after 9pm...
He got out of the car and yelled "You're protesting the wrong person" and they kept shouting
lol, no, but I might need to see that one
let me find it
2:49 PM
I was already at home and almost in bed, but I was temped to get dressed and go somewhere because stuff like that ticks me off bad
Oh no it was a woman
@ConorMancone Yeah, it's like who the fuck are they to tell you where you are allowed to go
Just... wow....
Yeah, it's almost as if these people protest simply to protest, but without any reason behind it
Imagine being a black woman, and a white guy shouts "FUCK YOU, BLACK LIVES MATTER!" in your face as you get home from work.
Fucking surreal
@MechMK1 this update... I think they outdid themselves. The mechanics are so evil that it must have required a lot of work to think out.
See the "we will make you waste the keys before you realize those were keys to get the real good items"
@Derpy What?
2:57 PM
@MechMK1 you only read the first post I linked? :P
Read the next ones.
Short version: on day one of the update, everyone was given 10 free gifts to give out to friends. So... everyone used up those gifts and sent them to different people.
On day two, everyone was given a RARE gift that has a 100% chance to contain a better item (a cookie - aka a lootbox. So basically gifts are lootboxes that you send someone so that they may be lucky and find another lootbox inside.)
BUT.... to be able to send the RARE gift to someone, you first need to send 10 gift to that specific player.
.... Remember the 10 free gifts from the day before? To be able to send the RARE gift, you needed to send those to a specific person instead of diluting them on multiple players.
But ... that was told you only on day TWO. After you probably already gave them out.
3:13 PM
What a scumbag move
Holy shit
@MechMK1 no. If we see that, you will get kicked
@ConorMancone we still will stop things. If folks don't abide by our basic rules, mods from all over will swarm, and then the rules get much stricter
so... keeping at a sensible level avoids harsher controls
@RoryAlsop I actually quoted it, as I didn't say it, I talked about it
@MechMK1 yes - I see that
thank you
I just like to misrepresent the facts to say I said it, because I am childish :D
@MechMK1 you like to know where the boundaries are...so you can play with stepping over them a little? ;-P
3:21 PM
@RoryAlsop Like any little kid does, right?
@MechMK1 ...
I mean, last time after I came home from the shooting range, I took a nap and then ate icecream
@MechMK1 that's all wrong! Should be ice cream before nap...
Should be, yeah, then I could have played videogames longer
I don't want to write this report, I want to play Risk of Rain 2........
@RoryAlsop Indeed, and don't get me wrong - I'm all for that. Basic courtesy and respect should always reign supreme. But it's nice to be able to talk about controversial and unrelated topics (aka modern politics) without immediately getting yelled at.
3:31 PM
>controversial and unrelated topics
This app doesn't allow users to change their password. Is that normal?
Is there a good reason to do that? I mean, except if authentication is done elsewhere
@MechMK1 Yawn, sooo boring... I'm going to go hang out somewhere else...
Noooo, I promise I will talk about conspiracy theories soon
zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
3:49 PM
please don't
I wouldn't
Conor is just teasing me
Everybody is so serious in recent days, I wonder why
Twitter is banning a lot of accounts in the last 2 days
@MechMK1 probably long overdue - their bot detection has been slowly improving, but they are terrible at removing those who are just there to spout hate and to incite violence
Hey, my friends aren't bots :D
And if they are...well, we passed the turing test :D
And the thing about "hate" is that there is a bit of a double standard going on. I reported a post where someone said "We should just round up all the white people and shoot them" and twitter said nop,e that's okay in their books
Like...I don't know, that just doesn't seem right to me
3:54 PM
@MechMK1 that should be taken down - even just according to their rules
@RoryAlsop Of course, when you see stuff like that, it's easy to accuse Twitter of being biased
And to be fair, I too think they are biased
@MechMK1 they are biased in favour of controversy, encouraging extreme views, and of trying too hard to allow "free speech"
Are we talking about the same Twitter? :DDDDD
I think that their decisions are more or less arbitrary
all social media, as far as I can see
I have the theory that they simply employ an alogorithm that decides whether or not a post should be removed or not
And that results in them not really having any concrete rules as to what is allowed and what is not
The AI decides, and nobody knows how that works
3:58 PM
@MechMK1 absolutely - but the algorithms are incredibly badly trained
I mean, I got banned for doing the "I'l bash ye fookin' 'ead in I swear on mi mum" meme
Like, any human being, in that context, would have understood that it was a joke and not a threat
probably because the person I talked to laughed at it, and I laughed at it with him
but 3 days later "Nope, permabanned for threats of violence"
@MechMK1 and yet it misses the real problem
I saw someone temporarily banned for suggesting trump was "yeeted into the sun"
again - a joke, obviously
maybe that should be part of the Turing test
Yeah, and it should be treated as such
Indeed. I mean, I may have a bit of an extreme view, but I think platforms like Twitter, which have such an influence on how the human population communicates, should be Freedom of Speech absolutists, and give people the tools to shape what they see and not see
Muting people, blocking people, muting keywords
Like, if you think that you don't ever want to see any posts that contain words like "nigger", no matter in which context they may be, you should be able to mute them - i.e. any tweet containing that word would simply not appear for you
Anyways, it's late for me, I got to go now and clean up my dirty apartment
The dishes are overdue
And to be fair the floor probably too
Have a good one, lads and lasses
@MechMK1 you too
3 hours later…
7:21 PM
@MechMK1 lol!
@ConorMancone we passed the turing test guys!
You can train a computer to say "lol" though...
I saw on slashdot an article on a bot writing an article about why us humans aren't to be afraid of bots getting smart and controlling us
it was well written, but not very convincing... but they will get better at convincing us, and at controlling us
7:54 PM
political correctness and automatized censorship will force us to invent new swearwords and insults
We could start using the M-word, for example. M as in Microsoft. Shut up you microsoft! Son of a microsoft.
Stop it Johnny, why are you always such a macro

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