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12:00 AM
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 84, Bombs Used: 51, Moves Performed: 11891, New Users: 9
1 hour later…
1:20 AM
Exploits of a hacker:
I bought a digital download album through my Visa card's reward program.
It had 27 tracks, and it was only letting me download 10. And there wasn't an option to download the whole album.
I opened my dev tools, network tab, reloaded the page, found the response with the data--and there were the links for all 27 tracks.
3 hours later…
5:07 AM
> Adding things that I found useful to get started that weren't very obvious here.. Hi @retailcoder I love that the getting started guide is very detailed and thorough 😄 I would have loved it even better if it were a little more targeted towards newcomers like me and highlight some of the cool features here to get me started quickly!! I would like to propose a revamp of this guide to get your guys' feedback 😃 I just tried to give a flavor of my proposal here and can work on it based on...
your thoughts.. please let me know. Cheers!
5:21 AM
> That's awesome, thanks for doing this! I completely agree, ...basically *all* documentation needs a revamp!

What would a newcomer like you want to see in a "getting started" guide for Rubberduck? Let's add it!
@Duga live
Hm, the attributes don't seem to (all) work
8 hours later…
2:07 PM
chirp chirp
soo ... who's the real boy in here then?
certainly not that jackass.
lol, love the lurking
so, the reference explorer now has its own page on the website - I didn't add a button/link for it in the header, because it's getting crowded in there
I need to reinstate some kind of actual menu bar
2:19 PM
yay for webdev?
also this is why some of the attributes aren't working
        References = node.Elements("references").Select(e => e.Attribute("name")?.Value).ToArray();
        HostApp = node.Element("hostapp")?.Attribute("name")?.Value.Trim();
should be reference and hostApp
yay stringly-typed stuff
/s/attributes/xml-doc elements/
now I know why javascript folks love all-lowercase names
@MathieuGuindon too bad they are not terribly consistent
snake_case, camelCase, PascalCase, mnfd conventions abound.
I mean, I'll have to quadruple-check the actual casing of <hostapp /> vs <hostApp /> in the inspections to make sure they're consistent
or, you could just harvest the .NET attributes. Less stringly stuff.
I know you mentioned that before, but I'm really not seeing how that can be done
2:25 PM
or you could write a DTD or XSD to check the XML-docs against during compile time :)
xsd sounds like a good idea
True but they weren't terribly fun to write....
I'm sure there's classes that makes XML-POCOs
@MathieuGuindon wouldn't you just load the DLL assembly, then read the attributes, no?
@this currently mat loads an XML file
that's the thing: loading the DLL means I don't get the xml-doc
I know. The change means loading both XML and DLL and unioning them
2:27 PM
one reason for not loading the DLL was that deploying RD on the website is a royal PITA
hmm. I thought it is possible to load an assembly without actually referencing it.
and the code wouldn't have to work
since you're just reading the metadata off the assembly...
@this yea, but how do you get the assembly?
ship it as an artifact.... just like you've been w/ the XML file?
wonders if he's missing a point
I suppose the other alternative is to harvest the attributes and write to our own XML file as a build task
that way we don't need to ship the DLL as an artifact; we now just have 2 XML files
2:42 PM
sounds pretty complicated vs just putting an xml element in the handful of inspections' docs that need it
You know me. One place for everything, and everything in its place. :)
whelp, just lost another SO user. He had a valid question "I've never done this before and I don't even know where to start", that, unfortunately, doesn't fit the SO model. Got 4 close votes & deleted his question.
^ question now deleted.
Q: Can my code be simplefied

Wilco van der HelmI've created some code to let users fill in a excelsheet with 4 tables. by pressing a button it copies the table data to another workbook. it has to find the last row filled and copy the data below that. Some cells won't get filled so i used .Filldown to get the empty cells filled. In order to ma...

2:58 PM
@QuackExchange look at that tyke trying to program! How adorable!
