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12:17 AM
So, I'm trying to connect two devices that communicate over J1708 to eachother. One device has a female DB9 port, and the other end has a female terminal block connector with three spots for pins. The cable only needs to have three specific pins connected. Where's the best place for me to purchase one of these? Thanks!
Actually, I really need several hundred of these.
Because there are actually several hundred pairs of devices.
@DrewBuglione I'm going to say, buy some cables terminated with DB9 at both ends, twice the length you need, and cut them in half to get the exposed wires for connection to the terminal blocks. On the other hand, for hundreds of units you ought to be able to find someone who will do a custom assembly with the connector on one end only for a reasonable price.
@ThePhoton That was an idea I had, too, but then I'd have to worry about which wires went to which pins on what side, and it won't just be installing these.
And pointers to such a person?
@DrewBuglione Hopefully they wire them all the same, so you only have to ohm it out once to figure out which color wire goes to which pin...but you're right there is some risk there.
@DrewBuglione Sorry, no. I don't even really know what Jwhazzit is.
It's basically just RS-485.
Sorry I don't know specific vendors.
Gotta head out.
12:31 AM
@jippie that sounds right, what is wrong with 7pm?
@jippie upp, my bad guys!
@ThePhoton Thanks for taking the time to answer anyway :)
Kortuk has removed an event from this room's schedule.
Kortuk has added an event to this room's schedule.
Kortuk has removed an event from this room's schedule.
Kortuk has added an event to this room's schedule.
work threw me a curveball. I will discuss the time with people tomorrow and see how people want to move it.
Could anyone point me to a vendor for this?
12:50 AM
@DrewBuglione Sorry, vendor for what?
@ThePhoton I love saying that to audio guys, always entertaining.
@DrewBuglione ohh, you need to make a cable. Most electronics suppliers will give you what you need.
Maybe there.
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2:49 AM
@PeterJ chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/8825863#8825863 Thanks for the link :) - As long as it works to protect my pc if 12v, mains comes rushing down the wrong pin, I'm fine with it. I wish it had normal USB A on both sides.
3:28 AM
@TimCrossey Hiya
3:44 AM
GrEEtz pplz!
@AnindoGhosh Hiya Anindo
@AnindoGhosh Lots of questions and answer for you.
@angelatlarge Whichuns?
@AnindoGhosh Actually, there is a question on SO that seems up your alley
Q: Arduino Due HTTPS Support

GuyIn previous version of Arduino the limiting 8-bit microcontroller board it seems that implementing HTTPS (not merely HTTP) was almost impossible. But the newer version of Arduino Due provides 32-bit ARM core - see spec here. I tried to check several network libraries (libcurl, openssl, yaSSL), b...

@angelatlarge Ah? I've not participated in SO much for the last few years
@AnindoGhosh Yeah, but this one has your name on it.
3:47 AM
@angelatlarge Ah? Why would you say so?
@AnindoGhosh I am rep whoring on SO, I'll just send the Arduino ones I can't answer our way.
@AnindoGhosh You seem to know a lot about arduinos and what is out there for them. No?
This is true. However, I don't consider a Due a real Arduino ;-)
@AnindoGhosh I didn't know that Arduinos were divided into real ones and not so real ones :)
@angelatlarge Anything I cannot afford is not a real one, so there :-D
@AnindoGhosh I am with you on that. That's why I switched to barebone AVR chips
3:51 AM
@angelatlarge Here in India, I can get Arduino Nano boards (from China via eBay) way cheaper than I can get the ATmega328 ICs. I have about a half dozen different Arduino clones from the nano to the Mega, but not the Due.
@AnindoGhosh Yeah, I've bought my first and only Uno from ebay: I have a feeling it came from the same place as your Arduinos
@AnindoGhosh Not Uno. Nano.
@angelatlarge Shenzen, China. The Nano is brilliant - nice bread-board friendly row spacing of the pins, fits onto the little 1 inch square mini breadboards too, has USB, the Meduino Nano Enhanced which I favor even does 5 Volt and 3.3 Volt operation by a switch, and they can be as cheap as $3 if you bid carefully.
