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12:02 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] {issues=3, commits=5, issue_comments=3}
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 8fb976f3 on inspectiondocs-patch-1: AppVeyor build succeeded
12:33 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 8fb976f3 on inspectiondocs-patch-1: AppVeyor build succeeded
1:16 AM
Merge pull request #5816 from rubberduck-vba/inspectiondocs-patch-1

xmldoc patch
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4:05 AM
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7:41 AM
@Duga @MathieuGuindon You're falling behind :/
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10:27 AM
@SimonForsberg it doesn't help that the development on the duck has been somewhat slow recently.
10:50 AM
Nice little star shower yesterday.
well, this weekend...
Wait, what??? I didn't hear what you said!!!
@FreeMan Thought you were talking about chat stars, not RD stars ^^
Ah... :)
11:10 AM
Q: VBA - Excel add in Convert number to Text currency

NareshNo problem yet with the code. Here is a function that can be saved as add in and used as UDF in Microsoft excel to convert a number to text. For example, 4556.45 to RUPEES Four Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Six & PAISE Forty Five (Defaults being set to Indian Rupee). But the function can be adopted...

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12:46 PM
Day 1 update: commute test successful, heading back home. ...missed the memo about day 1 being all about waiting for the remote equipment at home. Receiving more equipment tomorrow as well, apparently it's a fully-remote gig, which is a nice surprise (was expecting some remote)!
@Duga that didn't work, apparently content updater isn't doing anything with <remarks> tags in inspections' xmldocs
@MathieuGuindon If full-time remote is what you want/like, that's awesome! Some prefer some time in the office. OTOH, at least you know how much time it takes to get there during commute hours! :D
Yeah, was hoping for remote but was mentally prepared to burn 2 hours/day commuting. Keeping 100% remote is amazing, that alone is pretty much worth $10K or so
So I bought new shoes, dress shirts, and ties, ...all for nothing haha
On the bright side I learned to make a somewhat-decent tie knot
God I still need to retie four or five times every time I am attending a wedding.
Not wearing ties in other cases :D
@Vogel612 I didn't say I got a decent knot on the first try... must have been around that, 4 or 5 times =)
1:07 PM
@MathieuGuindon You got them with the company discount at the last place you worked, at least, right? Can we get a pic of you in the purple leisure suit? :D:D:D
@Duga Been watching too many Marvel movies/shows with my youngest... I read that as "Jimmy-Woo"...
1:44 PM
My next job is going to have to be Work From Anywhere (In The World). I'm moving somewhere hot, sunny, where money goes three times as far, and I'm not coming back.
And if that causes too many issues, I'll set up a UK-based consulting company so other people can pay me, and I can can deal with the hassle of paying myself an income in a foreign country.
> The original issue noted that it was happening only in an Excel host, not Access. That has now changed - I'm having it happen _very_ consistently in Access now, too.

I'm working on my laptop connected via VPN to the corporate network. That should _not_ however, have any impact on the situation, since the file is being written to/read from a _local_ directory on my physically present C: drive (i.e., there is no magic mapping that I'm aware of going on in the background). For example:

@Kaz Yeah, a lot of that! The only other flaw I see in your plan is that beach sand can play havock with keyboards & mice.
@FreeMan Maybe I'll just get a Villa with a Pool instead :)
2:01 PM
@Kaz there you go!
Just to be sure I'm not going to create more problems than I already have...
My laptop is presently non-functional for programming because of the parse error noted above (what? Work without the Duck? getouttahere!!!) Therefore, I did a git push origin <branch> to push my current state from the laptop to my remote origin.
I now need to pull that from the origin (a location on our network) to my desktop machine. To do so, do I git pull branch on the other machine, or do I git fetch, then checkout the appropriate branch?
I mean, I suppose I could just copy the one module from one machine to the other, but then I don't learn anything...
hey, here's my newly minted git expert! ;)
got fetch followed by git merge.
2:20 PM
Isn't git pull equivalent to that^?
either case, that's what I want to do on the other machine, right?
Yes. But performing each step individually helped me learn what is occurring.
2:47 PM
ah, I don't seem to have the branch on origin, despite having done a git push origin <branch>. Seems I have to do git push -u origin <branch> to have it create the branch on origin
3:00 PM
Interesting that TG doesn't do @this for me automatically...
3:13 PM
@Vogel612 That's one of the reasons I'm not attending weddings anymore.
3:51 PM
¿Any new articles recently? We nearly got full star power on recently starred chat messages.
I'm guessing it's the Community Ad
could be that. ^
Are the ads up already?
I think just on meta
Q: Community Ads for 2021

JNatWe're almost halfway through 2021, and in case you missed it, Open Source Advertising is gonna be a bit different this time! TL;DR: submit and vote for ad proposals before August 2nd! What are Community Ads? Community Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, or ...

