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12:15 AM
@Sphinx Anyone tried this? I'm not sure the clues are proper cryptics.
@ChrisCudmore I haven't tried that at all, but perhaps they're more liberal in their setting than the average, Deusovi-fearing cryptic setter you find 'round these parts
Example: To satisfy angrily would be to make twice of a vegetable. PEA (From APPEASE* But there's no indicator to drop the S
That would be an indirect anagram anyhow
I don't like them, but I'll grudgingly accept them.
If you want, a comment pointing to our Cryptic Clue Guide and a gentle note that our community can be rather strict in its expectations for cryptic clues, would probably not go amiss
12:20 AM
Good Idea
6 hours later…
6:14 AM
CCCC: Comfortable pants of the shrouds (4)
Not, presumably, that you care at that point.
Oops I have to make one again
@msh210 That's SOFT, shrouded by (pant)S OF T(he), I think.
Never mind hahahah
6:37 AM
@MOehm it is indeed
CCCC: Takes a broad stance: Resistance after no end to bathhouse puzzles (9)
6:50 AM
@MOehm :-)
Thanks. I wanted to post this while Amoz's relevant comment was still on the starboard.
7:25 AM
@MOehm SP(-a)+R+ADDLES
@Jafe Yes!
7:40 AM
CCCC: Bearded war veteran shot MiG Fighter Jet (5)
@Jafe GIMLI (Bearded war veteran) = MIG* + LI (Jet Li)
"Self-contained bearded war fighter"
8:00 AM
@Stiv yep!
8:16 AM
The def made me laugh for that one :)
8:34 AM
@Jafe explanation for the dumb ones like me? How do you get SP(-a)?
oh bathhouse = spa
I am dumb
CCCC: Particle identified in hydrogen-radon mixture (6)
@Stiv oop forgot to reply
@TakingNotes Yes indeed :)
@MOehm Ha! I just got the surface to this! :D
8:54 AM
I thought Hadrons were a type of particle? there's no one "Hadron Particle"
CCCC: On Scottish island, trainee starts conversation between two students: “Household retailer plagiarised Atlanta’s first yearly St. Robert’s Celebration?" (13, 4, 4, 1, 6, 3)
9:11 AM
holy cow
Hey! You copied that from a 31×31 crossword I was doing the other day!
9:26 AM
Robert Newton is the "patron saint" of the day, so it's "St Robert's Celebration?"
Phew, what a clue!
@Stiv Absolutely correct, good job!
A day close to my heart - I got married on it!
"Aye, till' Davy Jones' locker do ye part."
9:40 AM
"I now pronounce ye cap'n and first mate"
CCCC: Drive south and drink a little something from the grapevine? (6)
10:03 AM
@Stiv go s sip
@msh210 Yup!
CCCC: Ride, or drive (5)
@msh210 MOUNT
How does "drive" clue MOUNT?
Mounting something is like mounting a car
10:08 AM
I've never heard of mounting a car, except on cinderblocks.
You mount a hard drive
Anyway, that's not the intended solution.
either physically or via commands in linux
@AncientSwordRage yes, that's true. So?
I was also thinking of STEER
10:09 AM
@msh210 can't a thing just be true ?:D
@AncientSwordRage fair enough! :-)
I mentioned it as an alternative reason for MOUNT to be correct, but it's also just a thing
@msh210 I was saying, how about STEER? Makes more sense
@Anonymus25 How does it work?
sit on and control the movement of (an animal, especially a horse), typically as a recreation or sport.
Quoting google, STEER s a synonym of ride in that way
10:13 AM
and of "drive"
Right. So that wouldn't be a double definition: it's the same definition twice.
10:29 AM
I'm going to be told this doesn't work, but can I hazard a guess at ANNOY ? Ride "NORTH AMERICAN: annoy, pester, or tease. "if you don't give all the kids a chance to play, the parents ride you" "
and Drive as in "Drive mad"
"The parents ride you"
Man I don't know what you've been seeing on the internet recently
@TakingNotes I've never heard it used that way before
10:50 AM
@AncientSwordRage correct!
I mean, correct that you're going to be told it doesn't work.
At least, not imo. Drive ≠ drive mad, and drive mad ≠ annoy.
@msh210 I'm sorry, but I'm ignoring your next to messages
(NOT)CCCC: refuse to listen to Stuart; half-baked suggestion brought into existence ( 8 ) (NOT the real CCCC, please ignore)
11:06 AM
@TakingNotes what the heck lol
Quite epic though
@AncientSwordRage You seem a little STUBBORN today... ;-)
@Stiv most days it seems
3 hours later…
2:01 PM
Etiquette question: the answer to my Sub Battle Sudoku is correct, but doesn't describe the two important logic steps. Since it's solved, I think it's unlikely anyone is going to circle back and provide them. Would there be an issue with self-answering with those steps, or should I just let it go?
Another option would be commenting to the effect of "any answer which explains the missing logical steps is promised a bounty" and then waiting more
Q: List of bounties with no deadlines

ghosts_in_the_codeThis is a list of unofficial, deadline-less (hence not searchable) bounties offered by users on various challenges on the main site. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the user will award the bounty for you in case you fulfill its requirement. Especially if the user isn't an active member an...