3:23 PM
Just had my review. c. 2k raise and another work from home day.
Basically, slightly over a cost-of-living raise.
Yep. Especially the extra WFH day.
Which will save me another c. $1k on gas prices (and reduce my carbon emissions and give me 2 more hours of my life back each week...)
3:50 PM
man, its nice that i only spend 30-45 minutes on my daily commute
Mine is about 45 in perfect conditions, but they have a bunch of roads closed (to various degrees) right now.
ahh lame. perfect conditions for me is like 24 minutes
Two bridges are shut down to be redone. Another major highway is having a lane added.
but thats almost never
So that's three massive slow-downs.
One of the bridges is my exit, which will fortunately be done in a couple months.
The other two won't be done for a couple more years.
3:55 PM
theres always that jerk off that drives slow blocking 20-30 cars in the "fast" lane
then there's the aggressive semi truck drivers that do that swerve maneuver when switching lanes
MN drivers are usually pretty good, but I've seen those occasionally.
Meeting now, TTYL.
central california sucks for people
4:48 PM
Stumbled on a kickstarter that zaps people to keep them from sleeping while driving. SMH.
@Hosch250 $1/hr raise?
@IvenBach Sounds good until you put it that way...
Not digging into how much Hosch makes but that's probably like a 2% raise. :sadface:
@IvenBach 2.67%.
That does give me the sads.
5:03 PM
The sadder part is that it's one of highest percents the company will hand out this year.
You're making me depressed hearing that.
The company hasn't been doing too well, so I heard.
That may be so.
Just so long as they can still make payroll, I don't think we're in too deep of trouble.
@Hosch250 Yikes, keep your resume fresh.
Having trouble making payroll is serious !@#$
5:08 PM
I don't think they are yet.
They just aren't making as much as they hoped.
Right, but the fact that it's even in the realm of possibility means it's time to at least start applying elsewhere.
Unless I'm misinterpreting and it's not in the realm of possibility.
I assume this company is privately-held?
If not, just check their annual report to see how it's going.
It is.
Got it, that's tough.
I would know well in advance if my company was in serious trouble.
@puzzlepiece87 Nobody's mentioned it... I'm just saying, I haven't heard that they are having trouble, so I'm assuming they aren't.
Yeah, I must have read way too much into your statement.
5:15 PM
@puzzlepiece87 haven't seen you for a while.
How are your coding adventures progressing?
@IvenBach Yeah, I am banging my head against the wall with some ADODB stuff.
May ask a question but making sure I'm doing every single research I can think of before asking.
@IvenBach Good so far - I switched from Python to C# for my language to learn in 2019 because Python isn't fast enough out of the box and we need to go as fast as possible and I don't want to fight our IT team every time I need a Python speed module or whatever they're called.
I have VS 2019 and I'm at the very beginning of converting my most business-critical VBA app to C# for massively-expanded future plans, but currently helping with some dumb urgent deadline because a company we acquired 3 years ago still doesn't have their !@#$ together.
Breaking out the snow shovel to walk behind the elephant?
@IvenBach pretty much
@IvenBach How are you?
Looking into scripting automation for Bluebeam right now.
I have been going through git training the last few days.
Registering for grad school gave me access to Lynda and LinkedInLearning classes so I'm gorging.
@puzzlepiece87 Also found out I have a super power. I can take out our buildings first floor power by barely trying.
5:26 PM
@IvenBach please explain!
I need some ideas...
lean on the MAIN switch, for example
Jun 4 at 18:57, by IvenBach
Achievement Unlocked: Take power out to the whole office. #FML
hahahah something a little more sophisticated perhaps?
Bump it lightly with my thigh...
in other news, I'm going to have to write a secure dynamic SQL generator in VBA
@t3chb0t map each "dynamic field name + value" to an object that gives you a @namedParameter with its value, and assuming the field names aren't user inputs then there should be a way to build your dynamic SQL into a parameterized command string that can be safely executed without concatenating any criterion. Heck I bet I could write this in VBA with ? positional parameters. — Mathieu Guindon 9 mins ago
5:31 PM
lol that question still going?
