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Q: Where can I find the meaning in English , of Shree Rudram Laghunyasam?

Shree SenguptaI have found the meaning of Shree rudram Namakam and Chamakam on net already but The Laghunyasam part is not available with English Meaning or commentary anywhere as I have searched. If anybody can refer a book, that too will be helpful.

12:30 PM
Q: Is an Avatar all-knowing?

Satwik Agrawale.g., do Shri Ram/ Shri Krishna know everything that is going to happen (even in their material forms) and do their leelas to teach lessons to us?

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5:50 PM
Q: Bṛhaspati/brahmaṇaspati as Indra and Agni in Vedas

MayuraaWhy are Indra and Agni both regarded as Bṛhaspati in Rigveda 10.112.9 and 3.26.2, respectively? Rig-Veda 2.23.1 ग॒णानां॑ त्वा ग॒णप॑तिं हवामहे क॒विं क॑वी॒नामु॑प॒मश्र॑वस्तमं । ज्ये॒ष्ठ॒राजं॒ ब्रह्म॑णां ब्रह्मणस्पत॒ आ नः॑ शृ॒ण्वन्नू॒तिभिः॑ सीद॒ साद॑नं ॥ Rig-Veda 10.112.9, for Indra, नि षु सी॑द गण...

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8:42 PM
Q: Do Hindus worship cows in some way?

Ubiquitous StudentI've read that Hinduism respects cows since they are considered to have holy Gods. I was curious to know if Hindus also worship cows in some way? I'm really ignorant in this theme, so I'd like to understand exactly the relation (regarding worship) between the Hinduism beliver to the cow.


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