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12:01 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 2 opened issues. 1 issue comment.
[Zomis/Games] 4 commits. 1 issue comment. 90 additions. 95 deletions.
[Minesweeper] New Users: 9, Games Played: 153, Bombs Used: 83, Moves Performed: 19792
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10:24 AM
> Just to make sure, have you clicked the refresh button on the command bar (It should say `Pending` in your situation.) or clicked refresh in the message you get?

Should Rubberduck still not see anything after doing this, could you provide a log to us so that we can analyze the issue?
11:19 AM
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12:33 PM
> Currently, there is no direct git integration. What Rubberduck provides is a method to export an entire project into a folder, reachable e.g. via the context menu of the code explorer, and several methods to import/sync files. There is a plain import command allowing to import multiple files. In addition there are the two sync commands, again reachable via the CE. The update command will import or overwrite from the selected files, i.e. already existing modules/classes will be replaced, but ot
12:44 PM
@Duga Considering that the IT imbeciles here at work just banned the DarkReader extension in my FireFox, this would be most excellent!
I've gotta say, this light colored background is not fun, though not quite as harsh as pure white would be.
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1:53 PM
Q: Copy a block of data into existing cells, adding a new line

immobile2Wondering about efficiency here - I have a bit of code that does what I want; but it is terribly slow. I structured the code in a way that made sense to me logically, but I'm wondering if someone else could take a look at the code and find a shortcut or two that might make it faster. I'm guessing...

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3:30 PM
@FreeMan condolences.
IT: Enjoy blaring white backgrounds.
Yeah, I'm going to take them up on their offer to call 'em to discuss it. "So, you insist on having your employees suffer unnecessary eye strain? This becomes an Occ Health issue, doesn't it?"
OK. I seem to have somehow managed to mangle some code at some point. I've got a missing variable. I've got vague memories of having done some reorg of where it was stored, but I don't recall where/when/what branch/commit.
How do I search git for the variable name to see where I (re)moved it?
3:46 PM
@Duga Wonder if he has a brother Charlie...
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4:50 PM
@FreeMan git-scm.com/docs/git-log for the manpage. git log --grep="foobar" shows commits containing the regex.
git log -S "foobar": Look for differences that change the number of occurrences of the specified string (i.e. addition/deletion) in a file. Intended for the scripter’s use.
git log -G "foobar": Look for differences whose patch text contains added/removed lines that match <regex>.
@IvenBach TYVM! It may be tomorrow before I can start digging into it. That's been my life of late - open code and 37 things pop up to stop me from getting further into it.
5:07 PM
I defer to sensei Vogel for anything more in depth.
5:19 PM
@IvenBach I'm literally gonna read that manpage...
Shhhh. Don't help me realize you're human and just figuring-it-out-as-you-go-along too. I want to believe in the magic still.
You should really read my first code review question some time...
Those that can rtfm are the true magicians.
Because it seems that many people just ... can't.
or won't.
I can (and sometimes do) read the man page. That doesn't mean I understand what I've read.
Fair point.
@BigBen I guess that was a semi-rant about the low quality questions on SO that seem to have done no research.
> Hi Max,
From the command bar it says Parse Error. See the screenshot.
[image: Robberduck - parsing error.JPG]
You ask for a log: where do I find that?
What puzzles me is that at times it works, but I can't spot what I do right
(or wrong!).
Kind regards

Il giorno lun 1 mar 2021 alle ore 11:25 Max Dörner <notifications@github.com>
ha scritto:

> Just to make sure, have you clicked the refresh button on the command bar
> (It should say Pending in your situation.) or clicked refresh in th
5:48 PM
@Vogel612 Which question?
> Ah yes, I got the Log:
Hope it is clear for you.