Hmm...did not know such a thing existed. I originally thought I didn't want to put a bounty on it, but maybe that is the right approach. Yeah, that's the ticket.
2:18 PM
Before you do, I am willing to have another look without a bounty incentive
Did you mean to start an actual bounty?
I got to the 25 digit mark fairly easy enough so if I take another look I might spot the missing logic for the next bit
Yeah, figured I'd just go for it. When I went to explain why I didn't want to put on a bounty, all of my reasons were dumb. The bounty system exists for literally what I wanted to happen.
Not just literally, but literally literally.
Fair enough, I'll take another look, didn't see theres a couple hints now too
@JeremyDover in your case the current correct answer may have the logical leaps as well, but in the case they don't your bounty could expire before a new answer appears/is updated
2:39 PM
True, but I reckon it's more an attention issue, and someone will step up to the plate. It's not that hard, I'm just looking for a little more than "putting 7 here gives a contradiction, so it's a 4".
Re the CCCC, I really want there to be a way that 'MOT' means 'ride', so that the additional OR gives 'MOTOR' for 'drive'. Alternatively, another 3-letter word that with OR makes xxxOR, a word for 'drive'... No luck though.
4 hours ago, by AncientSwordRage
I'm going to be told this doesn't work, but can I hazard a guess at ANNOY ? Ride "NORTH AMERICAN: annoy, pester, or tease. "if you don't give all the kids a chance to play, the parents ride you" "
for an amusing failed solve
Can OR be "bar"? OR = || in programming
2:56 PM
Not really. At least I don't think so: a || b is "a or b". The bars are just symbols.
@Sid I think of them as pipes
@bobble what do you mean failed???
4 hours ago, by msh210
@AncientSwordRage correct!
3:08 PM
4 hours ago, by msh210
I mean, correct that you're going to be told it doesn't work.
CCCC: SALLY (Sally Ride and sally: a venturing forth, or jaunt) #DubiousDoubleDefinitions
Not really convinced, looking to get squashed amusingly.
@bobble shhh
5 hours ago, by TakingNotes
Man I don't know what you've been seeing on the internet recently
1 hour later…
4:30 PM
@JeremyDover ok I've posted an answer which I think is what you're looking for, but if you want me to explain anything in more detail I'm happy to go back and rewrite it!
Thank you @BeastlyGerbil. That is exactly what I was looking for. Can't award the bounty until tomorrow, but it will be yours. Oh yes, it will be yours.
Sorry bout the bounty, I'd already started relooking at it before you'd even offered it, would have been happy to do it without! I also would have got the logic much much quicker if I didnt get rows and columns the wrong way round when looking at the hints :P
No worries...it's just a number. Glad they're finding a good home :-)
5:21 PM
\o Hiya @Slate!
Hiya, @bobble! :>
How's it going?
Currently procrastinating, how 'bout you?
Currently procrastinating ;)
Reading soon. Just sitting here thinking about Stack, right now.
any particular part of it? I have stories from the moderation trenches if you're ever interested :)
I'm always up for listening to stories :)
today I am pondering: how the impact of Stack's gamification systems has changed over the years, as gamification has slowly become something people deliberately engage with / can opt out of in their day to day lives, to nowadays when it is very much a part of the background drone of life...
5:28 PM
Gamification has, embarrassingly, been relevant to how I interact with Literature - I'm less inclined to go digging through the archives for old Qs to answer since my last few such answers were low-voted.
Huh, yeah, I always had some of that "what's the point to answering this? no one will see it" in the back of my mind, but haven't yet thought about it intentionally.
When I pulled an old Unanswered Q from the depths and got a Necromancer for my troubles, I was extremely motivated to look for more. But if all I get is a measly +1 then it's almost like, why bother? It takes a while to sit down and research a good answer.
(I don't think it's embarrassing, really, either... it's just what the system says is (not) valuable.)
Similar to here - I was answering old grid-deduction puzzles which lacked any explanation of their logical path, but that slacked off, partially because I was getting decreasing rewards
Yeah. I wonder how many people actually see Necromancer answers, to be honest
5:32 PM
In theory a monthly/quarterly meta post about best answers could include those Necromancer answers
It was also frustrating that it seemed like longer answers would be looked at and voted on less, simply because they were so big - this week-long beauty netted half of this one I dashed off in one sitting
and they could either then be voted on or bountied
I would be happy voting/bountying grid-deduction ones if I could follow the question let alone the answer
Then, this one got even less than the very long one, but I think I went too into detail there, actually - probably would be better to summarize in less pictures
My wife will nail a 'super hard' Sudoku in <10 minutes, and I'm left here wondering if I've spelt the word right
@bobble That's honestly a beautiful puzzle. I love it a lot.
I agree, your answer deserves more recognition than it got...
5:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage Sciborg has a few beginner-level Nurikabes to check out if you want
