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1:48 AM
Q: Is there a "classic" information security textbook?

ashMuch in the same way compilers has the dragon book, algorithms has the Cormen, and graphics has Foley & van Dam I am wondering what the book on computer security is. Not the "best" book, or the most practical, or the "hacking handbook", but the classic book on the fundamental theoretical concepts...

I think there is a single correct answer. It's Security Engineering full stop. That is the seminal academic text for InfoSec.
/cc @RoryAlsop
2:04 AM
@Xander The first two words in that statement precisely demonstrate why the question was closed.
Don't we have a general "Security Measures for IT Sec Conferences" question somewhere? Not precisely the same as this one, but all answers are equally applicable.
Q: Mac laptop security on insecure wifi connections

hotipsI'm going every year at big IT conferences (3k->4k people). Everyone is connected to the internet with wifi on laptops. This wifi is open, everyone can read the traffic and analyse it... The risk is nearly the same on wifi in hotel, hotspot etc.. except you have a concentration of interesting inf...

&#%!@? HTTPS breaking OneBox again.
2:24 AM
@Iszi I'm not sure when it was added, but yes I'm going off Rev4.
@Iszi Oh! Check this shit out. It's actually a nice app. ics-cert.us-cert.gov/Downloading-and-Installing-CSET
@Iszi My biggest problem is that there's no way to tell if I'm at the current version without downloading and attempting an install.
@ScottPack I think I'm missing something - what is CSET?
@AviD Heck yeah man. My mom's dong collection is vast and boundless. I'm sure she has more dong than the whole of vietnam does
4 hours later…
6:05 AM
Something I never would have guessed I'd ever be looking for, and would have less expected to be so hard to find: regulations and specifications regarding toilet weight limits.
6:31 AM
@Terry Here's a pic of me with your best friend.
@Adnan Image not found
Oh, Stallman.
How was his talk?
@Terry It's today
@Adnan Ahhh.
But yesterday we were dining
@Adnan You should have mentioned to him that you use a WP, own a Windows laptop and run Windows on servers. ;)
6:42 AM
@tylerl a picture also featuring the back of my and Marions heads...
Looks like a caption competition waiting to happen :-)
7:44 AM
mmm waking up with sun on my face
8:19 AM
lul, 4chan was hacked
8:36 AM
@kalina hacked? ymean, its not always supposed to be like that?
Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls, in case anybody is interested.
Odd, though, not only is Imperva in the Leaders quadrant, it's the only one.... weird.
@kalina yarr - is good
@AviD weird
@kalina I usually wake up with daughter on my face.
@RoryAlsop kind of like how Fortify was the main Leader for static analysis tools, for several years.
It does make you think how much research these Gartner folks actually do, as opposed to just reading the vendor's marketing materials.
@RоryMcCune how's the con going??
@AviD Pfft! Wadaya mean research? Who needs that!
@TerryChia ah, ymean the quadrant is based ONLY on the bribes the vendors pay?
@AviD No no, not bribes! Sponsorship!
8:44 AM
Remember back when we could close as Not A Real Question?
Q: Authenticating without a database

Alex LI've been inspired by a question over on Code Review, which boils down to: What is the proper way to authenticate a user without a database? Would it be the exact same process if you stored credentials in an array, or an XML file, or even just a plain ol' text file? For example, let's examine t...

I miss that.
Sometimes I wake up, look around the Internet, and decide I would have been better off just going back to bed.
9:14 AM
yes, nearly every single day
unfortunately the first place I look is the DMZ
unfortunately, I feel like I should go back to bed every single day
9:28 AM
aww, this is sweet. This guy (or girl) "Hack Door" from India wants to connect with me on linkedin. Right, because I obviously appreciate your work.
@AviD who :p?
@LucasKauffman Mr. Door. I'm not sure if "Hack" is his given name, or a nickname. Or if its a she.
@TerryChia I always preferred the term "facilitation fee"
@AviD sometimes it feels that way...
@AviD You've been infected by Simon I think
dammit, I am the one that starts the deterioration of the quality here!
9:41 AM
@ColinCassidy depends I guess, sometimes it might also result in surprise buttsex
@LucasKauffman No, @AviD is just a dirty old perv.
