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12:01 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] 16 issue comments.
[Minesweeper] Games Played: 162, Bombs Used: 104, Moves Performed: 22344, New Users: 16
> Closes #5601 Closes #3041 Closes #1520 This PR introduces a mechanism to ignore projects from parsing and to load them via the user com projects obtained via the typeLib API instead. This loads them as built-in with the effect that they are ignored by inspections and changes to them will not be recognized until either the VBE, i.e. effectively the host, is reloaded or the projects are unignored. Moreover, the projects will not be displayed in the CE. The main infrastructure was already...
there; what was missing were the corresponding settings and a way to manage them. The new IgnoredProjectsSettings, which consist of a list of filenames to ignore, live in Rubberduck.Parsing because they are used there. They can be managed either via the settings menu, where selected files can be removed and new files added via an open file dialog, or using ignore/unignore project commands accessible via the project explorer's context menu. Using the PE has the advantage that it is...
accessible before any parse has happened. Moreover, the since CE does not display built-in projects, there is no way to unignore from there. Originally, I had planned to introduce a IgnoreUnignoreProjectsDialog modeled after the AddRemoveReferencesDialog, but I think that is something that can be done in a follow up PR,
12:20 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit fd093b9a on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
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5:05 AM
Was there ever any discussion on converting master-->main? I ask since creating a new repo on GH the instructions default to main but locally it is still created as master. Took me a second to figure out the difference and rename my local.
6:04 AM
> FWIW, I updated the EULA to include the suggested clauses and put it at the top with some other revisions to ensure that even with the parody, it's clear that they are agreeing to not sue no matter what.
6:24 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit caa57e99 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
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@Duga I think it would actually make sense to explicitly ctor inject all menu items in a parent menu instead of hard-coding it in the IoC. We really do not win anything doing it the way we do right now: we cannot reuse items since they need to know their display order and there really is nothing to test for the parent menus.
If we ctor injected the items and made the DisplayOrder writable, we could just set the display order when initializing the parent menu.
10:51 AM
Stupid question: is there an overview of the actual cookies used on the VBA mainpage?
> This website uses cookies to (ever so slightly) improve your navigation experience, and uses components that store local cookies too.
11:11 AM
Does clicking close mean that we will not set any cookies?
Maybe apart from a cookie marking that the user does not want cookies.
If we set cookies nonetheless, that would not be compliant with EU law, I think.
Unless it's a no-cookie cookie, probably.
But the question was what the page needed cookies for in the first place.
I mean, cookie all you want, I'm in a private window by default so there's not much to eat and I'm used to clicking the darn windows away, but why?
Besides, I doubt our Duck overlords went evil.
@Vogel612 You can take care of that using a racial modifier.
11:41 AM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 1d6920c0 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
> > Your sole remedy is to claim in refund or damages exactly what you paid for this product and you may claim it only from the party to whom you paid it.

That way, if someone is suckered by someone else into paying money for it (even if its for the cost of burning it to a CD for distribution - remember those days?) They're directed to whoever suckered them into it.
12:03 PM
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit 04510b51 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
12:30 PM
@IvenBach it's on the TODO list =)
(has implications with CI .yaml config)
@Mast mostly learning to use modals in js, but at this point it's just to hold "yeah I dismissed that banner already" and "don't show this again" state (because learning to use alerts in js)... I guess the prompt would be more actively relevant on the admin site, which logs you in with your GitHub creds (also TODO... 2020)
As a Chrome user I was under the impression that what cookies are actually in use is a concern of the browser... it isn't?
@MathieuGuindon yea, but that makes it a privacy-aware user concern
'cuz cookies are not segregated between domains and privacy and stuffs
Maybe I'm still in 1996 as far as cookies (or web) are concerned, but aren't they used for tons of tiny little things whenever a page needs some client-side state?
for certain values of tiny
so ... yea you're stuck in 1996
that explains a lot
There were some good things that happened back in '96. We had a kid born then. She's turned out mostly good. Twitch
12:44 PM
Anyway yes, noping out of cookies does set a "this one doesn't like chocolate" cookie so that it doesn't keep asking every time
@FreeMan I was a year old back then ..
Our oldest was almost 2 when she was born. twitch
1:28 PM
@FreeMan I read that out of context a couple of times before I realized what really happened.
1:53 PM
@Mast ah, yeah, I can see where that might be confusing if you didn't know we were elephants.
> A few years earlier, several Londoners agreed (presumably inadvertently) to give away their oldest child in exchange for Wi-Fi access. Before they could get on the Internet, users had to check a box agreeing to "assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity." According to the Guardian, six people signed up, but the company providing the Wi-Fi said the clause likely wouldn't be enforceable in a court of law.
[rubberduck-vba/Rubberduck] build for commit e666cd81 on unknown branch: AppVeyor build succeeded
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3:09 PM
@this Simple proof that nobody reads the fine details. Or, well, there are 6 people who don't like their first born...
@FreeMan Or understand what they're doing...
Reminds me of the stories you hear about people wanting to ban dihydrogen monoxide.
hey, now. ain't nobody putting in their fancypants chemicals in my body!
> Dihydrogen monoxide:

