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3:57 AM
Q: How many types of Ekadasi are there in sanathan dharma?

hanugmEkadasi is a tithi in Hinduism. Many people around the world observes fast on Ekadasi and is also considered special among the tithis according to scriptures. How many types of Ekadasi are there in total?

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6:46 AM
Q: Is it said in hinduism that food served before an individual should not be consumed with more delay?

satyaMany parents complain that food should not be taken with more delay. This may be told as of a reason that "annam parabrahma swaroopam" and delaying the food by engaging in other activities is like insulting goddess Annapurna. Also say that while consuming food, one should not involve in any other...

Q: Did Ravana wear a sacred thread?

Parthibaraj RajasekarDid Ravana wear a sacred thread? If I get details like did he used to wear everyday or occasional days, it will be helpful

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8:23 AM
Q: The 5 theories of Advaita

The Crimson UniverseCan someone please explain me these theories of advaita vedanta in simple words. The information that is out there on the internet is a little hard for me to grasp. Ajati-vada Abhasa-vada Drishti-Srishti-vada Parinama-vada Vivarta-vada Thank you.

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9:41 AM
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2:52 PM
Q: Regarding bilva dalam

Srinivas ReddyHi sorry to say unfortunately erroneously I cut the one branch of bilva tree ..is it could be effect me .after knowing this I realised that it was my mistake. What should I do please suggest


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