@AnindoGhosh I think I paid $11. Come to think of it, I got it from deal extreme. The Meduino sounds neat though.
@angelatlarge Not the Meduino, there are several versions of those.. the Meduino Nano Enhanced. It's also one of the better construction quality clones I've used.
@AnindoGhosh Good to know, thanks.
3:57 AM
@angelatlarge My other absolute favorite clone (this one is oficially blessed by Massimo Banzi) is the InduinoX
@AnindoGhosh What do you like about it. Looks like an Uno, no?
@angelatlarge My target audience consists of workshop attendees who are newcomers to anything electronic or software... The InduinoX is really tough to damage (see their videos of hosing it with water while it is running, and dropping it from heights, etc), plus it comes with a bunch of different hobby-friendly peripherals built into the board
- IR LED, Chopped-IR TSOP sensor, RGB LED, couple of other user LEDs, user pushbuttons, and all connected via jumper blocks so each can be disconnected from the base device.
@AnindoGhosh Yeah, the stress testing looked cool.
@angelatlarge It's also all through-hole, and the MCU is socketed - thus, if the newbie does blow something up, it is simple to repair.
@AnindoGhosh Assuming they can get the bootloader on there ;) [cf. a number of recent questions]
4:05 AM
@angelatlarge Nope, simpler for newbies to source the MCU with bootloader already in place.
Your typical newbie does not have anything to flash a bootloader with.
@AnindoGhosh Yeah, exactly.
4:20 AM
@angelatlarge Ref your comment on "cheap chinese SSRs"... You can actually get really cheap genuine Omron SSRs on eBay.com, that's the way I would go. I've bought some and Omron India confirmed they are genuine, at only one tenth the price in India.
@AnindoGhosh BTW, nothing against cheap or Chinese: I buy both (in combination and not) all the time. I just head that the SSRs can be bad, and given that this is line, seems like could be important.
@angelatlarge Hence my mention of Omron. They're good hardware for line voltages.
@AnindoGhosh Yeah exactly. Are you gonna post/comment that or should I?
@angelatlarge I'm giving you the input to use, ideally after a quick part search on eBay for a suitable part.
@AnindoGhosh Can't post links to products to buy here, right?
4:25 AM
@angelatlarge Check the many many answers on the site containing digikey and ebay links.
@AnindoGhosh Personally, I wouldn't know how to identify a fake from a real Omron relay on ebay. :)
@angelatlarge Not much value to faking Omron low-end (not industrial) parts, since they're dirt cheap anyway.
Hmmm... OK. I'll post it, but I am citing you, so if the guy's house burns down, it is on your concience :)
@angelatlarge Sure. And yes, that part would work.
My considerations for relays etc - I prefer sellers who show multiple views of a product, and I look carefully at the printing quality - a fake would typically be a reprint consisting of an overprint increasing the part rating.
@Kortuk you have the hangout starting in 30 minutes?
Oh, nvm... it got fixed
4:34 AM
@AnindoGhosh This is what I was talking about: ebay.com/itm/…
The claim is that these were never Fotek SSRs to begin with: no overprint because they were make from the ground up.
@angelatlarge that is a knock-off and stated as such. I stay with Omron branded ones, the company is extremely aggressive at policing fakes on eBay. Also, I believe they are a Chinese company, a powerful and influential one at that - so they might conceivably be sending goons to the door of fake-sellers.
@AnindoGhosh The link I posted is by a guy who bought the Foteks as genuine items: he now tells people that these are not real.
@AnindoGhosh Done. But you might not like my edits :)
That guy must be cognitively challenged. The listing says knock off.
@AnindoGhosh It's not a real sale, it's an expose
@AnindoGhosh Yes, @W5VO is correct, sorry for not being clear.
