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@Griffin TPLink models are pretty good.
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2:23 AM
I am confused on why I am declared an FBI agent.
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8:31 AM
Arrived in Singapore ^^ wifi everywhere it seems
9:27 AM
do you have to perform an action for 'consecutive visits'?
apparently you gotta visit a question page, homepage doesnt count.
@lynks no, you're thinking of "conjugal visits".
10:11 AM
@lynks I've been thinking of writing a script in a cronjob to authenticate me in all stackexchange websites to get those badges :p
@LucasKauffman yep I was just doing battle with what I assume are anti-xsrf tokens now :P
@lynks :p I've always used mechanize to scrape and fuzz pages which have a CSRF token
today is a good day.
not only did I realise that both my TV and RPi will work as HDMI CEC endpoints, so I can use the TV remote to control raspbmc (instead of getting up to use the keyboard), I also got my Ethernet-over-power adapters.
so I can now finally put the TV/RPi/PS3 on the same subnet as the rest of my gear
right now I'm having to bridge the two networks via a pair of DD-WRT routers... it's ugly as hell
@LucasKauffman mechanize is new to me
@Polynomial I know that feeling :p
10:19 AM
home networking is way too complicated.
@Polynomial Make sure you change the default encryption keys if possible.
@lynks yeah, I'm gonna look into it, but I think it's one of those where you pair them by plugging the same eth cable into both plugs
so they're pretty safe, 'cos they agree on a new key that way
@Polynomial groovy.
but really, every house should come with cat6 in the wall, and at least one socket per room.
a friend of mine has a really sweet setup - the dado rail around his living room conceals some trunking in the wall, which you can feed (and cable manage) wiring through. every so often there's a bit you just push a key into (just a metal peg really) and it opens an internal hinge, and you lift it up to get at the cables.
so all of the AV / networking stuff goes through the walls. it's sweet.
@Polynomial my parent's house had an attic that spanned the whole building, so I drilled a 12mm hole in the ceiling of several rooms, and ran ethernet cable via the attic.
They were not overly impressed.
10:25 AM
best way to run eth tbh
back in the days before wifi we ran the eth cable out the back of the living room, ran it up the external wall, then back into my bedroom. polyfilled the holes afterwards, so the cable was sealed in.
@Polynomial this was before I discovered that you could crimp your own cables, which would have made things easier, plus would have made smaller holes possible :P
that worked fine until the plastic perished and split at the top, turning the cable into a water tube.
> "why is the router wet?"
@Polynomial oh dear
thankfully it spurred us into getting cable broadband
worked out better value to just switch to proper broadband than to fork out for a new router
If I may paraphrase Captain Oates; I'm just running an apt-get upgrade and may be some time.
10:28 AM
@Polynomial I decided that if I ever build a house myself, it will have a multi fibre backbone
@lynks it's a python scraper, works quite well
@LucasKauffman If I can ever afford to build a house, I guess I'd be able to afford that too.
very nice to simulate humans
@Polynomial you live in London now right?
@LucasKauffman yeah.
@LucasKauffman LANDAN*
pretty much no chance of me ever building a house ever.
10:29 AM
@Polynomial I saw the prices and what they bought you ==> WTF
I have a mate working for JP Morgan as a financial analyst
£900+/month for a one-bed flat.
he's paying 1700 GBP for a 2 bedroom appartment
and that's before council tax, bills, etc.
10:30 AM
was like WTF
@Polynomial ouch.
yup, easy to spend that much
with that money you get a 200 square meter penthouse with a hot tub over here
if you go to central london, you can find tiny 1 bed flats above shops going for £2k+/mo
@Polynomial I'm so sick of pouring more than half my salary into landlords pockets, which is why I'm working myself up for a mortgage.
10:31 AM
same for hotels, also insanely expensive considering the quality you get
@lynks we're trying to do the same, but it's hard to save when most of my money goes to the house, and the remaining <10% is all I have left for things like going out and actually enjoying myself.
yeah it's not easy by any means
I've always had the mentality, renting == paying someone elses morgage
back in Nottingham I would've been able to get a huge 3 bed with living room, dining room, large kitchen, garden, etc. for what I'm paying now.
but you need to have some money left first :(
10:33 AM
maybe even a 4 bed
@Polynomial that's more than I pay for my house now :/
@LucasKauffman yep, it is depressing when you put it like that. But buying can be very risky.
buying is just cheaper full stop.
