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12:08 AM
@ScottS Humm... Did I select too broad? I can't remember. ;)
By the way, how have you been? What are you doing now? :)
@David -- thank you for the comments. Your citation is correct regarding the "Musical Flow" which is backward-looking. As I cited Dr. Wickes here, the cantillation also provides the "Logical Flow," which is forward-looking. Please click here, which provides a picture of the difference between both. The Masoretes created a complementary system of musical cantillation with logic markers to enable both the memorization and clarification of the text. V/R, — Joseph Dec 11 '14 at 2:45
@Davïd ^^^ Who is right? ;)
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6:04 AM
@ScottS I commented on the Meta post
2 hours later…
7:48 AM
@PaulVargas God
A: Topicality of a Question

Jack Douglas Why can those other questions pass, while this one cannot? With exegesis questions, we draw a distinction between those that arise from a text and those that do not, with the latter being off-topic. By analogy, it may make sense to do the same with hermeneutical-approaches questions: allow ...

@ScottS my one regret in posting my answer is that a 'post-hoc' site topic change like I'm suggesting isn't fair on your well-researched and interesting question. I hope you aren't discouraged from your efforts!
2 hours later…
9:39 AM
@ScottS Just so you know -- I'm intending to add a response on meta, but not until I can give it the time and thought it (and you!) deserve(s). It won't be a huge advance on what I've stated above here in The Library, but doing a proper comparison with the other Qs you've cited will take a bit of time.
8 hours later…
5:22 PM
@JackDouglas Not discouraged at all, as you will see in my comment to you, I feel my question meets your standards.
@PaulVargas I have been well, thank you. I'm involved in some teaching, some advising, and a variety of personal projects, all fit around my too much time spent with BH.SE related things :-).
6:15 PM
^^^ I'm going to try that course. The place is just a short walk from home.
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8:06 PM
I have also weighed in:
A: Topicality of a Textual Question related to a Group with a Specific Doctrinal Commitment

James SheweyThe reason for my close vote is that I view this question as moving beyond the scope of hermeneutics and source/text criticism. This question is not asking about a framework a scholar uses for interpreting the text, but instead asks if any scholars holding a particular hermeneutic framework also ...

8:53 PM
@PaulVargas Looks like fun! I guess from the ΙΧΘΥΣ that that's Biblical Greek?
9:45 PM
@Susan Exactly! Biblical Greek. Our textbook (and workbook):

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