I have different expectations for votes here vs on Literature; a good Q on Lit might get me +4 at most without an HNQ but a good one here will probably HNQ and get ~+10
And my Lit Qs HNQ less often than Puzzling ones because the Puzzling ones are, well, designed to be answered - whereas my Lit ones are genuine curiosity questions that will probably take research
@bobble will do when/if I ever get time
Five Lit posts have cracked +10, 33 Puzzling ones have
And I have more Lit posts than Puzzling ones.
bobble, do you ever capitalise your name?
Never. I respond to the capitalized version, though
Anyways, this is a long way of saying that the gamification features of Stack Exchange end up partially dictating how I split my time between different activities here.
Threw together a tiny query and, yeah, the effect of post length on vote count is pretty clear on Puzzling. It's cool to see, and makes me think. (And, ofc, querying the actual post length as it appears on the site is hard, with images and all.)
5:41 PM
Though, to contradict that, I spend most of my time on-site moderating stuff (editing, commenting, closing, flagging) and that gets me nothing but a few badges
@Slate ooh, picture of a graph for us?
@bobble on that note, here are 15 Literature questions that I would be interested in answers to, including my latest, Who is “The Rithmatist”?. *wink wink nudge nudge*
@Slate I would guess the later-on funkiness is due to having not that many extremely-high voted things?
Yeah absolutely, it went out to like 350 or something, I cut it off at 100 because it just gets too noisy
5:54 PM
But in the "normal" range of ~0-20, there is a downward trend. Interesting!
Well, up to a peak and then down
There are a lot of caveats with this query, but it's interesting to see, yeah.
@bobble I can answer one of those, however I only listened to the Mistborn trilogy and it was a while back. I couldn't grab quotes easily, and I'm not as familiar with Lit etiquette as I am with SFF
@AncientSwordRage one of the answers I love the most to a Q of mine, here uses no direct quotes but instead makes general arguments using character and plot structure. That what you were thinking of?
Quotes can be used to highlight things, but there are cases where a perfectly good expert answer requires only a knowledge of the internal workings of the book
@bobble Mare gives the flower to Kelsier as a symbol of hope, and to remind him there was a world before the Lord Ruler
Kelsier does the same thing for Vin and Vin is passing on the same thing to Sazed
I could go further but I'm aware of spoilers
Wow, it's been so long since I've read Mistborn, memories are tickled by these words
5:59 PM
I've read only the first three books, and am fine with light spoilers further out
@bobble I mean of anybody else in chat
The most memorable spoiler I've ever gotten is when someone saw me reading a book, came up and said "Did you get to the point where <character name> died yet?" and I nearly hit them over the head.
@AncientSwordRage I invite you to answer my Lit Q :)
@bobble thank ye
@bobble you show great restraint
Answer posted as I would have on SFF, let me know if anything is lacking/missing from my analysis
@bobble Gaaaah I can do too many spoilers or not enough I fear
6:15 PM
I hope this was a stimulating procrastinatory conversation, @Slate
@AncientSwordRage better :) I traditionally wait ~3 days to accept answers, just to give time for other people to take a crack. Likely you'll get a checkmark then.
@bobble thanks
I'm sure somebody could word their answer better than mine is worded
also waiting 3 days is smart, I don't think I ever remember to do that
6:31 PM
Here on Puzzling, I accept answers much quicker; the first logically-explained answer to a grid-deduction, for example, will get a checkmark from me
@bobble that makes sense
And it only took two minutes after posting for me to accept this lovely Jeremy Dover answer :)
@bobble that is very clever
Another thing I find interesting is that my grid-deduction answers here tend to start in the plural first person ("we") and shift to singular first person ("I") as the answer gets longer
7:25 PM
Q: Nurikabe: An Inconvenient Twelve

SciborgThis puzzle is a Nurikabe. I've been busy and haven't made my trademark puzzle in a couple of months, so consider this my comeback puzzle and my apology! Hopefully you enjoy. Rules of a Nurikabe (copied from my previous puzzle): This is a Nurikabe puzzle. The goal is to paint some cells black so...

7:53 PM
And it's Beastly Gerbil by a nose!
Whoops did I snipe someone!
Got Reinier by about 47 seconds, me by about 2 minutes.
Oh wow 2 snipes sorry guys :P Was a fun puzzle either way though!
8:15 PM
Q: Reconstructing sport climbing results

A. RexSport climbing at the 2020 Summer Olympics – Women's combined Warmup Sport climbing is a new event (one of four) at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and it just finished. Two events were held, one for men and one for women. The format consists of three disciplines: lead climbing, speed climbin...

It's not sniping if you win the race :-)
3 hours later…
11:34 PM
Q: Prisoners splitting Gold

lostDuring mass prison escape, 1000 prisoners managed to break into prison safe and steal 100 gold bars. Since all prisoners wear shirts with consecutive numbers from #1 to #1000, they decided to split that gold in following way: prisoner with highest number will propose split ( starting with #1000)...


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