@Polynomial unless the house price goes down after you buy :P
@lynks even then it's cheaper than renting.
and you get equity from it, instead of nothing.
10:34 AM
@lynks If I want to buy a small family house over here (or build) I'd need to lend an additional 250k euro to be able to pay it, that would end up having to pay about 1400 euros a month to the bank for the loan
@Polynomial absolutely, but if your house price is dropping by £1000 a month, and you're paying a £700 mortgage...
problem atm is that my gf hasn't got a fixed job, so they won't give us a loan :(
@lynks then you're still getting ~£600 of equity per month.
@LucasKauffman can't you get a loan on your own?
@Polynomial you can only lend about 1/3 to 50% of your wage (they also take into account if you have a company car and phone)
@LucasKauffman ah. that sucks.
10:38 AM
so with two it isn't a problem, but alone it sucks quite badly
I think my current loan finishes in November :]
extra £100/mo for me!
greedy banks!
well in this case I got a good deal
£1500 loan, £1650 total cost.
@Polynomial I calculated what I'd have payed to the bank for a 250k loan, I'd end up paying back about 450k
so 10% ain't bad.
10:39 AM
that's on a 25 year period
gulp... that's a lot of money.
also in other news, the EU is finally banning commodity trading
I don't even want to think how much that'd cost on a 40 year mortgage.
thank fuck. ridiculous futures markets are dangerous.
@Polynomial sure, but you can't move out :(
@lynks yes you can.
10:42 AM
it's insane that if you see that a ship full of grain sailing between egypt and europe will have changed ownership about 10 times
plus playing with what the poorest people need most is just wrong
you transfer the equity to a new property and remortgage.
@Polynomial if you move out, you would have to pay the difference, which was £1000 per month you lived there.
@Polynomial couldn't you sell it to the bank that you will make a product out of it and sell it in a fund which you repackaged about 15 times before putting on the market :P
@lynks it's not as bad as you're making out. if your property is valued at, say, £500k when you mortgage, and you put in £20k of equity, and then the property is worth £450k, you have £18k of equity still. you lost £2k of equity, but you still have £450k worth of mortgage to throw around (assuming you reset the period) and the £18k that you paid off.
compare that to rent: you'd have thrown £20k (likely more due to rent disparity) in the bin.
so yes you might get less house than you paid for, but you at least have some equity.
@Polynomial yeah I'm just trying to work out how the hell people get into negative equity. Even with pretty extreme figures I can't derive anything negative.
10:48 AM
@lynks negative equity is usually where you've upsized from an initial mortgage and then the second property devalues to extreme levels.
so you end up owing more than your initial mortgage.
but, if I remember correctly, you can get things like negative equity protection. just restricts what the bank will let you buy.
@Polynomial but in your example, you have a 500k loan, of which you have paid off 20k. so you owe the bank 480k. if you sell your house for 450k, you still have to fork out 30k to move on..?
@lynks the mortgage is transferred.
so if you pay off £20k, you're still on a £500k mortgage.
you just owe £480k on it.
if you sell, you get back your equity and the remainder of the mortgage is transferred.
@Polynomial aren't there a few administrative costs on that as well?
@LucasKauffman there are with most purchases, but it barely registers against the cost of the mortgage :P
stamp duty is the big one.
@Polynomial by transferred do you mean the difference is added to your next morgage? So if you wanted to downsize to a 300k house, you would need a 330k mortgage?
10:53 AM
still If I'd get a 450k loan here would buy a serious bad ass house :P
@lynks if you went from a £500k mortgage to a £300k mortgage they'd likely just change the mortgage entirely and use your existing equity as the deposit.
when you downsize they just downsize your payments to cover the disparity.
I really need to understand this better.