is also known as hydroxyl acid, and is the major component of acid rain.
They basically state water is wet.
See? we're polluting our Earth! IT MUST STOP NOW
A lot more than 6 people fall for that kind of crap.
3:31 PM
We need more than 6 people to form a chain link across all the trees and stop those nasty polluters! WON"T ANYONE THINK OF THE TREES?!?
Honestly, I'm exhausted already just parodying those kind of people and it's only 3 posts.
@this LOL
3:58 PM
Unrelated: IsMissing inspections just saved my @$$
4:12 PM
Interesting, stdole.OLE_COLOR (supposedly from MSForms.NewFont) is being picked up as an object type, which makes ValueRequiredInspection issue a false positive. The WTF factor is that the type doesn't seem to exist anywhere the Object Browser can see, but IntelliSense (and RD) does see it. That's hopeless without hard-coded hacks isn't it?
4:34 PM
@Mast And yet the average person is trusted with owning firearms and voting in elections. #TheHorror
@MathieuGuindon typedef [uuid(66504301-BE0F-101A-8BBB-00AA00300CAB), public] unsigned long OLE_COLOR;
but.... in FM20.DLL:
typedef [uuid(66504301-BE0F-101A-8BBB-00AA00300CAB), public]
So it's been re-defined
the NewFontis weird, too.
coclass NewFont {
    interface IUnknown;
    [default] dispinterface Font;
the Font interface implements IDispatch which in turn implements IUnknown, so why did they feel the need to explicitly include IUnknown there
hmm, Font is not a dual interface. This seems to be a IDispatch only interface, so only latebinding possible.
5:07 PM
@IvenBach Yes, democracy is a crazy system.
5:40 PM
@Mast that's why we're constitutional republic, not a direct democracy. IMNSHO, 17th amendment was a mistake to boot.
1 hour later…
6:52 PM
@this I think the US using an electoral system instead of all votes being equal was a mistake too, even though I understand why the lower-populated states want it.
Delegates, that system just reeks.
I'd rather have 50 separate elections than 1 election. They are going to try and game the system no matter what the system. 50 separate systems is much harder to game than 1 system.
Besides, the electoral college means that the candidate must build a coalition instead of pandering to the LCD. We'd have much worse candidates if all they had to do is get more votes anywhere.
7:10 PM
Anyone have an option on Power Pivot and large data models (especially performance concerns)? Prompted by this question:
Q: Save error after refreshing large Excel Data Model

Gabriel HI have an Excel workbook (with no macros), which has a large Power Pivot data model with 103 million rows of data (around 3 GB in size). When I password protect this file on its own, it's fine. I can partly refresh the data model and save successfully. I can bring down around 50 million rows of d...