@IvenBach I already teased you about that :P
Mug is a tenacious duck. Owing to the lack of actual teeth it takes him longer to take large enough bites.
@puzzlepiece87 Oh... Apparently my memory is still fading too.
Jun 7 at 15:37, by puzzlepiece87
You could say he would... wait for it... flip the switch on my life xD
Less than 2 weeks ago :P
@MathieuGuindon Is it true that anything queried through a Command object is parameterized/secure?
If so, I lightly beat you to the punch, perhaps.
Q: Address Duplicate Medical Claims (with SQL Injection GUI)

puzzlepiece87These are some pieces of a program I wrote to help my team automatically analyze and fix medical claims that have been rejected. I thought some people might be interested to see what I have done to allow my team to modify a base query through what is kind of a SQL injection GUI. I had a few obje...

Ugh, okay, I give up!
What dumb thing am I doing wrong here?
Works fine:
cmd.CommandText = "select * from npidata_pfile.csv"
rst.Open cmd
@puzzlepiece87 depends how the sql command string is made and whether it has, uh, parameters
5:39 PM
"No value given for one or more required parameters":
cmd.CommandText = "select NPI from npidata_pfile.csv where NPI = '1013931781'"
rst.Open cmd
Here's (part of) the first line of the .csv file:
"NPI","Entity Type Code","Replacement NPI", (...)
could the string delimiter for .csv files need to be a double-quote rather than a single one?
I've tried a dozen combinations using double quotes, square brackets, tons of things. I must be doing something super dumb.
You can query a .csv file with SQL?
@MathieuGuindon Oh, yes, it obviously is.
@Hosch250 Yup!
Huh, TIL.
5:42 PM
^ ditto
well, not really (SSIS can connect to a flatfile through ODBC)
@MathieuGuindon Thank you so much for telling me what to search. Now I'll go search string delimiter for the schema.ini file.
just, never did it
I just use CsvParser in C#.
I just needed to know what to look for.
And linq/loops as needed.
5:43 PM
does cmd.CommandText = "select NPI from npidata_pfile.csv where NPI = ""1013931781""" work?
@MathieuGuindon I actually wrote 95% of a dynamic sql engine in VBA once, but I hopelessly overcomplicated it. So it has never gone into production.
@MathieuGuindon Unfortunately not, same error.
Tried that and just tried it again, but definitely appreciate the suggestion. When I was researching before asking, I saw someone else using double quotes instead of single.
@puzzlepiece87 I'm just as stumped as you are then
@MathieuGuindon There's something it's mad about about how I'm specifying this column I think
are you sure it's the file name that needs to be the from clause?
5:46 PM
I wish I could examine this text file by hand more easily.
@MathieuGuindon That has been my experience in the past, yes.
@M.Doerner so, I'm not crazy then, it is possible :)
And selecting top 10 * works from it
Oh here
I can verify specifically that it's the column and not the where clause.
Try [NPI].
Yes, confirmed.
cmd.CommandText = "select top 10 NPI from npidata_pfile.csv"
rst.Open cmd
I think it is possible, but making it secure demands some discipline on the side of the user.
5:48 PM
Same error
Indeed @Hosch250, tried [NPI] and ["NPI"], trying both again.
Might also be a space in the name.
Maybe a space before the first quote, or something.
These two failed:
cmd.CommandText = "select top 10 [""NPI""] from npidata_pfile.csv"
rst.Open cmd
cmd.CommandText = "select top 10 [NPI] from npidata_pfile.csv"
rst.Open cmd
Or maybe some bastard genius put a no-break unicode space in.
When you insert things like schemas and table names via dedicated types, you should really not generate them based on user input.
If there was a no-break unicode space in there, I'd be able to see it with asc(left(rst.Fields(0).Name,1)), right?
