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7:12 PM
> Missing arguments work!

![missing argument info](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/5751684/115604597-8dfbd480-a2af-11eb-9209-eecdc90f39f5.png)

The argument context excludes the preceding whitespace, so I made a little dance and I'm treating the preceding whitespace token as part of the argument - this has the side-effect of lining up the "selected/current argument" with the VBE's parameter quick-info:

![resolving to Buttons parameter despite being in the middle of whitespace a
@Vogel612 I don't think so, must be something else:
> 13 hours ago in 26 min 30 sec
container being slow might just be it
kick the offending build again and hope that the box it runs on isn't as buggered as the one before
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit ef55b69e on unknown branch: AppVeyor build failed
7:27 PM
@Duga well that was much faster than anticipated
probably because tests weren't run, I think. Nice job, bTW!
thinking the RubberduckTests is overdue for a split
@this nah it's actually claiming a legit build error... meanwhile I'm taking screenshots from the built & executing thing, but eh
(and thanks!)
Yeah but my comment was more because tests is the last thing to get built and it's quite big project that IME it takes the longest to build compared others... or is just me?
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit af561862 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build failed
7:37 PM
hm could be, but it's legit complaining about an invalid cast
> C:\projects\rubberduck\RubberduckTests\Symbols\DeclarationFinderTests.cs(808,128): error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from 'Rubberduck.Parsing.Grammar.VBAParser.ArgumentExpressionContext' to 'Rubberduck.Parsing.Grammar.VBAParser.ArgumentContext'
oh #ImAnIdiot
and #Busted again
I'll never get used to the whole entire solution not building when I hit "build"
here we go
now go and fail the build in 59 minutes and 55 seconds
7:56 PM
(or not, ideally)
@MathieuGuindon did the mappings for the command change?
no, but the tests don't build unless you ask for it
20 mins ago, by Mathieu Guindon
and #Busted again
8:10 PM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 0ca3f6f3 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
> in 28 min 42 sec
@Vogel612 so RD isn't quite enterprise software yet
if it's, then it's time to take it behind the shed and feed it to a woodchipper.
@this Shredded Duck?
woudln't it be more of a "chipped duck"?
though it's weird -- we call the tool to shred wood a "woodchipper"
8:17 PM
Sorry to jump into your dialog but you know how in SublimeText, VSCode or maybe even VS there is a keyboard shortcut CTRL+P to find files (fuzzy search) in a project?

Would it be complicated to implement this functionality that it would focus on Code Explorer and on Search... field?

I would press CTRL+P, start writing, it would filter classes/Moduls/Forms/Functions.

I thought if I remap CTRL+P to focus CodeExplorer then press TAB, it would go to the Search... field but I have to use mouse for this. Tab is doing nothing.
Ctrl+P is mapped to "indent project" by default, I think
(yeah, I've remapped it)
@SonGokussj4 that's an interesting approach and it would work
I think I'd rather re-map Ctrl+F to a RD-enhanced (regex-enabled) search & replace dialog though
I think we need to fix that, too
it's wayyy overdue, though
but no I don't think some FocusCodeExplorerSearchBarCommand is implementable
@this yes!
8:21 PM
Q: Copy Columns Forward Macro: From Procedural to OOP

HellboyBackground: I had created a macro few years ago and when I was reviewing this now, it was hard to understand. I recently went through all the articles from RubberduckVBA and started learning that VBA can also be Object Oriented language and, I tried implementing this concept in my macro. Purpose ...

I'd like to have #5692, #5738, and #5740 in the 2.5.2 release
That's cool too. But it shows only one result. I, again, have to grab a mouse to click on the down arrow to see other results.

If it would behave like a Launchy, where I start to write and it would give me more info, it would be more productive.
#5731 too
@SonGokussj4 it doesn't show only one result if we don't make it show only one result ;-)
@MathieuGuindon There's a setting? :-) Or do you hinting modifying the code :-D
8:27 PM
no I'm saying Rubberduck should have its own find/replace dialog
and then we can hijack Ctrl+F and Ctrl+H
Oh and I just found a bug? Maybe? Can you try it?