7:23 PM
@Mast I'd much rather NOT have LA and NYC determine our national policy, thank you very much.
That's a very slight exaggeration on the population inbalance.
7:46 PM
@FreeMan I can understand that, but when I see the results of last election and the prognosea of the next one, it looks like the current game is rigged too or your average Joe is being stupid...
I'm not a fan of Biden and truly amazed by the system showing some of the worst candidates possible, but the alternative this time will keep the US as the laughing stock of the free world.
Perhaps it's simply the two-party system to blame.
feh. Better him than a guy who's been compromised by ChiComs, with the help from his crackhead son.
Didn't Trump pay 50x as much tax in China than he did in the US? Hardly patriotic of that draft dodger...
I also don't like the duopoly myself. We do want a system that encourages coalition-building.
Biden is an asshat. Clinton (both) are asshats, but Trump made Europeans avoid the US.
If that's what you want...
Uh, I don't think so. He paid millions in taxes to IRS in advance, then paid an additional $750 on top of it.
7:55 PM
We've seen the tax returns of 1 year, not the other 19.
which was obtained illegally but hey, don't let that pesky detail stop the journalism!
What the heck was wrong with showing them voluntarily...
Anyway, I'm not a US citizen so I don't have much beef in this game. But I think your system stinks if these candidates are the best you lot came up with.
Again, the duopoly system tends to get the worst candidates.
but even that is preferable to direct popular votes.
7:57 PM
I think we have 10 parties for a tenth of your population.
Not ideal either, but we keep the crazies out.
A crazy will at most take 25 out of 150 seats. We can deal with that.
Biggest party tends to provide the MP, our 'president'. It's not ideal, but we stay somewhat moderate this way.
Oh, and you don't need to be a billionaire to get there either.
wait, you mean PM, not MP, right?
(prime minister, rather than whatever MP stands for... member of parliament??)
Minister President
Means the same
member of parliament takes 40k votes or so
Oh OK. some countries has MP which are equivalent to senators? representatives? hence why I asked.
8:01 PM
Well, 1/150th really
Tweede kamer is our day-to-day parliament
Eerste Kamer is more like the senate
Your current politics smell so hard we're avoiding the country like the plague.
On top of the actual pandemic going on.
hahahah. Nice use of the expression there.
Duck check: Regarding the resx string cleanup - if I can't find resource key used should I wipe it out entirely?
in the code you mean? Yes
the less keys, the better
i think there are few instances where the keys are gotten "latebound"
e.g. see classes in the Rubberduck.Core\UI\Templates folder - they do a runtime lookup
i suggest checking for all code that does runtime lookup and factoring that in your checking. If the key won't be used by those runtime lookup then you're good
8:17 PM
I ask because a brain tickle tells me it may still be in use via XAML. Explicitly checking for a key that was not found in a search, I added it to xaml ... ToolTip="{Resx ResxName=Rubberduck.Resources.RubberduckUI, Key=SearchResults_AllImplementationsTabFormat}"... and it did come up.
Everything in the menu items section is also late bound.
The Key attribute is just a string.
@this Was it moved to Rubberduck.Core/Templates?
in template's case, it's calculated from the file's name so there would be no way of knowing what string the lookup will provide. The only thing is that it has its own resource file so you can assume all keys in that resource file is "late-bound".
@IvenBach sorry, yes that's the right place. I added UI by mistake.
8:38 PM
I've understood that anything within Templates.resx is to be considered late bound. Any other *.resx file that has a key without a result I'll delete.
well, Max said menuitems are late bound
I think the menuitems are in RubberduckUI.resx
which sucks.
it should be its own resources, I guess
@M.Doerner Have a vague notion of if they are identified in any way?
The menu items are in the RubberduckMenus resx.
8:53 PM
Mkay. Will omit those as part of my refactoring.
1 hour later…
10:01 PM
that is horrid
Public Property Let loser(Optional l, f)
End Property
10:32 PM
Anyone experience an issue with a string resource key not displaying in the ResX Resource Manager? It is there. 4/5 items are showing. but the first item just will no longer show...
Attempting to add the key again greys out the button.
mumble mumble
could it be that it's moved to the bottom?
Nope. I have it sorted by key number.
10:51 PM
There are 5 keys. Only 4 are showing.
No filters are applied.
When reviewing the file within VS all 5 are showing.
is there a difference between the key and 4 showing? Like, that 5th key has all translation already?
11:19 PM
@IvenBach You have filtered to only those with errors/warings.
If one of the keys has translations for all languages, it will not show up.
Click the button with the exclamation mark in the tool bar and see whether your missing item shows up.
11:35 PM
We have a number of open PRs.. ought we merge them?
All those are more than 10 days old.
I'll be happy to merge @BZngr's and @M.Doerner's if there are no more planned work for their PRs.
11:47 PM
@M.Doerner I feel so stoopid now. I did turn that on and forgot.
Familiarity with a tool helps with not being incompetent...

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