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9:12 AM
Write own crypto code? Check. Use languages that have reached EOL? Check. Miss the irony? Check!
Q: AES GCM in PHP/Java

Ankit BansalI have to write the encryption/decryption library in AES-256 with GCM block mode. I have written the same in java and it is working fine. Here is the code : private static final int GCM_IV_SIZE_BYTES = 12; private static final int GCM_TAG_SIZE_BYTES = 16; private static final int GCM_SALT...

Oh, it isn't quite as bad as I thought. I thought the OP was programming the full AES algorithm, but that isn't the case - just trying to make wrappers around it.
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10:21 AM
@ConorMancone Yeah, but the answer was basically "You don't know if they suffer from paranoia. You're not qualified to diagnose that"
I mean I'm fairly certain that guy doesn't have all his kernel modules loaded if you know what I mean, but it's still best to stick to the facts.
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11:25 AM
Q: In a visual novel game with optional sidequests, how to encourage the sidequests without requiring them?

SciborgContext I'm working on a small visual novel-style game, telling the story of a defense attorney and investigator. The story is split into chapters, with each chapter being a new case, and there are also recurring characters who develop throughout the story. It's a mini Phoenix Wright-style experi...

This is such a weird framing for a question
11:57 AM
Q: Is deleted Cache retrievable?

Yashveer SinghYesterday my close friend revealed to me that he had accidentally clicked a video on a legal porn site that featured child porn. He accepted he did not close the video immediately and watched at least half of it, however he did not give me any clear reason upon my questioning, just said that he w...

Jesus fuck...
"my close friend"... sure buddy, sure
12:47 PM
@MechMK1 that's a good one :) my favorite is usually "the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead"
@FireQuacker is it okay to tell this guy that "it's a firmware virus and you need to throw everything out and buy new devices?" (Read the "is deleted cache retrievable" question from above).
That one really tops just every list if terrible things...
Ironically this is one of the few cases where a VPN might actually be helpful (other than the fact that law enforcement can get logs out of VPNs just as easily as an ISP)
Steffen mentioned that how quickly data is overwritten depends on how quickly his computer needs more free space, to which the OP answered:
@SteffenUllrich "how long it is retrievable depends on the activity on the system" - Are you saying that if he uses his computer extensively to search videos, visit different websites etc. then it will be overwritten and much difficult to restore? — Yashveer Singh 6 hours ago
I think the OPs take away was "So in order to hide the fact that I viewed child porn, I must watch as much porn as possible!!!"
This is one of those cases where I legitimately don't know what to say...
1:11 PM
@ConorMancone I think this is one of the cases where you just call the cops
@MechMK1 ditto
@MechMK1 as a father of a bunch of kids: I would if I could. Although I would also making reporting the site a high priority
1:33 PM
I know that he didn't mean it like this but his wording here is telling:
@ConorMancone He is more worried about the possible possession charges against him, not the fact that he viewed it. — Yashveer Singh 33 mins ago
Translation: I don't regret this, I just don't want to get in trouble
1:54 PM
Fucking hell this keeps getting worse and worse
2:25 PM
he should report the site...
I was looking forward to having some fun in the DMZ but no, we get disgusting people instead
I'm only making this worse, but: the worst part is that the difference between a 16 year old and an 18 year old is easy to miss. This means that, while it would be bad enough if he was talking about a 16 or 17 year old, the fact that he knows that it is child pornography means that it was someone much younger. :(
I wasn't even thinking about that
I fucking hate the internet
Although as far as I'm concerned, 18 and 19 year olds should count as child pornography too. That's far too young to be making decisions that may follow you for the rest of your life...
2:52 PM
I don't know, I don't find pornography appealing
3:18 PM
@ConorMancone I agree... I believe 21 should be the minimum age to do porn
@MechMK1 we got disgusting people, politics, "my country is worse than yours", "what kind of dismemberment videos do you like?"... and so on...
Why giving so much background details, I mean, who cares, he could just have said he wanted to delete a cache forever
It's like saying, hey, I took a picture of my mother while she was naked, but when I run "stat picture-of-my-milf-mother-large-boobs.jpeg", I see the permissions are 664 while I was expecting 644. Why?
Fun fact of the day: if I give you a link to my blog, you click on it, read an interesting article, but in a hidden frame in the background I set up a child porn video that plays automatically, you are a CRIMINAL!"
because there will be child porn saved on your machine, somewhere in the cache
it's the same thing for copyrighted material, if I give you a link to an academic paper but it's actually a link to a copyrighted novel, you automatically become a CRIMINAL!
if you run a bitcoin full node, you are a criminal, because somewhere buried on the blockchain someone posted links to child porn
I believe the links are dead since a looong ago, but still...
3:38 PM
@ThoriumBR Ah yeah, the dismemberment videos, I recall
Q: Is there any proof in support of these basic security guidelines?

djvgThe Tech Solidarity organization provides a list of basic security guidelines, described by Jeff Atwood as ... pure gold and has been vetted by many industry professionals ... From that same organization, there is also a list of Security Guidelines for Congressional Campaigns (april 2019). Here...

