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1:21 AM
@Ami for the record, the more I use the Rap Genius interface, the more I loathe it.
please by all means make sure there is an easy to find help page on your site
I can't find one anywhere on Rap Genius
@Ami definitely give me the ability to go back and edit an annotation
this interface seems to have a main body of annotated text that is moderated, and pending suggested edits or additions show up almost like comments below it
so you post helpful suggestions below and then someone mods it and determines what to include or not include
I can see that as being helpful in an educational context if being used by a course
You don't want students randomly changing the primary annotation and inserting poorly written or unsourced content
@Daи, currently you are able to edit your annotations.
@Ami awesome!
just throwing out thoughts as I use Rap Genius - which I officially hate
Although, that editor UI is currently a little difficult to use, but it will be better
@Ami yeah I figured you just showed me the shell
it's more important to get the code working first
you can deal with UI/UX after that
1:36 AM
@Ami I've seen too many projects do that backwards
@Daи I've had a love-hate relationship with rapgenius for a long time
@Ami understandable
2:37 AM
@Ami it would be nice to be able to use SE-style markup and the same html tags I can use at SE in annotations (include sub/superscript, which is one of my favorites, but I can also understand not white-listing these).
3:28 AM
Q: Which apostles did Paul see while he was in Jerusalem after his conversion?

DaиIn Galatians 1:16b-19 (ESV), Paul writes that after his conversion in Damascus, ...I did not immediately consult with anyone; nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me, but I went away into Arabia, and returned again to Damascus. Then after three years I went up ...

@JonEricson the first question I've asked as a direct result of taking the course ^^^^
3:44 AM
@Daи I was awfully surprised to see them using Rap/Poetry Genius for that. If I understand it correctly, the site is optional and students are free to use the regular edX tools.
@Ami It's great to see you around again!
@JonEricson yes it is optional, but there is TONS of additional information in the annotations (including YouTubes videos from the professor explain textual features) that don't show up in EdX
@JonEricson I debate ever putting a bounty on questions I want excellent answers to, because it seems I end up settling
meaning someone tries really hard and does write a much better answer than they normally do, but it still doesn't represent the level of scholarship I'm looking for (and I never get an answer that does except randomly one day when someone who knows about it stops by)
but I give the person the bounty for the effort anyways, even though it really wasn't up to par
part of the issue is that a lot of the best research exists only in publications that cost money / require a subscription, and that material never finds its way to Wikipedia or other places until another works cites it - which can take awhile
not always the case
but often
I expect to get one answer to attempt to reconcile everything with the 'many days' loophole (which is a valid argument), but I hope to also see some positions that reflect modern scholarship. I may have gone too far in suggesting these views, though. Any feedback is welcome
@Daи The people you are looking for will not likely be moved by bounties. The extrinsic motivation matters far more. ;-)
@JonEricson indeed
@Daи I'll have to look around. But I fear I won't have the time.
I hope I also get perspectives challenging the historicity of one or the other account as well, and maybe even a perspective I've never heard of (awesome)
@JonEricson I understand that - and I may learn more during the course and answer it myself
who knows
but I tend to believe the Bible has tons of contradictory chronologies, but sometime its intentional and meant to tell us something
but not always
here I think it is more likely that one of the accounts is inaccurate, possibly unintentionally
3:57 AM
@Daи The Acts/Galatians differences are maddening. I think Paul just had some fuzzy recall there. Or maybe Luke. But probably Paul. ;-)
@JonEricson I agree it was probably Paul's recollection
but the class is interesting thus far
and it gives me something to do while out of town :)
I think he was hopping mad with the Galatians and just barely kept himself civil. Details of the trip to Jerusalem were not high priorities at the time.
@Daи Good deal. The little bit I've done is really wonderful stuff.
@JonEricson that could definitely be the case
Q: Older question regarding Isaiah 7.14-16

Mark EdwardThis question recently jumped to the top of the list. A related question could be something more like: Who are the young woman and the son from Isaiah 7.14 referring to? But while the above example is related to the one that was actually asked, there does not seem to be a way to trim or edi...