It still feels like someone owes 30k
@lynks that's not what the bank wants :P
10:56 AM
@lynks it'd be an additional £10k on the mortgage, not £30k.
anyway, enough bank talk
they're bumholes.
mmm latency between here and europe is quite high :(
that reminds me... Europa Report. awesome movie. go watch it.
also, watch Primer. it will break your mind.
@Polynomial and if Primer didn't do it, Mullholland Drive will :P
took me a while to get Primer. had to explain it to the missus about 4 times
the whole box-in-a-box thing-plus-secondary-box thing was where I got lost
but eventually worked out what was going off... I think.
next on the list: John Dies At The End
@Polynomial the one thing I could never get was how they 'went back' to before they invented time travel.
11:04 AM
@lynks they took a smaller box inside the bigger box.
@Polynomial and then ran the smaller box for a few days, sat outside the smaller box but inside the bigger (failsafe) box, got out of the failsafe box, also taking out the smaller box, then got in the smaller box to go back a 'few days' more?
@lynks yes pretty much
they used the smaller box to loop in time at the party so they had multiple runs at getting it right
so every time they fucked up a line or didn't quite do something right, they just hop back in the small box and go back again
there is no emoticon for this
O_o` is about as close as I can get.
but yeah that film made Donny Darko look like a ToysRUs "My First Time Travel Movie" by comparison.
@Polynomial heh, I will check out John dies at the end. I do recommend mullholland drive if you havent seen it.
11:10 AM
@lynks I'll add it to the list.
I'm also amused that the abbreviation for John Dies At The End is JDATE.
also, if you haven't seen The Machinist, go watch it.
that is a really fucked up movie
yeah the machinist is one of my top 10
I spent a long time wondering how they managed to make him look that skinny. Just figured it was clever camera angles, make-up, prosthetics, etc. Turns out he actually just starved himself down that skinny for the movie, and nearly died doing so.
I'd say he is one of the best actors of all time.
Have not seen any of these. I think I should
Got to be better than that pile of **** Inception, or the relatively poor Source Code
11:26 AM
@RoryAlsop you definitely need to see The Machinist.
11:46 AM
@poly - for a grand a month mortgage here I have 5 bedrooms, a chunk of land, trees... Come and work in Scotland. It rocks!
@RoryAlsop thats about the size of my mortgage, and I get twice as many rooms ;-)
probably less land though, most of my land is built...
Plus you get 30+ degree heat for a few months at a time! Come and work in Israel! ;-)
@RoryAlsop downside: harder to get back to Notts for visiting parents, and harder to get to London cons.
actually the heat doesnt bother me as much anymore, I rarely go out without the A/C...
@RoryAlsop you didnt like inception???
source code was gawdawful, and I still dont get where they got the name from...
@LucasKauffman I think you're not taking into account all the expenses that go with owning a house, that you wouldnt be arsed with if you were renting.
12:02 PM
@AviD what costs?
like repairs?
@LucasKauffman yeah, for example.
I had to drop a few grand on waterproofing last month... and the basement apartment I'm renting out needs to be redone - plaster, paint, wallmold and such - probably did not make much profit off the past few months.
then there is gardening / landscaping, upkeep, improvements, etc
some places the renter doesnt pay real estate taxes, and the owner does.
etc etc etc....
@AviD true
and there are usually a heapload of purchase taxes, lawyers, fees and fines, real estate agents, etc...
in short - I'm not at all sure that it is actually cheaper to buy than rent, even considering long-term equity.
(depends a lot on the location, taxes, etc of course)
but there are other reasons to do so.
I dont necessarily agree with all his points, but it is worth considering.
12:36 PM
Half of the stuff I read on Twitter today seem like I just had a minor cerebrovascular accident :|
@tylerl Awww, I really don't remember that part and now it's a 404.
@TildalWave I bought a second Siamese cat instead of the Bengal because the one we were supposed to buy broke a hip.
Now, I have to deal with a bully cat who wants to attack the tiny 5 months old one.
@Simon oww how come? that sounds like someone stepped on or run over it, poor thing
@TildalWave It is mad suspicious. The breeder said she left for a few days on vacation (she never told us she would, how nice) and that her brother was taking care of the cat. He said nothing happened to her. Yeah, right.
