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1:45 AM
Q: A riddle to invite reflection?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesI have an eye, but cannot c. Three of are are inside of me. I share three things with mother, Two with brink, And one with rage. What am I?

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2:59 AM
Q: Robot ants that stay forever on a rod

EricYou can place any number of robot ants on a long rod and set each of them to move left or right starting at time $0$. You can set any positive speed for each ant. When 2 or more ants meet, they turn around. When an ant reaches the end it falls off. Can you place and set the ants in such a way tha...

2 hours later…
5:11 AM
Hey y'all! I know I haven't active here in a while, but I just wanted to tell you guys how special this chatroom has been for me
I graduated high school yesterday, and it's crazy to think that I joined Puzzling SE back in eighth grade
God I feel so young and old at the same time XD
If you don't know who I am, you can ignore this LOL
2 hours later…
7:07 AM
Q: A peculiar number

I'm NobodyA five digit number is multiplied by 9, the resulting number is palindrome of the given number. What is the five digit number? This question was asked in KVPY 2020, SA.

7:55 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Congrats on the graduation :) Good luck with whatever is coming next for you!
8:42 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr What Stiv said.
2 hours later…
11:09 AM
It seems to be that Nobody has filled in for me while I am gone
11:36 AM
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Conga-Rats!
You can call yourself PrinceNorthGríðarlegaLærðar now 😜
congrats North!
2 hours later…
1:17 PM
Q: A similar riddle to my first?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesIf Although equals 5, and The equals 3. What does It equal? Hint Hint if your desperate Put in how many hints you used

1:42 PM
Q: Honeycomb puzzle with hexagons

Antoon VerrokenHoneycomb puzzle with hexagons Can you place the numbers 1 through 9 in the honeycomb so that the sum of the numbers in the adjacent hexagons is a multiple of the number in the hexagons? This must be true in all hexagons. The top green hexagon is a 3. I've made several attempts but can't figure ...

Q: A colorful Connect Wall you can almost taste

AuribourosThe 16 prompts below may be separated into 4 groups. Additionally, there is a word absent from the wall which can be placed in all four of those groups. #F0F8FF (240, 100%, 50%) (255, 215, 0) Aqua (255, 255, 240) Lime #000000 (0, 100%, 25%) (39, 85%, 95%) (230, 230, 250) Orchid #F...

2:07 PM
Q: ltrb is the way to go

Prim3numbahThe answer to this puzzle is a two-word phrase. Note: It's not super precise, but with the help of the title and spotting some pattern, it should be solvable. Good luck! < v< > ^> ^> ^> v v > > v< ^< ^< ^< v ^> ^> ^ ^ v< ^< v< > < v> ^> < < v< v> v< v> v> v> ^> ^ ^

Q: A bit convoluted puzzle

RogerA My beginning is the end of the start of the close My midpoint is the end of the start of the beginning My end is the start of the close of the midpoint What accessible word am I?

2:32 PM
Q: I’ve lost my message, can you find it?

Blue Skin and Glowing Red Eyes - - - - . . . . …. …. …. …. -- -- -- -- … … … … . . . . .- .- .- .- … … … … . . . . --. --. --. --. … … … … .. .. .. .. --- --- --- --- …- …- …- …- -… -… -… -… --- --- --- --- .. .. .. .. … … … … ..- ..- ..- ..- Hint 1 Hint 2

3:21 PM
Q: Visit all tourist attracktions

Sketch36 tourist attractions in one city are located in a 6×6 square, as shown in the drawing: A guide must guide a group of tourists through all the 36 attractions, passing through each attraction exactly once. The group can move only on the streets of the city, and they are in horizontally and verti...

@PrinceNorthLæraðr Congrats! Some variety of college next?
2 hours later…
5:24 PM
Q: Some wordplay that'll make your eyes roll (well, among other things...)

Stehmansmith5Please explain each line! Turn me right and I was nearly frozen, Turn me left and I'm open, Back before the revolution, I used to be my reflection

1 hour later…
6:40 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Thank you! Yup, I'm going off to a private Christian university to study music composition
To Stiv, jafe, msh, and ASR thank you as well (sorry didn't want to ping everyone)
4 hours later…
10:55 PM
I hope it goes well!
11:35 PM
Q: A Viking Logic Question

Blue Skin and Glowing Red EyesYou, are the owner of a port in Viking Norway. Your job is to count how many Norsemen there are sleeping in their ships at 5 o’clock, so you can provide horn polishing material for them. The Danes have all their war horns and drinking horns polished already. Each horn needs 2g of polish to clean ...


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