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6:44 PM
Q: Should we do anything about a question with mostly downvoted answers and many views?

Gone QuietCould the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" mean "tree of intelligence"? is in this week's newsletter, which caused me to take a(nother) look. It has 3K views, so it's a fairly popular question for this site. It has 9 answers (plus 3 more deleted ones). Of those 9, 7 are downvoted (3 heavil...

7:06 PM
@Daи Just to even tolerate using RapGenius, I had to use Chrome to alter the background of the page from black to white. The tiny strings of yellow on black are so painful on the eyes.
7:59 PM
@MarkEdward Hi :)
I wanted to mention that I thought your edit here was a good one
Kazark clearly prefers his original, and we need to work out whether that is OK or not, but whatever happens we appreciate your work editing and improving like that.
@Mark I think doing so would not be the best use of our time: providing an even better answer than the good ones would be (if that is possible), or expending our efforts answering questions that don't have great answers (which you are doing brilliantly and I don't want to dilute your efforts!). There is even a sense in which poorer posts serve a purpose in making more clear the relative merits of the good posts: they are all signposts saying "we don't really value this kind of stuff here". Perhaps we don't need quite so many, but hey :) — Jack Douglas 15 mins ago
I originally wrote 'Mike' instead of 'Mark', sorry, and it might mean you never got pinged that I'd replied to your comment
8:41 PM
Hey, Caleb!
I wasn’t planning on going back to school, and I’m not sure, but I think Soldarnal and Jon Ericson just sort of invited me. ;-)
http://hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/q/7940/2873 http://meta.hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/q/866/2873
I'm just saying/confessing I need to learn more, so I appreciate those 2 questions. Take care!
9:02 PM
@Caleb Maybe I shouldn't have answered my own question on hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/a/7918/2873 , but here's a question for you since I did. Q: If I would still like to see more answers from others to that question, should I remove my own answer &/or put a bounty on it? Thanks.
9:28 PM
@JohnMartin It's totally ok to answer your own question. A bounty might not help, but it can't really hurt either. The best time to start one is after the question is off of the main page. That gives you the most bang for your buck. ;-)
Do you want more diversity or are you not satisfied with the answers you have received?
Sorry, Jon. I got away from my PC...
Take your time. ;-)
I'm just looking for any other answers that might explain something re: that and another question. Right now I don't see how the math in that question can be reconciled. There the "math is off" by 1 year. (In the question I put in my own answer, there is a 2 year difference to reconcile).
Jon-Other that that, I don't know if you saw my note to Caleb just above ;-), but thanks for sharing meta.hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/q/866/2873
@JohnMartin No problem. Glad I could help.
9:45 PM
@JonEricson What do you main when you say "The best time to start one (a bounty) is after the question is off of the main page" ?
@JohnMartin If you look at Biblical Hermeneutics, the questions most likely to be answered are the ones at the top of the list. A bounty puts a question at the top of the list again. So the further done the list a question is, the more likely a bounty will catch someone's attention.
hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/q/7914/2873 So just like Bagpipes question is marked "featured" since it has a bounty on it.
@JohnMartin Yeah. It cost him 50 reputation points. I don't like to see that go to waste. Thankfully David stepped up with an awesome answer.
All right. Thanks. I just saw...part of David's answer.
That from David is thorough.
I just need to find some more time to do some research on early Catholic hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/q/7940/2873 and the course on the Letters of Paul you mentioned. I keep getting these phone calls and e-mails about getting back to school. I think I'm doing that via BH questions. ;-)
10:33 PM
@JackDouglas No worries; it notified me once you fixed the name.
10:57 PM
@JonEricson FYI I previously said there are more instructor resources in the annotated text than elsewhere. That is not the case. The videos and whatnot are all on EdX. But there is a lot more commentary on Rap Genius, although a lot of it is poorly sourced unfortunately.
@Daи Ah. Good to know. I suspect the Rap Genius thing is an experiment.
@JonEricson on the bright side, my first annotation was approved on one of the texts
but with 21,000 people in the class, the discussion forums are a mess. At least Rap Genius is only getting 4-10K views
far less actual contributors

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