Then, she was mad because we wanted our money back. Well, fuck you I'm not paying 3k for a cat I don't even have yet.
12:51 PM
@Simon c'mon they don't just break a hip out of nothing... they'd break it on birth then if they had some genetic disorder, not as pups crawling around, even falling from some reasonable heights
@TildalWave Exactly. That's why we took our money and don't wanna her from them again. Unprofessional pricks.
@Simon damn right
So, we went back to our roots: Siamese. I don't regret my choice at all.
@avid - inception... Just badly thought out, badly executed, rubbish plot, bad acting. Aside from that it was fine
@RoryAlsop LOL you're talking of the movie? I thought you were mentioning exploits ... Inception, Source Code,... :))
inception is that mac firewire DMA access to system's memory IIRC
1:13 PM
> A woman in McArthur, Ohio, about 70 miles south of Columbus, said a bank mistakenly cleared items from her home, confusing it for a foreclosed house across the street, then demanded receipts when she asked to be compensated for her missing possessions.
banks are cunts.
also, calling the council = THE WORST THING EVER
on hold for 15 minutes, then someone answers and it's an old Jamaican woman that talks so quietly you'd think she was on her deathbed
What if she was?
and every so often, mid-sentence, she'd say "- oh hold on a minute" and put me on hold for 30 seconds, then carry on as if nothing had happened.
and then got confused about when I want my payments to come out
bloody annoying.
still got to call up the electricity company too. they forgot to set up my direct debit so they've been sending me payment reminders
@AviD that guy is an eejit.
he makes the assumption that, because he sucked at owning a house, nobody else should ever do so either.
the dude crashed his stocks into the ground and lost his house, which broke up his marriage from the sounds of it
as far as I'm concerned he now uses house ownership as a punching bag for his anger at screwing up his own life
but of course it can't possibly be the stock market that is fickle and dangerous - it must be houses!
@TerryChia it's indeed very very warm, glad I've got a bit of airco
it's also a lot more of a moist warmth then I'm used to
1:28 PM
@Polynomial oh he goes against the stock market too.
@LucasKauffman Did you go to TomorrowLand?
@Simon no, no time
@Simon I did watch the livestream
was very cool
There is always time for a huge ass party.
Alright, maybe not.
I dont disagree about his experiences, and I think he says as much, but he does raise many valid points.
This weekend it's the local party here, woohoo! I really need it, it's been a damn while.
1:30 PM
@Simon mine was saturday, mate married
@LucasKauffman Oh nice! Did you lecture him about how his life was over?
@Simon nah I was nice :p
@RoryAlsop really? I thought most of that was opposite. Damn good plot, thought out ridiculously well, executed surprisngly well, and decent acting (for the most part).
@AviD I'd say that most people think like you. It is known as a good movie.
1:35 PM
The plot just didn't hold together. I thought it was really flaky, no consistency, too predictable, miss opportunities for tying up loose ends etc
But then I really did like Donnie Darko and Memento, so maybe I'm the wrong audience
@RoryAlsop I was working on my mates's 2011 STi yesterday. The car is so damn well-made. You need to do an oil change? Just take off the plastic plate and he filter + oil pan will be easy to reach!
I'm so gonna get one one day :)
@LucasKauffman Heh. Where are you staying at?
And the BRZ/FR-S/GT86, wow. You open the hood and the oil filter is up there. How great is that?
@TerryChia I'm now in my stepmother's appartment on my own for a few days (she's in vietnam) it's named Lush on Holland Hill
1:40 PM
@AviD @RoryAlsop I think I'm one of the few who has not seen Inception.
@TerryChia It's like up holland road at the top (if you know where holland road is xD)
@TerryChia Go watch it now.
the music in the movie is pretty good
@TerryChia do you have a good site which does food delivery?
@LucasKauffman I know where it is but I'm not familiar with the area. :D
@LucasKauffman Nope. The only food I have delivered is fast food...
@LucasKauffman I think Just Eat is in most countries?
1:43 PM
@Polynomial What the hell is that?
