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Q: Is there such thing as too many questions?

Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁A few days ago I noticed a user that was suspended to "cool down" (can't recall the name of the user but I think it was until August next year). After that day, given that it wasn't clear the reason of what "cool down" meant (at least not in that description), I started to wonder: can asking "lots"...

Q: Specific answer that doesn't show any work

Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁Recently flagged this post as not an answer which basically has "In the song, there is more detail. Was Sisera able to get up after the initial blow? Or is this some poetic add-on to spice up the event?" I don't think so, I think he really drank the milk and fell asleep, that's when Jael killed ...

Q: Difference between 'chronology' and 'time' tags?

Spirit Realm InvestigatorI have had this doubt before, but I think now is the right time (pun intended) to ask the question. What criteria should I use to decide between the two tags? Are they mutually exclusive? Is it fine if I tag my questions with both if I am not able to find compelling arguments to exclude any of th...

Q: Where does external evidence fit on a hermeneutics site?

Hold To The RodI recently asked a question that focused heavily (albeit not exclusively) on external evidence for understanding the history of a text. This question was modeled on other questions that also solicited external evidence. That said, on the advice of a more experienced user, I'm seeking the communit...

Q: Asking twin questions

Hold To The RodI recently tried an experiment--more on why below--and it may ultimately be unsuccessful. But if the only experiments conducted were those guaranteed to succeed, it wouldn't be much of an "experiment" would it? I posted twin questions: Authorship of 2 Peter - evidence in favor of Peter Authorship...

Q: Difference between asking for clarification and debating

One God the FatherThe comments page says https://hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/comment "When should I comment? You should submit a comment if you want to: Request clarification from the author; Leave constructive criticism that guides the author in improving the post [...]" but "When shouldn't ...

Q: Why do privileges in BH.SE still have the level of a public beta site?

GratefulDisciplePoints for privileges in BH.SE require only about 20% compared to what seems to be the standard thresholds such as in C.SE, SciFi.SE, StackOverflow.com, or SuperUser.com. For example, to access moderator tools, one needs only 2,000 points in BH.SE, not the typical 10,000 points in other sites. Ti...

Q: Is it necessary to close a question simply because the new user did not state the text reference?

Nigel JI am referring to this question where it is quite clear that the OP refers to the transfiguration but has not stated which gospel account or the actual text reference. It is not a 'topic' question : the request is very specific about a single occurrence of an event. The question is up-voted four ...

Q: Answers that contradict the question

JeschuIf a question is asking for support of a thesis, should answers that contradict the thesis be given? Those anwers are often found in comment which is not really supposed to be the right place.

Q: Non-English terminology

user48152Wondering about needing some new guidance regarding the recent introducing of strange terms and titles for God and Jesus which seem to come from other religions or cultures. For eg. Avinu revealed to Yeshayahu His-Word cannot return [to Him] unless it fulfills it’s purpose. Who, what??

Q: Tag synonym - death & death-afterlife

Hold To The RodI was attempting to helpfully consolidate the tags "death" and "death-afterlife" and proposed the synonym in the wrong direction--not so helpful of me huh? My bad for the rookie mistake. The stack exchange post I read on the matter suggested raising a question on meta. How do I undo the tag synon...

Q: Asking acceptable questions

XenoGood day all. Can anyone instruct me about what constitutes an acceptable question? Allow me to illustrate the problem below: Heading "How are we to understand evil?" Body Scripture is replete with statements regarding evil (Prov. 8:13, Psa. 23:4, Rom. 12:9, 21, Eph. 6:12, etc.). How are we to...

Q: Adding tags for five points of Calvinism(TULIP) and for terminology associated with Arminianism doctrine

crazyTechIt's really good that we have a tag called predestination which would take into account the Calvinism doctrine, and furthermore, the term predestination is more descriptive and indicative of what the doctrine is actually about which is Predestination, and therefore, we do Not want the tag Calvini...

Q: Standard format for biblical quotations

Ray ButterworthSome people have been using tables to format biblical quotations, such as Law of God vs Law of Christ: John 7:16-17 16Jesus answered them and said, "My doctrine is not Mine, but His who sent Me. 17If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from Go...

Q: Arbitration consistent or inconsistent?

Nihil Sine DeoWas Jesus rich or poor? Matthew 2:11 vs. Matthew 8:19-20 With respect to my response for the above question, I was flagged with a warning and threat of deletion by moderator curiousdannii and a downvote Provide detailed answers to this question, including citations and an explanation of why your...

Q: Cleanup for low-usage tags

Hold To The RodWe have a number of tags with very few questions, and a steady stream of new tags coming in. I don't suggest that this is entirely a bad thing, but too many similar tags makes things hard to find. I suggest the following tag synonyms would be helpful, there may be others worth combining as well: ...

Q: My questions are being closed due to religious bias of some. How is these opinion based questions? False justification or forensice justification

Michael16What does "freely justified" mean in Romans 3:24? Does it support a justification of sinners as righteous when they remain actually sinners? This has been closed with absolutely baseless justification by some people, which I believe are religiously motivated in bias rather than adhering to the ru...

Q: Are partial answers in comments permissisble?

Captain HatI asked a question on this stack yesterday. The only 'answer' I've received up to now is a very short, poorly evidenced comment. The stack I'm most active on is the one for roleplaying games, where partial answers in comments are explicitly discouraged. As such, my initial instinct was to reply t...

Q: Comment on "Mini-Answers" -- To whom was this directed?

XenoVery recently, I noticed that a new contributor asked a seemingly sincere, innocuous question. That OP was closed, and I understand why it was: What verses can I use to prove the Trinity? [closed] — cj564 131, 4 Fair enough. The comment chain then proceeded as follows: Hello, this question is of...

Q: Should we have a canonical question on verses with three 'persons' and the Trinity?

curiousdanniiSo we have had quite a number of questions concerning verses that contain three 'persons' (or the like) and whether they teach the Trinity. Is 2 Corinthians 13:11-14 an assertion that God is three equal Persons? Should we understand God as three distinct persons based on (at least) Matthew 3:16-...

Q: Closed Questions

user48152Is there no policy to close and, once closed, to subsequently delete, remove and make no longer visible questions that have no answers and are clearly not on topic. A good eg. would be I was wanting to know if anyone thinks that ceasar could be satan? Is there a reason to keep these in the stack,...


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