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12:05 AM
"... often of a plane or a train" could very well be part of the definition but i suspect the "car" is already in the wordplay part
a word for car containing a word for knucklehead or something like that
1 hour later…
1:21 AM
Not confident that msh210 would use "or" as a splitter
1:54 AM
Can 'car has knucklehead' clue 'C' for head of car
Cause then I get COMMUNICATEE (accessory to communication) as: often of a plane - COMmercial + train MUNI + car head C AT odd letters from first mother eve - EE
Probably not a good synonym
2:36 AM
Sorry but lots of problems in that parsing, but to answer your initial question, no. "X has knucklehead" doesn't mean "first letter of X"
4 hours later…
6:16 AM
Q: Zookeeping: a puzzling job

noneuclideanisms Your final answer should answer the question above.

7:03 AM
@Jafe I think the part in the parentheses is meant to be separated from the rest of the sentence. Otherwise, he could have used commas or even no punctuations instead of parentheses there.
i think it's in parentheses to mislead people to think that part belongs together
^ yeah, misdirection may be present
Yeah, that's true...
7:34 AM
I — I don't even know what to say. Me? You suspect me of misdirection? I'm hurt. Deeply, deeply hurt.
7:54 AM
scandalous accusation, i know... i take it back
@Jafe thank you, I'm somewhat mollified
My humblest apologies as well /s
1 hour later…
9:11 AM
i've been googling plane/train travel accessories... no progress on the c4 but i have found out i've been travelling all wrong
apparently you need a neck pillow to keep your head upright while sleeping in a sitting position, and a little foot hammock to keep your feet off the ground
kinda makes sense to me... without a neck pillow my neck hurts A LOT :(
big same re: accessories common to planes and trains
there aren't any relevant results or so it seems
9:54 AM
Maybe some part of the accessory drive?
But that's like an accessory of the accessory, I thought that's not allowed in clues?
10:13 AM
5 clues left so close
Q: Slitherlink: Around the W0rld

athinRules of Slitherlink: Connect adjacent dots with vertical or horizontal lines to make a single loop. The numbers indicate how many lines surround it, while empty cells may be surrounded by any number of lines. The loop never crosses itself and never branches off.

The above is, admittedly, my favourite Slitherlink puzzle on this site so far
10:50 AM
Q: You see what I am a part of every day, yet you never see me! What am I?

Jerry DeanYou see what I am a part of every day, yet you never see me! What am I? Some clues? A5: Big, flying GGs around me. B3: Red, yellow, green or blue will all work. B4: Hit my head too hard :( (It's my first puzzle, so I'm open to any suggestions! Good luck!)

Hey that's me! :D
Are you NOT colour-blind?
No I'm not ;)
OK, I need your help because I am colourblind
How may I help you?
10:56 AM
How would you describe this colour?
uh, dark yellow?
Looks green to me
Perbang says this is "moderate gold"
yeah, it is a bit gold-ish
I used to have a golden marker, and that's the color of its ink
so I just posted my Q, and I have credited you for the colour identification
@ParclyTaxel muddy green?
11:05 AM
thanks for the credit (tbh i didn't really do much xd)
@ParclyTaxel agreed!
Are you colourblind?
not last time the optometrist checked
When I participated in chemistry olympiads I needed someone by my side who was not colourblind to help me distinguish colours in titration and other procedures
titration is a PITA enough without colour blindness!
11:08 AM
oh, pain in the a**
I didn't think it was a pain at all, just very time-consuming
it's why I didn't do Chemistry at university D:
In high school I did chemistry (honours), mathematics (honours), physics in my later three years (of six)
Now I am doing maths and computer science at the National University of Singapore
So I guess it's more yellow than green
Since I have been a My Little Pony vector artist for a long time I have a gut feeling that it should be gold (based on the colour wheel), but it looks green
Example of a picture I've done
@ParclyTaxel it's blocked by my company :(
11:13 AM
Wow, that's quite nice!
@JerryDean I'd love to see where that is on the colour space diagram
also I think the red code in the eye and the green code overlap, so both cover yellow and green colours
Q: This rebus is gold (and loud)

Parcly TaxelWhat television programme does this rebus stand for? Why is the rebus gold* and loud? 1 | 1 1 | 11 1 | 1 1 | 1 1 |111...

which eye?
And I take commissions too, so most of the time I have RGB values to go by, no problem
This is arguably my most famous picture
My own OC, also called Parcly Taxel, at bottom right. The other five alicorns in MLPFIM around her
For My Little Pony colours for canon ponies/creatures are standardised by mlpvector.club, and I have also standardised Parcly's colours at mlpvector.club/cg/v/241
@ParclyTaxel That's pretty good! :o
Almost all my art can be found here: derpibooru.org/tags/artist-colon-parclytaxel
(although even if you keep default filters on, there are some pictures of my work being used by other people – I allow that, for ALL my pictures)
11:27 AM
@MOehm I take your comment to mean you know what is going on in the Milky Way? That made my day
11:49 AM
@Amoz Yeah, I'm really good at reading between the lines and finding things ...
There are five big stars of the Puzzling Stack: Desuovi, Gareth, hexomino, Rand'Al and Stiv
(Of course, I have no clue who is the greatest of the galactic guests.)
Parcly's cutie mark is a galaxy, coincidentally
Currently listening to International Love by Pitbull
@ParclyTaxel There's a few fans of MLP on the sff chat and rpg chat rooms
I would have expected that
However, my only other SE is mathematics
3 hours later…
2:33 PM
Q: Placed-face space race!

StivTwenty-nine images of famous people have been specifically selected and carefully placed so as to form a maze (below). However, two of the images - both of US Presidents - have been redacted (marked 'A' and 'B'). To navigate the maze, you must move vertically or horizontally from one image to the...

3:20 PM
@Sphinx very interesting puzzle
4:06 PM
two clues - tune in next time on "will oAlt make it by Friday"
2 hours later…
6:03 PM
C4 hint: The seventh letter is C.
2 hours later…
7:43 PM
> There are 782 twelve-letter words with C as seventh letter.
cracks knuckles
1 hour later…
8:54 PM
@Sciborg Qat lists 703 from the UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary (though I make no guarantee that the C4 answer is one of those 703). Where do you see 782?
9:34 PM
Q: Draw this shape without going over the same line more than twice

bboybeatleDraw this shape without going over the same line more than twice. The same line can be crossed or drawn over 2 times but not 3 times. So if it were made from wire the thickest would be 2 pieces of wire thick. Is it possible?

10:13 PM
not all entries in the UKACD are one word though so that narrows it down
this comment keeps accruing upvotes but the answer it's on only has my downvote - I find this odd, as the comment is my reason for downvoting.
upvoting comments is free, downvoting answers costs rep

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