Yes, I did that and confirmed it's 34, 78
(", N)
This freaking thing...
5:53 PM
There was a no-break space?
no, there wasn't one
Oh for goodness sakes
I got it
This is dumb.
This fails:
cmd.CommandText = "select top 10 [""NPI""] from npidata_pfile.csv"
rst.Open cmd
This works:
cmd.CommandText = "select top 10 ""NPI"" from npidata_pfile.csv"
rst.Open cmd
Thanks for helping me through that.
I'm probably misunderstanding something, but that seems aggravating and dumb to me.
The way I understand brackets to work is to be like "Okay, everything inside here is the header, don't miss anything due to spaces, etc."
So in my mind, a passed ["Title"] should be equivalent to a passed "Title".
If I'm dumb and wrong, this is one of the times where not actually being a computer scientist is probably biting me in the butt.
Great, and now it's right back to breaking now that I have to include more complex column names like "Employer Identification Number (EIN)"
bangs head slowly against the wall
6:00 PM
Trim the quotes from the file.
Process against the sanitized file.
@Hosch250 Tempted to do that just for the first line. The double quotes are there because address fields have commas in there.
Oh, LOL.
Going back to adding the TextDelimiter field to the schema field like @MathieuGuindon got me on the track of.
Just found results for that.
@M.Doerner definitely. I was thinking the engine needs to be able to query the schema and retrieve a list of available tables and columns.
FWIW, the "engine" I wrote was server-side - the user got to send in a XML document. That way the code stayed entirely server-side.
6:07 PM
@MathieuGuindon feeling lazy, i wanted to leave the robustifying to OP.
My reasoning was that if you do it in VBA, you have no guarantee that someone can inject malicious code and thus make your engine do things you didn't mean it to do
@BigBen TBH I'm not 100% sure of it. it's possible VBA only sees the US-formatted formula, regardless of locale
Nah, I use ISO date format all the time, so it's possible.
hmmm that's an interesting question. anybody in the pond able to test it?
6:10 PM
Of course, date literals would get US-formatted, but there should be no reason to have them anyway.
@this context:
I think that hard-coded comma needs to be Application.International(xlListSeparator). — Mathieu Guindon 4 mins ago
oh, thought that was for dyanmic SQL engine, my bad.
@this that's right - but the goal wouldn't be to make something 100% secure. Just something that isn't blatantly wrong, and easy enough to use that the string-concat habits stop.
@BigBen not now, unfortunately. that question is bugging me though. you'd think there's a way to use INDEX to get to the actual array without parsing the formula itself... I can't get it to work :(
yeah I wasn't sure of how to get the actual array.
not even sure what this will be used for, or if (y)our effort is worth it
just plain old curiosity here. thinking dynamic arrays in O365 could help there
6:16 PM
now that's a thought.
...but my O365 expired and the email I sent to MVPGA got a reply behind a login wall that wants a login I don't seem to have, so I gave up on it and moved on
if I'm bored later I might play around with it.
6:45 PM
bangs head some more
select top 10 "NPI", "Provider First Name", "Provider First Line Business Mailing Address" from NPPES_Database
Returns 10 rows of
NPI Provider First Name Provider First Line Business Mailing Address
NPI Provider First Name Provider First Line Business Mailing Address
NPI Provider First Name Provider First Line Business Mailing Address
xD this is a tough mountain
No wonder it stopped erroring
It stopped interpreting them as columns
lol, at least it's legal :)
Legal ≠ Logical
1 hour later…
@Duga I always thought he was a bear.
@IvenBach That's what you get for thinking movies are true.
You mean Count Chocula doesn't care about my childs dental hygiene?! The Horror.
@IvenBach gonna have someone to start the forest fire.
Can't have the ol' Smokey the bear be out of a job, can we?
8:10 PM
California's got you covered.
