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12:01 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 1 opened issue. 9 issue comments.
[Zomis/AdventOfCode2017] 3 commits. 1085 additions. 9 deletions.
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1:04 AM
Should there be an inspection for when annotation's aren't the topmost item? IE above Option Explicit. This could lead to edge cases where the declarations touches the first Sub/Function and the annotation is no longer considered part of the declaration.
1:37 AM
@IvenBach meh
IllegalAnnotationInspection already warns about misplaced annotations
TBH how the VBA split the procedures is wonky at times. Several versions ago, there was an edge case where a parser (or resolver?) error was threw because a complete sub was all on one line.
Q: Excel VBA code needed

GKohlI have an Excel spreadsheet with 1000 rows. Each row contains a customer name in column 1 then in column 2-13 is even amount. I need to create a new spreadsheet that has only 3 columns...Customer...Month...Amount. The kicker is that if the month is blank it needs to be ignored unless there is an...

2:04 AM
@QuackExchange That was flagged fast. 6 mins.
8 hours later…
9:52 AM
@this Same for event declarations, which are always 1 logical line.
> 2017-12-07 09:50:39.3355;TRACE-;Rubberduck.UI.SourceControl.SourceControlViewViewModel;FileSystemWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents is disabled.;
2017-12-07 09:50:46.2941;TRACE-;Rubberduck.UI.SourceControl.SourceControlViewViewModel;FileSystemWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents is disabled.;
2017-12-07 09:50:58.6804;TRACE-;Rubberduck.UI.SourceControl.SourceControlViewViewModel;FileSystemWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents is disabled.;
2017-12-07 09:52:02.0757;TRACE-;Rubber
1 hour later…
@Duga grrrr... no version, no repro, no help
> @MDoerner A few days ago I commited some code to #3534 dealing with things discussed here. Could you take a look at it? I would like to get some feedback before I start writing unit tests for all of this.
11:20 AM
That one about source control crashes, seems like just a .dll for libgit binaries not found
but on SourceControl.csproj
there is no reference to such .dll
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project ToolsVersion="12.0" DefaultTargets="Build" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">
  <Import Project="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\$(MSBuildToolsVersion)\Microsoft.Common.props" Condition="Exists('$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\$(MSBuildToolsVersion)\Microsoft.Common.props')" />
there is no
<Import Project="..\packages\LibGit2Sharp.NativeBinaries.1.0.185\build\LibGit2Sharp.NativeBinaries.props" Condition="Exists('..\packages\LibGit2Sharp.NativeBinaries.1.0.185\build\LibGit2Sharp.NativeBinaries.props')" />
as it exists on retail.coder csproj for example
and SourceControl/Packages.config also doesn't have the nativebinaries installed (?)
but how does that surface? It's an installation of Rubberduck, not one of SourceControl ...
aside from that: what version are they running, what did they do? which OS are they on, ...
so much missing info
actually following his stacktrace...
C:\projects\rubberduck\RetailCoder.VBE\UI\SourceControl\SourceControlViewViewModel.cs:line 640;
And later
C:\projects\libgit2sharp\LibGit2Sharp\Core\Proxy.cs:line 2477
Is he running on his own libgit version on his own folder...?
could be. I'd not investigate too much. It's probably too much guesswork to be of any use
2 hours later…
1:18 PM
My favorite is the named arguments one.
The ref readonly is cool too, but not so useful for most applications.
1:51 PM
@ThunderFrame aren't they considered a part of the module's declarations section? Never saw the lines between each event declaration.
2:03 PM
@Hosch250 only took them until 7.2 to reinvent C++'s const modifier on a parameter. :p
2:41 PM
@this It wasn't really needed except by game devs, who all use C++ anyway.
@Vogel612 You can find the RD version in ever log entry, I think.
Funny thing is, most of this stuff can be done with a pre-MSIL check, so they don't even need to change the MSIL output.
It's basically they changed the grammar and added a complex analyzer that throws an error for certain cases.
(I don't know if that's how they did do it, but it's the most obvious way to do it.)
@Hosch250 wat. Wow you seem to have something agains language level support for immutability
@M.Doerner the log is snipped
@Vogel612 No, just that it simply wasn't needed because OOP languages are by definition mutable.
Now that functional languages are the order of the day, it is needed more.
Personally, I like immutable objects much, much better myself.
@Vogel612 What I meant is that you can find it right after the log level, in every log entry.
Hm, maybe he is running his own lib2git, which is on an incompatible version.
3:25 PM
when I started learning C++, a very recurrent mantra on C++ books was, and still is even for the most advanced ones: Be const-correct, my friend
in C++, const is part of a type (sort of), and a function that takes as a parameter a const Type won't compile if you send it a variable that is of type T but not const T (again, this shit was complicated as hell)
I'm even having sore-eyes when I don't read my consts all over the place on C#
3 hours later…
6:15 PM
> As seen in `ProjectExplorer`

As seen in RD `CodeExplorer`
Only 5 more issues to find to break the 600 barrier...
7:00 PM
we want less, not more open issues...
7:11 PM
Q: Code that generates four powerpoints from an excel document