4:32 PM
Interesting that the voting is +22/-1. I wonder who doesn't like a rubber duck?
Ducks do tend to grow over time, like most animals. And code. — Cody Gray ♦ 2 days ago
I do notice that uBlock Origin blocks all of SO/SE's ads. Unless they're not serving any ads at all right now...
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6:15 PM
> Noting that earlier, I'd been able to edit the randomly named file in NPP, then save it & get it to compile cleanly, I've attempted to do that again, but it _didn't_ work on my Access-hosted project.

Three errors from three successive parses:

2021-06-21 14:10:55.1146;ERROR-;Rubberduck.Parsing.VBA.Parsing.ModuleParser; Unexpected exception thrown in thread 30 while parsing module Tools, ParseTaskID 3c7b85cd-89c0-404f-a5ae-b1c465aecadf.;System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Ac
7:43 PM
> Could it be just the With block throwing a wrench here?
@FreeMan a small number of (annoying) users seems to consistently just downvote every single ad, every year - not a big deal usually, assuming a decent-looking ad that adheres to the posting rules. Low-effort ads, and/or ads that don't comply with the rules, tend to get hit hard (and rarely recover)
The meta post itself is currently +34/-16
Most of it being downvotes from the disgruntled user base backing SO surrogates
(from what it looks like anyway, reading the comments)
8:23 PM
fml I need a new UPS... power just went out multiple times for like half a second - not even enough for fans to stop spinning... enough to initiate a reboot twice in 5 seconds though.
A good UPS is expensive. I've had a couple of cheap ones that can't support my PC. Always overprovision. I need to get a Kil-a-watt to measure the actual usage of my powerstrip and go from there.
9:06 PM
mine has been a glorified power bar with a flat battery for like 2 years now.... I deserve all the power failures I get lol
if it's still capable of supporting your setup, it'd be cheaper to get a battery replacement.
How the heck is y'all's electrical grid so prone to short-term power failures?
FWIW, I have an upright UPS that has served me for 4 years, just replaced the battery few months ago.
@Vogel612 it's always dirty?
Even if I wanted to run a small server, I would probably not need a UPS
@this I didn't understand that particular joke...
@Vogel612 lack of German Engineering!
9:09 PM
The point is that brownout is the greater danger than blackout. The power you get from your grid is rarely clean.
@this yea, but that's what the power unit is for, is it not?
@MathieuGuindon The German power grid is ... very old and not as cost-effective as it could (or maybe should) be.
But if you have a laptop or all-in-one, then it's actually cheaper to put a UPS in between than to let it directly at the power unit.
Otherwise, it can really sap your power unit's life and even cause problems due to the dirty power.
I have never needed to replace a power unit due to dirty power...
I lived in 1920's house where they still have tubs'n'knobs wiring (yikes!) and it killed 3 power units on the same laptop before I realized what was going on.
And I also have never heard of any of my friends needing to.
@this ohhh yea, that'd do it
9:13 PM
shrugs I can only tell you that it's a danger, even if you do have a new constructed home that's wired according to current code.
the thing about brownouts is that you won't even know it
Maybe in the US :D
but it is silently killing your power units.
I think the 230V grid helps with avoiding such issues
for that reason, all my major electrical appliances has to be hooked via UPS. TVs and like get the cheap-o UPS brand I don't need power in blackout. I only want clean power.
again: I've never had to replace a power unit, and I've had the same PC for almost a decade at this point.
9:15 PM
for my work computer, I get the bigger UPS, and I don't have to worry about replacing power units.
then you're a fortunate fellow.
I deal with what I must deal with.
one more consideration - I'd wage many people don't even know that when their favorite phone or laptop dies, they don't blame the dirty power. They just say "piece of junk" and then buy another phone/laptop.
hmm ... that might be true.
Another issue is malware infections and poor "digital hygiene" (for lack of a better term) making lots of end user devices slower than they need to be...
yes, it's not very easy to measure.
I only became aware of that issue only because of that stupid 1920's house
so... dons the tinfoil hat, I must put UPS in front of my electrical appliances.
another possibly weird question: How many keyboards over on your side of the pond have a dedicated AltGr key?
oh yeah, I did not even know that was a thing until recently.
I've gotten myself a new keyboard and didn't pay enough attention and now I have one with a us layout.
9:22 PM
you can configure it, though, no?
It's taking a bit of getting used to, but the mechanical keys are great, so I don't think I will return it..
it has too few keys...
There's literally not enough keys for the default layout I am used to.
and the affected key is the <>| key, so it's not like I can just not have it ...
