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1:10 AM
@Jafe so long as he's ok
4 hours later…
5:37 AM
@Jafe, finally!!
My time is almost 10 times the median time šŸ˜‚
5:54 AM
@justhalf Really? I thought it was just half.
6:27 AM
slow clap šŸ‘šŸ¼
6:50 AM
Q: We're sometimes obtuse, we're sometimes right

Rebecca J. Stones We're sometimes obtuse, we're sometimes right. We have eight sides, and proffer insight. Columbus likes our shape, seers like our font. As do mages, pirates, and debutantes. Who are we? Three words.

1 hour later…
8:04 AM
Q: Can you refold a hyper plus sign into a cube?

plasticinsectIf you take a cube, and grow a new cube out from each of its six faces, you will get a "hyper plus sign": This 3D solid has an interesting property. It can be sliced along its edges and unfolded into a single 2D shape that can then be re-folded to perfectly cover the surface of a cube. Your chal...

2 hours later…
9:42 AM
Q: Coloring the squares

EricYou can choose from 4 colors to color every square of the following $10\times 10$ grid. After you finish, I'm going to take a connected block with at most three colors away. Your goal is to minimize the number of squares I can take away. How should you color the grid? Two squares are connected ...

2 hours later…
11:21 AM
Q: There are only 10 of us

Prim3numbahMake sense of what you see below and tell me the answer. vv< .>^ vv<v<v .>^>^. vvvv< ...>^ v . vv<v<vv< .>^>^.>^ vvv<v<v ..>^>^.

3 hours later…
2:39 PM
Q: Iā€™m right 4 times

BuzzyyI can be a 2, or a 4. Split me in half and I can become a 6, but do it wrongly and Iā€™ll be an 8. Lengthen my sides and I am not myself. anymore.

8 hours later…
10:53 PM
Q: What am I? A Stellar Riddle

Ichthys KingNothing is too hot for me As is everything else I'm the darkest and baldest And the largest and smallest What am I?


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