4:43 AM
I suppose you could be an ass and buy one with free shipping for $0.99 ;)
@W5VO I think that would be wrong
@W5VO, is it considered uncooth to ask moderators moderation questions?
@angelatlarge Feel free to ask. I can't talk about everything
@W5VO Yeah, tell me if you can't tell me. It says "3 comments flagged" - can you tell me what I am getting flagged for? Please don't tell me who is flagging (it might not show you anyway), but what kind of comments of mine should I moderate? Too chatty? Being an ass? Should I not worry about it?
@angelatlarge I'm fairly sure that for you, "3 comments flagged" is how many comments you have flagged.
@W5VO Oh. And there I was being paranoid.
@W5VO Yeah, I probably flagged Mr. T three times.
@W5VO Right-O.
4:52 AM
@angelatlarge You have not been flagged. I wouldn't worry about it too much - we'll let you know if there's a problem.
@W5VO Damn you English language. Here I was being all paranoid.
pretty much every flag requires human intervention - the only exception is the spam/offensive flag. Again, you have to be doing something really stupid for a no-warning smackdown.
5:08 AM
@Bitrex Curious: Why is there a concern with a gain of 200?
It is baaaaack.
@angelatlarge I suspect that 3.7 Volts is just a LiPo battery, hence that specific voltage. Also, 3.7 V will cause less heat at the transistors.
@AnindoGhosh I'd think that transistors head up based on the amount of current they conduct, not voltage. Am I wrong on that?
@angelatlarge with 120 mA continuous through a 2222, it's going to run very hot, by the way.
@angelatlarge Sorry, my bad - At the resistors, I meant to say.
@AnindoGhosh It is rated for 0.6A, you think so?
5:17 AM
@angelatlarge I'm running 100 mA through one and through my multimeter to check. Hold on.
@AnindoGhosh At least I didn't say "current-limiting diodes" this time. I think.
@AnindoGhosh I haven't done the math, but with a 35 mV (RMS?) input and a gain of 200...I don't think it's possible to get a 7 volt swing out of a single JFET amp with any reasonable combination of JFET currents and load resistors.
of course, the power supply voltage isn't specified.
@angelatlarge OK, the 2222 is definitely too hot to touch at 100 mA. That does not mean it is beyond allowable Tj, though.
@angelatlarge So it might survive.
@AnindoGhosh Hmmm... interesting. That's not a good diagnosis. Is your a PN or a 2N?
I remember someplace doing an exercise, (I think it was AoE) to find the maximum voltage gain you could get out of a common emitter bipolar amp with a resistive load and I don't recall it being anywhere near 200; something similar applies to jfets
5:25 AM
@angelatlarge It's a PN2222, and it is surviving 120 mA. Time to warm my coffee.
@AnindoGhosh Using the PN2222?
@angelatlarge Of course.
I have it dipped in my coffee now :-)
@AnindoGhosh Will you be having some vintage power supply with it?
My oscilloscope has gone for calibration, otherwise it would be interesting to run a PWM into the 2222 and see where it explodes.
@angelatlarge No, I'll stay with my SugarFree, two please.
@angelatlarge I'm the specialist on destructive testing of components on this site. See if you can find my answer where I blew up a dozen LEDs to determine what point they die at.
@AnindoGhosh Oh yeah?
5:29 AM
Anyway, the 2222 should do fine at 120 mA. That much heat isn't a problem on most circuits either. Won't cause the solder to flow.
@AnindoGhosh Too late. You got another heads up in my answer.
@AnindoGhosh No links to your house this time.
@AnindoGhosh But the last guy, he is hatching reptiles. So if he comes to live with you (after his house burns down), he will not be alone. I hope you like snakes, lizzards, salamanders, and iguanas.
@Bitrex Sorry, I think I was unclear on my question... I meant, why is there a concern with the gain of 200 question, i.e. are you flagging that question or something. I realized afterwards that you meant to point out the nasty answer, not the question itself.
@AnindoGhosh OH! lol
@angelatlarge Oh, I love them all - especially snakes. I have a history of snakebite.