I really need to do something about that. Can I kick myself?
@AviD yep Alt+F4
9:54 AM
@AviD diskpart
yawn Morning.
10:16 AM
@Terry That "Wait, Wait! Don't pwn me" thing was not what I expected
I'm not disappointed, though. It was fun, but it was all about latest info sec news
@Adnan We all know what you expected. ;)
@TerryChia I expected that they'd give each of the audience a computer and then the presenter will hack all of them and then show us how he did it
Ahh.. using the chat instead of my address bar again
@Adnan porntube.com?
@AviD Shit! Mods can see deleted messages
10:31 AM
@kalina still not as bad as facebook
Google are worse than everybody
Don't let their "Do no evil" nonsense confuse you
except facebook
and apple
and oracle
especially oracle
Google build robotics for the US military
10:41 AM
@AviD especially oracle!
@kalina I have a mate who does that for the UK. He's nice
@RoryAlsop Oracle is the big bad evil empire.
Yes but does your mate have access to the location of everybody who uses the internet on the planet to hand?
Larry even looks like a Sith.
No, he doesn't
@kalina of course he does, he can just use Facebook.
10:43 AM
It's only a matter of time before the US military start launching cruise missiles at filesharers!
The moment Google AI is sentient, the world is over
oh, brain failure
Article on the register:
Creepy battery-operated TEDDY BEAR SEX TOY. Sadly, this is for real

NSFW Hold his ears while his TONGUE takes you to heaven and back! *retch*
@kalina Sounds interesting.. go on
I didn't click that
Oh! Somebody doesn't want to be taken to heaven and back
Seriously, though, sounds very creepy.
I don't believe in heaven
@kalina Because they meant it literally, of course.
Ah... I'm not in the mood for your obnoxiousness. I'll step out for some air
10:52 AM
"You've grown up, now your teddy has too."
they also come in "party packs"
which contain four teddys, four tops, four pairs of slippers
@kalina ew
11:36 AM
ftfy, since it is SFW.
and his expression of puzzled disappointment is perfect.
i tried to edit it a few times, but i gave up because i was too lazy to find a duplicate
did you just link a picture of a sex toy in the DMZ?
how very inappropriate
12:08 PM
@kalina being inappropriate is prerequisite to be in this room...
@Braiam Actually - it says Double Entendre
not single
@AviD They don't just read marketing materials. They get a full dog and pony show from each vendor's marketing and product management departments.
@Xander so you're saying they dont even bother to read the material?
@AviD I think that they probably do. That way they have "research" to reference to come up with questions during the presentations.
12:16 PM
12:36 PM
@Iszi It's effectively an app for doing assessments. You pick with standard to assess against and it'll go through the standard asking boatloads of questions. For each question you have the option to mark it as 'Met, Unmet, N/A, or ALT' as well as flag it for later review, fill in comments, or add supporting documentation.
@Iszi It'll then generate pretty reports with the metrics of how much youv'e met the standard and such.
@Iszi It looks like it assumes you're always HIGH and I'm not sure yet if it takes into account the prioritization of each control
1:02 PM
I'm waiting for the lawsuit from sony
against google
I am confused. those here who still need to wish to be something when they grow up, mostly dont want to be developers (they want to use PHP, whatever thats called).
for using square X triangle circle as their primary UI controls in Android 5
but I'm also not clear what that link has much to do with developers.
its about UX design.
UX design is still development
there is substantial overlap, yes, but its still a small niche.
1:09 PM
if more developers cared about how users interacted with their software, we'd have less crap developers in the world
not to mention less crap software
yknow what its not even "UX" proper, its just visual design
if you read through it all there is some proper UX stuff in there
@AviD ANd we all know that the client fucks that up anyway. whatever a designer/developer/whatever says.
if you think development is only about the code, you should step away from the PC and never touch technology again
@kalina hah, that's adorable, @kalina's trying to teach me (us?) about development.
1:17 PM
@kalina The problem is that it's not usually developers making these decisions. ;)
@AviD don't adorable at me
I now want Android 5 on my tablet
it's supposed to be out today for preview use
and Google won't provide me with the stuffs
presumably because it's still 8am in California
@kalina I don't do UX.
