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5:02 AM
Weird, someone went on a streak of DV'ing all my questions
8 hours later…
12:49 PM
@JackDouglas Re: the bounty, I understand; thanks.
1 hour later…
2:02 PM
I guess someone has done the same with all the revelation questions by bagpipes as well
That's just silly
@Soldarnal Of course none of it will stick, you know that?
Is there a moderator who can help with this? I just saw a post at the top of the active listing on BH.SE with my "nic" on it - but I hadn't contributed!
Is there any policy on having distinct user names?
@David no, user names aren't unique
Q: Why does Stack Overflow allow duplicate display names?

John MacIntyreWhat is the reasoning behind the design decision to allow users to create a display name which matches another existing users exactly? This is opposed to the common practice of enforcing unique user names, and I'd really like to learn something.

Q: Is there a policy for providing an answer that supplements a good answer already posted?

DavidAs I state in the question, is there a StackExchange (or BH.SE) policy about how to supplement a good and sufficient answer in a way that will add relevant information and depth of knowledge? I have an example, an answer I posted to supplement one by Niobius. I upvoted Niobius, and added my mat...

2:26 PM
@David of course his gravatar is different to your's and it's unlikely that anyone would get the two of you confused :)
2:49 PM
@JackDouglas Right - so our "virtual faces" are different (as it were). No doubt our real faces are different, too. Thanks for the link to the Meta Meta - helpful. It's just that in a list of questions, you don't see faces: one "Bloggs" I might be eager to read, another "Bloggs" perhaps not -- but I'm sure this has long be hashed over in SE meta's, and that answers my question. Thanks!
@David If you are happy using your full name, that usually gets around the problem (unless it is Smith :) or many folk make up a nickname. I hope you find an answer that suits you
and may I say I'm delighted you are contributing here, I hope you are enjoying doing so
@JackDouglas Your answer suited me already. :) Let the "Davids" flourish, I say!
Yep - enjoying it - thanks for the encouragment.
ha ha, yes

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