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2:14 AM
Q: Seven robot ants that stay forever on a rod

EricYou must place 7 robot ants on a long rod and set each of them to move left or right starting at time 0. You can set any positive speed for each ant. When 2 or more ants meet, they turn around. When an ant reaches the end it falls off. Show that you can place and set the ants in such a way that n...

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5:32 AM
Q: Compact mathematical expression

Will Octagon GibsonMake a mathematical expression whose value is equal to 2 that uses all the digits 0, 1, 2, ... 9 exactly once and uses as few other mathematical symbols as possible.

9 hours later…
2:09 PM
Q: How Did Bill Save His Brother-in-Law?

JLeeCathy: [4:39 am, bites nails and breathes heavily as she races to her brother's house while calling him] Come on, answer Bill, wake up, please! [No answer, but she whips into his driveway and barely gets it in park before she's banging on the door.] Bill, wake up! Bill! John's in trouble. It's me...

2:33 PM
Q: What is 12 in this same pattern?

The Amateur Coder7 = 31674ZS 8 = 883011SO 9 = 166037352UR 10 = 434782608WP 11 = 31701296735IG What would 12 be equal to in this same pattern?

7 hours later…
9:04 PM
Using repeated decimals seems to either be introducing extra numbers or an extra operation, both disallowed by the question — bobble 8 secs ago
Does that make it NAA?

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