wait, is this a laptop?
wireless mechanical keyboard.
those keys are on a standard US layout keyboard but laptops sometime omits them
@Vogel612 QWERTZ going from a short to a long left shift?
9:27 PM
@Peilonrayz except the keycaps are labelled QWERTY, ya...
If it's a small keyboard, that would be why, I guess. I honestly don't like keyboards without keypads & arrowkeys. There's much less consistency for those keyboard layouts even though they are all technically "US".
Though my laptop keyboard has a long left shift as well and instead moves that key to the right side of the space bar.
@this I needed it to be shorter, so I elected to forego the numpad (but kept the arrow keys)
For a more 'fixed' setup I'd have gotten a numpad
@Vogel612 I'm lucky QWERTY was \| because otherwise the transition would have been very painful. Do you have a split enter? I found getting used to both super annoying.
@Peilonrayz there is a split enter, but I am used to that from my laptop keyboard.
So I "just" need to get used to the yz switch and all the special chars being somewhere else.
(it makes so much more sense to have + and * on the same key, for example, but that's just not a thing...)
@Vogel612 I don't think I've ever seen a split enter with a short shift. You 'should' have an extra key. Unless the laptop gobbled up the space for a more compact layout... Maybe I've just not seen enough laptops
9:36 PM
Nice :D
Yea, it's really compact and nice to type on. And it doesn't try to escape when typing :D
Doesn't escape when typing?! I'm guessing your talking about rubber on the bottom?
Out of curiosity, does it come with some kind of protector? Otherwise how do you make sure it's not being squashed when stored?
9:42 PM
Oh D: Yeah that'd not be fun
@Vogel612 Obligatory; what colour are your switches ;)
@Peilonrayz blue
@this it didn't come with anything
Yeah, blues are quite nice. I like them more than my browns, but they're pretty noisy... my family didn't like the sound of my browns... never mind blues );
I'd be worried about storing it in a backpack or laptop bag - the way keys stick out, it'd make me think that storing in such containers would ruin the keyboards.
Dunno, it sounds pretty subdued to me, but that might be because I was used to some godawful mechanical keyboards from my school days... Couldn't think while anyone was typing there...
@this I haven't had it for long, so I haven't encountered that issue yet... I'm not moving my workspace all that often and with the pandemic I basically fully work from home.
it's just that my primary keyboard is slowly starting to show its age (and price) and I wanted to be more flexible with the replacement ...
@Vogel612 lol. I'm sure you'll enjoy your keyboard :D
9:47 PM
I agree. it does looks great and more comfortable than those cheap-o flat keyboard they're hawking nowadays.
it feels a bit small for my hands, but that's to be expected for something that's intended to be portable
@this I've had my browns for like 5-10 years. I got some second hand blues from a friend who had them longer than I did, and split drink on them. (temporarily breaking the keyboard) My first key died on the blues this year ):
Educate this schmuck.... what exactly are blue/brown switches?
^ You are not alone. I'm ignorant to this also.
9:56 PM
@this the colors are basically a proxy for the actuation behavior. That scheme is not universal, but it usually seems to map pretty well.
If you're talking about the mechanism used underneath the keys, I've not actually seen anything other than white or beige (maybe that's the brown)
Typically (for switches based on CherryMX colours) Red/Black = Linear force for the spring in the switch. Brown/Blue = non-linear so the force for the spring to go down is different for the force to go up (I know there's a physics word for this, but forget it). Then the difference between blue=clicky and brown=silent
ahh so it's not physically colored but just a reference?
If you yank a keycap off, the stems are coloured too :) But yes tells you what the spec for the switch is
Gotcha. I should look at a keycap next time I pop it off. I don't recall seeing any colors except white/beige as I mentioned.
9:59 PM
You've probably not got mechanical switches, so are just white/beige
I know that around here foam is the popular choice for the cheap-o keyboards which is quiet but it's annoying to type with. My keyboard has something like a lever under the key.
My apple laptop did have something called scissor switch (?) which was quite nice.
AFAIK most cheap-o keyboards use membrane. So you have to press down on some plastic to to connect the switch - rather than a spring on mechanical keyboards. Scissor switches are quite nice IMO
yes, that's what I meant by "foam"
and they're horrid to type with, I try to avoid those.
Yeah that makes sense. Do you use the Apple ones much then?
I'm on an iMac. :)
10:09 PM
Ah :) I can see how you've gotten away from the foam keyboards :)
2 hours later…
11:47 PM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck]: 1361 stars vs. [decalage2/oletools]: 1614 stars

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