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11:22 PM
@JonEricson I updated with photos
@Dan Excellent. Here's hoping you get better answers than my guesses. ;)
@JonEricson so I think what I'm gathering is that my participation early on in this site was more desirable than my current focus
For example, back when I wrote like this
(I certainly got more upvotes writing that way)
Or back when I used to state my hermeneutical principles/presuppositions before answering (see edit here, I removed it because I thought it was not in conformity to site standards)
@Dan Compared to? (Meta? A more recent answer?
@JonEricson compared to how I answer now, where only five people on my site even understand my answers :P
@FrankLuke I thought you should post an answer too! If folks here did this more instead of debating in comments and down voting based on doctrine, it would be much more effective! Contribute well thought out answers to support one's case. Save reproof for lazy, sloppy, unsupported answers, rebuke for the uncooperative. It is always easier to tear down than to build! But it is easier to build than to clean up and re-build. undoubtedly the site would be healthier, more friendly and inviting!
11:34 PM
@JonEricson I just avoid most questions that have doctrinal presuppositions or require it in the answers now
I used to respond to those more
Now I mostly only respond to ones about grammar
Or textual criticism
@Dan SE sites really work best when they make expert-level answers accessible to the masses. You have that skill in spades, but if you are like me, it takes extra effort to answer that way.
@JonEricson I do try to some extent, but less than I used to
@FrankLuke If there are weaknesses in the position of another contributor, point it out on their comment for them to improve or address.
@Dan I'm reminded of the mathematician whose research is only understood by one other person in the world: his arch-nemesis. ;-) The good news is that Calculus is now taught to teenagers. ;-)
@Dan since we say that questions starting from doctrine are off-topic, I hope you DV and/or VtC those too.
11:38 PM
@MonicaCellio I used to comment as my first tool, now DV + comment is usually my first choice
Because I've found that most never fix it
I think it's a frustration with anachronistic approaches to the text
Granted, we all bring bias to interpretation
But we can avoid blatant anachronisms, like reading the meaning of English words back into Greek and Hebrew texts
@Dan yeah, I'm close to giving up on commenting on bad posts from either repeat offenders or newcomers who don't exhibit some clues. Which probably isn't good, but all I'm getting is grief for being "rude" if I try to correct people, so meh.
And I've noticed some contributors moreso advance their pet issues than contribute in diverse ways
I get that someone may have limited expertise, but sometimes lack of knowledge in requisite fields actually shows lack of knowledge in any
I've got to run, date with wife :)
@Dan yeah, the whole thing with the accepted answer on brilliant's question that we were talking about earlier is one case of that. (That user, I mean, not just that post.)
@Dan much more important than this! Have fun!
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