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12:51 AM
Q: What's the most effective way to detect nmap scans?

niemal010As the title says, I am interested in detecting any nmap scans directed on a (my) GNU/Linux host. I would like to use snort in combination with barnyard2 and snorby for this, or if possible to perform a signature-based detection on snort unified2 logs. I noticed a similar packet to the following ...

10 hours later…
11:02 AM
Dat achievement
2 hours later…
12:59 PM
^ don't want to accidentially click "buy it now" with that!
1:29 PM
@RоryMcCune But, but .... it's worth every penny of its £36,750.00 price no? That's ... "only" £2.45 per drop. :)
1:47 PM
@RоryMcCune The sad thing is that it will be bought by some mercantile Philistine who will keep it in a safe and speculate on it, instead of drinking it.
Reminds me of those secret area's in Return To Castle Wolfenstein
where the secret treasure item is a bottle of 1675 Latour
2:09 PM
A new Krispy Kreme is opening up in out local shopping centre :-(
@Simon - you would be happy. I just hate the additional queueueueueues
2:33 PM
@RoryAlsop You could employ @Simon as your errand boy then, I'm sure he wouldn't mind fetching you doughnuts :)
2:55 PM
@RоryMcCune And on top of it all, they want to charge you £4.95 for shipping!!
I'm not sure whether it's more ridiculous that they're not throwing in free shipping for a £36,750 bottle of whisky, or that the price of shipping seems to indicate that they plan on dropping it into a box and chucking it in the standard post.
@TildalWave I really hate Krispy Kreme - the queueue is not for me, it's just getting in the way. They are giving away free boxes of doughnuts to everyone
@RоryMcCune that's a bit steep
I don't approve
3 hours later…
6:12 PM
Q: Diginotar hacking incident

IdonknowIn August 2011, the private key of the CA 'Diginotar' is stoen by a Iranian hacker. I am trying to find what are the techniques used to obtain the private key. But what I found is just the consequences of lossing a private key. Can anyone tell me or give a link which tells me the techniques used?

Do we want this here? It's technically on-topic, and it could be a good question if it was answerable (learning from Diginotar's mistake), but AFAIK the answer isn't publicly known.
1 hour later…
7:39 PM
@Gilles Yeah, I believe you're right...I don't think the details have ever been published. Because of that, probably not a great question anywhere, despite the fact it is on-topic.
4 hours later…
11:31 PM
Q: Sterilize PDF files

somelooser28533I use Linux on my desktop, but I got suprised after checking random PDF files on my machines with Virustotal. One of them contained a "PDF.Exploit.CVE_2008_2992". So PDF files can have malicious content in them. Question: How can I "sterilize" a PDF file? I'm thinking of converting a PDF file ...


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