The snake died.
Sometimes on a TO-92 transistor I've taken really small heatsinks and just superglued them on
5:31 AM
@AnindoGhosh Did you bite it?
Seems to work OK
@Bitrex Yeah, I have a few of those around, good point.
@angelatlarge You know, if you were going to edit your question anyway, you should have improved it by mentioning that the 3.7 Volt probably implies a LiPo, which would work fine. Use the wisdom gathered in chat, to appear wise on the answer :-D
@angelatlarge Actually I kicked it. Then I took it with me to the ER. They thought I was looking for a vet, all I wanted was an ID on whether the snake was poisonous.
I recall the hospital folk were rather rude, especially after one of their staff fainted on seeing the snake.
@AnindoGhosh I am not 100% convinced about your 3v7 theory. But I added an "out", so thanks.
@AnindoGhosh Did you bite the hospital staff then too?
@angelatlarge Then just ask whether the 3.7 volt is because they plan to use a LiPo.
@angelatlarge That way it appears you did not miss the significance of that specific voltage entirely.
5:39 AM
@AnindoGhosh That would be cheating.
@AnindoGhosh I did miss it.
@AnindoGhosh Note how I was careful to give credit where credit is due.
@AnindoGhosh Most of the time :)
@AnindoGhosh Ok, some of the time.
@angelatlarge No. Just around when they told me they don't treat dead snakes, the hospital boss doctor arrived to see what the ruckus was about. He turned out to be a doctor who had treated me before (for a motorcycle accident). So all ended well.
@AnindoGhosh Did you go to a veterinary hospital by mistake?
@angelatlarge I'm not bothered about credit, I just like answers to have lasting value. This one would make sense to future researchers seeing an apparently arbitrary 3.7 Volt somewhere... ah ha! That must be a LiPo!
@AnindoGhosh Ok, that's a point.
@angelatlarge Nope. That was where the problem was. At a vet, nurses wouldn't faint on seeing a snake merely 3-4 feet long being carried by a human.
5:42 AM
@AnindoGhosh I'll edit that in, after you guys point out 6 more problems :)
night, see ya tomorrow.
@MLM Sleep well
@AnindoGhosh I like that: "Merely 3-4 feet"
@MLM G'dnight
@AnindoGhosh I suppose there's quite a few more nasty snakes in your neighborhood
@angelatlarge Well, the sodden basement place I rented just after college, there was a forest patch nearby with longer snakes, and supposedly lethal ones too.
5:44 AM
@AnindoGhosh Duh! It is blinking! So the heat issue is...mmm... partly dissipated
@PeterJ also before I leave... found a good alternative to that $80 version: circuitsathome.com/products-page/usb-interfaces
@W5VO That neighborhood of my youth, yes. Current neighborhood, the only non-human animal life other than rats and cockroaches that you can find within a few miles, wears a collar.
I wonder if people use collars on pet snakes.
@angelatlarge Good catch there. At least until the code hangs on an on state. :-)
I invited the "desolder the battery connector" guy to chat earlier, but it turns out you need 20 rep to chat.
Is there any way around that?
@AnindoGhosh I may soon be posting questions about LiPos for a project of mine
OK, I need to get off here, otherwise I'll spend the rest of the night here.
Gdnight all
@angelatlarge Yes, a few upvotes on his question should give him needed rep. Link me the person please?
@angelatlarge LiPos are nice. LiFePo is nicer.
@angelatlarge Sleep well
6:48 AM
oh shoot!! I missed the hangout this morning.
7:16 AM
good morning @AnindoGhosh
@jippie heya!
@jippie No, hangout is still around 7 hours away
how is today's vote balance?
@jippie I have not started voting yet
I have to dive into my Stellaris again today.
see if I can make it doe the zero crossing thing.
I'm not terribly impressesed with the Stellarisware examples @AnindoGhosh did I mention that to you yet?
all compile, but some just don't work
7:30 AM
@jippie Those examples are just to get you started.