1) I've set the shortcut for RD enhanced search to CTRL+SHIFT+F
2) In a project, I press CTRL+SHIFT+F, search window appear, I write something, ENTER, it goes to the function/proc
3) I press CTRL+W to close the window
4) I press CTRL+SHIFT+F ... nothing happens
(even my reassigned CTRL+P to focus explorer doesn't work. PRINT window pops up instead. When I escape that, shortcuts works again)
hotkeys are known to be flakey
might need to close all open code windows if they don't re-attach correctly
@SonGokussj4 does the problem remain if you close the window using something other than Ctrl+W?
Yes. Even when I close it by X, it still does not work.
I need to click away from VBE (here to chrome) or evoke a native window (like the print) then when I click back to VBA and press the shortcut, it works.
So I don't even need to close the window.
When I find something through the RD find, enter and immediately press again shortcut to find, it doesn't work. Need to click outside of VBE, then back, then it works.
8:37 PM
sounds like the key hooks are not correctly reattached to the main VBE from what I can tell
yeah that's a known issue
unclear what the solution might be though
> I recently went through all the articles from RubberduckVBA
^ Me too. I thought 1 year of doing ASP.net core, C#, Databases, MVC model, linq, ... would help.
And it just depresses me how I can't understand it :D I know those articles are awesome but I just can't... :-) I have a lot to learn...
8:54 PM
@SonGokussj4 please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I can adjust in my writing to help
more interleaved boxes with on-the-side explanations about stuff I just glossed over, for example?
I should make a glossary page
wait are "glossary" and "gloss over" related?
nah, coincidence
etymologically related.
I believe so yeah.
from Latin "collection of glosses" huh
Noun: glossa (plural glossae)
  1. (zoology) The tongue, or lingua, of an insect.
  2. glossa f (plural glosse)
  3. gloss (explanatory note)
  4. glossa f
  5. tongue
(4 more not shown…)
Verb: glossa
  1. third-person singular present indicative of glossare
  2. second-person singular imperative of glossare
> You likely know gloss as a noun meaning "shine," or as part of the phrase gloss over, meaning "to treat or describe (something) as if it were not important," but those uses are unrelated to today's featured word. Today's verb comes from the noun gloss that refers primarily to a brief explanation.
> It is Greek in origin, coming from glossa or glotta, meaning "tongue," "language," or "obscure word." Glossary is from this same root, as are two anatomical terms: glottis refers to the elongated space between the vocal cords and also to the structures that surround this space; epiglottis refers to the thin plate of flexible cartilage in front of the glottis that folds back over and protects the glottis during swallowing.
9:05 PM
oooh I know that word! I had an epiglottis infection as a kid
(which is very very bad, there was a pregnant lady whose birth-giving was delayed because I had to be intubated right now, or die)
9:23 PM
@MathieuGuindon that took me way too long to parse that.
but yikes!
Yeah. First time hearing about epiglottis infection. Or the name. Now I know. :-)
It's interesting that the most "dangerous" age is when we're young. I had like 2-3 near death experiences. But from around 15 years until now just one (in a car, not a medical one).
Out of the head, I would say more comments in the code or more (simpler AND advanced) examples.
But that's mainly just me. I learn the most from working examples. I go through them, understand them and apply them to my problem.

If someone just tells me "how", I have a hard time to understand that. (Or just snippets of code. I need to "see" a working complexity).

For example when I teach my padawans at work Python or C# MVC models and so on, I grab A4 paper, do a few squares with code in them/arrows, what affects what and when I start the program, what's the order of functionality to "show
that does help, thanks!
9:39 PM
One more thought came through my mind.

This is just an example how I like to teach. Not a tip on how to write a blog post about that (because I didn't do that ever)

When I propose a functionality and a padawan understands it, I add "and how do you thing the code changes when I want to add another item"
Or "What if I don't want to parse to the object 1 item but 100 items"
Or "And what happens if this happens"

It's hard to explain. Without an example.
But I go through 5-10 different "cases", nuances, and generally this is the thing that checks the "now it tiks for me, now I understand, tha
9:50 PM
that's a good way to do this... face-to-face :)
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] IvenBach pushed commit 7086c4c1 to next: Add collapse/expand all commands to CodeExplorer
Opportunistic edits

Discard variable
Simplify string interpolation
Suppress remove unused parameter message
Suppress remove unread private member message
Suppress naming rule violation message
Merge pull request #5738 from IvenBach/Issue5631_Add_expand/collapse_all_to_CodeExplorer

Add expand/collapse all nodes to code explorer
10:17 PM
Soooo... If I call the RD find, write "collection", click on the "down arrow", there are like 20 items. If I click by mouse on the item, it deselects, empties the search field and nothing happens. Is that right?
And a second thing. If I type something to the search box (RD find) but decide to close the window by pressing ESC, it will open last found item (RD find) anyway.
Agrh. Give me something and I break it.. :D
10:42 PM
Wow so I don't know if it's because I've built it through VS or other reasons but after working with my project for the past hour, with RD it's almost unusable.
@SonGokussj4 RD find, that's the find symbol command, right? I think that one needs some love yeah
I click few times, go UP/DOWN with my keyboard or delete a line (all without saving) and it just hangs. For like 10 seconds I need to wait. Is this normal? I can record a clip of this if you want. It's on the level of "I need to disable this".
@MathieuGuindon Yes
11:01 PM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit aedebd73 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
11:11 PM
@SonGokussj4 hm, not normal
But if you're running with a debugger attached then yes it's a lot of overhead ;-)
Rubberduck Avalon++ could happily connect to an LSP server...
DAP... uhm... maybe?
What's DAP?
@mansellan exactly!
Debugger-attached protocol.
Lets you step through, see call stack, etc. Would need deep hooks into the VBA runtime.
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