@AviD Well, she's not exactly wrong. Even though I, for one, will never do visual designer, or even UX design, understanding those domains does help me be better at the bits that I do build that will eventually need to mesh with the visual and UX design that somebody else has built. In the same way that I'll likely never need to write a TCP stack, but understanding how TCP works makes me a better web developer.
@kalina It's 6:30AM there, in fact.
@Xander I'm not wrong at all!
@Xander eugh
couple of hours then I guess before they make it available
@Xander oh of course. I was adorabling at how that is clearly obvious to anyone who is not a crap developer (so not PHPers). And you did a better job at the nuance, etc...
1:27 PM
@AviD Ah! Yes, well carry on then, carry on.
@AviD Hush!
@Xander but that link specifically was more about the coat of paint on the house, then anything structural.
@AviD the pretty pictures and short animations in that spec are the most interesting things I've seen today
How is it that I can install a 140MB Android update on my phone, without actually updating the version of Android that I'm running? 4.4.2 when I started, "Adroid successfully updated" message at the end, still running 4.4.2. Nuts.
you're being mean to me
@Xander HTC?
1:29 PM
4.4.2.Nuts? how does that work?
@kalina Samsung. S5.
@AviD It becomes 4.4.2.Berries on the next update.
recently pushed out a large update that didn't change android's major/minor version but made changes to all of the htc software and did change the "software number" reported in settings
@TerryChia You sure it's not going to be 4.4.2.Stick?
could just be something Samsung did
no it's going to be called Android L
1:31 PM
If I'm not mistaken, Samsung pushes TouchWiz updates through the same channel as Android updates.
because numbers went out of fashion once Apple got all the way up to iOS8
@FEichinger @kalina Yeah, but this specifically said it was an Android update, and looked like every other real Android update I've ever done.
@Xander You got hacked obviously.
@AviD You channel a WWII general.
@TerryChia That must be it.
@TerryChia Ha.
1:34 PM
@Xander so did mine when it was a sense update
I swear Google has an entire department dedicated to easter eggs.
How do I get a job there?
@kalina Interesting. Phone manufacturers are the bane of my existence. No, phone companies are the bane of my existence. Phone manufactures are just their evil little minions.
@TerryChia ask me and I'll phone a friend and get you a job there
oh wait, you said Google, forget I said anything
@TerryChia You have to pass a C test.
@Xander I assume that's for Engineering division.
1:38 PM
no, Google's advertising sales girls also have to be proficient in C
What about sales boys?
@ScottPack You think @TerryChia wants to work in marketing? Or perhaps catering? Janatorial services?
sales boys... lol
@ScottPack Python of course! ;)
they're selling to a male demographic, I doubt there are many sales boys
1:39 PM
@Xander Hey! I'm not @Simon.
@Xander Or technical.
So we've established that @Simon can likely clean the restrooms at Google without taking the C test. This is good progress.
@ScottPack Yes, I concede that's likely true. Not as amusing, but probably true.
@Xander Sorry.
@Xander He wants to be the janitor at Facebook though.
I bet I'd be one hell of a janitor.
1:47 PM
you know you would need to clean UP that mess, not make it worse. Right?
@AviD It's Facebook, they will just buy a new office.
fair point. but then why hire him in the first place?
or did you mean, they would just move offices and not tell @Simon.
> It takes two things to make a good consultant, grey hair and hemorrhoids. The grey hair makes you look distinquished and the hemorrhoids make you look concerned.
so that's why I suck at it.
@AviD Get someone to punch you in the gut before a meeting?
I usually wait for the client to start talking. That does the trick.
Feels the same, too.
@AviD Dammit! Here I was hoping to get a internship with you. ;)
1:54 PM
heh, doing what? Punching me in the gut before meetings?
@AviD Yes, exactly. :)
that's not an internship role, though. Probably a Director.
I just thought you should know, that I, am bored
and dont, know how to use, punctuation
That's actually less than I expected.
1:56 PM
two fifteen eighteen five four
bee ooh are eee dee
@TerryChia doesnt account for other ways of spelling it. like booooorrred
or that ^
@AviD She is just, impersonating, young Shatner for, a distraction from, her, boredom.