@jippie And yes, that I've noticed as well. However, if you follow the lab workbook for Stellaris, everything in that book, including every example, is working for me.
Q: Using alligator leads as heat sink for soldering/desoldering PCBs

Tim CrosseyThis is my first question, and I'm pretty new to the world of electronics, although I'm attending an Australian college course called "certificate 3 in electrotechnology". My guitar tuner seems to have a ground problem. I think it's from the battery terminal, as it was fine but then 9V got stuck...

@AnindoGhosh: have you ever looked up "moot" in the dictionary?
debatable. Why?
@angelatlarge And were you not off to sleep?
@angelatlarge BTW why the link to that question?
You asked for the user who was mute b/c of lack of rep
@AnindoGhosh I was off to be away from y'all :)
@angelatlarge Ahh ok. I already upvoted him, still not enough for him to chat
@AnindoGhosh Exactly. And no way of fix that, annoyingly.
7:41 AM
@angelatlarge why did you ask about moot?
@AnindoGhosh All you can do is comment back and forth back and forth
@AnindoGhosh Because I used it myself recently, realized that I didn't know much about it, and then was surprised.
If it is too small to allow for that brief delay, this entire discussion is moot.
answered 12 mins ago Anindo Ghosh
"Entire discussion is moot" :
5. to reduce or remove the practical significance of; make purely theoretical or academic.
@AnindoGhosh YOu skipped over "1. open to discussion or debate; debatable; doubtful: a moot point. "
@angelatlarge Umm there was a time I taught English tuition to make ends meet.
@AnindoGhosh BTW, I never meant to say you used it wrong.
7:43 AM
@angelatlarge Yes, the nice thing about English is there are often several distinctly divergent applications to a word or phrase.
@angelatlarge By the way, my 1-word substitute for moot is debatable, as I responded earlier... and that applies to my statement in that answer.
@jippie @AnindoGhosh You guys ever use ASM on AVRs?
@angelatlarge I did for a tweak a few times. Not regularly.
@AnindoGhosh Hmmm.. that's not what I think of when people say "in that case the entire point is moot". I think debatable wouldn't fit there very well. It's say "irrelevant" or something.
@angelatlarge never needed to yet, why?
@jippie Getting ready to dive into it. Wanted to know if you guys had good success with getting I dunno 2x the speed :)
@AnindoGhosh Did it work?
7:47 AM
@angelatlarge I would have to say, in that usage it isn't "irrelevant" so much as "purely theoretical or academic."
@AnindoGhosh As in "was it worth it"?
@AnindoGhosh Sure. That doesn't synonymize (sp?) with "debatable" for me.
@angelatlarge Only for ISRs where default compiler optimizations sucked for my purposes. The pushes, pops, etc, I didn't need many of those because my ISR code merely set one flag in memory and returned. A frequent situation.
@AnindoGhosh I see.. hmmm.. I'll need more than that.
@angelatlarge No, it isn't a synonym. Those are two divergent usages of the same word. English is very contextual as a grammar. That's why English NLP is very challenging to design.
@AnindoGhosh I think that's true about any language.
7:49 AM
Just discovered that a major database of a website hasn't been backed up for over a year ...
stupid sysadmin broke mysqldump
@angelatlarge In general, if you expect 200% improvement by going ASM, you either have really crappy (for the embedded world) highly call-within-call-within-call code, or you are using some crap high level libraries.
@AnindoGhosh "Coding parts in assembler may greatly improve performance, especially when it comes to bit-wise operations by taking full advantage of all flags in the SREG" - Hanno Binder
@angelatlarge No, I recall a paper about some languages which lend themselves well to computer parsing because they are utterly static-grammar.
@AnindoGhosh Yeah, 200% would be splendid, but I need at least 10%
@angelatlarge the code that gcc spits out is pretty well optimized. The major gain you can get is by optimizing order of instructions, and with that eg. optimizing the moment a register is read.