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7:40 PM
Ignoring out parameters would be a nice thing in VBA.
I don't follow. You kind of already could....
1 hour later…
9:22 PM
Hey, since this morning I'm still wondering anyway. libgit2sharp native binaries are not referenced on the Rubberduck.SourceControl project in any way, so how could that even work for us if libgit2sharp has a dependency on these binaries?
9:39 PM
Feels good being able to refactor and tests tell me if something broke or not. #RDIsTehDuckingAwesumz
10:01 PM
@all We're basically three weeks behind the original release date for 2.1.1. What do you think of pushing the release out the door, as originally planned we'd push what we had and that's that?
Is it stable?
I'd rather get users small changes and improvements consistently rather than a huge update every quarter.
My fubar PR's can be ignored for release. It'll take me a bit of time to fix them.
It's pretty stable from what I can tell ...
@Vogel612 From the one user who tested it :P
IDK what OSS is like but if people in general would rather contribute to a project known to release often, it seems better to release often, even if they are small and incremental.
I'd hate to get bug report for something obscure after a 1,000 commits release.
10:22 PM
We could try the new "Discussions" feature on GH for something more akin to "meta"
> Nobody is going to read this anyway, and there would be so much to say about these 1.3K commits, ...so instead of putting you to sleep with a wall of text, I'll simply say - download the thing, try it, see for yourself.
Mugs own words.
Smaller releases would make it easier on whoever is documenting the release.
Is Mug the only one that can do a release?
no he's not. The Dev team can
remember: I edited the release notes.
but only Mug (and Rubberduck) can change Repository settings (and restart AV builds)
automatic releases also are running on Mug's account
That's the bus factor to worry about.
currently we could try to get Chris involved
I don't know anyone's names.
10:34 PM
then again it seems unviable to just let this whole project sit on Mat's shoulders alone...
He's got a strong back but I'd still prefer not to have RD snap it.
Oh God, @Mat'sMug, what have you been doing now?
Why am I not surprised?
@IvenBach That @Mat'sMug would do such a thing? Yeah, me neither.
10:43 PM
Gotta practice at something to improve.
> Does that conflict with another inspection?
Dim foo As String
If condition then
End If
could raise the inspection "foo may not be assigned a value"

Dim foo As Long
For i=1 to 3
foo=foo + i
End If

could raise "foo is referenced before being assigned a value"

I may be misremembering some similar inspection in another parser.
> Haven't seen any issues like this in recent memory against my 20 module strong testproject... Issue also was last active half a year ago ...
> @MDoerner @ThunderFrame opinions on this? Is this a good change? Otherwise we should close this issue
> IIUC what this issue suggests is that Rubberduck Hotkeys with `Ctrl + Shift` should not trigger in User Form design mode, since the designer already uses that key-combination to select Properties based on their name.

The alternative would be to ignore this behaviour.
> Related to #3591
> 2.0 has been released ... quite a while ago.
11:11 PM
@Duga Holy smokes. Have attributes been in the works for 3 years?
@IvenBach no. but they've been something that's TBD for 3 years
Duly noted.
I'm basically done sorting through all open issues that have no categorizing label, btw..
I'll clean up chat a bit after that
95 messages moved to trash because I went on a relabelling spree again ~sigh
I also noticed that relatively few were closed as a result, which is a good thing
esp the one for 2.0 release. ;)
@this I'm explicitly excluding ages-old enhancement requests from my closing parameters
11:19 PM
I wonder how we compare with comparably sized / followed repositories in # of issues.
Makes sense. They are after all enhancements and it's always good.
yet another thing that's missing in GH stats
@this feature-creep, you know?
ah, that's a familiar old song in my work. :(
then again it only shows how woefully lacking the VBE is..
"oh, I didn't mention this in original proposal but if you could add this one little thing and I think it's quick to do, could you..."
if I had gotten a nickel for every time I hear that line....
Well, it's only updated since... 1996.
oh, the VBA7 thing didn't really count - it was strictly a language-only enhancement. Nada for the IDE.
well... the "IDE" is older than me...
it's not like software is like whisky
11:23 PM
@SimonForsberg for the record, that isn't me lol
@Mat'sMug it's ok. Your secret is safe with us.
@Vogel612 but whisky helps though
@Vogel612 I'd have figured you were one of the older ducks in the group.
Ya. it does.
cheers to that.
11:24 PM
@Vogel612 one thing Joel said that source code doesn't rust. That was one of few points where I really disagree. Source code do rust in a manner of speaking.
@IvenBach IIRC I'm a year younger than Hosch. About two thirds of Mug's age, a little less.
I'm pretty sure that this and ThunderFrame have a few years more under their belt
I had you being much older in my minds eye.
I'd probably not have the time or the naivety to put this amount of time into RD & CR if I was older
@Vogel612 glad you're bringing this up. I've been drowned in work lately, and I hate to stall RD
@Vogel612 and that says exactly what about me and ThunderFrame? :p
11:27 PM
bbl (really!)
If things can be delegated it helps to do so.
11:41 PM
Blargh!! Error 13 Type Mismatch. I gotta walk to clear my head on this one. Making no sense with everything being of type Object
> Maybe an option in RD settings, to determine the priority of shortcuts when a designer is active?
I have a class module with the method Create. That method has Dim tableData As Object followed by Set tableData = GetWorksheetCodenameAndNameData(inputCell.Parent, delimiter). The function that it calls has the signature of Private Function GetWorksheetCodenameAndNameData(ByVal chosenWorkbook As Workbook, ByVal delimiter As String) As Object.
I'm getting Error 13 and can't spot why.
Any ducks able to spot what I'm blatantly missing?
if inputCell is a cell, his parent is a worksheet, not a workbook (?)
what is the type of the variable being passed into the chosenWorkbook parameter?
Good catch, Nelson.
@NelsonVides I need to go and hang my head in shame over this one...
I've been refactoring too long.
11:55 PM
glad to help :D
I knew it was going to be something simple.
@NelsonVides Thank you. That's a gold star in my book.

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