@FEichinger somebody noticed, how adorable
37 mins ago, by kalina
@AviD don't adorable at me
1:59 PM
@FEichinger Don't worry. We all know PHP "developers" aren't adorable.
@FEichinger I can adorable at you if I want to!
I would like to see you try and stop me.
... sigh
that's better
*pats on head*
who's a good little boy?
@FEichinger she's throwing a hissy fit. isn't that adorable?
2:02 PM
@AviD this is not hissy fit
@kalina No, of course it isn't, if you say so. Pats on head
@kalina ಠ_ಠ
@AviD Isn't she just adorable?
@FEichinger :D
we'll see how adorable you think I am when you wake up in a dark room with your families on fire in front of you
actually I guess that wouldn't be a dark room anymore
light provided by your families
@kalina ಠ_ಠ
2:04 PM
@kalina It's certainly eco-friendly.
@TerryChia doubtful, think of all that carbon being released
@kalina Hmm true.
@kalina On the other hand, think of the carbon that isn't going to be released by them in the future because of it!
but still bullshit
everybody knows the carbon footprint nonsense is just another form of governmental control
@kalina do you have any idea how much carbon is released because of this??
cows are dangerous!
2:08 PM
fine let's have a discussion about shit
> CopyOfCopyOfallPages.php
That is aparently the name of a page that gave some error when I tried to do access the filemanager of some CMS...
I'm so fucked...
@Arperum The fact that's it's a CMS and it's written in PHP doesn't already tell you that?
CMS = you're so fucked, PHP = you're so fucked, PHP AND CMS = apocalypse
@TerryChia Well yes, but I didn't have to modify it at all, just teach someone else how to use it(I've never even seen the damn thing before today...), if I even look at the file management part I get IPbanned on the server though...
2:35 PM
@kalina turtles = awesome, me = amazing, turtles AND me = OMG
@Simon you are lame, your life, is lame, you + your life = O_O
@kalina my life, is lame
you is, dumb
you, only, live... once
@Simon *you are, dumb
Captain Obvious IN DA HOUSE
2:44 PM
@Arperum why are you calling simon dumb?
that's not his name
@kalina I'm getting in festivalmood, names are overrated. I still have to work for ~half an hour though...
@kalina I'll try to start playing with a DAW in a serious way this weekend and then when I get comfortable, we'll make a collab. I already have a great title: Acid, Cocaine & Turtles
We'll need an Acid synth, a distorted kick and obviously some reverse bass too.
Aboot 140 BPM should be good.
@Simon what do I gain by working with somebody less successful than me? </elitist>
2:59 PM
@kalina That's what I was actually wondering but I thought that I could be nice and help you out to make you successful too.
3:13 PM
I am the kind of person who would sit in the studio with Deadmau5 and pick fault with everything because he's using a template
3:25 PM
@Xander cheers - go huskies!
@kalina some people have no choice, otherwise I would become a hermit.
or an independent consultant. oh heeeeey....!
I just typed my pass in the name field on my production server... -_-
yknow, I dont have enough rep to downvote every stupid wrongheaded harmful answer out there. Especially the passwords ones.
and I dont have enough time or inclination to modhammer it.
@AviD the hammer is getting a bit rusty there, use it
it really isnt
3:37 PM
Lesson learned: dont log into twitter and then active a block all firewall.... itll spam the logs out till the router changes ip
@Nick He polishes it daily
@Nick #yolo
@TerryChia now I have to clear every login log and the firewall logs i mentioned above -.-
@TerryChia and login logs on 2 different servers cause auth logs are sent to a secondary log server...
3:41 PM
I think @TerryChia is trying to communicate...
@TerryChia wat
@TerryChia heard of them.. never actually looked them up ;p
@TerryChia I like this guy.
3:48 PM
reinstalls ubuntu on his main computer, unity segfaults within 5 mins of runtime ... thats what I call a stable system!
"Yolo mofo" is my favorite
@Nick Try Gentoo.
@TerryChia or windows
@TerryChia naah if i switch itll be either debiam or arch
@AviD nooooooooooooooooooOOOOOoooooOOOOoooo
@AviD Hey, he wanted more stable. ;)
3:50 PM
@Kisunminttu of course, it has Samuel L. Jackson.