7:51 AM
@jippie Yeah, that's what I thought
@angelatlarge Sorry, but that is outdated. Modern decent compilers are amazing at optimization, including bitops.
@AnindoGhosh Hmmm... that might mean I'll have to go to a Cortex or a propeller MCU
@angelatlarge start by just peeking into the generated assembly listing when you compiled a program, that is giving very much insight and on the side you get familiar with the instructions.
@angelatlarge The big savings are in function calls, and by removing generic checks and measures that may not be needed in your particular application. Anything else, diminishing returns.
And here's the biggest secret - Need 10% more? Change your crystal.
I was working on some code the other day that I tried to hand optimize, and try as I might I could only beat avr-gcc by one instruction
7:54 AM
@AnindoGhosh and by prventing arbitrary divisions or moving floating point operations to integers :)
on O2
@angelatlarge What is your current state-of-play, what is the desired performance, and where are the bottlenecks, as per a profiler run?
@jippie That I do in my source, I never have floatops, very careful about that.
@AnindoGhosh Didn't use a profiler. I don't know what "state-of-play" is.
I have to dive into the backup problem for a few minutes.
@angelatlarge Actually don't even consider a processor change, before using a profiler on the code first. For all you know, one bad function call might be all that needs fixing.
@angelatlarge stat of play = what is happening (or not happening) as it should (or shouldn't). :-)
7:57 AM
@AnindoGhosh Nah, it's all in one function. The function needs to run really fast, and there are too many bitops and bit shuffling.
@jippie Some of us find it tough enough to deal with problems that are in front of us, and you even keep backup problems in case the main ones get solved?
@AnindoGhosh Tried every optimization I could think of - couldn't unroll everything without running out of flash, but I've hit the wall with the C code
@angelatlarge How far are you from desired performance? 10%?
@AnindoGhosh That depends. Right now the thing runs at 210% of what it should run at. But in the worst case I am OK with using shuffling half the data out, so yeah, 10% or so.
It would be nice to get all the data out. But I am ok with giving up on that.
@angelatlarge Then just try re-clocking with a faster crystal if your MCU can take it... Next step, move up one step in the same processor family. Those are the simplest most practical options.
8:01 AM
@AnindoGhosh Already at 20Mhz
@angelatlarge You're bit-bashing serial data?
@AnindoGhosh Yes. In parallel :)
@AnindoGhosh "bit-bashing" - I like that :)
@angelatlarge Wait, have you tried with a 22 MHz XTal? You'd be surprised how well some MCUs work beyond spec clock.
@AnindoGhosh This graphic electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/21598/… scares the crap out of me.
Also, and I am sure I'm stating the obvious, but are you using ring-buffers, stuffing in one ISR and pushing out in another?
8:03 AM
"Do you feel lucky?" "Well, do you"?
@AnindoGhosh No ISRs. Just one function.
@angelatlarge Might want to reconsider that, but that's a different issue. So hold on, have you seen the blog about the guy who got some amazing oscilloscope performance out of an arduino based scope? He's shared all his sampling speed and data shoveling tricks.
@AnindoGhosh No, that sounds promising! Do you have a link for that?
@abdullahkahraman Hallo!
@angelatlarge I'll check.
@angelatlarge Yeah well, the border conditions on that graph should be indicated as +/- 10%, I'd guess. Especially if you are churning at a clean 5V
@AnindoGhosh Not Xoscillo?
8:10 AM
@angelatlarge don't remember. I'll be back in 10 mins then I'll check.
@AnindoGhosh OK, I am going to say Gnight just in case. It is 4AM here...
Gnight all
@angelatlarge Bye
8:23 AM
i need one formula to calculte max circuit length
can anybody help me??
plz i am new to this..
@amirhudani doesn't that depend on how long your room is?
i need to find maximum circuit distance
can you help me ??