Isn't this too broad?
Wouldn't it be better as three separate questions?
Maybe Tom K. was right when he said I'm turning the DMZ shit?
@FireQuacker I'd say no. It's a claim and he asks if there is evidence to support that
So basically if you add "is there evidence that" in front of any opinion based question, it will become acceptable here? Interesting
I'm not sure if that question is opinion based or not
@reed No, because someone else made the opinionated claim, someone who I'd consider at least a moderately trustworthy source
"My friend Joe claims..." is less substantial than "This security organization claims..."
hmm, right, that might make a difference
I only agree with the second statement though
I'm sure you can find evidence that iPhones are more secure than Android phones (on average). Chrome vs Firefox, I doubt it tough
3:53 PM
Everybody should use Emacs Web Wowser instead of Chrome or Firefox.
I guarantee you that it would eliminate at least 50% of cybersecurity incidents.
Because nobody knows how to use Emacs
use lynx/links/w3m...
emacs isn't the best for that...
do they have JS? This chat wouldn't work without javascript. I wish there was less JS on the web
4:09 PM
There used to be a time when developers thought about progressive enhancement and graceful degradation. Back then, the aim was to make a website at least functional without JavaScript. Like, maybe you could have a chat, but the page would have to be manually refreshed to get new messages.
Now, it's more like, "Eh, who cares about the dinosaurs who still don't use JavaScript?"
Plus React and Angular are so suh-weet that who wouldn't want to build a website that needs JavaScript just to show you a bunch of text?
Whenever I turn on JS completely and browse the web like "normal human beings", I get scared. The amount of ads, stuff loading asynchronously and breaking layout and UX, CPU cycles wasted for nothing, is just disgusting
Yeah... JS shouldn't be enabled without an adblocker
4:35 PM
bbc.com/news/world-europe-55027641 Isn't it seriously shocking they don't use two-factor authentication for these meetings, preferably with some form of biometrics?
"oh, let's have a super secret EU-wide conference... and while at it, let's tweet a picture with the login details..."
That's taking inclusiveness to a whole new level
if it's not secret, have it on an youtube channel!
if it's secret, don't tweet about it...
I doubt it was a really important conference, otherwise it wouldn't have happened
Spoiler: this is a decoy meeting...
4:47 PM
later on the night news: "Super Hardcore 1337 hax0r-journalists using stolen Chinese exploits breached military-grade quantum encryption and attacked a secret EU Conference"
people are afraid of badusb, firmware rootkits, infected ethernet cables, while the government are tweeting way too much...
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5:50 PM
The guy is really determined to delete the cache
Q: Can File Shredder shred just one file?

Yashveer SinghCan File Shredder be used to purge specifically Temporary Internet Files rather than the whole disk? Is there any option to just shred the Temporary Internet Files, and nothing else? Is this a good way to make cache unrecoverable (read: harder to recover)?

I'd just like to tell him that asking so many questions here might look suspicious, if the police was ever to investigate. Plus, wouldn't these questions remain in the cache as well? LOL
So a neurosurgeon which "friend" watched child porn by accident is trying way too hard to delete all evidence of cache files? No, isn't any suspicious at all...
@reed next question: "how to delete questions about child porn that I posted on SE from the site and from the cache"
exactly. Another comment I'd like to leave is "Go to Amazon and buy your dear friend a new HDD already, you cheap son of a gun"
After all, if you are so concerned about deleting data, the solution is always the same: destroy the media
6:10 PM
@ThoriumBR "Can I just blow up SE's data center or do I have to destroy all their drives individually? My friend wants to know..."
is it possible to upload an exploit to SE so everyone that sees my porn question got brainwhashed and delete their caches?
6:24 PM
Anyway, I had to look up his name because I was thinking: would someone who had to ask about child porn online use his real name?
And it turns out he's really a neurosurgeon, or someone is impersonating him
why does this situation reminds me of dreaded pirate roberts again?
In other words, he's posting using his real name. Or it could be someone else, that has decided to impersonate him to ask such questions here. Either way, I'm like WTF
I am more inclned to believe he posted under his own name
me too
> Law #9: Absolute anonymity isn't practically achievable, online or offline.
6:35 PM
Although I believe that if a nuclear bomb falls right on your head, meaning the tip of the bomb hits your forehead right in the middle, you will become anonymous
The real way to do it is to install a RAT on someone else's computer (who you don't know), then use TOR in the middle of the night to take over someone else's SE account, and then ask about how to delete your cache (while piping all text through Google Translate to eliminate any language quirks, of course)
6:46 PM
or download the target entire whatsapp/telegram/fb messenger history, train a neural network, and use it to post the question
7:09 PM
@reed lol, this line is cracking me up hard core
7:28 PM
@reed It never even occurred to me that he might actually be posting under his real name. I hope he's not that silly...
It has to be someone who is trying to cause trouble for someone else... Just look at this comment - these aren't opsec fails: he's basically shouting his name from the roof tops:
Steffen, sorry for acting stupidly, I am encountering all these things for the first time and I myself don't use computer much, I am a neurosurgeon by profession, so I need to ask questions that possibly look laughable or stupid, please pardon me for that. I read the guide where it was mentioned that the "files had to be chosen, directly implying that individual files can be shredded. However, not being a computer-savvy person, and having discussed the things about Cache and its secure deletion throughout today, I have an image in my mind that the disc space (used or unused) is an extremely... — Yashveer Singh 2 hours ago
3 hours later…
10:03 PM
Source maps are great. Every now and then I can't figure out how an app is supposed to be used. So I check out the source code and follow the commands. Yay for lazy developers!

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