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2:57 AM
Q: Can I say my Dharma is Karma?

Dheeraj VermaI do not subscribe to any religion. I am confused about my Dharma. Can I say my Dharma is Karma?

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4:47 AM
Nog Shine has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Nog Shine has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
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6:51 AM
@BhargavRao - Yes , Thanks 💐🍫 , I will update the answer in time if such similar Tirthas, kundas or streams etc. Will require to dig 18 Mahapuranas 😀 But let's hope we will find more on this.
Hi, Is there a mention of "Maha Sadhashiva" anywhere in the Vedas? (Disc: I'm writing an answer for this other post, it is complete, but I don't have a reference to a vedas, hence I've not posted it). Thanks a lot for your help. — Bhargav Rao 4 mins ago
@SwiftPushkar or @NogShine ---^^^
7:03 AM
@BhargavRao WoW .. waiting for your answer , Do u need some help. ?
Yeah, I need a vedic reference, or a reference from Agamas.
Where's Rickross, when you need him. :p
@BhargavRao Wait posting an answer in 5 min.🖐
@BhargavRao I wil give u that wait..
Awesome, thanks.
@BhargavRao Yes now wht u want. BtW check my ans on Himalaya in rig Veda.
@SwiftPushkar I want some references where "Maha Sadashiva" is mentioned. I know that Sadashiva is mentioned in the kamika aghama, but I've not read much about it.
7:16 AM
@BhargavRao - 🍫 (This is dark one) but if your like the normal one , will give u frm. next time 😀 Yes , will search about Maha-Sada Shiva in Agams i have and in shiva purana also simultaneously. 👍👍
Cool, I'll post the answer as is, and then I can edit it.
Or no, I'll post it tomorrow.
@BhargavRao Yes Post it ,i will update it even in your absence , no problem even @TheDestroyer & @Tezz will upadte the answer as they know more abt.this .😀👍👍
Perfect, Thanks. I'll just add a small update and post it
@KrishnaShweta -Bhagvat purana is mentioning abt. colours in detail. Right now don't have the book , will update u in eve.
@BhargavRao -Yes 🐝
A: What is the meaning behind Shiva with 26 heads and 52 hands in temple in Tamil Nadu?

Bhargav RaoHe is known as: Maha Sadashiva Maha sadashiva is an extended form of Sadashiva. From Sanskrit, Maha means greater. Hence Maha sadhashiva is a greater form of Sadashiva. The significance is similar to Sadashiva, from Wikipedia: Sadasiva (Sanskrit: चताशिव, Catāśiva, Tamil: சதாசிவம் ), is th...

Posted it
7:35 AM
@BhargavRao Yes , Images is quite sharp and very comprehensive ans. Bravo 💐 Will add ref. from scriptures also. Just finishing another answer ,will look at scriptures in some time.🌷
I'll probably start studying for my exams now
@BhargavRao There are some spelling corrections in answer - see Maha-Kylasa should be Maha Kailasha ,Hindoo should be Hindu etc.
I've converted it using OCR, it's from a very old book.
@BhargavRao Yeah , do ur best ..Best wishes to u .. And do visit often. 🙂
Thanks. I've got another exam just 2 days after Shivrathri. Pray to Bhimashankar on my behalf. :)
7:39 AM
@BhargavRao Yeah i know , but just pointed .. Anyways our @NogShine will correct it ..😀 soon
@BhargavRao Haha yes sure .. 😃
@BhargavRao 😔 ohh keshav Srinivasan already given answer. Was nearly same
@SwiftPushkar which Abhimanyu's marriage one? If there's some other details, you can add your answer as well.
@BhargavRao No
A: How many sages are referred to in the badrayana vyasa's Brahma sutras?

Keshav SrinivasanHere are all the figures that Vyasa names in the Brahma Sutras other than himself (using the Sutra numbering here) Jaimini: He's mentioned 17 times, starting in Adhyaya 1 Pada 2 Sutra 28: According to Jaimini, there is no contradiction even in case of direct meditation. Asmarathya: He's me...

Bah, that's sad :D
Happens though.
@BhargavRao haha yes ..
8:15 AM
Q: All God and Goddess Gayatri mantra

Navamani Sidhathanwhere to find the Gayatri mantra for all God ? -God Siva -God Bairavaa etc.. I found some video from you tube but not sure is safe to chat

9:05 AM
@BhargavRao There is a question by Keshav about 25 headed sadashiva carrying Vishnu in paramapadam. It is there in Pancharatra Agamas.
@NogShine Perfect, thanks. I'll link that answer
@BhargavRao Wait, there's more to it.
It recently got an answer that there's no such textbut that's a wrong answer.
Hello folks o/
9:10 AM
@Nog, I've gotta go, add in your answer, thanks!
(have an exam, so need to study :/)
HH Chinna Jeeyar swami said that it is present in Agama scriptures. Jeeyar knows better than any indologists and there is also a temple constructed according to it. So, there is a reference to 25 headed Shiva but dunno where specific verse. @BhargavRao
@BhargavRao Okay study well.
@AnkitSharma Hello stranger o/
@SwiftPushkar Hahaha
@NogShine haha
@NogShine maybe we need to superping keshav.
Q: What scriptures describe Sadashiva carrying Vishnu in Vishnu's abode of Paramapadam?

