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3:14 AM
Q: preservation of food in the ancient times

juztcodeIs there any specific vedic/tantric science that deals with the preservation of food? i.e. methods use to preserve food that people used to implement in acient times?

6 hours later…
8:49 AM
This question is more appropriate for History SE than here as it's not directly related to Hinduism and is about society and culture. But you can ask a Q. there about how historical Vedic culture used to preserve the food and what methods were used back then. — SwiftPushkar 3 hours ago
@SwiftPushkar I feel Atharvaveda should have it.
5 hours later…
1:34 PM
@TheLittleNaruto - Least likely , I haven't came across any mention as such in AV . There is one possibility in Ayurveda texts like Charak samhita etc. and some contemporary general encyclopedia books though.
@TheLittleNaruto - BTW the chat rooms are silent now a days , we will resume chatting activity again , hope everyone will participate as we used to do before. Atleast @pandya you and me will try to soon..@TheDestroyer will likely join as well. Pls. convey my message to both in your private mod. chat.
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3:25 PM
@SwiftPushkar Sure! Remember this question: Making use of Hinduism chatroom ? ^^
I am always in for keeping chatroom active. :)
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5:37 PM
Q: Significance/ Allowability and examples of adding the Pranava against deities’ names

ArchitSo as per the Skanda Purana, Śaṁkara Saṁhitā, Śivarahasya khaṇḍa, Skanda as a teacher describes the meaning of the Pranava to Lord Shiva, as his student as: सुब्रह्मण्यों स्वरस्यार्थस्त्वं चाहं च सदाशिवोम्। Subrahmanyom, the pranava is you (shiva) and/or me (subrahmanya), Sadashivom. Sambhava kā...

2 hours later…
7:15 PM
Q: Is eating meat allowed in Hinduism?

Stupid_InternI believe that people who follow hinduism follow mahabharat and ramayana. In mahabharat podcast i got to learn that many hindu gods or avatar of hindu gods eat meat. If that is the case why do a lot of hindus think eat meat is not in Hinduism or think that it will upset hindu gods like ram, hanum...


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