@amirhudani you have to be a lot more specific than this
8:37 AM
what is the problem you're trying to solve?
i have max current that i have to get in output + copper cable +120v + #14 awg wiresize in single phase
now i want to know maximum circuit distance
see here
it is example to find maximum circuit distance..i want output as same as this site...
but i want how to find this
can you plz help me??
@jippie Great for electronic parts: taydaelectronics.com
@amirhudani I have no clue what you mean
@amirhudani Please don't mess with high voltage AC..
@abdullahkahraman BAT64 at a local dutch webshop is €0.15 each, 100+ for € 0,07
I don't buy single components unless they are expensive :)
8:51 AM
@jippie lol
BAT46 is €0.07 for 1 piece.
@abdullahkahraman yes I saw it on the front page, that's why I chose it.
@jippie I don't understand you..
I don't see any discount prices on 'your' site
and I have no clue about delivery times
@amirhudani You can put 10 Amper through 14awg wire.
whereas the dutch shop delivers in 2 days.
8:54 AM
@jippie Oh, but it is expensive in 1 piece.
@jippie All right then, did you buy some jelly bean single supply OP-AMPs?
THAILAND that is 2 wks delivery or so?
@abdullahkahraman jelly what?
@jippie Yeah, about 2-3 weeks..
@jippie I meant generic, lol, what is the word?
@jippie He means default building block for general purposes. Like my CA3240
i like CA3130 better
@abdullahkahraman jelly-bean is fine. It's a commonly understood term, except @jippie is not common enough :-)
8:58 AM
there are lot of things i don´t understand, but i can´t downvote in chat
@AnindoGhosh lol
@jippie hahaha
My jellybean RRIO quad op-amp is the AD8044.
@jippie downvoting stuff you don't understand is reserved for certain people only.
@jippie Wow, it is $1 for 100 pieces at Digi-Key !
@AnindoGhosh I use a microcontroller for that.
@abdullahkahraman What is?
@jippie For quad op-amps? or for counting jelly beans?
9:01 AM
@AnindoGhosh CA3130
Mine is LM324 :)
@AnindoGhosh for quad opamps. digital is better
@abdullahkahraman 1$ each
plz take a look at here for what i mean to say...here there is one option given that is maximum circuit length
@jippie And you get 1 OP-AMP only
9:02 AM
@abdullahkahraman The CA3240 is a mere $0.20 or so at stores here in Mumbai.
i want that
@abdullahkahraman Compare the 3240 and the 324 input impedances, lower-rail performance, etc.
@amirhudani too bad it is using 'feet' for lenght measurement
@amirhudani You are not explaining what you are trying to do. How can we answer something if we have no idea what to explain?
@abdullahkahraman My CA3130 stash is like 20 yrs old
countries like thailand and america didn't exist back then.
9:04 AM
@jippie You said it was 23 years old!
@jippie OK, let me know when you have a microcontroller based 2-channel transimpedance amplifier for picoamp range :-) Till then I'll stay with my choices.
@AnindoGhosh You don't even need to! lol
@AnindoGhosh I am from the McDonalds age, I double size things (at least). So picoamps aren't for me, I use mA at least.
@jippie lol
@AnindoGhosh I don't think it is a jelly-bean application, then. :)
@jippie Yes, that makes sense.
9:06 AM
of course that makes sense. I may not be handsome, but I am smart!
lol, you guys
@abdullahkahraman The jelly bean application discussion was separate (my CA3240 works for that BTW) and the "digital is better than a quad op-amp" discussion was a different one. Don't worry, we oldies talk in tongues.
@AnindoGhosh What is a "digital" ?
@abdullahkahraman I think the old chap was talking about stuff you press with your digits (i.e. fingers).
@abdullah: see i have to find maximum cable length in feet as output...my input i have 2amp current, singlephase, 120volt 14awg wiresize and metal is copper
9:09 AM
@AnindoGhosh what oldies are you referring to?