@TerryChia me neither :p very impressive city though, never met taxi drivers which were this correct (he let me choose the route) especially that skyscraper with the garden at the top
@Simon it's a site that take-aways sign up to where you can use the site to order food.
@Polynomial That's awesome.
you put your post code in and it'll tell you which ones are available near you
and you can pay online
or cash at door
@Polynomial yea we have that in BE as well but not here it seems
1:44 PM
Why can't I think of a great idea like this of a website?
I've found a site called foodpanda.sg
@LucasKauffman Most taxi drivers I meet are nice. Some can be real asses though.
@RoryAlsop you didnt stretch your imagination!
yeah, even better in London, where there's like 80 take-aways within delivery distance.
you name it you can buy it. some of them are food types I've never even known about.
like, what the hell is Afghanistani food? or Traditional Irish? O_o
No idea ô_ô
1:46 PM
or Lithuanian food...
@LucasKauffman Singapore is a boring place though. :P
Canadian food?!? What's that? Oh, syrup-based.
@TerryChia but you can visit any other country so fast
but yeah you can get Fish & Chips, American, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Portuguese...
like malaysa or thailand
1:47 PM
@LucasKauffman Thailand requires getting on an airplane. :P
But yeah, Malaysia is pretty accessible.
Best thing about Singapore is the food really.
@TerryChia yea you seem to have right about everything
dat moment a pizza has "cooked baby" in it...
@LucasKauffman Hmm?
oh wait it's baby spinach
@Polynomial I am pretty sure that Afghanistani food is what they eat in Afghanistan.
In practice, it can be described as "Indian food with goat meat and milk".
@ThomasPornin that is a semantically null statement.
1:59 PM
@AviD So is your mom.
although.... it seems they eat more chinese food in NY than in China...
@ThomasPornin You win the "tautology of the day" award.
@ThomasPornin heh, didnt expect that from you.
@ThomasPornin I thought the adjective was "Afghani"?
@Iszi both are valid.
2:06 PM
@ThomasPornin And I thought there was an age limit to use that joke.
I think Afghani is usually used to refer to the people and customs, whereas Afghanistani is usually used to refer to things.
@AviD I am working on my social skills. I mimic the customs of the local people so that they feel more comfortable in my otherwise towering presence.
@ThomasPornin lol
@Simon I'm pretty sure @RoryAlsop has used it once or twice, so that's a fairly definite indicator that there's not.
"working on your social skills", by mimicing the customs of this lot??
that's like trying to improve your dance moves by watching Justin Bieber.
2:08 PM
@Polynomial "Afghanistan" is the name of the country, which is fictitious because it has been created only as a neutral zone between the British and the Russian in the late 19th century.
or improve your SE answers by reading @LucasKauffman's posts ;-)
So "Afghanistani" would relate to the geographical area, while "Afghani" is about the people.
The difference between "what the people there eat" and "what the people eat there".
@Iszi Good point.
Is it me or this question is unanswerable without knowing what the application does? security.stackexchange.com/questions/39735/…
Anyway, there was a "restaurant afghan" near my school in Paris.
Salted lassi is kind of hard to swallow, in my taste, but the rest was fine.
Don't know if it still exists, though.
@Simon We cannot know if any specific application is vulnerable. But explaining in general terms what could work is possible. It would still be a poor answer to a bad question, though.
@ThomasPornin I guess that's why nobody answered it yet.
2:13 PM
@ThomasPornin Coming from you? Hardly. You're the king of writing epically awesome answers to otherwise crap questions.
@Iszi This looks like a taunt. You really want me to save that question ?
@ThomasPornin If he doesn't, I do.
Q: What is the use of the "secret" displayed when setting up 2 Factor Authentication?

B SevenWhat is the purpose of the "secret" that is displayed when you take the picture of the QR code to set up 2 Factor Authentication on a non-Google site? Why would you need it? If you save it, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of 2 Factor Auth because anyone with the secret can get a login code?

3 answers in 13mins... Hmm possible rep train alert?
But who will be the leader of the train
Actually, he posted that one before.