Keshav SrinivasanAs I discuss in this question, the Sri Vaishnava sect (of which I am a member) places great importance on the Divya Desams, the 108 sacred places of Vishnu which are mentioned in the poems of the Alwars. Now two of the Divya Desams are not even on Earth! As I discuss here, there is Thiruparkada...

@SK There are no statutes of limitations. Again, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. But in this case, I actually do have an answer. Someone contacted Chinna Jeeyar Swami on my behalf, and he specified exactly which Pancharatra Agamas describe this. I just haven't posted it yet, because I haven't found them in English translation. — Keshav Srinivasan ♦ Dec 5 '17 at 1:16
@BhargavRao good luck
9:14 AM
@NogShine hello
how is it going
There's one tomorrow, one day after and one next Thursday.
I hate exams
@SwiftPushkar Yes, there are some mistakes in the ocr. I will correct them later. cc @BhargavRao
@AnkitSharma Going good. Have you found anything to overcome boredom?
@NogShine I invited him over, let's see if he has found some evidence.
9:24 AM
@NogShine Ok :-)
Fwiw, in my answer, I've cited enough references, but a quote from a Purana or a Aghama, would make the answer more worthy.
@BhargavRao likeely no. They are not translated into English. That's the only problem.
@BhargavRao yes, seen that. It can stand alone.
@BhargavRao Yes , And the scripture should specifically mention about this form of SadaShiva having 26 heads and 52 hands. As the question .
I actually have another question asking who is she
But that's after exams
Okay, I'll turn off my computer, else, I'll not study. :D
@BhargavRao may be maha shakti OR Adi para shakti
@BhargavRao haha Hinduism SE is highly addictive for me also .
9:30 AM
@BhargavRao Hi
Am I dreaming @KeshavSrinivasan is here!!
@NogShine Haha
@BhargavRao It was @NogShine that contacted Chinna Jeeyar Swami on my behalf. Here is Chinna Jeeyar Swami's reply:
"Jai srimannarayna
Your question is genuine. Let them look into the Padma Samhitha, then Sriprasna samhitha etc.,
If they read the ‘yoga pitta parikalpanam’ they can find these details.
@BhargavRao I haven't found English translations of any of these three texts yet.
@NogShine Did u contacted him personally or through mail ?
@KeshavSrinivasan We can translate if we even get the verse or chapter no. etc. are these two avaliable in sanskrit ?
@SwiftPushkar I got email of the organisation. Getting an appointment and talking to them personally is difficult
@KeshavSrinivasan Thanks! Let me know when you find a reference. The book which I have cited, has clearly mentioned that the 25 headed form is mentioned in Skanda Purana.
9:37 AM
@NogShine oh ok .. and because of his tours/lectures etc. also
Actually, I didn't expect a reply from them. Asking exact reference is a silly thing. It feels bad and disrespectful.
(On mobile now, else I would have linked the book from the answer. Sorry for that)
@SwiftPushkar Yeah, the Prashna Samhita and the Padma Samhita are both available ońline in Sanskrit.
@KeshavSrinivasan Ok :-)
1,609 questions are unanswered .. Lets all of us also try to find answers of them otherwise the backlog will continue to increase .
9:56 AM
@NogShine office fun committee meeting at 4;30
@BhargavRao why need so many heads
@NogShine And answering hindusim.se meta ;)
@AnkitSharma Its just a symbolism , all forms are combined. in one supreme form which is higher Maha or Para from which all other forms originate.
@AnkitSharma Great, @AJ is not here on Hinduism. So, you know who will edit your post ;)
Ohhh! u already did it?
@BhargavRao I think this form of sada shiva is mentioned in arunachal mahtmya of skanda purana , will look into it .
@BhargavRao BTW you can download entire skanda purana here - drive.google.com/drive/folders/… add in youur collection .
n all of u 😀
10:59 AM
Q: Do Hindu gods have an atman?

user13088I have looked both online and in a library for a source that contained information about this question, but could not find it. Could somebody tell me if Gods have an atman? Please cite your source.

Q: Do Hindu gods have an atman?

user13088I have looked both online and in a library for a source that contained information about this question, but could not find it. Could somebody tell me if Gods have an atman? Please cite your source.

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1:50 PM
@BhargavRao Doing M.S from US?
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4:14 PM
Q: Where in Mahabharata is panini the grammarian mentioned?

