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Q: Where does external evidence fit on a hermeneutics site?

Hold To The RodI recently asked a question that focused heavily (albeit not exclusively) on external evidence for understanding the history of a text. This question was modeled on other questions that also solicited external evidence. That said, on the advice of a more experienced user, I'm seeking the communit...

Q: My questions are being closed due to religious bias of some. How is these opinion based questions? False justification or forensice justification

Michael16What does "freely justified" mean in Romans 3:24? Does it support a justification of sinners as righteous when they remain actually sinners? This has been closed with absolutely baseless justification by some people, which I believe are religiously motivated in bias rather than adhering to the ru...

Q: Should we have a canonical question on verses with three 'persons' and the Trinity?

curiousdanniiSo we have had quite a number of questions concerning verses that contain three 'persons' (or the like) and whether they teach the Trinity. Is 2 Corinthians 13:11-14 an assertion that God is three equal Persons? Should we understand God as three distinct persons based on (at least) Matthew 3:16-...


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