Okie @jippie and @abdullahkahraman I need some advice: I have 3 unused slots in a sampling order from TI. I'm specifically working on some ultra low current transimpedance stuff, and I think I have that covered with a femtoampere op-amp and a optosensor with integrated transimpedance amp. What do I fill the remaining 3 slots with, that might actually be useful, rather than toys?
@amirhudani OK, in the output, what is the lowest voltage you can tolerate?
@jippie You and I.
"My jellybean RRIO quad op-amp is the AD8044." , "
@AnindoGhosh I use a microcontroller for that." , "@jippie For quad op-amps? or for counting jelly beans?"
Now I see
@AnindoGhosh "that might actually be useful" what a senseless requirement.
9:13 AM
But I don't see how he can use a microcontroller for quad-opamps.. Is this an electronics joke?
@abdullahkahraman No, it's mental deterioration, will happen to you too when you are our age.
@abdullahkahraman actually it can do 16 fold opamps in a single package
@AnindoGhosh I can't wait that long, it is like ages!
@jippie Now I am totally lost between reality and jokes.. I guess this is what happens when you are not an experienced EE..
/me is the next TS
somewhere in between fiction and reality
often not knowing myself where positioned exactly
9:19 AM
@AnindoGhosh yeah found the word on internet the other day
Going by your track record be careful or you will lose it again :-)
There's an improved LM324 too, the LM324a
has better offset voltage and current specs, etc.
8 cents in quantity ;)
@abdullah: actually i want to make a website same like this which i have given you example...so i need just formula to find this
9:35 AM
The LM324a is exactly the same price as the CA3240 here in India, 18c single, 8c in quantity.
The only CA3240s available at Mouser and Digi-Key seem to be by Intersil, and they want $1.55 for them
How're you guys getting them for 18c? :O
@jippie haha!
@Bitrex Welcome to Mumbai, lol
@Bitrex That's what's strange about the electronics component retail market in India. Some common parts are just not available, others are sold at 10x to even 20x the Digikey price, and yet others are at a one tenth of Digikey prices.
@AnindoGhosh @abdullahkahraman what is the name for the type of flux that you don't need to manually clean?
@amirhudani You have to look into ohm's law, then..
9:46 AM
@Bitrex Sourcing is typically via undervalued container loads, direct from the fab locations in Malaysia, China etc... So high volume products get here at barely the shipping cost. Low volume products, the local vendors order in small quantities, and then charge insane mark-ups
@jippie No Clean?
@jippie No-clean flux.
@AnindoGhosh Ahh
@AnindoGhosh Are NE5532s cheap? (one of the best price/performance audio op amps)
9:48 AM
@Bitrex The CA3240 became very popular locally about 6 years ago, so it sells cheaper than any other dual op-amp you can find here. Yet its specs are better than many others (not counting RRIOs)
@Bitrex I will have to ask when I next go to the electronics street.
Probably Tuesday.
@AnindoGhosh I think I have some in my bin, I bought a big sampler lot of various op amps from that Tayda Electronics outfit a while back. I haven't had a chance to use that one yet.
Phenolic PCBs sell here cheaper than I've seen online, yet FR4 fiber PCBs are at 3 to 5 times the online price.
@Bitrex The LM3886 is popular and cheap here, in audio amps
Less than half the Digikey price.
@AnindoGhosh just go digital and use class D amps :-p
No, wait sorry. At just 10% over Digikey price.
@AnindoGhosh Yeah, that's a cool power amp chip. Needs a big-ass heatsink :D
9:52 AM
@jippie Yes. Sure. No.
@Bitrex I've never used one. I plan to experiment with using it to drive a high wattage capacitive load some day. An ultrasonic transducer.
You can use 'em in a bridged connection too.
EDN magazine did a piece in the last issue about weird chips, one was the CA3096
3 NPN and 2 PNP transistors on a chip
@Bitrex I'd like to read that article. Available online?
whoohoooo two bags of electronics stuff got delivered :)
Weird chips and weird people are a frequent discussion topic on this chat.
@jippie Same.
one from dx.com and one from eBay

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