2:29 PM
@Simon Answered. :D
Last minute rush for rep.
Here, I'll help you out.
@Simon Hehe! Thanks. ;)
My pleasure.
2:31 PM
@Simon You need to start answering more.
I know, maybe one day.
"Installing eclim installer feature installer" actually just happened...
@lynks What?
@TerryChia a log message during a software install...
@lynks Hehe, reminds me of something funny I saw in the Java documentation.
> Returns the cause of this throwable or null if the cause is nonexistent or unknown. (The cause is the throwable that caused this throwable to get thrown.)
2:35 PM
@TerryChia very Kafkaesque
Thanks @TerryChia but you didn't have to!
@TerryChia I got 99 problems but an NonExistentOrUnknownThrownThrowableException ain't one.
@TerryChia Jesus fucking Christ, it's Monday morning here.
@Polynomial That's because you caught it.
@Simon Funny phrase, "Jesus fucking Christ". Essentially, doesn't it translate to "Jesus fucking himself"?
2:42 PM
Just read the first paragraph: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_Carton_de_Wiart
@Iszi Damn never though of that.
@Iszi The things you think of....
@lynks LIKE A BOSS.
That dude makes Rambo look like a pussy.
reminds me of the joke with ol' pirate....
What a beast.
2:51 PM
@Polynomial en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lachhiman_Gurung there are more
^^ killed 31 japanese, alone for two hours, and all after he had his arm blown off...
@lynks dat face
"It wasn't me! It was the one-armed man!"
@lynks are you getting these from "List of soldiers in order of badassery"? :P
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Godley "Private Godley held the bridge single-handed under very heavy fire and was wounded twice. Shrapnel entered his back when an explosion near him went off, and he was shot in the head. Despite his injuries he carried on the defence of the bridge for two hours while his comrades escaped."
shot in the head
@Polynomial I actually dug these up while trying to find the name of a different badass soldier I had read about.
a guy meets an old pirate, very stereotypical - wooden leg, hook for hand, eye patch, the whole deal.
Guy: "So, you must have some real stories to tell! How'd you lose your leg?"
Pirate: "Oh, twas a big sea battle, matey, the Her Majesty's fleet were comin at us from all sides, we fought them off but a cannonball landed not 2 feet from me and took my leg."
Guy: "That's horrible! And how did you get the hook?"
Pirate: "Oh, twas a stormy day, and the bullets were flyin' ever'where, damn cap'n took my hand with his cutlass right before being thrown into the' sea."
But in the end, these are all more impressive.
This guy: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroo_Onoda fought the second world war for 30 years.
2:58 PM
@LucasKauffman jackass. "But... but war is all we know!!"
@AviD It's like that joke of the pirate with the steering in the front of his pants. A guy asks him why in the world he's got a steering wheel in the front of his pants as this must be very annoying. To which the pirate replies: "Aye matey it's driving me nuts "
@LucasKauffman oh thats worse than mine.
An American, a Frenchman, and a British man walk into a bar/pub. The bartender looks at them, and asks "what is this? Some kind of a joke?"
A Greek and a Scotsman were sitting in a Starbucks cafe discussing who had the superior culture.

Over triple lattes the Greek guy says, "Well we Greeks built the Parthenon" and arched his eyebrows.

The Scotsman replies, "Well ... it was the Scots that discovered the Summer and Winter Solstices."

The Greek retorts, "We Greeks gave birth to advanced mathematics."

The Scotsman, nodding in agreement says, "Scots were the ones who built the first timepieces and calendars."

And so on until the Greek comes up with what he thinks will end the discussion. With a flourish of finality he says,
3:04 PM
Three blind mice walk into a pub, but, as they are unaware of their surroundings, to derive humour from it would be exploitative.
@LucasKauffman nice
@ThomasPornin You're a champ.
@Simon What's the quote, already ? "I aim to pleasure" ?
Yep, pretty sure that is it.
@ThomasPornin If it were anyone but you, my response would be "Try harder".
3:07 PM
@TerryChia if you buy something on steam in singapore, is that in USD or SGD?
ah nvm it's usd
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