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12:19 AM
Not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask, but not really a good fit for the main site on either Space, or EE.

[Here's a description of how Apollo 12 recovered from getting stuck by lightning](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_12#Launch_and_transfer)

I could not find any schematics or documentation pertaining to how these inverters worked, or how the selector worked which chose between main and backup.

If both of the inverters were connected to that main 28V bus via relays, couldn't it have been that flipping to aux manually selected the backup supply? If most of the load was o
12:53 AM
Found a better description.


I think I got it. Sorry to bother you guys.
6 hours later…
7:18 AM
@JRE I'm sorry I have not responded to you today. It is very late here and I'll be hitting the sac after I send this. But thanks for the link to the About Blocked Acounts. And tomorrow I'll get the number of turns for the primary.
@Allenph To me it seems fitting for here. But I don't know about others opinions.
7:47 AM
@ScientistSmithYT Well, that kind of answered the question. If you don't have that number in mind after wrestling with the transformer for so long then you don't have it. That means you are missing the fundamental thing needed to calculate the voltage and current ratios. Any numbers you calculated without the number of turns on the primary are automatically suspicious.
14 hours later…
9:56 PM
@JRE I had a lot of numbers in mind at that point as well as many other more important things I have to deal with. So remembering that number right off the top of my head wasnt that important right then. I did write that number down, it is just a matter of going through a couple papers to find it.
10:16 PM
@JRE In the meantime while I'm getting those measurements. I have a quick question about audio amplifiers. I want to know if connecting a speaker at two output terminals like I will show in the diagram will work?
Its the same exact audio amplifier I got a while ago. It has two 100 watt channels. And can be powered by up to 40 volts. But I'm using 16.8 volts to power it from 18650 batteries.
I did finally finish my runtime test for this speaker system. It has a runtime of 21 hours and 15 minutes. I never thought it could even get to 10 hours.
I'm only using 4 3,400 mAh 18650 batteries in series. I ran into the runtime problem when I did the math. So I wanted to make the speaker run longer, so I made the voltage higher, since the audio amplifier has a voltage cut off. I'll be installing a BMS, battery percentage meter, voltage and current boost converters a USB charging module as well as a constant current and constant voltage control. I want it to be charged in under 3 hours by a USB.
I also want some RGB strips inside to make it look colorful and smooth looking at night, I bought blurry plexiglass and re-did the enclosure. I also want to allow for outlet charging as well as all forms of DC charging, including solar and transformer. I want it to look very nice once its all done. Because a friend wants to buy it. I'm pricing it at $85. I'm making it bluetooth, as well as putting in another 700 watts of power. And this time I'm putting in ESD protection. (Thanks to @W5VO)

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