Il giorno lun 1 mar 2021 alle ore 18:36 Alfredo Angrisani <
alfredo.angrisani@gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hi Max,
> From the command bar it says Parse Error. See the screenshot.
> [image: Robberduck - parsing error.JPG]
> You ask for a log: where do I find that?
> What puzzles me is that at times it works, but I can't spot what I do
> right (or wrong!).
> Kind regards
> Alfredo
> Il giorno lun 1 mar 2021 alle ore 11:25 Max Dörner <
> no
> @Alfredo732 I'm sorry, you will need to upload these through the web interface of github, because we're not going to get the attachments on email replies :/
@Duga LOL @ "Robberduck"
6:09 PM
I sense a typing impaired kindred spirit.
@this Beware the duck that comes in the night to steal your code...
6:26 PM
@FreeMan OMG thanks for the tip, that's an awesome extension. And, uh, condolences...
6:45 PM
@mansellan should be thanking @IvenBach - he's the one that tipped me about it.
@FreeMan Thanks @IvenBach, I'll pay it forward :-)
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8:24 PM
Just found about this. Wayne's latest project: twinBASIC
@this wow okay wtf, that's ... wow
Yeah, I hope it works out - considering the number of VB6-compiler-clone projects, that can't be a small undertaking.
I do not see whether he has a plan to make it work with VBA project - there's mentions of VBA on the page but it's not clear whether it'll be actually integrated or something akin to grafting a C++ DLL into a Office document.
> Compiles to Win32 and Win64 architectures. Mac, Linux and Android compilation planned.
Considering that he's using LLVM, this is now trivial.
oh, it's cross-compiling?
8:36 PM
Not sure - I do not understand enough, only that when you use LLVM as the backend for the compiler, it makes it much easier for you to support cross-compiling.
still, reading through the feature list, this is... VB7?
well, more like VB8
(since there's VBA 7, even though there's no official VB7)
I'm concerned about the backward compatibility --- if you modify a project in TB, then later some poor sap opens it in VS6 or VBA IDE, what will happen?
welp, I have no frickin' clue what this gibberish is. I think I'll go ahead and take a nap now.
oh sure, it'd be a one-way trip, but still...
maybe there'd be an option to limit to the subset of VB6 features, but honestly I can't see why anyone would want to?
Thinking about it more, for VB6 project it's probably going to be non-issue
VBA projects would be more of an issue.
yeah, unless you had to interop with a team that still wanted to use VS6, but can't imagine that...
8:41 PM
Nope. At this point, the company'll happily plonk the costs for everyone to get their license.
Not sure it could ever connect to VBA, looks like actual p-code is nowhere in the mix
Although, maybe with a "compatibility" mode it might replace the VBE?
> Currently compiles to an interpreted state, giving similar performance to VBA excode (p-code)
yeah. I suspect the bytecode is nothing like existing pcode. Could be entirely wrong, but this looks like an entirely new thing,
source and ABI compatible, but different underlying tech?
we'll have ot wait & see, I guess.
yeah. looks huge though. And if anyone can do it, it's Wayne.
8:45 PM
all more the impressive since he never has worked for Microsoft (which probably is a big help --- had he ever, he might be obligated under NDA to never do anything like that)
RadBasic, as expected, is vapourware. Suspect it was just a dreamer (or more cynically, maybe a kickstarter scam)
Tempted to post on there to "vouch" for Wayne
checks says coming soon on kickstarter.
yeah its said that for like 2 years
i seem to recall there was another project as well
maybe, there's been a few
none got anywhere till now
8:51 PM
No, that's too old. But yes, that's pretty much the state - lot of promises but ultimately just vapors.
If twinBasic does what it says, there's probably not that much point doing much more on RD VB6 (unless you disagree)?
Feature-wise I mean
Thinking about it, you have to 1) give props to MSFT for making a technology so hard that nobody can reverse engineer it even 20 years after release, but 2) smh at MSFT that there's still enough interest that they are STILL trying to reverse engineer & replace VB6/VBA.
Too early to say. For one thing, RD is and will always remain free.
If you were in a position where your company does not want to invest any more into VB6 but desperately need to do SOMETHING, then RD would be able to help.
Yeah true, and plus code analysis
> Just spotted this, I'm a long-time contributer to the Rubberduck extension - Wayne has contributed some of the most complex, ingenious code to the project, deep inside the internals of VB. I'm quite sure this is real, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
I'd probably buy twinBasic just for nostalgia and the kick of seeing VSCode compile VB6 :-)
this looks pretty amazing.
9:07 PM
@BigBen why, thank you!
@this I mean, I'm sure you do...
wonders how many times this joke has been made
9:20 PM
@BigBen not enough times. ;-)
2 hours later…
11:22 PM
If you really wanted to 'throw the cat amongst the pigeons' then I'd suggest Typescript as a replacement for VBA. I.e. in the Developer tab you'd get an option for Typescript as well as VBA.
that's exactly what Office365 has
With maybe even a VBA to Typescript convertor.
that's ... pretty much impossible to make work properly
I'm not thinking of Microsoft's api for running on any platform. I'm more thinking about wrapping office objects in a Typescript object so that you are directly operating on the objects (as VBA is a wrapper for COM objects), non of the 'context' jiggery pokery.
But what do I know. I'm just a slightly above average users and VBA hacker.

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