I blame it on the hellmouth
i love it when engineers are like... so you know how you have required fields...
can you make an engineering override?
data integrity isnt a problem... -_-
@Duga -10
@KySoto I'm curious why that's a feature request. Short of #Because I don't get it.
prototyping parts
8:21 PM
if they are conditionally required, then they are not required.
@KySoto not unlike "hey can we have a dropdown for the customer accounts", followed by "hey can we be able to enter any non-existing customer account in that field"
literally my day today
wait a bit, and they'll add "oh, BTW let me do anything just like in Excel, plz"
8:22 PM
lol, it is Excel
because, you know, order forms must be in Excel
its not like the whole reason i have this chain of data integrity because of being able to track what happened to parts for when we get RMA's
@MathieuGuindon Do you work at my company?
when im like, well i could make you a seperate application to do this data entry from...
We have a system where clients can send an ecard to other employees.
8:24 PM
@KySoto been saying this for 4 years now
We do a user search, pull up the user, etc... They want to be able to send it to any random email address now.
Of course that will break our FK system, and all.
@Hosch250 next you'll need to validate the email address. send the RFC-compliant regex to anyone asking this.
im pretty sure my boss will be like... uhhh yeah i dunno about doing that...
@MathieuGuindon We already do that with shop, LOL.
MS has an email validator that we use.
And yes, I did share that regex.
8:25 PM
"contains a @ sign -> true" ...#GoodEnough
@Hosch250 awesome :)
new System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.EmailAddressAttribute().IsValid(emailAddress)
thats cool man
in ComponentModel?
That's a bit annoying
I think it's part of EF, or something.
I suppose at least it's not in System.Web
8:28 PM
That's where all their annotations go.
public string Email { get; set; }
Like, ForeignKey, etc.
makes sense
9:27 PM
@Vogel612 git question. When doing git pull upstream next, git is under the covers really doing git fetch followed by git merge. git fetch first pulls down any changes from the remote to the computer. This means that there's a branch locally named upstream/next that has all the changes, but are yet to be merged/applied?
it's not a branch, but a ref
that said, the distinction is somewhat meaningless
That reference is a bookmark of sorts that provides a sign post?
yes. both refs and branches are literally just a file with the name of the reference and the content is a commit hash
branches have some special support
@Vogel612 and by this you mean exploring into the .git/refs/remotes/upstream/next file?
cat ftw
9:32 PM
When doing merge or pull or push git is taking care of all the book-keeping for us, letting us care more about the abstraction we're working with.
that's the whole point of a tool like git
cat being
Display text files on screen.
Copy text files.
Combine text files.
Create new text files.
you can actually manually create a commit, so long as you have a way to create sha256 hashes
@IvenBach all of these
though the copy and create new is usually just making use of stream redirection
The idea I get. How it's actually done is where I'm still piecing things together.
you really don't need to worry about it, but the gist is: everything in git that's metainformation is actually a textfile
9:36 PM
:deep-breath: And meta-information is just information about the information you're working with?
yea... I should've said "versioning information", since that's the only metainformation git handles
@IvenBach man cat
I knew there would be a Thundecats reference.
@this aaaand now I'm thinking of TWRP
I'll just let myself out now
9:38 PM
I was a couple years too late to be part of the Thundercats generation.
yesterday, by IvenBach
Jun 7 at 16:44, by IvenBach
yesterday, by IvenBach
21 hours ago, by IvenBach
It's the same person too :shameful:
The proto-typical #Engineer.
10:24 PM
gin branch isn't a valid command? I must want it to be EOD.
10:39 PM
@IvenBach this is hilarious
51 mins ago, by IvenBach
It's the same person too :shameful:
^ That's the worst part.
Not if you knew the person Pineapple.
:sigh: I just want today to be concluded.
Idea: setup a webcam device near the impact area, compile video content during the entire year, play the 3-minute finished video at the company xmas party
after all wine bottles are depleted, preferably
The video idea did go through my peanut-humored brain.

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