@Nick debiaM 4 lyf3
@AviD I preconsciously gravitate towards awesome
@Simon Wait, since when can you spell?
That was so ironic/10
I have to reinstall ubuntu everytime the kernel updates... so annoying
3:51 PM
@TerryChia lol'd @ the irony
because it overrides the gpu drivers and wont even go to recovery mode
@Nick Not a fan of Ubuntu but I'd say that you're doing it wrong.
@TerryChia i am forced to use the nvidia drivers since ubuntus builtin dont yet support my gpu
4:09 PM
@AviD watcha' went well. Stallmans lecture was very interest, Maty from Checkmarx had some cool JavaScript stuff and there were some cool testing tool talks as well...
@AviD IIRC the talks are all being streamed on the Internet...
4:40 PM
@Nick Dude what are you thinking? Unity... Try Xubuntu or Lubuntu. Much better.
Although be warned Lube 14.04+ has issues with chromium, so you get stuck with chrome instead.
I'm not sure about Xubuntu
Never had any issue with Unity on 12.04 but now on 14.04 it seems to be crashy.
Dude Unity sucks big time.
The last time I used it, it spent more time searching amazon for things i typed into the desktop search bar than anything else
4:58 PM
Which nurd star'd that?
@Simon It probably wasn't me
@DavidFreitag system settings>security>search>click the off button ;p
@Nick Big magnet > Hard drive > Win
@DavidFreitag naaah I use an SSD
5:03 PM
@Nick A big enough magnet will still do the job.
Then use a hammer.
@Simon im bored to go outside to get my hammer
@Simon besides theres a large computer case between me and the disk
@Nick Thermite will solve all of your issues.
5:08 PM
@DavidFreitag good luck getting some of that
@Nick I have nearly 12 pounds of thermite in my basement, want some?
@DavidFreitag uhhhhh no...
@Nick Why not? It's just a bag full of inauspicious dark grey powder.
@DavidFreitag because 'It's a bag full of inauspicious dark grey powder'... its creepy
@Nick Don't worry, it won't melt your face off until you get it hot enough to melt your face off.
5:14 PM
@DavidFreitag Ohhhh, now I get it.... thermal activated termite?
You're clever.
@Kisunminttu Thermite doesn't ignite until you heat it past 2000ºC or so
Until then it's just basically a bag of rust and aluminum
@DavidFreitag But when it does ignite...Boy howdy.
@DavidFreitag Yeah I get that
@Xander Well thermite is self oxidizing. It'll burn underwater, in space, pretty much anywhere under any conditions.
5:18 PM
Also what's even more frightening is that you can get the ingredients you want from just about anywhere. All you need to ignite it is some first fire mix, or some stump remover, or some magnesium.
@DavidFreitag Wanna listen to a funky beat? play.google.com/music/listen#/sr/…
Bleh those lyrics again
Woah I just got my first LinkedIn solicitation email!
5:29 PM
Tell them I said hi.
That's who wants me ^
@Simon Booooooooooooring.
It's funky. But boring.
Trying to find the correct music for a video-slideshow ... this is gonna take a while
I bet you'd take your nob out if you'd hear that track at a festival.
Not bad at all.
The rest of that album is pretty much shit though
@Simon Did you see Bassnectar's new album?
No idea who Bassnectar is so nope.
I'll keep the link for later.
It's pretty good so far
They're a lot like the glitch mob, but with more bass
Ive been searching for music for abotu an hour and I just realised... I have no idea what im looking for
That'll do.
Or Village People - Y.M.C.A.
5:53 PM
@DavidFreitag for a slideshow background? NO ;p
@Nick Whaaaaaat? That will always work.
@DavidFreitag it does... if you want everyone to jump out of their seats
Eugh - I should really check the youtube links is put in here, that was absolute shit quality.
im 12 pages in incompetech.com and nothing yet
Just loop The Simpson's theme song.
5:57 PM
Well that's just DUMB.
Google play's music extension for chrome only works if you have an all access window open in chrome
That's as bad as the hangouts popout window -.-
@DavidFreitag all access window?
@Nick Google play all access. It means you pay $9/mo and listen to all the music your ears can possibly hope for
no ads
unlimited skips
@DavidFreitag spotify
@Nick Is annoying as fuck
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