Anubhav JhaPanini who wrote astadhyayi on Sanskrit grammar was present during the time of mahabharata, some sites claim that he was also a character in Mahabharata, which passages in the epic mention Panini?

Do you guys know about MahaVatar Babaji : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahavatar_Babaji ?
4:29 PM
@TheLittleNaruto Yes ,we know abt. him @TheDestroyer , chinmay sarupia are some guys who knows grt.deal abt. him.🙂
4:49 PM
@SwiftPushkar Will ask them then. Thanks :)
Q: What's that which make something insentient and other sentient?

Rajas.Consciosness is ever present everywhere. There is no place where it is not! So on what basis something becomes insentient & other sentient?

Q: Regarding some questions on Mahavatar Babaji

Santanu DebnathI came to know from Autobiography of a Yogi, by Swami Yogananda that Babaji is an immortal. My questions are: What is the birthdate of Mahavatar Babaji? What is the last account of babaji? I mean when he was last seen? Do babaji still give visit to some?

@TheLittleNaruto and i think there is another one but cant find it now
@SwiftPushkar Reading... Thanks
@TheLittleNaruto - Ok :-)
@SwiftPushkar Nice.
5:01 PM
@KrishnaShweta Hi! stranger!
Hello @NogShine.
Nothing. You should say.
When are we meeting? :P
We live so near but didn't met.
@Rajas. I think Maya :-)
We will surely meet some day. :)
5:07 PM
Yes, sure.
@BhargavRao Beautiful!
5:22 PM
surrendering to sleep ; BYE 😴
@SwiftPushkar Maybe. Good night dear. :)
@SwiftPushkar Btw, I think Subjectivite consciousness becomes Male & Objective consciousness Female. But can't think on sentient/insentient case.
6:17 PM
Q: Are any boons/curses issued in Rig Veda?

S KThe poets pray for cattle and so forth and pray to rudra not to harm them but there doesn't seem to be boons and curses recorded in rig veda. One would think boons and curses would be mostly puranic. So, do we find boons/curses anywhere in Rig Veda?

Q: Clarification on Ramcharitmanas 6.61, 1.195, 1.190

YDSI am looking for commentaries or correct translations for Ramcharitmanas 6.61, 1.195, 1.190 as I got series of questions as below: Ramcharitmanas 6.61 (Lankakaanda - Doha/Sortha 61): सुत बित नारि भवन परिवारा। होहिं जाहिं जग बारहिं बारा।। अस बिचारि जियँ जागहु ताता। मिलइ न जगत सहोदर भ्रा...

7:03 PM
@Rajas. yep.
@KrishnaShweta did you see the photo of Shiva with 25 heads?
7:14 PM
@BhargavRao How can one correct a typo in the tag name?
7:25 PM
@NogShine You need to edit it individually, even mods can't rename tags easily. (CMs can, or perhaps they're quite experienced so they know how to do it easily)
@BhargavRao I wanted to correct boons to boon since it seems better and goes nice with curse. now, I have to wait for 24 hours
Hmm, I think a mod can add "boon" there.
Will wait for tomorrow. Mod intervention is not necessary
BTW, did you see, Shog asked a bug report and got fixed within 24 hours.
Q: Newly-earned tag badge shows pop-up for newly-earned normal badge

Shog9So, I recently earned a couple of badges - one Proofreader and one tag badge: One small problem: clicking the tag badge shows the pop-up for the proofreader badge: Clearly, this is a calculated effort to convince me to edit more and decline less, which is admirable. But all it has accompli...

7:48 PM
Hah, that's fun.
Q: Difference between meditation buzzing & Tinnitus?

Just_Do_ItI used to do meditation chanting OM/AUM (with help of a YouTube audio) using headphones but not now, I follow different method now. But my question is: How does a person know that the constant buzzing sound in the ear is due to the meditation or if it is Tinnitus? Is it possible that one can st...

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9:10 PM
Q: Affiliate Ads Are Coming To The Network

Tim PostSome time ago, we announced that certain SE sites will have advertising enabled. This has gone well and we're extremely thankful to everyone for their support and feedback. Because it has been successful so far, we're going to be extending the program to the majority of our graduated sites. Well,...

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10:53 PM
hi anyone around?
I'm still confused if homosexuality is accepted in Hinduism.
11:18 PM
Q: Homosexuality enjoyed for its on sake

WilliamAccording to the following book it states the following. On the other hand, the Kama Sutra states that homosexual sex "is to be engaged in and enjoyed for its own sake as one of the arts." Is this true? I tried doing some research about this question and it appears Hindiusm talks about peo...

Q: Homosexuality enjoyed for its on sake

WilliamAccording to the following book it states the following. On the other hand, the Kama Sutra states that homosexual sex "is to be engaged in and enjoyed for its own sake as one of the arts." Is this true? I tried doing some research about this question and it appears Hindiusm talks about peo...


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